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– Hello – Hello

– We are testing the cheapest places to buy swimsuits – We have our pile of swimsuits – We haven't tried any of them on yet Don't know what they look like This is literally us going to be putting them on and giving you a review and then telling you where you should buy your bikini next time save money

(singing) Beautiful (pop music) – Just so you guys know we are still running a giveaway right now We are giving away a gold iPhone 11 and a wireless projector So you guys can get all the information for the giveaway in the description box below or in the eye card right there – We have some swimsuits from Romwe, and then we have a swimsuit from Walmart

We have some swimsuits from Amazon, by Target and Cupshe – And we were going to put Shein in here but – So we have all of these swimsuits here that are the cheapest ones we could find from like sites that we've bought from before And we think we'll have good quality swimsuits that are gonna, – Some of them, I've never bought one from Walmart before – We're gonna try them on

We're gonna tell you what we think And we're going to give you our greatest recommendation at the end – If you're a man and you're watching this video, don't look They're somewhere else on the internet for you Then it's probably not this video cause I just, you know, so just, just move on, move on

– First things first, which one? – Let's do Romwe first – Let's go (funky music) – Ta-da! – First swimsuit down and it actually really cute – Okay, so this is swimsuit number one Um so cute

This is, we're gonna pop-up this screen shot right here somewhere So we spent $1195 on this swimsuit and this is what it looks like in the picture And I feel like it'd depicted pretty accurately on This is definitely my least favorite part and the reason is it doesn't have that weird I don't know what it's called, elastic thingy that goes around the waist and around the leg area

So I feel like it can roll weird maybe – Also, like it makes the fabric looser – Yeah, so you see the wrinkles, also don't love that but what do you expect if you're spending literally $1195 on a swimsuit I would say this is a pretty good quality swimsuit for that money

Here's a spin I was a little worried about this, because sometimes when you buy online it gets a little booby with the side cut outs But this one's actually in a really really good shape – She did put it on and say something about the padding inside – Yeah, um, the padding's like this big

Itty bitty teeny tiny little thing But it is thick, so I'll give it that At least it has padding 'Cause it could be worse I wear smalls in almost everything

I'm afraid to order extra smalls, cause usually that means it's up your butt and around the corner – So pretty size accurate, there you go – Yeah, here you are (tingling sound) – Oooooo, ewe! Okay, so I gotta, not gonna lie we have a swimsuit that's identical to this pretty much – We have a pink version, I wear literally all the time

And the reason I love it is because it has this I don't even know what it's called like a ruched fabric, it's called – Oh, I know the word, hold on, I know the word (crickets chirping) It's called, no nope I can do this give me a second – Smocked – Smocked! – Smocked

– Smocked – Smocked! – The reason that I like the smocked swimsuits is because they are always size accurate Like they are so small So I order small top small bottom They fit perfectly

It's got that nice high-wasted feel to it And it's got like a good cut on the butt, so it's not like granny panties but it's also not thong either – No granny panties in this house No granny panties – Hold on, it's on sale right now

So it's wait, $845 so we're putting on it – Screenshot right here – We got it from Romwe, so – That's what it looks like in the picture and this is what it looks like on Voila – Rating for Romwe, if I would probably say – Because the swimsuits are great quality like for what you're buying for the cost of it and how fast it ships to you I think it's good

– I would have said probably about an eight and a half or nine – I paid $800 for this swimsuit and you wanna know how often I'm going to wear this? – All the time! – Often, so I'm just saying – All right, eight and a half or nine out of ten? – Nine – Nine out of ten

That's pretty dang good right? Right off the bat So, I say we do – Amazon

– Amazon This I feel is gonna be so interesting – This will be interesting So interesting (bell chime) (fast music) – So I was honestly putting this on and I was like yeee okay 'cause the um bottom, bottom strip – Well you said, do you really think it's this small

– Do you really think my hoo-ha is that small But I put it on and it's it's okay I feel like it's a little still a little, uh – It's a little low cut in the front for my taste – I feel like I should be like this the whole time, like, hi, how are you doing – But the top is where it's at – Look it's this fun ribbed fabric Not to mention, it's unbelievably comfortable

Okay, I don't know why they felt like it was necessary to put this much tie on here – I think you could wrap it around the front – You could definitely do your own embellishments and do like this sorta thing to just add to it 'Cause you could definitely do that – Would you buy this just for the top? – I would 100% just buy this for the top

