Day in the Life of a COLLEGE STUDENT! | University Freshman Daily Routine

– Good morning! This is what it looks like to be a college kid (camera clicks) – And hands me a piece of paper with his name and phone number on it

(camera click) – Oh, yes – And I'm telling her now we need to take her to the Urgent care – This is just find of what adulting looks like, guys – Hey guys! – Hey guys! – It's Brooklyn and Bailey – It's Brooklyn and Bailey

– And thank you to Arizona Jean Co and JCPenny for sponsoring this video So today, we are going to take y'all through the day in a life of a college student! – We're gonna show you everything that we do from eating – to like just the mail – Mail room! – And homework and boring class stuff – Eating ramen noodles If there's anything that you can imagine a college student goes through

– We're gonna be showing you – We just basically vlogged our day and what that is like – So, let's go check out our video – Goodmorning It's exactly seven o'clock in the morning

And we get to get up because we have a meeting with one of our professors at 8:30 This is what it looks like to be a college kid (rock music) – Look at how tired she looks, look at this face guys She's super annoyed because we had a apartment sleep over last night, so everyone was in our room She just happened to be on the floor, one of our apartment mates was on the bed, I was on the other one, it was all cramped together

We had fun, believe it or not this is what it's like most of the time in college you just hang out and have fun Sleep wherever you land, and partway through the night – I would talk but, I literally have no voice – Apparently she's lost her voice, probably from having too much fun We do our makeup in the morning like first thing

Obviously you can tell she's still tired in her pajamas We did have high school classes a lot earlier than the class I'm about to go to and I'm really tired still, but basically we do our makeup so – It's cause we're having fun guys – Yeah we're having fun, like college kids (rock music) – Our beds are made today, mom look at this

Bed's made, bed's made They've been made every day – So since we do have busy days, I don't typically got to the cafeteria as often as I'd like for breakfast So I have like these little packages that I keep in the fridge that I eat in the morning and then I have like my water bottle that I carry around with me all day because it's hot and it's important to stay hydrated and to stay healthy and fed, guys So remember to eat breakfast, drink water, and be healthy

– So as you can see this early in the morning the campus is like deserted – That's because no one wants to have an eight AM – No one wants to get up this early in the morning – College kids are like all about their sleep, they stay up super late – Yep

– And then they want to sleep in – Yep – So everyone avoids the eight AM like the plague – Yep We're heading to coffee with one of our professors

So this is gonna be fun and interesting, just getting to know her a little bit better – Mhmm – But that's where we're headed to early early this morning – She's our Christian Scriptures teacher – Yeah, that's why we're up this early in the morning

Other than that I only have one eight AM, and it's typically like mid-week so it's not too bad (camera click) So when we got up this morning, we tried to channel our fall fashion But the problem is in Texas that it's either – Really hot, or really cold – Hot or cold – And there's no in between – So you get like a good mix, – So you kind of have to get like a, it's interesting

– Yeah, so we tried to channel our inner fall fashion, so I'm wearing this shirt and then these jeans from Arizona Jeans Co – And I have some tennis shoes, – Yes – A skirt but then tank, – Cause it's hot – Yes – And these are legitimately my favorite jeans for the fall

– They are so comfortable – They are, they fit well – They're comfortable – The waist fits super well – Mom jeans are just adorable in general

– They match everything, literally everything Every time I wear them, people are like, "Where did you get those?" – Yes So you guys can shop these looks or more of our faves in store at JCPenny or at JCPennycom – Click the link in the description – box down below

– ♪ Down below ♪ – To go check out, do it – Go, go, go – You know you would need these mom jeans – in your life – You know you want to – So go, click that link

– You need these mom jeans – In your life, do it – Do it – So at this time during the day, Brooklyn and I typically split up Mondays and Wednesdays we have almost the exact same schedule and then Tuesdays and Thursdays we have pretty much opposite schedules So today's one of those days when we don't have a schedule that is alike

