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– Hello, guys – Sup? – We're about to show you, – Our empty house tour

So we just got finished, so we're gonna show you the empty house tour because there's nothing in it right now We've done a little bit of cleaning, but that's about it This is kind of the first time we've really been in it and seen it, and like are ready to move stuff in – Just so you know we are sharing it with two other girls – Yes

– Our parents also helped us get this house We'll be able to do, use it as an investment so that in the future, other kids can rent this house out It's not about spending money It's more about having a place to live and living with our best friends It's gonna be so much fun

– Anyway, we're gonna show you the empty house tour We don't move in for another few weeks So, its like very very brand new and very empty – So let's go (upbeat instrumental music) – [Bailey] Okay, we're gonna open the door

Wait, how do I open this? Okay, ta-da! – [Brooklyn] It's just empty – I feel like I can just La, la, la – The musical element of that – It's perfection

– So this is the dining room We're gonna eat here and this is the – [Bailey] Yeah its gonna be like this floor space is meant for a table – It's a conjoint space so, this is the living room And we got the TV, we gotta couch, and chairs

– We had this debate on what we were gonna do so we got a couch for the living room and then some chairs 'cause we have a ton of people over all the time – Just a FYI, it's a bright pink couch – You know, it's a bright pink couch – So yeah, this is our living room And this is our half-bath, so this is like the guest bathroom, which, I'm grateful for because ain't nobody stinkin' up my bathroom

(laughing) – I didn't even think about that part – [Brooklyn] You know when you go to a friend's house and you're like, – you're like, I don't wanna stink it up for her – We gotta get some potpourri – So, welcome to the half-bath, this is like people call it a half bath 'cause it's literally, it doesn't have a shower – [Brooklyn] It's called a half bath because there's no shower

– There's no shower This is kind of interesting, the sink has like, no bottom So, I think we're gonna put a cover – [Brooklyn] Yeah I think we're gonna put a cover or something – We do have wallpaper for this wall

– This, over here, – [Both] Is our kitchen – Welcome to my house, this is the dishwasher Four nine seven two seven seven eight pro, Where it washes your dishes like none other (chime) – We just dumped out the ice because fun fact The fridge makes ice and water for your cup, but like the first round of ice that the fridge makes is usually full of like pieces of metal and like dust and stuff because the fridge is brand new so we always dump out the first like little bit of ice so that we aren't drinking that

– Cupboards, and then a stove – [Bailey] And then a stove, – [Both] And a microwave, – Cupboards, cupboards, cupboards, and, a fridge – Which we are freaking out about this [Both] because in our dorm, – We had zero water – Unless I would like walk to the grocery store, – And buy water bottles, – And buy water bottles, it was a pain, so this is a whole ordeal We love this

– This is our pantry It is little, but it will, – But it's deep though – It is (giggling) – Oh my gosh you're actually, you're actually like gone Pantry is a check mark from us, 'cause we fit in it which means it's large, or small

We are kinda small people So, this is the laundry room, and this our first very own washer machine and dryer (thumping) And we have this tiny little storage space with a door It's so little – [Bailey] It's our size! It's like oh something that actually fits us

– We have like a little light switch inside Oh they can't see anything, here we go This is a water heater cubby I hate doing laundry, vote in this poll if you guys also hate doing laundry – Okay so we actually aren't gonna tell you whose rooms are whose, because we want you guys to have to wait and find out in our room tour

– So stay tuned for those, but, after we're done showing you all of them, comment down below Which room do you think we're gonna be in? – You can even try to guess like, which one's Bethany's and Christina's – 'Cause those are our two roommates, Bethany and Christina and then Brooklyn and I By the way guys, guess who's not sharing a room for the first time in their lives – [Both] We aren't! (cheering) But stay tuned for our bedroom tours

– This is the bedroom – This is one bedroom – And then over here, all of them have fans, because everyone knows that's essential We have a bathroom and a shower and toilet and a closet All of us have like varying degrees of walking, walk-in closets, so this one, good size, lots of space for clothes – Moving on, this is bedroom number one

