COLLEGE DECISION 2018! Are We Going to the SAME School?!?

(upbeat music) – And this is where the decision got extremely difficult I chose my final school

– Hey guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey And before we go on to the video we have some exciting news So, once again we ordered a whole new, brand new set of scrunchies for you guys Along with some of the old sets that we have sold, so – So, the new colors for the scrunchies are purple, white, and – And denim, woo-hoo

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– Woo-hoo, scrunchies for life – So, now let's get on to the video So, today's video we are announcing which college we are officially going to next year – OMG – And hopefully for the full four years of college

– OMG guys, I know this has been highly anticipated Like every comment, every video– – We've been anticipating it– – has been asking this question – 'Cause we had to make a decision And we've been asking ourselves this question for how long? – Like a year – Like a year

Like the past year – And the decision has finally been made – So, let's find out what it is Okay, before we start with anything I'm just gonna brief y'all So Bailey and I both applied to the same six schools

And we got into the same five schools So, we're each separately one at a time going to go through and kind of list off which schools we knocked out of our decisions one by one until we're down to the last two And then we'll explain which one we chose and why So, I'm gonna go first So, obviously the first school I knocked off of my list was the one school I didn't get into and that was Stanford University

So, they have a less than 4% acceptance rate and I think this year they had the most applicants they've ever had apply – [Bailey] Yeah – And it just was crazy We didn't get in, I don't know anybody in our school that got in It was just a really, really intense application process

And I was really sad about it 'cause I wanted to go to Stanford But obviously it's not the place for me So, this one is off my list This is not the school I'm going to – And of course, obviously the same goes for me because apparently Stanford has a twin rule where if one gets in the other gets in

And if one doesn't get in the other one doesn't get in So, I also did not get into Stanford And the same goes, it's only 4% acceptance rate so I don't know anyone who did get in It was really hard this year – It was really hard

– So, this is my very first one that I knocked off my list So, I guess it's not meant to be – Alright, so the second college I knocked off my list was UT And this wasn't really for any negative, particular reason I just went to the campus, I actually really wanted to go to UT for a little while because their business school is so amazing

But I went to the campus and it just didn't feel right Like I just didn't, I went and I came home and I was like that's not the college for me And I wish it was 'cause they have such a good business program but so do a lot of these other schools So, UT is the second one I knocked off my list – And following Brooklyn, the same goes for me

UT was my second that I knocked off my list And the kinda same idea goes, I went to the campus, I was really ready to be excited about it I know a lot of people really love UT, so kudos to you guys who love UT – Yeah – They have an amazing business school

– They're a great school – But I just you know got to the campus and you know how people say like you know, you know, it's like the right college when you get there – It just sits with you – It's kind of like a wedding dress when everyone just says oh you just cried when you get– I mean not the same thing but kinda similar Same goes for UT, I got to the campus and it wasn't feeling right

So, I immediately knocked that one off the list So, UT is not meant to be – My third school that I knocked off my list was Harding University Now I actually really, really, really liked Harding when I went And I loved the people there, and the application process was super easy, and I had a potential full ride there as well

So, it was a pretty perfectly set up for me to go I just wanted to go to a bigger school and Harding is a smaller school And so, between all my other choices I knocked this one off my list for that particular reason – The next one I knocked off my list, which is a little bit different than Brooklyn, was BYU So, the reason why I knocked this one off my list and I mean there's not really a particular reason but it was kind of similar to Brooklyn's where it was like kind of really far away from home, and I want to be closer to home and the rest of the schools were closer

And plus also, like Harding was really easy to work with and a bunch of other people were really easy to work with but we had no communication with people at BYU I love BYU, it's an amazing college, but it just wasn't meant to be – Alright well, my next college that I knocked off, which is a little different than Bailey again, was BYU And this was just because we've lived in Utah for most of our life and I think I wanted to go to school somewhere different than where I've lived And BYU was very much the same as what I've always known

And I kinda wanted to do something more unique And I really love Texas so I was kinda drawn more to the Texas schools And so, for that reason I wanted to be closer to home So, my last couple of options fit better than BYU did So, I knocked BYU off the list

