EPIC END-OF-SUMMER POOL PARTY with BrooklynAndBailey and Friends!

(upbeat music) (cheering) (upbeat music) – Hey guys, it's Kamri And today we just finished our pool and our backyard so I have a whole bunch of my friends and family over to show you how to make an epic pool party

But before we get on to the video, make sure you subscribe to my channel, you can do that by clicking the red button right down there Now on to the party (upbeat music) (splashing) (whooshing) (upbeat music) (camera shutter clicks) the first step to having an awesome pool party is food I recommend pizza because it's fairly cheap and who doesn't like pizza? You know you wanna pizza this Okay that was pretty cheesy

Okay I'll actually stop now But you also wanna make sure to have lots of other snacks for your guests to enjoy (camera shutter clicks) One of the things I like to have at my parties, is a snow cone maker It makes everybody cool down when it's a hot summer day in Texas There's so many flavors to choose from

My favorite are strawberry and blue raspberry But comment down below what your favorites are That was one delicious snow cone (laughs) I can't believe we would fit all those people in our slide (camera shutter clicks) (upbeat country music plays) (camera shutter clicks) You also want to make sure to have lots of things for the guests to do so that they do not get bored

Something that I discovered that I realized is super fun and people really like it is called an inflatable So it's just this blow up mechanical bull but it's in the water And people just kinda push you around and you try to see how long you can stay on And it's super fun and it's actually really hard to stay (camera shutter clicks) Another classic game to play is just a chicken fight

Just make sure you're playing friendly and that nobody gets hurt (whooshing) At my house we always have these competitions to see who can do the best trick off the diving board We always have one or two judges and then we try to either make the funniest or the coolest, I don't know we have different genres So this was just our best trick Go Piper

(upbeat music) If you can't already tell, Lilly is a dancer I learned this trick a couple weeks ago (camera shutter clicks) So comment down below who you think won this competition (whoosh) Another awesome game to play is called Dibble Dabble My friend taught me this and it's so much fun

All you need is a match (camera shutter clicks) So you just have one person take the match all the way down to the bottom of the pool and just set it on the floor And then they swim up and swim outta the pool as fast as they can Once the match comes all the way up to the top, you have to jump in and yell Dibble Dabble and try to grab it all in one take And if you miss then you have to get back out and try again

(whooshing) (upbeat music) (whooshing) These awesome waterproof phone cases are perfect for getting lots of cool underwater pictures and videos so that we can always remember what an epic pool party that we had (upbeat music) (whooshing) Another fun thing to do after everybody is done swimming is to set up a screen and some speakers with a projector and watch a movie outside So you can actually get these blow up pools from Walmart or any local grocery store and then you can just watch the movie while in the pool or even you can put the pool on the deck and sit up there or you just wanna watch a movie that has something to do with water So we watched Jaws but you can watch Titanic or anything like that (camera shutter clicks) (whooshing) Even before the movie we were all just chilling in these pools

It actually makes a really good pool floatie (upbeat music) (whooshing) But if you're gonna have a movie, you need to make sure to have some snacks to go along with it So I recommend having a gourmet popcorn bar So we just basically got this popcorn machine from Amazon and then added all these different toppings like pretzels, chocolate chips, Twizzlers, everything And then you can just combine 'em all and make an awesome masterpiece

(whooshing) (upbeat music) (camera shutter clicks) (whooshing) Another really fun thing to do is just once it starts to get dark, crack open some glow sticks and toss 'em in the pool It'll really light up the pool once the sun sets (upbeat music) (whooshing) Thank you guys so much for watching this video Even Ax joined in on the fun, yes he did But before you go, make sure you subscribe to my channel by clicking right here

And go watch two more of my videos, and actually you can just watch these two right here and then comment back down when you're done And I'll see you soon, bye Say bye Bye (laughing) (bells ding)

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