– But but at the price – I feel more secure in this than I do in most of my sports bras Okay, it was $2200 So I feel like if you were comfortable with the bottoms and the top, I feel like the top is worth $2200

– So do you feel like you should go down a size in the bottoms if you can? – One-hundred percent should go down a size The bottoms run big But I love the top It fits and it's adjustable so – There you go – I will be wearing this literally everyday from now on Here's the screenshot – There are like a million color options

– Yeah, there were like a million bajillion options as Amazon is But also I feel like this one is a little lighter pink than in the picture Pictures almost depict is it as almost like a purple-ish But that's the only thing I would say is different Everything else looks pretty consistent with

(electronic pop music) – Okey dokey – When and it felt like a fricking glove It is adjustable, which to me as a girl, who's proportions are typically, usually not something that fit very well The adjustable back's incredible Also the bottoms fit super well

They're not like that high-waisted look like most people like But they do fit super comfortably The cut in the back is comfortable It fits really well I ordered a small top and bottom of it

This one was the most expensive one I think we bought because it was $3299 But since there were two color options, but a 32 bucks, I feel like I've heard of like those, Instagram's places that are like 70 for a top So this is still really cheap Although just like the other Amazon one, it has enormous strings

Like what am I supposed to do with this? (popping kiss) – I gave Amazon like a seven – And a half – Because the top really just did that They, the tops killed it – It really did that They're like warm

It's like a warm glow (kissing pop) – They're very comfortable If you're looking for a nice tops – But the bottoms, I mean ehh I feel like it's a come and go – So it might be like a seven and a half

– Oh, this top I look like a ballerina – You didn't realize that? (piano music) – Whewwww – Thank you, thank you These are Cupshe swimsuits

Feel like it's in the middle range, like it's not like $12, but it's also not, like a hundred – It used to be cheaper, and then more people found it And like I used to shop Cupshe way back when, – And I also feel like their selection is more limited – Smaller (pinging bell) (easy pop music) – I just, this might be the nastiest thing I've ever

I first of all, – Back up, back up – This is just not a style bottom that I would ever wear Never The sides tighten Like literally

Have you ever seen bottoms tightened like that? – They have a tie in it They feel like I'm wearing no nothing on the bottom I don't like it Also this top, it like, I don't know if you could see it, but it makes me look like I have no padding on because it's got this weird stitching going on around here – I just feel like it's really not flattering

– Also, the fabric is – You can see through it I don't know if you guys can see, but it's totally see-through with the cup – And the fabric is super rough Like it's, it's already starting to chafe my shoulders from just being on it Definitely my least favorite swimsuit I've tried on so far

Here is the screenshot Honestly, the picture like does it justice 'Cause it looks basically like what I have on Twenty-four ninety-nine was how much we paid for it – Nooooo

– Definitely to me not worth $2499 I think I could get a better swimsuit probably somewhere else This is just not it This is just not it

This is not the move Unfortunately, my booty crack is out in this swimsuit (laughing) If I bend over, you would see everything (dance music) – Little goose – What? – I feel like a goose

(honking) I just am not really feeling the bottoms, even a little For how deep V it is I feel like very secure Like it's not going anywhere Like, you know, sometimes when you lean down and it's like a whoop, it doesn't feel like that

– I think she just doesn't like the like double ruffle Like if it hadn't had the ruffle on, do you think you would like it? – I think if I was like taken this off OMG! It just got five bajillion times better It pretty much looks exactly like, except I feel like the bottoms of bigger in her picture than they do on – They're a lot smaller on than you think they are

Like, I don't mean small as in tie, I mean, small as in their butt and pretty thin little spaces (popping) This one was is $28, or $2799 I personally think there's just better places that you could find for way less money – So, Cupshe – I wanna give like a five for me

They aren't terrible But I feel like they are more expensive than the quality deserves – I agree I mean, they're not, I mean, for the cheapest places you can buy it from, this is probably the more expensive side – Yeah – And it definitely isn't my favorite swimsuit we've had so far so

Time for Target's, (singing Tar-shay) (ping) (funky dance music) – This is, super cute These could go higher, like, like they could really stay higher, but it just looks weird All together I think it's a really flattering look Very, very nice material – So maybe go up a size? – Little tight

– If you've got any kind of boob, maybe go up a size – Maybe go up a size in the top I think I got a small, I do have a tightened all the way, so it could probably be loosened a little bit, but altogether love the material Color is like fantastic in person And I feel like it fits really cute

