– 3:16 AM in the Morning – I don't know why

– I'm awake – I don't, to be honest, I don't know– – I'm pink, where'd you put pink? – I think there's an animal – Oohhhhhhhhhh my gosh – [Bailey] Brooklyn, why is my hair purple? (upbeat music) – Good morning – Guys, it's 3:00 AM– – 3:16 AM in the morning

– I don't know why I'm awake right now – And as you can probably tell by my voice that's super low, that I've been asleep – Not – There's moths everywhere – Today we decided to film me coloring slash dying my hair pink again

– Yes, it's 3:00 in the morning – Nothing good happens this– (stick breaks) (crickets) – Seriously, that is so creepy – I'm gonna be dying my hair at 3:00 in the morning, and I'm gonna have some of my friends dye it for me – Before– You wanna remind them– What were you reminding them of? – Yes– of– oh yeah– – Tour – Tour

– We're going on tour And it's not a dream, and it's actually real So you guys should buy tickets You can buy them right now by clicking the link in the description marked below or the information on this side of the screen I'm pretty sure this side– – I'm pretty sure– – I'm too tired to remember

– I think it's that side – It's this side, click the information button – Whatever which one, whichever one it pops up on – Merch – Oh yeah

– We have a merch line, all the things that are so awesome – Clothes – So awesome No, not shoes, clothes, hats – We don't sell shoes, I don't know why I said that

– Eww, I'm getting eaten alive – Just go check out the merch, there's a link down there, and somewhere up here there's an information button I think it's on this side – Click, so click to go buy merch right this second – Yes

– Even if it's 3:00 AM – It's pretty awesome, you can buy it at 3:00 in the morning – Go buy it – 'Cause you can wake up at 3:00, we definitely did – It's that good, go buy it

– It's now 3:19 AM – Let's go dye my hair – Okay we have all of the supplies in this bag that is from the last time Bailey dyed her hair And I have like 25 different colors in here Deep Overtone Red, Vibrant Pink, Extreme Pink, Extreme Purple– – Uuuuhhhh– – Why am I awake right now? – Extreme Red, Pastel Red

I really don't wanna be awake right now I think that's it, and then I have gloves – I slept in my makeup – I think we're going to be, I don't– – I'm pink, where's my pink? – To be honest, I don't know – I thought we were doing Rose Gold? – We're doing pink, we're doing this one, we're doing pink

– I'm dying her hair pink – So, she's gonna just start putting it in right now – We have a few other people who we have just woken up to join us in dying Bailey's hair make this just a little bit more festive since it is 3:00 in the morning, and I honestly don't have the energy to be that exciting So, we have Kamri and Kennedy and a few other friends coming in to help us dye Bailey's hair So I just have to mix the color, and then we'll get on with it

(jazzy music) Do you think it matters how much I put in? – Probably not (crickets) (metal clatters) – Yo – There have to be for real animals out there – I think there's an animal – Twigs and popping

(camera clicks) – I'm just gonna sit here and sleep, and you're just gonna color my hair, sound good? – I don't know what I'm doing – Okay, I'm just going to sleep Okay, I'm gonna sleep now – This is going to be bad (camera clicks) – I dyed a whole section, I'm gonna let Kamri come in and work her magic since she dyed your hair the first time

– Why am I doing this again tonight? – Why are you so awake right now? – Maybe, I may or may not have been watching Netflix (mumbles) – [Brooklyn] There's a big moth lying everywhere – She's so tired she put her fingers in the wrong finger holes for the gloves – I feel like– – I just feel like I'm in this like hazy time where I don't really think this is happening, and I'm gonna wake up and have this footage and be like, "Oh yeah, that happened" Are you done with that layer? – Almost – It's really creepy out here

– Yeah, it looks about done – It's really creepy out here, guys – It should be good – Nothing good happens at 3:00 in the morning – All right, next person, I'm gonna go finish my episodes

– Okay (crickets) – Morning – Hi – [Brooklyn] Asa looks worse than the rest of us – Why am I letting sleep-deprived people touch my hair? – Oh man, just kinda– – Please just don't ruin my hair

Why, why, why, why did I choose this? – I went the wrong way (Bailey laughs) – I'm starting to just laugh at everything, so tired (metal clatters) – Oh my gosh – All right, all right – I think we're gonna get kidnapped

– Try to hurry – You'd protect me, right? – Yeah – Liar, you're too tired – I'd do my best – Is it really happening now, or is it just a dream? – [Brooklyn] What were you planning on doing besides sleeping? – That's all I was planning on doing

