Dressing as CELEBRiTiES on College Campus | Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift & MORE!

– Hey guys – Hello

I'm sure some of you guys are like what is going on – Why do we look so different? – We are doing a dress like celebrities, for, I guess, a week, it's almost a week, video But we wanna thank The RealReal for sponsoring this video, so thank you guys for that – Thank y'all, we just had some crazy experiences this week dressing like celebrities Some people noticed, some people didn't, some people just looked at us weird

– Some of them just like– – I went to school in some of these outfits – It was just, let's go watch it (upbeat music) Good morning you guys, we are filming a dress like celebrities video, but Brooklyn's not feeling well so she'll be like – No – Brooklyn's dressing like Millie Bobby Brown, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift

And then I'm dressing like Kylie Jenner, Billie Eilish and Miley Cyrus It's gonna be a little interesting trying to do all of this on a college campus – Yeah, we're wearing it to school Some of these, like Billie Eilish like– – It's a wild outfit – It's a wild outfit

– I'm gonna film me getting ready and Brooklyn'll film herself getting ready, just a little bit, hopefully you guys enjoy – Today I am Taylor Swift, in her music video where she wears the pink swimsuit The pink fuzzy jacket And oh no, let's not forget, sliver pumps – So I'm wearing this outfit da-da-da-dah

I have no idea how I'm gonna get my hair to look like that It kinda looks a little greasy/wet, so that's gonna be interesting, and then this tiny black dress So I know how to spell Cyrus, I know her last name is Cyrus but it was like, it was supposed to be a joke Not to fear I know her last name is Cyrus, it's just funny nicknames because, yeah I don't know why The picture I have of her shows no makeup look, 'cause she's got those giant glasses on, so I'm just gonna do my normal makeup and I'll try and match her lip color the best that I can

Ta-dah! My makeup is done, this is the dress I have to wear This, oh my goodness, this is gonna be interesting – This is what the hairstyle looks like, so I'm going to try my best and make it look semi-similar, but to be honest it probably won't look anything like her hairstyle Okay so after 20 minutes of trying, we gave up and did a giant messy bun This looks similar enough, so we're just gonna stick with this

I haven't even put the shoes on yet These scare me, I feel like I might break an ankle – (gasps) oh my gosh I used to have bangs when I was little, and it was not the look for me – Oh my gosh! – Bangley is back

– Ew Vote in the poll on whether or not you think Bailey should get bangs – Absolutely not Oh my gosh so I know, I know you guys are gonna ask about this, we didn't just splurge at the Gucci store, we actually found The RealReal, which is a luxury consignment website/app where they sell brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton– – Chanel – Really high luxury brands

– Yeah, higher end brands – And literally when we went on there, they sell some of these things for like 90% off, like – And their team goes in there and authenticates every item that's on their website, so it's legitimately that brand, and you're getting it for so much cheaper – So we got this Gucci belt from The RealReal Also these boots that we got for Ariana and for Miley

So actually we did manage to get a link, so if you click the link in the description box below, you can get $25 off your first order, so if you guys wanna go check it out– – You should go check it out – If you have ever wanted to buy – Just go look at the stuff on there, there's definitely something on there that you want I went on there and I was like ooh that piece is– – So click the link in the description box below to get $25 off your first order on The RealReal website, so go do that – [Brooklyn] Oh my gosh, who are you? You don't look like Bailey, Bailey never even wears black

Oh my gosh, you look like you belong in LA It's like kind of a good look, I don't hate We are about to go out in public In a swimsuit! – And like this! – I've decided that I don't wanna get out of the car This outfit, not my comfort zone

– This one's just pushing it the furthest for me, just 'cause it's so different from what I usually wear – No, not you, we're not talking about you, we're talking about me We're just gonna go and get some food, it's not gonna be that big of a deal – T swift you really doing me dirty today Looking good, oh la la

We are getting the weirdest looks Only to make yourself weirder Earlier today Bethany said it looks like I belong in Ocean's 8 – Oh it does, oh it does – How funny is that? – [Brooklyn] Look who's here

– Hi, what in the heck? You kinda look like a grandma – This? – You look like a grandma that's trying to be cool Okay, what the heck? Who is that? – [Brooklyn] That's Taylor Swift – Taylor Swift? You definitely don't look like yourself – [Bailey] Well I'm supposed to look like Miley Cyrus, do I look like Miley Cyrus? – Yeah, I can see it