I don't have a class until 12:30 and it's currently like 10:30 So typically what I do with this time is I either do some of my work or I'll take a nap if I have time to take a nap, or I'll do some of my homework from the morning classes But that's pretty much how my day usually goes as I have a break usually from like somewhere in the morning till about 12:30 Or 12:30 to 2:30 and that's usually when I'll eat lunch and or work so today I'm probably just going to make some ramen which I know is such a stereotypical college thing to do, but it's too early like 10 to 12:30, it's like too early to eat like a full lunch but I don't have time to each lunch after that, so I'm just gonna eat some Ramen that I have back here in my little cubby of snacks, and that's pretty much how my Thursdays go – So I'm headed to my Astronomy class right now, and I have to say that I about passed out in my first class today like I am so tired

So I know they have a Starbucks in there, I'm gonna go some like sweet Strawberry Acai with lemonade try to like hype myself up so that I can get through the next hour and a half class And my math class and then hopefully take a nap or something so that I'm not quit so tired – We have a community kitchen and this is where we basically just come to cook all of our stuff And so I'm making my lunch right now Oh look at this

Oh, yes So I know what you guys are thinking, "Bailey, doesn't it say not to microwave this?" Well, I still to this day don't know why you can't just microwave them? I guess maybe something about the cup? But I don't know anyone who doesn't microwave ramen At least the cup version I'm literally talking to you guys about my Ramen noodles You want to know something that's really funny? I don't think any of you guys might think about this, but when we do videos like this it means we had to vlog like pretty much everywhere

So I don't know if you've ever tried to like vlog or if you're into like Youtube-ing or anything like that, but it can get a little awkward Like standing there talking to a camera as if it's a person, but I feel like you guys are my best friends I can share every exciting part of my life with you guys That's what I'm doing right now, my excitement for my Ramen noodles I'm sharing that with you right now! Wow, I'm cool

So I have this one class that is Astronomy and I just got back form it It's a big class in there, like all levels of people in there There's freshman all the way through senior, and this guy at the end of class goes, "Oh I think you dropped this" And hands me a piece of paper with his name and phone number on it So, guys, boys in college have a lot more confidence than boys in high school do cause I would have never thought that any boy would ever do that, and they did, this guy did

Don't know if I'm going to do anything with the phone number, we'll see But, in case in you're wondering This is just another day in the college life – You guys, so today in my pre-calc class usually when the teacher tells me to put my phone away I just slide it under like my leg cause I don't like sitting on it in my pocket And so I did that today in my pre-calc class, and then all of a sudden in the middle of class this alarm starts going off and my seat starts buzzing

So now everyone's like looking at me and I'm like, "I don't know!" And this kid next to me is like, "Well maybe it's my phone I think I may have accidentally dialed 911" He looks at it and he's like, "No" Well, then I'm like oh okay whatever it stopped Then a couple minutes later I hear this like soft, "Hello, 911

How may we help you?" Or whatever their answer is And I was like, "Oh my gosh Oh my Gosh, where is my phone?" And I pull out my phone and I had accidentally like leg-dialed 911 so then I like hung up real quick And I was like, crap, like now they're gonna show up? Are they gonna call my mom, like what's going on? So then I texted my mom and I was like, hey mom I think I accidentally butt-dialed 911 She's like, oh okay cool

So the police haven't showed up yet I think I'm okay That definitely is not a normal day in college, but that's what happened today so Like I predicted, math homework time Wow, look who joined us We have friends guys, don't worry

– Yeah, hahaha – Sort of – So I did my astronomy homework, I did my business homework, and now we're doing pre-calc homework – [Bailey] Doesn't this look enjoyable guys? – [Brooklyn] But the things is, is it's only 4:20 So we might have all night after this to just hang out and do whatever

– [Bailey] Hooray! – ♪ We know time management! A-huh, a-huh ♪ One of our roommates is really sick and so she came to the doctors on campus and they're telling her now we have to take her to the Urgent Care so I am here ready to pick her up This is just kind of what adulting looks like, guys You have to figure out your own problems and take yourself to the doctor And she's like deathly afraid of needles, so I am here for moral support