– The next one that I eliminated was Harding Now, I actually really loved this school, the campus was beautiful, and the people were so nice when I went there and visited They were super easy to work with, they offered some scholarships that were really tempting So all of it looked like really, really tempting The only thing that pushed me away was that it was a really small college compared to the other ones I was applying to

And so, unfortunately that was why this one got knocked off But Harding, altogether is a really amazing school Okay, so we have obviously a huge favorite out of these three colleges So, we have to say it's time for us to tell you guys we're wizards and we're going to Hogwarts (scratching) We're wizards and we're going to Hogwarts

– We've been sorted into Hufflepuff – Finally, I just couldn't wait to drink the butterbeer and play quidditch, and oh my goodness – We've already tried out for the team, we're ready to go Just kidding – Okay, obviously it's not Hogwarts, unfortunately

– I wish – I wish – If Hogwarts was a real school I would be there– – That would be amazing – In a heartbeat – To all of you Harry Potter lovers, that's for you

– And to all of my fellow Hufflepuff House people out there we love you, we're with you – You're in our hearts So clearly, not Hufflepuff So now, we're down to our last two colleges and this is where the decision got extremely difficult – So, I'm gonna kind of explain some of the qualities I looked for in the college that I wanted to go to

And Bailey's going to explain hers because we did have our own – Different opinions – Opinions about them So, the college that I chose was because I felt at home when I went there And I felt like I had friends and a community that I could really get involved with, and involved in

And it had a program that I was really excited about And the people there are really excited about me coming to be in that program And I just, I found a room that I loved, and roommates that I loved And everything just seemed to kind of fall into place, perfectly And so, that is why I finally made a decision on my final school

– And I really wanted a school that had like a really good business program Something that was very large and homey Lot's of students that I could meet I was all about the social life, everything like traditions and all of that I was super excited to be a part of

And I really liked just the fact that it had a name for itself I was really excited for that too The community was just really strong That's what I was looking for in the college that I picked – So, the big question, the big reveal

I'm gonna reveal first – Yes – And then she's gonna reveal – The question is are we going to – Are we going to the same school? – The same school? – You guys are gonna have to wait and find out But I chose my final school, I chose as Baylor University

And I, when I walked on that campus for the first time I fell in love with it It just felt like home It felt like something I could see myself being at for four years And I did have a scholarship there as well And their entrepreneurship program was super enticing to me

A lot of my friends are going to that school I had roommates, I had a room And everything just kind of was easy And when I made the decision I felt like relieved I felt happy and that's kind of like how you know you picked the right school

So that was my college decision And – So you guys, we are not going to be going to different colleges because I'm going to Baylor University too (cheering) Yeah, so we both felt the same way when we got to Baylor's campus It was beautiful and it was super friendly

Everything was so easy – And just, and we felt super welcome when we went – Yes And just like everything was easy including the application process, which is supposed to be like– – Really hard The hardest part of getting into college

– And we had friends that are going so then we had roommates and then we found a room – And they just have like an awesome entrepreneurship program, which we're really excited for – And we couldn't leave each other so – I know, we wanted to go to college together – Yeah, of course, of course

– We thought at one point we were gonna separate and then we were both like nah, never mind We could never do that So, we're super excited Honestly Baylor gets us really hyped for college – And the colors, don't you love the colors

The colors are just so great I know – We're both super excited So, Baylor get ready for us 'cause we're heading your way – Sic 'em bears

Thank you so much for watching this video I hope y'all are as excited as we are about our college decision – Oh my gosh – And if you're going through the same process we wish you the best of luck and hope that you find the college that's perfect for you Now you guys, make sure to subscribe to our channel by clicking the little box right there

Also don't forget that we're selling our scrunchies, right now, starting right now So, click that box right there in the middle to buy your scrunchies – In celebration of us making a college decision – And if you guys wanna see more of our videos click the boxes over there And we'll see you guys next week

– Bye – Bye

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