So this is the screenshot I actually feel like it's more like a pink- brown hue In the picture, it looks more like a white and dark color And this one was $1800

It was $1799, definitely for the top – And $1799 for the bottom – Yeah, $17

99 for the bottom Kind of on the pricier side – This is the first time we've shopped somewhere that like does the top and bottom are separates – It's separate top and bottom – Which could be good because you get to pick the sizing

So if you're like disproportionate, but also bad, if you don't want to spend as much money – Yeah, I feel like if it was like $18 for the whole swimsuit or even $20 for the whole swimsuit, I could see it happening But I feel like if you wanted to buy a swimsuit from Target, you had to go and like buy one or two instead of like three or four from other sites So totally up to you But I do think it's really nice quality

And the pro-side of Target is you can shop online or in person with the, some of the others is just online So probably up to you But I like this one (ping) (pop music) (laughing) – I keep getting the bad ones – That's not that bad

– This top is okay I feel like my boobs look, grandma-ey And also these bottoms, man, they're only staying on because I cinched these bad boys as tight as they could go So definitely go down a size in the bottoms I actually think that it's like, I'm kind of disproportionate because my thighs are bigger and my butt's bigger than my waist is

So it might just be me I feel like they look like grandma panties (spitting laughing) – Like yeah, that's pretty dang accurate – Like my whole booty cheeks are covered Like this is like literally going over my thigh

It's like, not even over my hips, like over my thigh Bottoms still not my favorite, – Tops material though? – Materials high quality, I will say that Okay, screenshot top and bottom Top was $2299 bottoms were $19

99 – So I definitely do not feel like that was worth the money – No, I would definitely shop somewhere where I can get the top and bottom for one price, that would fit better My personal opinion But Target is a good store

You can shop in person Your choice – You know, I have bought swimsuits from them before that are really cute and high quality – Okay, but think about it, every time we go there, I feel like we have to try on 20 justifying two that fit right, so – Right, kinda true – In my opinion, I feel like they have high quality, – I'd probably give 'em a seven

– The more expensive side I would have given them like a six or seven – Yeah, it's like good, good material You know, it's going to last a long time – But like, – But the sizing is kind of off

– Featuring Reiland in the back Hey Reiland (plastic rattling) – Walmart just got thrown at me (laughing) – Guess I'm trying this one on let's go (ping) (dance music) Oka, don't hate all Walmart

Cause this top is cute – She just went – I just, just got too big of bottoms Like if they fit, like envision if they fit – Like it's so cute

– How cute is this, what the heck? This is so cute – So go down a size in bottoms – Sure downsize the bottoms, but the top fits – Did you buy it separately or was it one piece? – Well okay here's the thing We can't find the screenshot

We can't get a screenshot because we bought these awhile ago and I don't know why it's not appearing on walmartcom anymore, but we did buy us from Walmart I can't remember what we bought it for The other one that we tried to get was like around $18 I'm going to guess this one was pretty similar

– For like the whole swimsuit? – Quality really reflects it Like it's seriously, it's comfortable I'm honestly shocked with the top They have a really, really good waistband here that makes me feel like my boobs aren't going anywhere Go down to size in the bottoms

'Cause these ones are the biggest ones we've had yet And they're a little, look at this little poochy on the booty Also shout out to Walmart They carry Heritage – So check it out, Heritage is incredible

– Go Heritage – Go buy your shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, – That did not change our opinion for this video – No – We are giving honest and truthful reviews – Here's our actual rating for Walmart swimsuits I would say, I mean, we only had one, unfortunately the other one, I don't know where it went

I think it got lost in the mail I would probably say like a seven and a half – I would say seven and a half – And I definitely feel like it's honestly like the better – The quality is good If you bought the right size, then I think it would be like a really cute swimsuit

– This top – It's really not that expensive as $18 – Yeah, it was a good price for a swimsuit I do feel like bottoms were a little big So hopefully you guys enjoyed this honest swimsuit review – Hopefully it was helpful

So you guys know, I think our final opinion is that Romwe was the best one to shop at – Yeah, that one was pretty big – It was the cheapest for the highest quality and like the cutest swimsuits, with the most options – I would definitely, yeah comment down below if you want us to try expensive shops – Or if you have other cheap shops you want us to try – For sure

– And we'll see you all next time – Bye (kissing sounds) (light-hearted music)

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