– We're thinking about putting like, fun craft, like, wallpaper on these like side of the stairs We've seen a lot of people doing that recently so, We're uncertain but we think we will wanna try to do that – Show you guys this bedroom, bedroom number two And this room, the difference between all the other rooms and this room is that this room doesn't have like a walk-in closet space, it has actually two closets So like, they're pretty small

I think it's like summer clothes and winter clothes But somebody you guys are gonna again gonna have to guess whose room this is took this room willingly And then the bathroom, they all look pretty much the same A tub-shower the sink and toilet, yeah Okay, so this is bed, this one was bedroom number two – Bedroom number three right here

Obviously, very big, bright windows which is very nice This whole house is prime for filming, again Like nice white neutral colors, which is great 'Cause then we pop whatever colors we want – 'cause, we're are YouTubers – Fun fact – We need good lighting – Anyway, closet! What, why, why, why though

And the bathroom, identical to the other one And then you walk down this hallway I'm like, hey first of all, everyone appreciate the adorable railing – It's very modern, which I appreciate because, I don't know, it's just so clean and crisp, I love it – This is my favorite part because this next room is also very different from the rest of the rooms and I just love, I can't wait to see what you guys think

Who has what room? Bethany's just really just like bubbly, over the top, super chill Tina is like the sweetest person you have ever met And then there's Brooklyn and I – And then there's Bailey and I – So like, now you're gonna have to guess whose room is whose

– Da da da daaaa, the fourth and final bedroom I'm sure you guys are thinking, – Can you put the ladder away? – Yes This bedroom is the master bedroom We kinda, we were all like, – We were like pretty much, let's just pull sticks, so that's basically how it worked, we put names in a hat and we just drew, and that's who got this room specifically – 'Cause we were like unsure of what we wanted to do with it, so we just drew sticks and one person got it, and we're not gonna tell you who it is

– You're gonna have to guess – But, the whole thing, is not a bedroom We're using the half of this space as like a sitting room for all of us to hang out and also to film it – If we can film, all of our room mates obviously know that we film, so again, up in the air on whose room this is – Also, comment down below on room mate video ideas, if you want us to film a video with the room mates and like tryna, I don't know

– So obviously, very, very spacious area, this is the big room (laughing) Guys it's been years! Are you doing it? Yeah your cartwheel is probably a lot better than mine – So we have, the big room, but that also means that the bathroom is pretty big as well So here's the bathroom And then it has a kinda like different room with a toilet only, which is nice 'cause then like I guess if somebody else was in here, you could shut the door

– [Bailey] I mean if this is where we're hangin' out, that could be, – That's true Also, here's the other kicker of the big bedroom, the big closet – [Bailey] This how much extra space there is in this closet – Who has this many items of clothing? – [Bailey] You – Me? We probably are gonna use this as like partly storage because it's so large

And, that's the house – But yeah, we're super excited to live with all of our best friends We met our roommates this past year at Baylor, so they are both Baylor students that we met our freshman year Also, fun fact, Brooklyn and I are graduating a year early, so technically, if you hear us reference this year as our junior year, that's because it is our junior year Yeah, we'll probably be here for the rest of like the next two years

If we go home, it'll be visiting 'Cause like, if you gotta pay rent, you might as well stay Let's show you guys the back yard So this is like the back porch – We wanna, I ideally wanna put like a swing right here

– [Bailey] A swing! – A bench swing, but that's like, maybe in a few years – [Bailey] That's in like a dream life – Yeah, so this is the back yard We wanna get a dog, like a little baby dog so that like, there's all this little grass space around here for it to run around – [Bailey] But, a fun thing about our yard is that we have parking! Which hopefully we'll get a cover for you so you know, 'cause like, Texas decides one second to be summery and the next second to have a hail storm

We'll go show you the front yard and then that's a wrap This is our front porch And then we got some flowers, and some trees and a fence So yeah, welcome to our empty house! (upbeat music)

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