DANCE BATTLE Boys Vs Girls ft Brooklyn and Bailey/ Танцевальный баттл Мальчики против девочек

Here today it's hot! Today we zazhzhom We sit at our table happy and start playing! Stop! Someone took our table! No! Hey, it's our table

On it is written! Listen, we have a few hours waiting for this table Listen, lady, we can solve it peacefully or not I know only one way that we can solve it Dance Battle! Let's do it, guys! Matt? No I can not Stacy, you do them! Why do not you start? No, I

What do you mean, you do not know how to dance ?! You go here every week! Yes, and I stand there, because that's where the best catches Wi-fi! Come on you, you seem to know how to dance! I just love to jerk his feet! I thought you went to the dance! I was eight! If you want me to do plie And I do plie Okay, hold out somehow, because If we do not win, we will never be able to return to the club! And for our lucky table

Let's begin! You call that dancing ?! My grandfather and it is better to dance! Enough jokes, show what you can do! We can not do anything! No turning back! It was the best move Can we just sit down together? Yes, I think we just had to do so Instead of a two-hour dance Battle, despite the fact that none of us know how to dance Can not be! Nothing, I know how to solve it Dance Battle ?!

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