Can Lost Identical Twins Find Each Other?? | Dolan Twins Telepathy Challenge

– This is a maze behind us – It is a maze

– And I'm just gonna take five random turns, and then Brooklyn's also going to take five random turns after me We're gonna see if we end up in the same place – Everything looks the same! I don't know where I'm going! (upbeat electronic music) – Okay, people! Today we're filming a really difficult challenge– – Yes, we are going to try to channel our inner twinepathy, and do a bunch of different challenges inspired by the Dolan twins' version of this video? – Yes, they did a version of this video So this morning, when we got dressed we decided to try and match and coordinate our outfits – We're coordinating colors

– [Bailey] This is my outfit – [Brooklyn] You guys do love it when we give you mini outfits– – Look at my shoe! These things are so cute Check out the Muse – The Muse – Look at this

– [Brooklyn] And then I'll show you my outfit – [Bailey] And then Brooklyn's outfit Gorgeous – [Brooklyn] My favorite part, the back – The back

– Yes – [Bailey] Cuteness – The rose gold, Bailey's favorite color – [Bailey] They're super, super comfortable – Yes, well, and it's nice 'cause they match everything, and I wear them all the time with pretty much any outfit that I want, summertime, winter time, all the time

– [Bailey] Obviously the versatile, 'cause we're both wearing them Twinning at its finest right here – Yes, right here If you guys wanna shop at these Puma looks, you can get them at Dick's Sporting Goods, and we'll leave a link in the description box below, so you guys can check it out, 'cause I know you guys always ask about that stuff So, it'll be down below

– And now we're gonna see if these outfits have inspired us to be twins today – To be more of twins then we already are? – No, we're always twins (upbeat electronic music) – So the point of this entire thing is that Bailey and I are gonna try to do everything the same That being said, this segment, we are just going to think of a place immediately I'm gonna say it, and then I'm gonna drive there

And we might end up at the same place? Maybe close to each other? Now I just gotta think of where I'm gonna go Three, two, one, Target – [Woman] Three, two, one – Target If she's thinking like where I would go, she probably went to Zoe's

Like, 100% guaranteed, that she probably went to Zoe's if she's thinking about where I would go That's my prediction – I was thinking about it, and there are three places that I think Bailey will choose one of If she's thinking like herself, she'll choose Target If she's trying to think like me, she'll I choose BJ's, which is the restaurant, my favorite restaurant

And then, if she's thinking as like a point where we both might think of, she'll probably go to the office I would be surprised if she didn't go to one of those three places – Okay, we're pulling up to Target right now We're gonna see if Brooklyn's here I don't know

– [Woman] We're here, now what? – We wait? I don't know – [Woman] We wait for Bailey to walk through that door – She's gonna do it, I'm sending her brain waves right now – Is that her car? You're freaking kidding me Are you freaking kidding me? No, you're not, that's my car

Dude, that's 100% my car – [Woman] Just shopping – I'm Nervous to go walk towards the front door 'cause what if she's not here, and then it's like, welp So we're going towards the front door Not here

Do not see them – [Woman] They're right there (both laughing) – I totally got it! What are we doing? What the frick just happened? We're not faking this This video is entirely real – The thing is that we legitimately just think the same

So we're just trying to test the theory of twinepathy – So this next one is gonna be hard (upbeat pop music) This one is a water bottle one So we have like multiple different shapes, sizes, colors of water bottles, and I'm gonna pick one, and then Brooklyn's gonna come in here and try and pick the same water bottle, using her twin senses I'm gonna pick this one

I'm more attracted to this, but I think she'll pick this one – I don't know if she picked as if she was me, or picked as if she was her Not that one Not this one Not that one

I think she picked this one Is that wrong? – I picked this one – Dang it! Dang it! – I picked this one 'cause I thought you would pick this one, and I picked this one afterwards and said, "If I were going for what I wanted, "I would've picked this one" – Yeah, that's why I picked it No, that's not a water bottle

– Onto the next challenge (upbeat music) – [Woman] Okay so this next thing is, we're gonna ask you 20 questions and you have to answer them with the first answer that comes to your mind – Okay, so I'm going to answer how I would answer, and Bailey's going to try to answer like me – [Woman] Name an instrument – Cello

– Trumpet – [Woman] Name one of your videos – The wisdom teeth – Wisdom teeth – [Woman] Give us a number between one and 20

– 17 – 17 – [Woman] Name an accessory – Necklace? – Ring – [Woman] Name a time of day

– Noon? – Three o'clock – [Woman] Name a book – A Throne of Glass – Throne of Glass – [Woman] Name a fictional place

– Neverland – Hogwarts – [Woman] Name a song – Let It Go – Dance Like Me

– [Woman] Name a vacation spot – [Both] Hawaii – [Woman] Name a back-to-school item – [Both] A notebook – [Woman] Name a season

– Fall – Summer – [Woman] Name a president – George Washington – Washington

– [Woman] Name one of your scrunchie sets – Cotton Candy – Into the Woods – [Woman] Tell us a joke – The banana went to doctor (laughing) and the doctor said, Bye banana I'll peel you later

