Brooklyn’s Not-My-Arms Makeup Challenge!

(pop music) – Hi guys! It's Brooklyn – And Bailey

– And today we are going to be doing the not my arms makeup challenge, only reverse from last time – Ahhh, it's Brooklyn's turn – I'm gonna be the model And Bailey's gonna be the makeup artist – Yeeees! – It's going to be twice as interesting to watch

– It's going to be fun – Give this video a thumbs up if you find it interesting at all, in any way, shape or form And now onto makeup So I'm starting today, obviously I don't have any makeup on Because I'm going to be putting some on

So my first step is to take my BB cream and just put it on my face Yes, this is a new BB cream, it's got some sunscreen in it so my face is protected And we're just gonna put it all over my face, just like a lotion, you just got to get it all over Very nice, because you don't want to get burned anywhere You want your face to look nice and the same color

– [Bailey] Mmm, yeah – Even on the islands it's the best place for it because you don't want to get burned a lot And we're just gonna rub it in Yes And you know, sometimes you leave some chunks a little bit in some places

So that it gives your face a more natural, like a rigid look Rub that in Beautiful! Okay Next step is to take your blush and put it on your cheeks So we're gonna get our brush and pick it up

I'm using Sigma brushes today And we're gonna dip it in the blush I'm going to be putting it on the apple of my cheeks Right there Mmm, yep

And rubbing it up and down, kind of in a line gives it that kind of a natural like faded look Very pretty So I'm just going to put that on Looking good Our next makeup is eye shadow

I am so excited for this because I just got this brand new makeup palette, and you should see it Guys, it is beautiful Let me open it up I'm struggling, oh there we go See it, look at this

Look at all the colors on that makeup palette We have so many options So I think I'm gonna go for, hmm, a really sparkly green? Right underneath the eyebrows, that's where we need to start Because, you know, you got to start on the eyebrows, and then down the cheeks to give it that kind of like runny look Because that's really in right now if you haven't noticed in like all the makeup catalogs

All these models with makeup just running down their face They just like came out of the rain from like their first kiss or something I guess that's the new fashion So now we're just going to add some on this eye, right there, running down my face And on my eyelashes too, that's especially good effect

Now we're onto eyeliner This is, I am, sorry guys, but I am just really, really, really good at this eyeliner thing Like I just love putting it on And it's a really good fashion when you put it on the crease of your eyelid Because when you like look up it makes your eyelashes look super dark and it's really nice

So you can see that effect Really nice right now And then we're just gonna put it on the cheeks You know, sometimes I like to put a line or two on my cheeks because I really need that extra rugged effect to kind of show off my cheekbones a little bit You need that definition

It really helps Now we're gonna do the mascara We're gonna do the Almay first, because that's kind of my darkening mascara We're just gonna put it on right there, right on the underneath of my eyelashes And my cheeks because that (laughs)

Because that adds the beautiful darkening effect if you just make your whole eye black Then your eyelashes will definitely look really dark So we're just gonna put it on underneath, right there Beautiful, beautiful Right on the corners, just kind of give it that butterfly like, your edges are the longest type of look

Now we're gonna go for our organic and we're just gonna put it right there And, last but not least, we are going to be putting on some red lipstick Uh huh, right there You kind of want to make it a little bit bolder So you want to go kind of around the lips, as well

Okay, and obviously I put a lot of lipstick on so i could get that kind of full lip look Like the kissable lips that I don't really have because they're kind of small And so I am done with my makeup tutorial now And I think it looks beautiful I think it's probably time to go check myself out in the mirror

So Oh wow That's, mmmmm Don't you just want to eat me up? It's so, it's beautiful It's beautiful

Thank you Thank you Bailey – You're welcome – She's helped me, she, in case you didn't read or listen to the intro, she's been behind me doing my makeup this whole time – Let's me see

Oh my lanta! You look amazing! – I'm gonna get all them boys with this makeup look – All them boys – So cute All the boys Comment below on what you guys think of this makeup tutorial

If you think it's amazing I know I thought it was amazing (laughs) – It's amazing it's wonderful Especially the eyeliner – Yeah, the eyeliner's like all on my

– Oh wait Hey, I did pretty good on this side! – It's like the ultra wing, it's like on the side of your face instead of on your eye – Great, that's great – Anyway, we'll see you guys next week, bye!

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