Did Bailey Get Her First Kiss? | Music Countdown Vlog Day 4

♫ True love is what I feel for you ♫ True love, I need you so bad – They're here about to crash Bailey's first date with Asa as payback – It's gonna be fantastic

(upbeat soul music) – Hey guys! – It's Brooklyn and Bailey, and today is day number four on the countdown to when our music comes out, I'm so excited! – So excited! So excited! – For you all to be able to check it out And you guys, do you remember we had you guys vote on a bass line for our music, so we're gonna just show you guys the bass line that you guys picked, and you guys can listen for it in the song when it drops on Friday So here's the bass line that you picked (funky bass line) (snare drums over bass) – Alright, so when that music drops on Friday, you guys can listen for the bass line that you chose, cuz it will be in there – And it's kind of like

– All of it – All of our song is dropping on Friday, and everybody's super hype about it, and we're so excited for it to drop We're just like, I can't – I know – I'm so excited, I'm so nervous excited, I'm nervous excited

– But the vlog today is about someone having their first "official date" with Asa, her first official boyfriend, and having their first official secret – Secret! (laugh) revealed in the video – And I crashed the date with my friend Cameron and Will, and we went and hung out with them for a little while And then we left, and Bailey will tell you about the rest in the video when I interview her, so let's go watch it

Hey guys! It's Brooklyn, and Cameron and Will – Hey, 'sup And we are here about to crash Bailey's first date with Asa as payback – It's gonna be fantastic – I'm so excited – Getting my revenge, because my mom and Bailey came and crashed my first date

So, we're going to go find them They're at dinner right now, so hopefully they're here, and we didn't just make a mistake – We found them – I saw you guys come in – [Brooklyn] Go sit down, we're crashing your date

Oh, they have soup – [Cameron] That's some cute soup – [Brooklyn] Do you want some soup, Cameron? – I would love some soup, honestly – [Brooklyn] Okay, here's some soup How's the date going? – Good! – Pretty good

– [Brooklyn] Is it? – Yeah – [Brooklyn] Any special plans? Are you getting ice cream or something after? – We might Um My throat's a little bit gone, because We'll see – [Brooklyn] I think this date just turned into, one, two, three, four

five people date – Look at that – [Brooklyn] Exciting stuff

We're gonna enjoy dinner (woosh) – [Brooklyn] It's time for sad goodbyes – I'm gonna miss you, Asa I'll see you in, like, 25 minutes – 25 minutes? – I'm tired

– [Brooklyn] Will's like, out Did you like us crashing your date? – Yeah, it was actually pleasant – [Brooklyn] Yeah, we had good conversation She crashed my date, I crashed her date It is complete

Thank you god Now I'm going to interview Bailey about what she did and what happened on the date, and if they're officially dating, and all the little details that everybody wants to know about (knocking on door) Ah, there she is – Hey – [Brooklyn] Welcome to your interview about your date last night

– Oh Everyone's so curious about what happened, and so I have set up a little interview chair for you Please take a seat – I am scared (laughs) – [Brooklyn] Tell us about your date last night

– What do you want to know? – [Brooklyn] First of all, who did you go out with? – I went out with Asa – [Brooklyn] How long have you known him? – Over a year – [Brooklyn] When was the first time that you met – Memorial Day weekend? – Yes – Last year, and we met at a pizza parlor, because we went down there to meet some of his extended family at a pizza parlor

– [Brooklyn] And what did you do? Was this your first date with him? – This was my first date with him – [Brooklyn] And what did you do on your date? – He took me to Panera I don't know if you guys know what Panera is, but it's like a really good – A really good restaurant? – Sandwich and soup place, so I always get Anyway, I love it And he knows that, so he took me to Panera And then, we just walked around an outdoor mall, shopping area with a lot of really cute lights and stuff and just kinda hung out and then we went home – [Brooklyn] And are you guys officially dating yet? (laughter) We're all been waiting for this They've been, like, "talking" for months

It's about time that they officially date So let us know – Well, yes (laughter) – [Brooklyn] How did he ask you to be his girlfriend? – Um So This is so funny, I've never had to be able to tell this story before

I've never had a boyfriend before Guys, this is all very new for me, the whole term is so new, it's scary Basically, we ate dinner at Panera, and then Brooklyn and our friends showed up, and we hung out with them a little bit, and then they went away And the building was closing It was almost nine o'clock, which is when it was supposed to shut down, and he started rummaging through his bag, and so he whips out this card, and I was like, "What is going on?" And comes and sits next to me and hands me the card, and it's got my name on it with like a little heart, and I was like, "Oh, this is so cute!" He's like, "I got this for you, here you go

" So I open it up, and it's got a picture of us that he printed off, which is adorable, and on the back was a note that he'd written to me So I'm sitting there reading it, and he's sitting next to me, and I'm like, "Oh, you know, this is so cute," and I can hear his heart beating really hard Yes, I can literally hear his heart beating I was like, "Are you okay? "Like, what is going on?" Anyway, I get to the last sentence, and it says, "Now would be a good time to look up at me" And I was like

Look up? And I was like, "What?" And he's like, "I just wanted to know if if would be okay "if I asked you to be my girlfriend" And I was like, "Aw, yes!" "It would be!" – [Brooklyn] Does anyone else notice the grin? (laughter) – Why are you doing that? – [Brooklyn] She is on cloud nine right now

And, do you want to explain what happened after that? (laughter) – He kissed me (record scratch) – Her first kiss (romantic pop music) – My first kiss – [Brooklyn] How did it go? What did he do? Was it right after he asked you to be his girlfriend? – Yeah it was He said it wasn't supposed to be that way, but the moment was right

It was cute I've heard so many people say that their first kiss is terrible and like, gross, almost It was good It was really cute It was like a really cute, innocent, cute moment kinda thing

– She came home, and I didn't even have to see her, I just know it had happened – [Bailey] It's telepathy! – She walked through the door, and I was like (laughter) And she was like

And I just knew it had happened It was just like we communicated without even communicating – It was so funny, because we both knew coming home, because everyone has been anticipating this for like, months

Even y'all have been anticipating this for, like, months And so, we were like, we knew coming inside people were just going to be interrogating us So we were like, we were holding hands as we walked up, and we're like, "Okay, we can do this" So we walk inside, we've got our faces all schooled and everything, and we made it through a full on conversation with all the parents And then I went and changed and then came back, and then it was like, I lost it, because all the parents were looking at me like

– [Brooklyn] Like, "Hello? Tell us the story" – And I'm like I literally just turned around, I go And they were like, "Oh, look at you, this and that!" And of course everyone's all in tears, asking us questions and stuff

– [Brooklyn] Well, it sounds like you had a wonderful date – Yeah – Kamri's the next one to have a first date, and a first kiss, so you guys are going to have to wait for that update – Wait 'till we crash her first date! That'll be good – [Brooklyn] That'll be fun

– [Brooklyn] cuz it'll be Bailey and I together – Thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed my story Also, we're really, really, really excited about our music coming out We worked super hard, and you guys also worked super hard, and we're just super excited! It's literally so crazy and I can't believe it

And we just want to thank you guys again for making it possible for us So, if you want to subscribe to our channel, click the button right over here And if you want to pre-order the music, click the button or link or box over here It's definitely going to be awesome, and we hope you guys enjoy it I love you all so much, and we'll see you next time


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