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– That is really good I love that Not actually at all, it is disgusting

(upbeat music) – Yuck – Hello guys, it is Bailey and I have two guests with me today I have – I'm Cameron – And – I'm Kenndy – And today we are going to be filming the sauce challenge, but before we go on to that we have a challenge for you guys We want to see if you guys can go click the notification button, which is the button down below next to the subscribe button in the five seconds So we are going to count to five One, two, three, four, five

I hope you guys were able to click the button down below and while you are down there don't forget to subscribe and you can do that by clicking the big red button that says subscribe to our channel – We are going on tour We are so beyond excited, so we are actually going to be visiting 16 different cities All the information for our tour is in the link in the description box below go click it right now and buy tickets to come Hopefully we get to see you guys soon Alright now it is time to go on to the challenge

We are calling this the sauce challenge because we have chicken nuggets and we have eight different sauces to dip those chicken nuggets in And as you can see we are going to be blindfolded so we have no idea what kind of sauces we are going to be putting in our mouth And it is specifically sauces from Chic-fil-A And apparently they have like a million and one and some of them are really nasty So

– I am very nervous – That is basically how it is going to work We are all going to get the same sauce handed to us We are going to dip chicken nugget, eat it, and who ever thinks they have the correct guess for the sauce will hit the buzzer (Buzzer) and we will see if they are correct or not

And by the end of the challenge who ever has the most points wins the game And just FYI none of us like sauces and we are all very picky so we have never tried any of these before So this is going to be disgusting – Condiments are gross – Yes, let's go Okay, dip it – Alright, I have already dipped

I am ready to go – I can't tell if I dipped – [Cameron] One, two, three (buzzer) Honey mustard (buzz) – Dang it – Honey BBQ ( buzz) – Sweet BBQ – Yeah it is good, I like it (Buzzer) – Chick-fil-A sauce (bells) – Dang it (upbeat music) – I have actually never had this stuff but sure – I like it

– Might as well go with the straight up one first, right? – Okay – Let's get another dip in – Dipping time – [Cameron] One, two, three, go (buzzer) – Ketchup (buzz) (buzzer) BBQ sauce (buzz ) – Ugh – Cameron – Okay, what about – It is not like awful – I like it – It tastes sweet BBQ – It texture is just gross – It tastes kind of like ketchup and BBQ mixed together – [Cameron] Ketchup is nasty – Um – [Cameron] Um (buzzer) – I got honey BBQ (buzz) (buzzer) – Ketchup and BBQ (buzz) (Buzzer) – Polynesian (bells) – Oh, I never would have guessed that I have never had Polynesian either – Me either – I am like such a baby to sauces I am not used to these – Alright – I don't want to do this – Mm, Okay (buzzer) – Shoot sorry (laughing) – Ugh, this one smells bad

– Put up the whoop hound and just go for it Are you guys ready? – Okay – Alright, one, two, three – [Cameron] Oh that is gross (buzzer) – Ranch (Bells) – [Woman Off Screen] Garlic and herb ranch – Uh huh – Ew, why, why is that a thing? – Um – That is gross – Okay I still have that nasty ranch flavor in my mouth – I still have the nasty all of them flavors in my mouth – [Kimmy] I liked all of them

I am enjoying this so far – Oh my gosh, alright are we dipped? – Yes – I'm dipped – Okay three, two, one – Uh huh (buzzer) – Buffalo sauce (bells) (gagging) – You know when you smell buffalo sauce and it like burns you nose? That is what like I can feel the burn in my nose, I knew what it was That is really good I love that Not actually at all, it is disgusting

(buzzer) – Ketchup (bells) – Oh it is gross, I hate that – I love ketchup, this is a good one – This is my favorite – It is going to help like tame the spiciness of the last one Cameron you don't like ketchup? – No, I hate ketchup

Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets are of the heavens, they are so good There comes a point in time when there are fries, or burgers, or chicken nuggets where they are so good you don't need condiments to add flavor and this is one of those things So like all these that we are taking are like so unnecessary – Excuse me Cameron the exit is over there – The door is right that way – The ketchup is the best – Disgusting – Go – No, I am in it, I am winning right now

– Alright so Bailey was just sniffing it like a cheater a rotten cheater – She's a cheater – I am not a cheater – Yes you are – Uh huh – Quit sniffing so I can guess faster (gagging) Stop smelling it – Smell it Cameron – One, two – No – We haven't even dipped – No it smells terrible – You haven't even dipped yet? – I did, I dipped but it smells terrible – Kennedy dip it – I did, I dipped – I can't do this – I dipped – Alright one, two, three – [Bailey] I can't do this – Oh, uh huh not good It was better with just one touch

– [Cameron] Ew – That is disgusting (buzzer) – Sweet and sour (buzz) – Sweet and sour buffalo sauce (buzz) It tastes like the buffalo sauce (buzzer) – Teriyaki something (buzz) (buzzer) – sweet and sour sirachia sauce (bells) You can smell things and like the smell is similar to the taste – My tongue is like – Burning – Cause like I know what sweet and sour smells like and then I can feel my throat burning which is why I said sirachia (moaning) Are you guys ready? – I don't want to – Are you dipped? – I am literally like done with this – Alright one, two, three (buzzer) BBQ sauce – I hate BBQ sauce – I got it first right? – Nu huh I hit my thing first I hit my thing first

– She hit her thing first – Judges? – Judges? (bells) – See, I had to chew – Alright get it dunked Dunk it real good – I can't do this anymore – AM I dunkedI am probably dunked well Alright I am ready – [Kennedy] I am not – [Bailey] I can't do this anymore – I just want to get it over with

– Are you ready? Are we dunked? – Yes, but I am not ready I just know this is going to be spicy – [Cameron] One, two, three Ew, that's gross – Uh huh (buzzer) – Honey mustard? (bells) – Boo – I don't even like mustard so that is a miracle that I got that Alright so I tied with Cameron

– It is the thing – And I am the loser – She is the loser So yeah that is a little interesting because none of us really know sauces I am surprised we actually tied I am surprised we actually got any of those – I wasn't expecting to get any of those, at all

– I am like having a hard time talking because my mouth is still burning from those sauces – Yeah my mouth is numb – All in all I think the ketchup and the ranch were the worst – No, the buffalo – No, those two were like the best – The buffalo just tastes like it smells – The buffalo and the honey mustard – The buffalo was so gross – Ketchup just makes me want to throw up – I wouldn't recommend any of these sauces

Thank you to Cameron and Kennedy for putting up with those nasty sauces with me – Oh of course any time – I am trying, I have been crying, and gagging – At least some of them were good – No, no I can't say they were – Thank you guys so much for watching I know those sauces were nasty, especially the one that made me legit sob

I have never cried in a video before but now I can say that I have, which is just weird Anyways if you haven't subscribed to our channel and you want to definitely do that by clicking the button right down here And if you want to watch more of our challenge videos go click right over here, and comment down below with which sauce you think you would dislike the most because some of these were really nasty Anyways we will see you guys next week I love you all, bye

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