FLIRTING 101: How NOT to Flirt!

♪ Every relation is a struggle these days ♪ ♪ Try to keep 'em alive, but we throw 'em away ♪ ♪ Love should be a choice ♪ – So, I was thinking you pay this time – [Brooklyn] You want me to pay? Hey guys, it's Brooklyn, and today I have two guests with me, obviously you guys know Cameron

– How's it going? – He's been in a few of our videos, but this is Michael, – Hey guys! – and he's one of our friends as well, so he's gonna be in today's video as well So for this video, before we even explain it, I just want you all to know that you should not take anything we do or say in this video seriously It is all for fun, it is funny, it should not actually be used as real advice, that would not turn out well Anyway, so this video's all about what you can do to flirt with your crush and get them to notice you, yeah flirt with your crush, get them to notice you, it's called Flirting 101 But before we get on the video, you can follow us on Instagram @BrooklynandBailey

Now let's watch the video! – [British Girl Voice] Tip number one: text your crush only, never talk to them (text sound) (playful strings music) (text sound) (text sound) (multiple text sounds) (playful strings music) (text sound) (text sound) (text sound) Flirt with others when your crush is around so your true feelings are secret, shhh! – What was the point, I just didn't understand Oh hey, Cameron! – Oh hey, Brooklyn – What's up? – Hey, how's it going, guys? (record scratching) – So (giggles) as I was saying, I mean, you're so funny Michael, oh my gosh You know, the other day when we were on a date, the coffee and all that, do you remember that funny thing I said to you? – Yeah

– So great, I mean, you're just so sweet, thanks for taking me out! – [British Girl Voice] Laugh at everything he says so he thinks you find him funny – Hey Cameron, what's up? – Hey Brooklyn, how are you? – How's your day going? – It's been okay, you know, my dog has been pretty sick recently, and he passed away last night – (over-exaggerated laughter) I'm so sorry, you're just so funny! – Yeah, yeah, so you know, we buried him this morning, so, but we're doing okay, it was to be expected – (over-exaggerated laughter) Knee-slapper! – Yeah – That was funny, you're good – Hey, I'm gonna go, yeah – Oh, okay well, bye! – [British Girl Voice] Staring is encouraged, it makes them feel more beautiful I promise, it's not creepy (upbeat bongos) (snapshot sound) (snapshot sound) Closer, just a little bit closer That's perfect, right there (squeals) Eat off their plate, it doesn't matter if you've got the same food, sharing is caring

– So how's your food? – This looks good I think I like yours better – You think that mine's better? You know we got the exact same thing, right? – So? – Your fries will taste literally the exact same as mine, because we got them at the exact same time They came from the same batch, so Alright– – [British Girl Voice] Eat like a pig, so if they're a messy eater, you make them feel more comfortable

Gosh, what a messy eater! You see the moment he realizes, and he makes the correct decision (record scratching) Always talk about yourself, you want them to know everything about you – So the other day while I was playing this game, right, with my mom, and it was crazy – Oh my gosh, you know usually whenever I play like, any kind of board game or like, a sports game or something like that, I usually end up in first place, maybe second if the refs are like, making it unfair – Wow

– Yeah, I mean– – I mean, I'm not that competitive, like, sometimes I get a little competitive, but especially when it's like, water sports – Oh speaking of water sports, because of this one time, I was in the swimming pool, and Michael Phelps actually walked in, I beat him in a 200-meter swim race, butterfly-style, no one believes me, but it really happened, I actually have a picture with him – Oh, I'm not a very good– – Which I mean, it's not even a big deal or anything like that – Right, of course I'm not even like, that great of a swimmer, I like running better– – Oh, speaking of running, so this one time, okay, so I was walking my dogs in a park, so usually I can beat a rottweiler at his full speed, which is about 15 miles an hour

– Wow, what can't you do? – Well, I can't usually turn dirt into oatmeal, but I'm working on it, so – [British Girl Voice] Cheesy pick-up lines work like a charm – So, on a scale from one to America, how free are you tonight? (laughter) Hey Brooklyn, are you a banana, because I find you really a-peeling – Oh – That's for you, keep that

Hey, are you a magician, because when I look at you, everyone else (whispers) disappears – [British Girl Voice] Guys: let the girl pay for her own meal, so they feel empowered – So, I was thinking you pay this time, if that's okay – We're on, you asked me on this date – Yeah

– You want me to pay? – Women empowerment, yeah Equal rights, come on, let's go Fantastic, alright – [British Girl Voice] Thank you guys so much for watching, be sure to tune in next time with more Flirting 101 – Thank you guys so much for watching the video, be sure to comment below on what your favorite flirting advice was

Also, be sure to subscribe to our channel by clicking the little button right over here And if you want to watch more of our videos, click the boxes right over here Thank you guys so much for watching, and we'll see you next week Bye! – Bye, guys

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