CHRiSTMAS vs THANKSGiViNG: Holiday Rap Battle (Brooklyn, Bailey, Rylan, and Friends)

(distorted music) – [Announcer] Holiday Rap Battle Thanksgiving versus Christmas Ready? Begin – [Santa Voice] Ho ho ho – My name is Christmas, I'm the main holiday

All the children love me 'cause they get them toys and play Excuse me but I just gotta be blunt, forget one day, I'm celebrated for a month Thanksgiving has to offer intense obesity Well at least Christmas celebrate a deity Presents? Family? Food and fun? To think I'm overrated, is a misconception

(rap music playing) (chicken squawk) – Thank you Christmas, for that holly jolly show But can we just be honest, everybody hates the snow Here on my day, all the people gives thanks Instead of going out and just breaking their banks Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg

Play different songs please, do we need to beg? Green and red? Who came up with this theme? Change up your colors or I think I'm gonna scream (rap music) – [Santa Voice] Ho ho ho – Songs? You're kidding me This has to be a joke If someone wrote a song for you, I think I might just choke! Green and red? Do you understand what you just said? At least my color isn't orange, I'd rather just drop dead

Thanksgiving's for the family that you don't even like At least during Christmas you can get a brand new bike I can truly tell you from the bottom of my heart, people only like you 'casue that means I'm 'bout to start (chicken squawk) – I appreciate your efforts, and all your twinkly lights But c'mon, really Santa? He'd give anyone a fright

With his elves, reindeer, and stupid little sleigh Even his big belly is a bit cliche People really enjoy my food they make it for days But nobody ever gains a pound, shhh I've got my ways Its nothing like your Santa Claus who likes to eat cookies

Pumpkin pie is so much better He's just a rookie – Santa Claus can literally deliver kids their dreams While Thanksgiving over here is used for funny memes People don't just spend their days dreaming of a turkey Instead they sit and think about their big ol' Christmas tree

The cold is just a part of all the Christmas joy To think you'd ever beat me is a sad pathetic ploy Come now, stop dreaming, get back to reality Oh look, a gift for you It's called a personality! – My delicious personality really is the best

To celebrate here you don't need an ugly vest Rolls and turkey? You would stuff your face too At least my season isn't known for the flu Christmas, please You sit on a throne of lies

You're about to be overthrown by a bunch of pumpkin pies I wish you the best, and a Happy Holidays 'cause I know I'm better than you in at least a million different ways (glass shattering) (wind blowing) – While I'm over here getting a New Year's kiss, Y'all over there looking a little hopeless I'm new and I'm fresh, ready for the year I make new goals and they're typically sincere

Are you guys kidding? We all know I'm the king When it comes to New Years, celebrating is supreme Christmas, you are just an overrated theme You could try to be the best, but it would only be a dream Thanksgiving, please just stop where you're at

People use you as an excuse to stuff their face and get fat Honestly, we all know people party all day No food or gifts required, I'm the best holiday (gunshot) – What's up guys? Hopefully Y'all enjoyed that video I know it was super, super funny

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