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(upbeat pop music) (screams) – Wow ♫ You know it's gonna be so sweet ♫ Sweet as sugar, always on my mind ♫ So sweet ♫ – Hey guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey and before we even talk about the video, do not mind my voice – She's got really bad allergies

– Yeah, so I sound really gross right now – But today's video about some really exciting news – Yes, I had my first kiss – Yes – It's so exciting

– I screamed when she first told me which, I'm sure you guys are now screaming too So, this video's basically gonna be like the story of the first kiss – And – And then some – boy advice – advice on boys – Yes, so let's get started

– So, for those of you who don't know who I'm dating and who I kissed – Who is it? – It is Parker (harp strum) and if you don't know who that is, you can go check out my best friend tag video and he is in that so you click the information button over there if you want to see it I'm dating him He's currently my boyfriend But he's been my best friend for three years – Three years

– Since eighth grade And it took us a while to realize that we weren't friends anymore, we were kinda more He took me back to where he asked me to be his girlfriend 'cause he's all polite – Which was on top – and officially asked me – of a parking garage – Yes, it was actually pretty romantic because it sits above all these cafe's and restaurants – I'll give him that

– And so it was nighttime so all of them were lit up, and there were lots of people, and there was like So, when he kissed me there was a live musician playing at a bar down below, (romantic guitar music) and so I was like just standing there like there's like a little what is it called like railing thing and I was leaning over it watching, stop, I was leaning over watching the musician and then like he kinda just kissed me – Mwa the magic happened – And that's how it happened (kiss sound) ♫ Just you and me kissing in the moonlight ♫ Just you and me ♫ (camera shutter) – but I don't know It was sweet I was like, you know when you're a little girl like imagine like you know you get kissed – the perfect first kissed – and the snow blah blah blah and I never imagined this scenario, but to me now it's perfect

– When she came home though, like she was on the porch Parker walked her to the door, and then walked her back – And he was only like halfway to his car when she just started screaming – I didn't, she didn't even have to tell me I just saw her face and I knew – [Brooklyn] well I felt so bad 'cause – [Bailey] I was screaming – [Brooklyn] Parker could hear them screaming

– We were all screaming and freaking out and jumping up and down, and of course that night we celebrated with ice cream – And then I called my parents because they were out of town Surprisingly my dad was kinda like – [Both] Okay with it – He was like – [Both] Okay – were did the fireworks go off did you get butterflies in your stomach – And my mom was like – What? – I don't know if I'm okay with this – But they're cool with it now – Yeah, and so but like after I got kissed like Cameron called Parker and was like "You have to tell me every detail" blah blah blah How long have you been planning this? Why didn't I know before? – Protective sisters , if any of y'all have sisters out there, you understand – Yeah, it's like or best friends it's the same thing

– It's like he's not dating just me, he's dating all three of us – Me, and Cameron, and Brooklyn – Yeah, it's really quite funny – I am single and it is totally okay I feel like society today kind of puts pressure on everyone and it's like you end up dating someone and you're like totally cool or you're single and you're not – Yeah – And I am single and proud to be single It's not a bad thing to be single guys

Sometimes you just don't click with the people that are around you, and you have to be patient and wait for the dreamy, perfect prince charming to come into your life Ahh – McDreamy to come into your life – If an of you viewers are guys, be sure to like ask girls out Like even if you're just going out as friends – Even if you don't like her like if you're just friends, it's totally okay

You can go as friends just to have fun It's kinda like an activity – And it's reassuring like for a girl to get asked out You know, guys do like me They do want to talk to me

Like, all that stuff – And just make sure that the guy or girl that you're dating treats you right They should, the guys should be gentlemen and they should like open doors for you I mean you don't have to have a crazy expectation of them buying you things, but even just opening the doors and giving you compliments is just perfect – And they want to meet your parents or your family

– Exactly – Or something like that's all important – We made a video of dating do's and don't's If you guys want to check that out click the information button right here It gives like all the advice to the guys of what they should and should not do

And, girls, like what you should expect the guys to do – Yeah – And it's really funny because Cameron plays the guy, and it's hilarious – I forgot to tell you My parents gave me, well they taught me this terrible – [Both] Terrible terrible kissing thing – They said was it a peach – There's three types of kisses – [Both] Was it a peach? – Like a mwa mwa like a peach Just like a peck – [Both] An apple – like an owm – making out – [Both] Or a watermelon – Which is like french kissing – Gross – They asked me that on the phone, and I was like – Parent humor – Mom – Who understands it? Bleh – My dad was like 'it better have been a peach It better have been a peach

' I was like dad, stop, this is terrible – Parents have their own kind of humor Teenagers just kindly laugh and then walk away – We just laughed so we don't get in trouble – If you guys liked this video please give it a thumbs up – huge thumbs up – And comment below what age you were when you got kissed, and the story

– Yes, I wanna hear the stories 'cause I wanna hear what they all are 'cause it's so exciting – And if you haven't been kissed, comment below your dream kiss story 'cause everybody has one – Yeah – Thank you guys so much for watching Again, please don't forget to subscribe to our channel, and we'll see y'all next week – [Both] Bye, love you guys Mwah

(upbeat pop music)

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