– Well that's good (upbeat music) – This is the outfit I'm wearing today So there's pink heels, black like pant, leather pants, the off the shoulder I know that she contours, and I just don't contour I do not know how to contour, okay that's not true, I just don't practice it on my face, I know how it's supposed to look, and how it's supposed to be done, I would definitely not say I'm an expert of any kind with contouring

– So this is Ariana Grande We have these clips that are gonna go on my hair We're gonna put my hair up in like the high pony that she always wears, and like clip it in the front with these clips And then I'm wearing this super duper big T-shirt, and then I'm wearing these boots, y'all I have to walk around campus in them

Honestly I don't even know if she wears pants under that shirt but I'm going to put some shorts under it, because I don't want my booty hanging out when the wind blows This is just a really giant T-shirt, I put shorts underneath that are black, so you can't even tell – Oh boy, I'm scared Okay you guys, does it look okay? I think it looks okay, I don't know, I have no idea what I'm doing Okay, this is the final look

I obviously don't have her beautiful tanned skin, but I did my best, onto hair and outfit – Okay I'm looking at the picture and I don't really think Ariana Grande has a very specific makeup look, so I'm just gonna do my makeup like normal, maybe add some eyeliner, 'cause I think she does have a wing eyeliner I've never really done eyeliner, so this'll be an interesting test of my skill (gentle music) On a scale of one to 10, comment on how bad my eyeliner is I just don't even do eyeliner enough to know if that looks bad

So let me know if that looks like Ariana to y'all – Guys, my hair looks terrible How does one make this flipped out look look good? In a half up, this is how she wears it, so this is just how I'm gonna have to wear it, but it looks terrible – Why do I kind of look like Ariana Grande? This is weird, Ariana Grande who? Dang – She poses like this

– [Brooklyn] Yeah, something like that – Dang Kylie Jenner, you got some good style girl I mean everyone's gonna know who, they're gonna be telling you all day you look like Ariana – I don't know how she wears these boots! They're just so tall – That was horrible

I had one class today, because my other class got canceled and it was an exam, so that's why I didn't bring the camera into the classroom 'cause I was worried about like, him thinking I was like tryna cheat or something My professor showed up late, he just bumped the exam to next week, so I left literally 15 minutes I did have several girls comment about how cute I looked, and then they were like, why do you look so nice? And so I showed them the Kylie Jenner picture that I'm tryna dress up as, but so far nobody has guessed right off the bat or said I look like Kylie Jenner Which I'm not surprised by, Ariana has like this look, but Kylie Jenner's like, you know there's a difference – So as you know I am sick, so I went to the doctor, and now I'm just sitting in the doctors office, and I look like Ariana Grande

And everybody keeps giving me weird looks, but maybe I think that they're just giving me weird looks Nobody has said anything yet though, so So much for people telling me I look like Ariana Grande, they're just gonna think it and not tell me – Okay, Bethany just got home so, I had her close her eyes 'cause I didn't catch her coming in She hasn't seen me yet, ready, open 'em

– Oh my god, you look good, I did not expect you to look this good in this outfit – [Bailey] Wait, do you know who I am though? – Pink, pink, Kylie Jenner? – Yes – Really? Oh my god – Woohoo, you're one of one I don't mind dressing up like the youngest billionaire

That's me – Hello – [Bailey] Do you like my outfit? – It's interesting, but yes – [Bailey] Guess who I am – Why did my first instinct think power ranger? – Me, a power ranger? – Oh wait, I think she's a YouTuber

– [Bailey] No, I'm Kylie Jenner – Oh, no I never would've got that – This is so far out of my comfort zone, like this is so edgy, normally I'm like thrift store edgy, not like winged eyeliner edgy I got a lot of funky looks, but I also got flirted with a lot – I dressed to the T and no one's guessed who I am

– I'm just more recognizable – Guys, I had the most sudden realization, these glasses look like Emma Chamberlain, are you ready? Forget Kylie Jenner, now I'm Emma Chamberlain ♪ Reboot, I'm code red ♪ ♪ My service's automated ♪ ♪ Like data running through my veins ♪ – Today's character is Billie Eilish, have you guys seen this, I have to wear this in the business school, all day Let's start our adventure trying to dress like Billie today I think that she wears makeup, is she wearing makeup, I don't know

