DIRTY TWIN TELEPATHY CHALLENGE with Sisters Brooklyn and Bailey

(electronic music) – The heater's on fire! – What! – The heater's on fire! (music rewinding) – Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey, and I think we're missing Collins, which is totally fine because, in case you guys didn't know, twins have special powers, so let's make him appear – Hey, yo! – What's up? – Hey! – That was crazy

Today we are doing the twin telepathy challenge, testing whether or not twins can actually read each other's minds – We can – We can But before we go do that, we have a challenge for you guys Let's see how fast you can subscribe to this channel

– [Brooklyn And Bailey] You have five seconds – Five, oh – [Group] Five, four, three, two, one – [Collins] Done! – [Brooklyn] Bam! – [Collins] That's it – Melted it

– Yeah, so if you could do that, comment down below, Keyper Squad, right now I'll be going through, replying to a ton of you guys, who were able to subscribe to this channel that quickly, and also we filmed a really funny video We did a pop tarts challenge on their channel It got really disgusting I'm gonna put the link right over there, down at the description, and also at the end of this video, so go give that video a like, and also comment Keyper Squad, that way I know that this video's the one that sent you, and subscribe to their channel

I love their videos I'm such big fans of them, they are incredible, – [Brooklyn And Bailey] Thanks! so go subscribe to them And if you guys want us to do another video where we get super, super messy let us know by liking this video If this video gets enough thumbs up, who knows in the future, we might just do that All right guys, here we go, the first question

A Disney princess? Say it – [Brooklyn And Bailey] Rapunzel Bam! – No! (laughing) – Boom! – It's our favorite – They get to select the item – Are we really doing this? – That you're gonna start off with – I wanna go with – No! – The herring in wine sauce – Wait are we doing both? Can we do both? – Both, there's two of them? (groaning) – Oh it's looking at me – Oh, you have to smell this – It's just, like, fish, this is like – Why did I lose the first round? – I'll do it right down here And just a little here

(panting) (Bailey screaming) (panting and laughing) Ew, it's on me! – Alright, well we're off to a very chilly start (screaming and laughing) All right so next question, favorite hair style Now – Dutch braids – I don't have one

(loud buzzing) – I'm going hard, you guys went hard on me (moaning) I'm taking this stuff here – What is that? – This stuff, I don't know what it's called White homie? – Hominy – This is gonna annihilate you

– Oh no, I'm like, my mascara's gonna go running It already is – I feel so bad (panting and laughing) – That smells lovely (Brooklyn screaming) (laughing) – Oh my

– That was so much – What is that? – Got in my mouth – Let's just get a little bit – [Bailey] Those look like eyes! – Oh! Look like eyes? – [Bailey] Ew! – What even is it? – Ew, what? – It's like weird popcorn that's like, solid, but not – Looks like corn

– Ew! – I'm so confused! Brr, it's cold! – Okay (springing) – Get away! Next question! (laughing) TV Show, answer – [Brooklyn] Brady Bunch – [Bailey] The Office (loud buzzing) – Yes! I feel kinda bad for going kinda ham on that one

So I'm gonna go with something a little bit sweeter I'm gonna go with chocolate sauce – [Brooklyn And Bailey] Okay! – Ew there's a piece of fish on me Here, you can just – Ew! – [Brooklyn] You can have that (laughing) – Alright (laughing) I don't want it on my face (screaming) – I have, like, a nice little, like

Let's put a little – Oh my god (laughing) – The next question is rather fancy

That's weird Piece of jewelry, name it [Brooklyn And Bailey] Necklace – Wait that's (laughing) – I'm not, like, disqualify that, but it was like, nnnnnnnnnnecklace

– Go for that one – This one? – Yeah! – Are those beans? – Yeah! – Yes! – Do this, and she's gonna do that – Come on beans (moaning and gagging) – Wait get a little bit – I'm messing your hair up a little bit

– This looks disgusting! – Oh, yummy – Cute girls' hairstyles, hey, new tutorial! (harp music) It feels like a couple pounds on my head, I'm not even kidding right now – Let's just, like, make sure you get that patted down – Oh perfect – That makes me a little worried

