Brooklyn’s NEW College ROOM TOUR! | Zippered Bedding, Decor, and MORE!

– Okay you guys, I know you have all been waiting in intense suspense to figure out which room is mine, but I'm about to show you my room in my room tour, which I'm really excited about Also, I sound like a man

– [Bailey] She sounds like a frog – I literally sound horrible I literally am sick Not my body, but my throat, so I sound like this – [Bailey] It's time for the big reveal

Brooklyn got the master bedroom (upbeat music) ♪ Follow me, let me waste your time ♪ Are we doing the dance thing again? – This is my room! My really big room that I quite frankly don't always know what to do with because there's so much space – Remember we said that we pulled sticks and we did, but there was also some thought that went behind it as well Afterwords, my mom was like, "Yeah, that makes sense" because they think that Brooklyn was going to be cleaner

– Also, this is the first time I've ever had my own room, I've ever had a queen bed, it has been so crazy – [Bailey] literally insane – Room tour So this half of the room is the sitting area slash filming area, slash hangout area, slash whatever else you want it to be This black and white rug that I have on the floor here is from (singing noises) it's from Rug USA

(upbeat dance music) Okay, so the rug is from Rug USA, which I picked out myself – [Bailey] Oh la la Adulting – This little lovely brown faux leather couch is from Wayfair I was a little nervous at first, I thought it was going to be more orange, but it actually– – The color is called Camel, in case anyone was wondering

– [Brooklyn] But it's everyone's probably favorite part of the room That and the propagation tubes – [Bailey] This, honesty, any time anyone comes over, this is their favorite part of the room – These are actually just little wood pieces – [Bailey] I'm come in closer

– That you nail to the wall And then the propagation tubes are just magnetized on it This is from Vintage Revival Shop She's amazing and we got her- – [Bailey] We just like went to Hobby Lobby and bought some plants and stuck them in the tubes – [Brooklyn] Yes

So we just like tried to figure out which ones we got coordinated – [Bailey] So actually super easy to do by yourself – Yes, it is super easy – Because Brooklyn and I are not arts and craftsy very much So if we can do it, you can do it

– Okay so these items are from World Market This is just like a little box – [Bailey] Where are we going to put them at? – [Brooklyn] I don't know – [Bailey] Your secret treasures? – [Brooklyn] My money, just kidding – [Bailey] That would be a terrible place to hide your money

You wanna get robbed? – Okay so this little tall plant here is from Target – [Bailey] It's almost taller than you That's kind of sad Guys take a wild guess at how tall we are I think we've said it a bajillion times

– You always acted surprised when you meet us – We always- yeah you guys always acted surprised when you meet us that we are actually as short as say we are – Yeah you guys are always like- oh my gosh – Oh my gosh wait you're so short Because I guess apparently we look tall in our pictures and videos, I don't know what the deal it

– I don't think so, but I guess maybe if you didn't know us – Apparently everyone thinks we're tall We are not tall Target – My black chair

My black chair is from Wayfair Which is actually incredibly comfortable – [Bailey] Queen – Stroke my invisible cat – [Bailey] Queen

Show us your crown That's the worst crown I've ever seen That's a little bit better – Thank you I'm not going to tell you what else is reused from my dorm room

But you guys should know, so comment down below I am always freezing so I like have to have a blanket basket in my room Shout out to being a female, I feel like our blood circulation is just not as good I'm pretty sure it's like scientifically proven that boys have better blood circulation than girls that's why girls are usually colder That's not important right now, what important is my blanket basket

Which, shout out to Betty's Beds, the freakin' awesomest bedding, blanket, pillow company ever Because they send me these amazing blankets to go in my basket Which are super big, super fluffy Freakin' awesome Big, fluffy and they have mink on one side

This console is the biggest piece in my room and the one that I will probably use for the rest of my life because it's real wood and it's super nice And I actually love it And it's from Home Goods So I felt like such an adult buying it Yes, I can use this in my future household

This little sand plus fog spicy woods smells like men's cologne Which is quite frankly- – [Bailey] If you put like a man in a can- – Amazing It's an amazing scent This is from also Home Goods Our gold lamp, I believe it's from Target but it's an old one

An oldie but a goodie Then these green books I actually myself Shout out to my artsy side – [Bailey] What? – I stacked and like picked them a lot myself just from Half Price Books Which there's one of these books that I just think is the coolest thing ever

And it's this and it's like drawings of plants, also the book is velvet Plants from Home Goods And I will tell you something, I get roasted a lot because I only have fake plants in my room But it's because I don't have time to keep other plants also I just feel like I would be the worst gardener

Like I just would not be able to keep them alive – [Bailey] You don't have to be a gardener – And plants deserve someone who can keep them alive I feel bad because I would love to have real plants but I have so many plants in here that would just be a lot to keep up with This B I got from the Dallas market

It's actually just made out of old books that people just threw away and then they just cut them out I love to read so I have a lot of books in my room And this little, I don't really know what this is This just looked cool in my room – [Bailey] A wood vase

– Yeah it's a vase of some sort But it's from Home Goods And then also a plant Oh mirror! (coughing) My mirror is from Wayfair Which it's this kind of huge circle mirror

At first I was a little nervous to get something that was that big I kind of wanted a smaller one but my mom insisted and I love it I'm glad that I have it And then, moving on to this side of the is my bedroom So this is the side that I sleep and mostly live in

I want you guys to just admire my bed I like steamed it, I fluffed the pillows I really did, I pulled out all the shots for this – [Bailey] Nice spandex – Nice spandex