You get it, pill, peel? – What do you get when you combine Captain America and The Hulk? Star-Spangled Banner – Ah! – Ah! – This time, I'm gonna answer first, and then Brooklyn's gonna come in and try and answer like me Or what she thinks I would say, I guess – [Woman] Name a candy – Hershey's chocolate

– Milky Way – [Woman] Name a language – Spanish – Spanish – [Woman] Name a type of car

– [Both] A Jeep – [Woman] Name a superhero – Spider-Man – Iron Man – Name a piece of furniture

– Couch – Chair – [Woman] Name a college that isn't Baylor – A&M – A&M

– [Woman] Name a video game – Mario Kart – Mario Kart – [Woman] Name a note on the piano – [Both] C

– [Woman] Name a perfume scent – Twisted Peppermint – Brown Sugar – [Woman] Name a state – Utah

– Texas – [Woman] Name a Disney show – Suite Life of Zack and Cody – Shake It Off – [Woman] Name an insect

– Spider – An ant – [Woman] Brooklyn, spiders aren't an insect – [Woman] It's not an insect – Okay then

Ladybugs – [Woman] Name a phobia – [Both] Claustrophobia

– [Woman] Name a superpower – Invisibility – Be invisible – [Woman] Show us a dance move without moving (laughing) – [Woman] Name a singer

– Shawn Mendes – Kelly Clarkson? – [Woman] Kelly Clarkson? – Why Kelly Clarkson? – What the frick? What the actual heck? – I don't know – Why? – I don't know – [Woman] So your twinepathy is about 50% – 50% so far

– We have more to go – We have more to go – We do (upbeat pop music) This new little challenge is basically Bailey and I are going to each go into the restaurant separately, and tell the camera what we would order And then we're gonna try to order for the other person, and see if we can order correctly

Also, Bailey and I have never been to this restaurant, so I actually have no idea what she would order here, like, this is not where we normally go So I have to just like a genuinely figure it out by looking at the menu and trying to use my twinepathy Okay, we grabbed the menu and came outside, because there's music and we can't film with music I would order the Grilled Chicken Salad with ranch and a Dr Pepper That's probably what I would order

I think she would get the Harvest Chicken Salad and a side of fresh fruit – I think I would get Okay, for me, I'd probably just get the Caesar Salad

And if I got a side, I'd probably get a side of, probably like broccoli Brooklyn, I don't know I'd probably say Garden Salad And she would've gotten it with the buttermilk ranch And if she got a side, she would've said mac & cheese for sure

– [Woman] And what to drink? – Dr Pepper – [Woman] And you're sticking with Caesar Salad for you? – Actually, no I'm gonna also do the salad with the buttermilk ranch – All right – Okay

We're gonna find out – All right! – [Server] Okay, that's for you Okay – [Bailey] Oh, that's probably mine – Oh, yeah! – Okay! – All right

♪ Feels like I'm drunk on you, feels like I'm drunk on you ♪ – [Both] Okay – Woah, a twinepathy! – Bailey didn't even see that chicken salad sandwich was on the menu – So I originally ordered like of the garden salad with buttermilk ranch – And I ordered the chicken something salad with ranch, which she got me a salad with ranch – I was pretty much the closest 'cause I got her a salad

I got her a side of mac & cheese and I got her Dr Pepper – Yes – So I– – You should, okay – I did it, she didn't Onto the next challenge

(upbeat music) This is a maze behind us – It is a maze – I think going in first, and I'm just gonna take five random turns, and then Brooklyn's also going to take five random turns after me We're gonna see if we end up in the same place That would be like the ultimate test

– That would be insane – Comment down below if you guys think that we will be able to do this Or actually Brooklyn will be able to do this – It's all on me – It's on her

Okay – All right, five turns – Okay I'm gonna go this way Is that one? – Yeah

– You know, they say like if you take all the rights, it'll get you out of the maze, so I'm just gonna take as many rights as possible, and if right isn't possible, I'll go left – All right – That's my tactic – [Woman] Sounds like a plan You think Bailey did that? – I think that we read the same books, and so in theory, yes

In actuality, maybe not Does this count as a turn? – Yes – Two – This is stressful Welp

– Two I'm gonna keep going right, because I've heard somewhere that if you take only rights in a maze, you will get out of the maze – Seriously, but like on the legit, this is like kind of high-key stressful, and I have no idea where I am Like, honestly, truly Everything looks the same! I don't know where I'm going! – [Bailey] Four

– Weren't we just here? – Five Should I stop here? – Yeah – All right, I'm in my spot – [Woman] And this will be fifth – [Brooklyn] Oh, I see you

– We did not – Oh yeah! – You found me? – I found you! We really suck at the really easy twinepathy thing? – But like the ones where you really think it's not gonna happen, we just pulled through – We just like do it really well So, go figure? – Weird! – Comment down below what you think If you think that this is– – And if you think we should do an even more extreme version, I don't know what that would look like, but– – Maybe we choose a place and we can fly there

– Yeah, tell us down below what, yeah Ooh, yeah – They're all gonna want it now – They're all gonna be like, fly, fly, fly! Anyway, tell us down below, and that's a wrap! Woo! (upbeat electronic music)

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