Okay, yeah, that's great, okay Next up, I'm not happy right now Next question can be difficult Name a number between one and ten, right now – [Brooklyn] Three! – [Bailey] Five! (loud buzzing) – Yes! All right here we go

– [Brooklyn And Bailey] No! (screaming) – There we go, that's one serving of cheese for you – Oh this reeks – You get another serving of cheese And then you get a surprise serving – Oh! – One last serving going right over here, there we go

All right (laughing) – [Bailey] That's a nice chocolatey, cheesy (laughing) – Nice cheese hairline right there – I think I should keep these as bangs (camera clicking) (harp music) – I think you, oh! – Quick while they're distracted, next

Ah, my ear! Ah, my ear! Next question, name an animal, right now! – [Brooklyn] Cheetah! – [Bailey] Tiger! (loud buzzing) (screaming) – The distraction worked! I'm going for the cottage cheese – No, more cheese – Why does it look like this? (laughing) – The smell over here is really sick

– Right now name a (panting) It's hard to focus Name a Starbucks drink

– [Brooklyn And Bailey] Hot chocolate! (bell ringing) (ominous music) – We're gonna go for egg whites (laughing) Can you open that? I can't open it with my hands – I just want to know what is in that box? – (laughing) I can't either Like a little demon carton (evil laughing) The beans

– This is coming your way – Oh no – Don't get it on me (moaning) – If I can describe this in one word it would be protein! (guitar riffing) So much protein! Are you buff already? – Guess what? – What? – There is five more cartons – What! – That's going on your head

– Wait! You're kidding, no – Egg whites are coming for you (panting) Okay Bailey? (laughter) I mean, was he not really soaked? – Yeah I know I'm just trying to be manly, but it's real hard (panting) – Would you like to do the honor of the last one? – Oh, oh Here you can dump it on yourself if you want to? – Why would I do that? (laughing) Do you ever get to the point where you're just so numb, it actually feels a little bit warm? 'Cause that's where I'm at right now

The top of my head is, is – Oh my god! – It's like I have an actual brain freeze – I'm shivering for you

– I'm shivering for me too (laughing) Alright, next question I can't even remember it My brain is so numb at the moment I can't even, uh Name a color

– [Brooklyn] Green! – [Bailey] Green! (bell ringing) – That was way too easy My brain is so numb, I couldn't even identify that that was a bad idea Wait, the syrup? Hopefully it's warmer – Or we can go for eggs – No, syrup

– Eggs? I just saw the egg whites! Better be warm Aw, so nice (laughing) – He's got his tongue in a bowl He's catching it all – My eyes might be glued shut

The syrup's delicious though – It's gonna be a sticky – (laughing) I love it! At the moment, it's great! – It probably tastes better than egg whites

– Oh my God, it's delicious! Now guys, it's been brought to my attention that these cheese puffs here, are just, because I'm losing, I wanna just – No! – And hopefully they stick (laughing) Do they stick at all? – They might stick to the shirt, oh Just try this a little bit – Cute girls' hairstyle

– Yay! – They're totally sticking, wait, hold on – (Laughing) Let's turn me into a cheese puff man Let's get serious The next question Superhero power, now

– [Brooklyn] Invisibility – What was that? – The ability to fill things up (loud buzzing) (laughter) – What? – An empty bank account, or, if somebody gets shot, you can just – I thought you meant, like, oh, my glass is empty, and then it's like, fill it up with water I gotta get you guys back for all those egg whites That was horrible, so I'm gonna go with mayonnaise – No! – Look at this, ready? (mouth farting) (screaming) – I gotta get a grip on it – Oh, no, oh, it weighs so much! (gagging) (gasping) – Your turn

– Oh no – [Bailey] Oh, that smells worse than the fish does – [Collins] There we go (laughing) – [Bailey] I don't think I can open my eyes – I can't open one of my eyes

– [Collins] Put that in there Yeah, alright! Fro yo or ice cream? – Ice cream – Wait what? (loud buzzing) – That was, like, so unexpected I say ice cream, Bailey would've said ice cream too – But she didn't though

I'm gonna go with soup (loudly sighing) I'm soupin' it up – Soupa crazy over here – Soupa hot fire (air horn) Wow, ah! – I just had to get that outta my lap

