Buying EVERYTHING my TWIN Touches Blindfolded! *back to school*

(mellow music) – Okay you guys, so today Brooklyn and I are gonna be filming the trending video right now which is I buy everything my twin touches blindfolded challenge But we're kind of doing a spin on it so we had people put names of stores in a hat and also on top of all of that we will be donating the stuff we buy in this video just 'cause we don't need all of it

A lot of people could benefit from the things we get today and I'm kind of excited What are we gonna pick, I don't know So let's go We had our team put a bunch of store names – Stores in a hat We didn't wanna make this like a super biased video and just go to where we wanna go

'cause this is supposed to be really random – Look at how cute the hat is – Oh yeah Lash Next Door Don't forget lash out loud hat – On our shop, self promo – So we put everything from Gucci, to Target, to Forever 21, and it's all in this wonderful hat over here

– So we're gonna pull one and that's where we're gonna go You should pick first and then that's the store you're blindfolded in – K Before we do that, vote in this poll, wherever it is, which store you want us to go to the most because I'm pretty sure they're just Gucci, Target, Forever 21, thrift stores – I honestly don't know what they wrote in here – Anyway! – She's slowly opening the paper – H&M! – H&M! Let's go! – See you there Okay, so, we forgot a blindfold for this video

So I wore this little scarf-y thing on my overalls today and we just happened to get lucky because it will work as a blindfold I feel uncomfy going into a store blindfolded, I feel like that's odd – Are you actually putting that on there or can you see? – I can't see anything – Oh, cute! (laughter) She just ran into something – It hurt – And it hit her on her leg Why are you walking like that? – Because I don't want to hit something – I'm gonna show them the shelf, it's this

You kinda have to like reach up – I'm protecting my hands because they are valuable right now – K, K, reach up Reach up and touch, or you can walk side to side Actually, take a step forward (laughter) You look like you're learning how to walk! Okay, okay, you touched this Why? Okay, you can walk left or right

Oh, did you touch just, no K, oh no! All right, we got the goods She has no idea – I don't know what it is yet – Store number one, H&M, done This stuff is going to charity

– We're not gonna keep all of it, we're gonna donate it but it's also fun – 'Cause I couldn't find any of these in our size – What is that? – So this is one of the dresses you grabbed – Oh my god – It kinda looks cute, like here, but if you guys see how baggy and big it, it's like a tent – That is not – Hold this side, yeah okay

Item number two, flowy pants – Oh, okay – But they're not in our size, again I was hoping you'd pick the matching top cause it was like, – This thing? – A two piece You picked both bottoms – I picked two bottoms? – You picked the shorts and the flowy pants, so

– I really didn't do that well I'd hoped I'd just like, pick the cutest thing in the store – She's like, got the scent for all the cute stuff

– Apparently not Her turn to be blindfolded (evil laughter) – Walmart! – Oh my! So I have a few ideas of where I'm gonna make Bailey go so I'll show you guys when I put her there For now, we're gonna walk to the front, put this baby on her face There you go, ma'am

– The dooms today – There is an aisle in front of you, there are things on either side, you can choose which side – This is my kingdom – To go, and you can walk all the way down the aisle and pick stuff, you can stay here and pick stuff, – Okay – You can go to the other side and pick stuff – You mean, like, there's stuff right here? – No, no

– Oh, oh no, I think I just touched something – What is this? – Did I touch something? – No, you haven't touched – Okay – An item yet – Oh no, I don't wanna touch that, whatever that is We're gonna go with

this – Oh yes, item numero uno – Did I touch something? Is this something? – That's technically not a thing yet

– Okay Yeah, so uh, we got in trouble A manager came over and said, like, there was no audio or video recording which I don't really get cause I'm like, we're just filming in your store, just having fun, so we're gonna have to go in there and grab a different store name that I can go to – I was having Bailey pick out some back to school stuff, which was going to be fun – We'll just have to do it at a different store – Yep

– If we pull one that does back to school I got one What does is say? It says Dollar General! Let's go! We're making progress – There is a lot of things to run into in here, I will not lie Why's there, like, stripes on my face right now? Does anyone see that? Comment if you see that

– Am I in front of it? – Go! Yeah – This – Oh, I'm so glad we got some of those This looks, like, promising – Oh, what in the world, here you go

– Oh yay – Perfection, and we're gonna go ahead and do – I'm so glad we got those – What is it though? – No, I think you should go over just a tiny bit, no, other way Yeah I think you should touch something – Uh oh, it's heavy, what the heck? – One more thing, I think, and then we'll be, Dude, what the nut are you doing? – Is this an aisle? – It's a thing, there's stuff right there

That! You wanna buy that! Oh! – Can I go over here? – Bailey, I can't keep up with you I don't have enough arms – This thing – Yep, you can hold that one Okay, I gotta go check out