So this corner is my check myself out corner This is the mirror, which is from Wayfair I think that a full legnth mirror is kind of a necessity for a bedroom – [Bailey] At least for a girl – Yeah, it's just a necessity

I don't know how people live without it So this side table is from World Market In these books that I bought hashtag so creative From Half Price Books – [Bailey] You did not just say hashtag so creative

– That was a little 2012 – [Bailey] That was a little- – This yellow vase is from Target I don't know where these plants are- – [Bailey] Target, they came together – No they didn't – [Bailey] Oh yeah I bought them both

– [Brooklyn] What? – [Bailey] Oh yeah – [Brooklyn] I thought we've had these for like forever – [Bailey] No ma'am, they're from Target – [Brooklyn] Oh, well the more you know This tall plant is also from- – [Bailey] Another plant that's taller than Brooklyn

– Wayfair It is al tall as me Actually it is probably taller than me – [Bailey] Again Guess how tall she is

Vote in the poll Somewhere over here how tall you think Brooklyn is – Now to the best part of my bedroom My bed! My little duvet is from Amazon My favorite part of my bed, always and forever, will be my bedding

Because it zips Check it out (zipping sound) Actually- – [Bailey] We've have these honestly for years – We have had them for years Also Bailey and I designed the ones that are on our bed

There the same ones from our dorm room last year – The best things ever – I will never go without them Honestly, well since I've had this queen bed I really nervous about where am I going to sleep or how am I going to make it I'm not even long enough to reach the other side

I have to like go around Nope, easy, zip, done Also- – [Bailey] I just like that it looks good and with any decorations – [Brooklyn] Yeah – [Bailey] Because I also have the same one on my bed

Hint hint, wink wink And it's decorated completely differently and still looks good – Also I want you guys to comment down below or vote in the poll which side of the bed you think I sleep on – [Bailey] That's such a creepy- – No because I have to choose! – [Bailey] That's so creepy – This was something I literally had to sit down and think about

When I got to my bed I was like oh my gosh What side am I going to sleep on I literally have never had to choose because I have only had a twin If you guys want to try to vote to figure it out – [Bailey] That is so weird

– I feel like it's not that weird They already know everything about me, it's fine – [Bailey] That's so weird – Anyway, so yes, my bedding love of my life you guys definitely should check it out My beautiful night stands which are form Wayfair

And then my green lamps which are from World Market Same with my beautiful, beautiful little lovely lamp shades Okay so I did by a lot of pillows for my room but I'm like 98% certain that the yellow ones are from World Market and this green one is from Home Goods – [Bailey] Only 98%? – Yes I did buy a lot of things for this room

– [Bailey] So what if you're wrong? – Then I sincerely apolgize to the public for my mistake I just, that one's on me I'll take the hit for it (laughing) – [Bailey] You'll post an apology video? – Yeah I'll post an apology video Also my bed frame is from Wayfair

Kind of went head to head on who was going to get what bed frame – [Bailey] Battle of the sisters – Because we had two bedrooms that we each liked and we both wanted one of them And then I actually ended up getting this one and I'm so so glad I did because I think it fits the room perfectly These pictures are from World Market

It took my about 90 years to get all of them – No, here's the dealio okay? I was sent on an errand because we went to one World Market and they had, how many did you need? – Like I needed nine – And she had eight, six I can't remember the pairings She needed an even amount and we only had an odd amount

And we had pairings of two One of them was missing a pairing So I was sent to go get the other picture from another store and they look so similar Look at this one Look at this one

– [Brooklyn] Okay – [Bailey] And then look at this one Okay, it had been 24 hours since I seen the picture and what it looked like So I went to the store, picked up the one that had the little curlies And I got the wrong one

– She got the wrong one – Perfect, that's my story I got the wrong one So it took like three days to get the right picture so we could put it up on this wall – [Brooklyn] Then we didn't even end up using them

– [Bailey] Then we didn't end up using all of them Yeah the other two are hanging over here – Hanging over here And if you guys want to see my bathroom, it's pretty lovely (singing) The space is so nice

Like you could put a bed in here – [Bailey] One, two, three, four, fie, six seven, eight Eight of the pictures – Oh yeah Two more in here

So obviously the pictures are from World Market We already said that Towels are from Target This is an old, no I'm not going to tell you There's some items on here that are from my dorm room

– [Bailey] Look out for those – The soap dispenser is also from World Market That was the first thing I bought for my room My bathroom rugs are from Target as well if you guys want to look at those And my shower curtain is from Urban

Because who doesn't love Urban? I feel like that's a teenage girl like place to shop for bath stuff slash clothing stuff slash like desktop stuff And then I know my toilet Doesn't everyone love my toilet Whoop whoop And this is an old picture that I just hung over my toilet

This is my closet – [Bailey] Oh the lighting is fantastic – Yeah it's very orange I'm also missing a light right now because I'm getting a new one That is not as orange

But until then, we just have one single orange light – [Bailey] So Brooklyn did get the master – Ohh la la Which means I'm holding about 50% of Bailey's clothes in here as well – [Bailey] No, that is not true

– That is very true I have all of our shoes – [Bailey] You have all of our shoes and that's it – [Brooklyn] And all of our jewelry – [Bailey] We finally split our clothes up

– We did, that was ah, actually easier than I thought it was going to be – [Bailey] So none of my clothes are in here anymore – But yes, this is my closet – [Bailey] She's mostly carrying like storage stuff She's go our giant safe over there

– Yeah I have all the storage stuff All the fun stuff And then everything else I've got organized and so spaced out, like I have so much room for anything in here And yeah! So welcome to my room, guys – [Bailey] Are you excited about you room? – I love my room

(laughing) – [Bailey] You're weird (upbeat music)

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