– So Brooklyn and I decided to head to the mail room because she got a message saying she had a package – And I think it's from my aunt – A college-ish thing to do, I think it's from our aunt which we're really excited about – She said she sent us a college care package – It kind of got a little chilly all of a sudden

So we changed into like long sleeve outfits that would be a little bit warmer – Got my jeans on, and my tennis shoes – Yeah, check it out guys so we got tons of packages – Over here – Over here I think these two are the ones from our aunt

– And we don't know what this one is – We got these two and then I had to stand in line again cause five minutes later I got a message about this one, which I don't know what this one is, but I think it's from Amy? – Amy possibly? – I'm not sure – So we're not sure but we're glad we came because – We did end up having mail – We got tons of mail – Yes

– You've got mail – Okay ya'll, so I'm headed over to the cafeteria It's time for dinner, I'm gonna go meet some friends Bailey decided to go eat dinner with some other friends, so I'm just gonna go meet them at the cafeteria And like on college we have these things, campus, we have these things called meal plans, which is where like you go get these cards and they have a certain amount of money on them every semester where you can go eat at

Cafeterias or some restaurants on campus even take them That's what we use to eat because they don't want you stressing where to find food and all that kind of stuff, so you are generally eating cafeteria food a lot which is why everyone jokes about Freshman 15 and all that Anyway, so I'm headed over to cafeteria, and I'll show you guys kinda what that's like (upbeat music) Okay we're at the cafeteria, the foods really not that bad today, actually it's pretty good I just finished my sandwich, and I have a banana that I'm eating right now

And we're all just kind of hanging out at the cafeteria – Stick to the french fries – It's kind of what it looks like, it's really unexciting But yeah, this is where we eat every day I'm sure I'll get sick of it by the end of the year

– So we actually have heard like this little myth going around campus about a thing called a cookie log Which is like where you go get a big log of cookie dough and you cook it, or bake it so it's like – Crispy on the outside – Is it gonna bake all the way through? – And gooey on the inside, and this is such a college thing but we are totally gonna try it tonight So that's kind of like our college adventure We kind of just wanted to do something fun tonight – Yeah

– It's like Thursday night, so it's that night where – You just need a treat – Almost – To get you through the week – To the weekend So we are on an adventure to go figure out if this actually works or not

Look at this beautiful cookie dough log! – [Brooklyn] It's gonna turn out horrible, but it's gonna taste good so that's okay – [Bailey] Ta-da! – [Brooklyn] Now! – 13 minutes – Timer has started – [Guy] That's cookie dough on my phone (soft laughter) – This is so bad guys, we can't cook

We're gonna have to learn pretty soon here – [Bailey] I can cook – Yeah, Bailey will cook for us – [Guy] There she is – [Bailey] It looks like a cake or like bread

Oh, oh! – [Brooklyn] That kind of looks good! – [Guy] Oh yes Should you have more? – [Bailey] Yeah, should I eat more than this? Probably not – What I just scooped for you? – [Guy] Yeah Oh! – [Brooklyn] Oh my – [Bailey] Okay now get the bowl

– [Brooklyn] That is insane – [Girl] Ready, set – [Guy] Go Oh yeah – Oh, that was so good! – [Girl] I was this middle section right there

– No this one's mine, this one's mine – [Bailey] Yes, switch – [Guy] Switch – [Bailey] So good! – Alright y'all, it's about 1:30 AM I just got back from hanging out with some friends Bailey and I just were over there, obviously y'all saw us cooking and we just hung out, talked, played

They had some virtual reality we were playing Just a fun, normal college night It's hanging out with friends after you do your homework and stuff Now it's about 1:30 AM which is about when college kids go to bed And so we're just going to head to bed, and start the college life all over again tomorrow

Thank you guys so much for watching this video, I hope you enjoyed it seeing some of our daily college life – Getting the vision of what it is like to be a college student And now if you haven't subscribed to our channel yet, go do that right now, what are you doing? Click the red button that says subscribe – Right there – And to watch more of our videos, click the buttons right over here

I think that's all we have for you guys today, we love you all so much and we'll see y'all next week! – Bye!

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