(All laugh) – Who does stuff at 3:00 in the morning? If you just stay awake at 3:00 in the morning, you're fine – [Brooklyn] This was not a good idea – I think it looks pretty cute – I'm sorry, go to bed – Okay

– Hi Kennedy – So tired – Why do I seriously feel like this is a dream? – I'm totally wearing a granny gown They're so comfy – This is a dream, I'm not actually doing this

– We're missing all of these parts – Ooh yes – I'm not actually dying my hair at 3:00 in the morning – [Kennedy] This is going to look fabulous I am an artist

– Half in my hair, half not – I decided to come back for your sake, 'cause I'm the only one who really knows what they're doing (Bailey laughs) – I've dyed hair before It may not have turned out good, but I've done it – That section looks really good

– I hope it just turns out okay, even though it's 3:00 in the morning (energetic music) – Okay, so actually put it in– – I'm just hearing all these creepy sounds (friends gasp) – [Friends] Oh my gosh, what is that? Nooooo What is that? – Stop – What is that? – [Kamri] It's butt is moving

(Bailey screams) – [Brooklyn] What is that? I've never seen that in my life– (Brooklyn screams) – [Bailey] Don't touch it What is it? It's like a squirmy thing – [Brooklyn] Nothing good happens at 3:00 in the morning (screams) – See bugs like that, come out at 3:00 AM Hurry, fast version, I don't wanna stay out here encounter the wolves and nightmare animals that stay out here

– Guys, we missed a whole section down here – It's blended in so good – Like this – Yeah, there's a chunk – Aww man, I'm just gonna find spots in my hair that are just not pink

I just kinda feel like this isn't happening right now and I'm gonna wake up and have pink hair – Trust me, it's happening Are you washing it tonight? – Yeah, I'm gonna go wash it, and then I'll come back out and show the reveal of what it looks like having people dye your hair pink at 3:00 in the morning – So Bailey just went to wash her hair, and it's probably within the next 10 minutes she's gonna come out and based on the fact that we dyed her hair purple, and not pink, like she thought, she probably is gonna– (Asa groans) Asa is no longer gonna have a girlfriend, and I'm gonna be in a coffin – But it is funny, though

– Yeah – I promise, I'm not usually this evil I feel bad now dying it purple, but whatever – Aww, I think she'll like it I think it'll look cute

– [Bailey] Brooklyn Oh my God, Brooklyn (Bailey whines) My hair is purple (screen door opens) – [Bailey] Brooklyn – [Brooklyn] Don't kill me

– [Bailey] Why is my hair purple? (crickets) (Brooklyn laughs) – That's why you don't do hair dying challenges at 3:00 in the morning because I have purple hair Purple Not pink Purple – [Brooklyn] It looks good

– Purple hair Purple

The knock-off of pink I look like a grape, a rotting grape (Brooklyn laughs) – [Brooklyn] Please don't be mad at me, it'll wash out – That's funny – [Brooklyn] You gonna dye my hair blue in my sleep? – Yeah

(Brooklyn laughs) – [Brooklyn] Bailey's comin' after me Revenge video part 2 (Brooklyn laughs) – I have purple hair – [Asa] That is gonna look really cute – To be fair, I'll tell you why

I saw a fan edit that had your hair purple, and it looked good, and I knew you would never agree to it if I asked you, so, I didn't (Brooklyn laughs) I told Asa he'd like you no matter what, so it doesn't matter (Brooklyn laughs) (Bailey gasps) (Asa chuckles) – Exit Off the bench (Brooklyn laughs) – [Asa] I'm sorry

– Asa– – Exit off the bench – No (Brooklyn laughs) – Okay – I love you guys, I'm never doing another 3:00 AM challenge, and your girl now has purple hair – Well, I am mighty happy at the end of this, yo, but Bailey is not, and I am wide awake now because I'm in trouble

Now I don't wanna go to sleep, because I'm afraid that I'm gonna get some revenge – Subscribe to this channel if you feel bad for me having– – Click the button right over there to subscribe – Victim of a terrible joke – Right over here if you guys wanna see more videos, you can click the button right up here to watch Bailey's last hair dye video– – Where it actually got dyed the color I wanted it to which was pink – Yes, and then click right below that to watch more of our videos

Thank you guys so much for watching, and we'll see you next week Maybe with a little bit more sleep – I'm never doing this again – Bye– – I'm never doing this again (bright music)

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