– Hello everyone, today I'm dressing like Millie Bobby Brown I think they bought the wrong size, because it's a little gapey on me, so I'm gonna show you what it looks like in the mirror, then I'm gonna try pin it up, so that it looks normal on me I think people are definitely gonna know who I am in this outfit, this is a very, very significant outfit in Stranger Things season three And if people don't know who I am, scuse me Okay, so this is what it looks like right now, it's just a little big

And then there are like socks and shoes that I wear with it as well, but I've gotta go get those, so I will go pin it up and then I will put the socks and shoes on so you can see the whole outfit – Okay update, put in a little bit of blush, and a tiny bit of highlight right here 'cause it looks like she has some on in this picture, she definitely has lips on and eyebrows, and that is something I can do, eyebrows so, I'm gonna do that I'm gonna feel so weird not wearing mascara, okay Strong brows, hm already looking good This is art

This is what we call art Fa mulan, no one's here to laugh at my funny jokes Please think that's funny Okay I think we're gonna call it quits on the makeup here On what planet, does this hairstyle look good? I feel like I look ridiculous, but this is how she wears it, so this is how I'm gonna have to wear it today, yay

(upbeat music) – I have Millie Bobby Brown outfit on, for hair I literally just left bed head, because that's pretty much what she has in the movie Just like crazy natural hair, and then I have my outfit, socks and shoes Do I look enough like Millie Bobby Brown? The whole fit, here we go, it's time for school – Oh my gosh, there's no way these pants are gonna fit, oh Okay so here's an update, we got the shoes she's wearing, but they're tiny, these are squeezing my toes

Okay this is the final look – So my biggest issue with this costume, I am bringing a jacket with me to wear over my costume, the problem is that if I wear it, I don't think you're gonna be able to tell who I am it's either I freeze, or you know who I am So I think I'm gonna try my best to go all day without putting the jacket on I might put the jacket on in between my classes, because it's so cold outside, it's like 50 degrees, so bare with me I did bring a little neon blue jacket to go over it, so at least it's like matching the 80s theme

– [Bailey] Come check out my outfit – Oh my goodness – Who am I? – Billie Eilish – Yeah, I can't believe I had to go to the business school in this I added the chain necklaces 'cause she's wearing some gold necklaces in her picture and circle rings

Ace is about to get here, I don't want him to see my outfit (laughing) – Hella cute you know – What? – It's like a weird cute – Who am I? – Are you Billie Eilish? Yeah, that one's obvious – [Bailey] Do you like it? – Kinda, it's like in a weird way

– Guys, I do not wanna get out of the car in this outfit – You can do it, you can do it I'm proud of you – I look stupid – Nuh – Okay, it's fine, I'm fine, it's gonna be fine

– [Woman] You look fine – I've gotten compliments on my jumpsuit all day – I literally have gotten the weirdest looks all day long, someone came up to me and was like what's the occasion, why are you dressed like that? (upbeat music) I successfully made it through the entire day, woohoo One of my professors, I walked in and she was like wow, nice outfit One guy was like, you look really happy today 'cause I'm like wearing smiley faces and I was like, thanks man I appreciate that – Y'all, I am thoroughly disappointed with people today

Not a single person has said anything about my Millie Bobby Brown outfit I do have my sweater on, it is in between class, but I've gone to all my classes in my outfit, and I've gotten compliments on my outfit, oh that's cute But not a single person has said, oh that's Millie Bobby Brown's outfit What, her outfit is so recognizable, how are people not noticing? – Oh my gosh, this hair hurts Ow, I never wear my hair in pony tails

You guys, I am over being Billie Eilish, this is a good outfit, but I already took the hair out so The hair is gone, the outfit, everything I went through a whole day of school like this – No one said anything about me looking like Millie Bobby Brown Though comment down below, if you think you would have said something because I'm just mind blown that no one recognized this outfit or said anything This outfit might be my favorite one that I've worn so far, really uneventful day, sorry y'all

(upbeat music) Thank you again to The RealReal for sponsoring this video, it was amazing – What the heck? Who is that? – That's Taylor Swift – Taylor Swift? – [Bailey] In her newest music video – I don't think I've seen it (upbeat music)

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