– I don't know if the camera is on or if I'm recording, but she just left to go buy the stuff and I'm all alone I have literally no idea what I bought It's kinda awkward standing here in a blindfold in the middle of a store I don't know what, – I would just like to comment on the fact that I put her in the – This is – Back to school aisle, and she chose one back to school item This is a beauty

Live, laugh, love – You're joking, – No no no no no – Lemonade packs, I actually love lemonade, so – Really back to school – Not upset about that Okay, black pens

– One back to school item – This can be used at school This actually matches my phone – But it's like a spinning Pop Socket She doesn't even like beef jerky

– Ew, I only like one kind It's a grandpa's kind of beef jerky Vote up here if you like beef jerky Dad'll eat it What? (laughter) Is this just, like, a box? – Yeah – What the heck did I, okay

Maybe the next store I'll be better Let's do another one Be magical, be magical – Please be something I can, What if this is bad? Ulta! – Ulta! Let's go All right, you ready to get some make-up Okay, we're leading her right now

– Left? That's what I thought – She just keeps running into things Go! – Oh K, you touched one Oh, not bad

Okay, you've got a whole row of stuff Try not to touch a million things in the process – I have one finger Oh! – Okay Okay, what is this? All right, where do you get this? What is this? Oh, I think that's the test one! We're getting this, looks like and, turn it around

One more – Put that one back, actually I've decided I don't want it – Oh, put this one, I don't thing that's how that works but she wants me to put it back Oh boy

Please don't knock anything over Oh, oh, maybe not to the right Oh no, okay – This This is what I want

– That's what you want? – Yes – Okay We got four things, you ready to go? – Yeah – Okay – Okay – We're back again

– I haven't seen what I bought, Bailey says they're weird – She bought one thing that we do use I'm actually impressed you picked the right shade and everything – What the, what? – Yeah, you got body soap – Botanical body soap? – Never heard of this, although I am – I'm excited! – interested to try it

– Also, we're out of body soap – I know Next item that she picked is shape tape – OH! – I don't know what that is – IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Essentials

– It's like an eyeshadow palette, I guess I didn't even really get to, you just grabbed it – Dang, I really like IT IT Confidence in a Cream Moisturizer Anti-aging armor

– Okay, this is what she got as a eye-shadow palette – Can you see it? – Is that focusing? – And then this is like a moisturizer, an IT Cosmetics moisturizer You know what, – Creams, skincare – I got us beauty essentials, so Hire me

– What we do when we're bored – 'Cause I'm so, – We're soo tired of shopping, but we have two more stores to go to Who's turn is it? My turn, it's my turn – Yes (Brooklyn sings) – A thrift store! That'll be fun! ♪ Where it's always shining like the snow ♪ ♪ Listen to your heartbeat, don't you know ♪ – Yes, I'm ready

Take me – That, that is what you want, oh Of the things you could have picked – I can't tell where to go Oh, okay

– Okay You, that's pathetic That's not, okay That's not even what I put you in front of Oh! Hmm

Yes Right here (laughing) Like, seriously? You could have picked this one Look at how cute that one is! – Come here, let's keep going – I guess it could be worse

There are cute things and you keep pulling things that I just Just (laughing) Okay – It's time to look at the goods – Bailey! Let me tell you There were a lot of good options

She chose none of them Mm-hmm – Oh! Okay Okay It's not winter time

– That's 90% of what you got – Oh no! What is this? – It's a dress – Oh! Hey, it's not horrible – Yeah, that's the best one I think out of everything you bought The cashier was laughing with me at the items we got

– Oh no Um, this has potential – I put you in front of a rack of really cute t-shirts and you pick out the plain, red one – Has potential This feels like a towel

Big yikes! Big, fat yikes! – I put you in front of a bin of shorts, and you pulled out a tank top – Not horrible, could have been worse Has potential There's more? – Pretty – Yikes! What is this? – It's a dress – I mean, it's not that bad actually

It has potential It has potential Okay, she's picking the last one for us – Best Buy?! – Juicy! – I'm gonna get a new computer out of this I'm gonna play this right

♪ When you touch my hand, it all goes away ♪ ♪ The things I plan, the things I would say ♪ – Okay, we're in the Apple area I'm gonna walk you to a place that kinda has a lot – I'm so nervous, what if I point at something – This thing holds a lot of different items and I'm just gonna have her point to one Okay, you can bend down or anything, just point to an item and we'll get it, ready? Holy crap, I'm kind of freaking out Ready, set, go

Great, we're getting an iPad You pointed at this, we're getting an iPad All right, we're getting an iPad Let's do it – I've never been so stressed in my life

– Well, we bought an iPad It's like we don't even need to reveal it It just speaks for itself – It just spoke for itself – And we have a backseat full of stuff we're ready to take for donation

We're ready to go donate But that's a wrap, folks No more stores for us – We have been to so many stores today I'm done shopping for the rest of my life

♪ Gonna have a good time ♪

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