College Reality: Then VS Now #WithMe

– What's up guys? Hello – Hello

– Hi, so you guys know obviously due to what's going on around the world everyone has to take school online so we thought it'd be super funny to do a video concept of school then – [Both] Versus now – And like kinda want them funny – And we'd like to thank Baylor for partnering with us in this video you guys know we love Baylor – We go to Baylor which is like the best school ever – Oh my gosh

– If you guys are interested in going to Baylor the deposit is due June first so you can click the link in the description box below to go – [Both] Check it out – We want you to come to school with us in August so like – Hopefully you guys can relate to this video because I know everyone is doing online school right now so let's get to it (upbeat music) – When I walked on that campus for the first time I fell in love with it It just felt like home It felt like something I could see myself being at for four years and I did have a scholarship there as well and their entrepreneurship program was super enticing to me

A lot of my friends were are going to that school I had roommates, I had a room and everything just kind of was easy And when I made the decision I felt like relieved I felt happy and that's kinda like how you know you picked the right school – So do you know what college your going to yet

– Nope – I know you don't like going through this whole process when I went through it I could like go to campuses and visit like the campus and stuff But because of the global health crisis, you cannot So virtual tours and virtual student interviews is the way to go Your computer is your lifesaver

(upbeat music) – Okay, we're at the cafeteria I just finished my sandwich and I have a banana that I'm eating right now And we're all just kinda hanging out in the cafeteria – Stick to the french fries – That's kinda what it looks like

It's really unexciting But yeah, this is where we eat everyday (upbeat leisure music) (exciting techno music) – Welcome to my room! – Wow – It's like glowing in here right now – It is glowing

– Welcome to my room! I wanna jump on my bed but I just made it and it's all pretty so maybe not right now – Look at how pretty it is – It's so pretty and clean So for the first thing you see as you walk in Is this mirror to your right – Is yourself

Hello, how are you today? – I don't – I need this – I just, I need this Okay, can you just – Can you not? (sighs) – Stop

(sighs) (upbeat music) – Go, frickin' catch it! (crowd cheering) (screaming) (upbeat music) (cheering) That was crazy! (chanting) That was a wild win today for the homecoming here at Baylor Here we go! Yeah! Woo hoo! (Cheering) – I wish I knew what was going on (cheering) – All right Team, you ready to play? We ready to play today? We're ready to play, okay? Got the ball first You know how to do this

Go! – Go Baylor! Come on! – Woo! Let's go Baylor! Come on guys! Let's go! – Go go go go go go! Woo touchdown! – Woo! (Both cheering) (upbeat pop music) – [Paisley] Mom, what's for dinner? Mom, what are you doing? – So romantic – [Paisley] Mom, where are you? – Mom? What are gonna make for dinner? Mom? (upbeat music) – Oh my gosh – The first day they moved in – There is seven boys though living in this house – I thought it was eight

– No, seven boys and seven boys living in our four person house – Mac 'n Cheese! – Oh my gosh that's so much Mac and Cheese! – So like I was saying, I went outside and the bird just flew right over me and then it pooped and it landed right on my face and I was so mad, you know what I'm saying Fin? Finnegan? (sighs) So, Fin, what do you wanna do? What do you wanna do? (upbeat music) – We're heading to coffee with one of our professors So this is going to be fun and interesting Just getting to know her a little bit better But that's where we're headed to early early this morning

– She's our Christian scriptures teacher – Yeah, so that's why we're up this early in the morning (upbeat leisure music) (upbeat music) – Bailey hasn't run the line yet so this is – Like the first and last opportunity to do it right now – It's crazy I ran the line for homecoming and it was (mouth noise) (upbeat rock music) – Let's go! We're running right behind these guys! (crowd cheering) Oh my god! (crowd cheering) This is insane! (upbeat rock music) (cheering) – [Male] Oh I made it! Oh my god! (screaming) (crowd cheering) – Oh my gosh let's hope we survive the rest of this

(upbeat leisure music) (upbeat music) (cheering) (screaming) (upbeat pop music) – Chi Omega! – It's official! (screaming) – These shirts are huge, I can only find a large 'cause the crowd was so big (screaming) (cheering) – How ya feelin'? – So excited! – How do we feel? (cheering) – Welcome welcome welcome to our sorority! Woo! Yay! Woo hoo! – What are you doing? What is that? – Same (exciting music) – I know so it's like so sometimes you have to do like four times two times like times eight – So easy – I know, and the problem has it written right here for us

It's just so perfect – Okay, yeah we can totally do this – Do you wanna hang out later too? – Yeah – Okay, totally that's so fun (upbeat leisure music) (curtains rattling) – Ah, the sunlight! It burns! – Okay! Hopefully you guys enjoyed that video

Hopefully you got a good giggle or you related to some of these things – Out of some of our crazy realities right now – 'Cause this is real life This is actually happening – It's true, true true true

– I'll see y'all next week Love you guys!

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