– Yeah I was gonna do just these on her, but you know what, because of that – [Bailey] Yay! – [Brooklyn] No! – Yes (screaming) – Oh my gosh it's so cold (laughing) – I didn't realize the amount of damage that just did (electronic music) Pizza or pasta? – [Brooklyn and Bailey] Pasta! (bell ringing) – Yes! – [Collins] No

– What's up! – Okay I can't open my eyes – Eggs! – Eggs? – [Brooklyn] Where are the eggs? – [Collins] There's like two dozen No! – (Screaming) We just lost two – Bummer

Ow (grunting) – I'm so sorry (laughing) – I'm getting knocked on the back of the head I'm gonna get knocked out The funny thing is the syrup like glued my eyelashes

(screaming) You just punched my head – I'm cracking! (moaning) (laughing) – I don't know how much more blunt force trauma I can take Okay, so we're done

– This'll cook the pasta for us Next question is, name a day of the week – Wednesday (speaking gibberish) (imitating gibberish) (loud buzzing) – Well, you didn't get it right, so I'm gonna go with these – Oh, no

My hands are getting, like My body's just a lot slower than it normally should be A lot slower than it should be

Right now, just because of how cold I am (gasping) – Ew, it looks like a – Yup, we know

(laughing) It just won't come out That was it, okay, yup Next one, name a salad dressing! – [Brooklyn And Bailey] Ranch! (bell ringing) – What! – Bam! – No! – Yeah! – No! – Yeah! – No! – Tomato sauce! – No! – Yes! – No! Not the cheesy spoon – The cheesy spoon (shivering) Here it comes, here it comes

– Yeah – It's coming – It smells like delicious pasta I'm just trying to, like, channel pasta Like the warmness that you feel when you eat pasta

I'm just trying to channel that right now (shivering) (Brooklyn and Collins moaning) – My literal eye! Legitimately – Like legitimately – In my eyeball! – In my eyeball (X-files Theme) – Yeah, my voice is a little bit deeper

The moment we did a video on their channel, the moment we started they were like, "Hey guys, we're Brooklyn and Bailey!" I'm like, "Yo, what up?" They're like Name a song – Taylor Swift

– [Bailey] Shake It off – [Brooklyn] Turning 22 (loud buzzing) – Before I do this, would anyone like to chuck something at me first? – Oh, yeah, I think I have a little – Bailey? – Just kidding – Do you remember what happened last time? Woo! Okay, I'm gonna say, I'm like

– No, chuck it, chuck it, chuck it! – Here we go, you ready? (groaning) – That makes a nasty noise – That makes, like, a gloopy sound (groaning) – Oh, that smells horrid

– Right now! – Oh my God, that did not go according to plan! – At all! It's time for the final question, and give the video a thumb's up for the fact that we went all the way, we got so messy Remember we're also gonna be dumping a ton of flour on each other So right now, final question, it's gonna be a difficult one – Okay – First word that comes to your head, right now, it's gotta be hard, go for it

– [Brooklyn And Bailey] Twin (screaming) (explosion) – No, no, no! – [Brooklyn And Bailey] Where's the flour? – Well first of all, you got some of these nasty pickles on me – [Brooklyn And Bailey] Oh, yes! – It's like, pickle just, just nastiness! So it turns it out these are roasted eggplant pepper zucchini nastiness (stammering) – [Bailey] Ew, it's like jelly! – Oh it's in my eyeball Oh that burns, that burns a lot! That's like straight fire to the eyeballs

Okay, that's in both eyes! I gotta do this quick, so there's about to be flour dumped on me, but first check out the video we done on their channel It was a pop tart challenge It got crazy, it was disgusting Up there, down in the description, there'll be, like, a little thingy over there Subscribe to their channel over there, down in the description as well

Now there's gonna be flour I guess – [Brooklyn And Bailey] Oh! – It's coming! – Love this – [Bailey] Try to get a little on the (screaming) – Ow! (yelping) – It's in my ear, I've lost hearing in an ear – [Bailey] I can't dump it high enough on his head (laughing) – It's on fire, it's on fire, the heater's on fire! – What? – The heater's on fire! – Are you joking? – No! – I can't see anything! (ominous music) Are you joking?!

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