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(upbeat electro dance music) – Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey and today we're going to be doing a get ready with me, the Beauty and the Beast version, the live action movie is coming out so soon and we are going to see it and I cannot even explain the excitement Yeah, I'm going to get like, goosebumps when I go and I'm just going to, ugh, so excited

But before we get onto the video you guys, we've just released our music, ooh, we're so excited, I can't, I can't, can't even explain it, there's just so much excitement – This is a video full of excitement – If you guys haven't checked it out or want to check it out be sure to click all the details in the description box below, you guys definitely need to listen to it, and if you want a chance to be in our lyric video, click the link in the description box below as well to enter a video of you and your friends dancing to the choreography to our music video This is our first song and we're so excited, ooh I just can't, you guys need to check it out, so be sure to go check that out, we are also still continuing our laptop giveaway, so if you guys haven't clicked on that yet, click on the information button which will be over here

– Here, here – This way – Yes, right there – It'll be up in the little dot, the little circle up there, you guys click on that, that's a laptop giveaway prize – Alright now onto the Beauty and the Beast outfit

(chill electro music) (camera snapshot sounds) My first outfit is more of like a grungy, street-chic Belle look, so I started with my black high-top Converse which are from Nordstrom but you guys can buy them pretty much anywhere, and then I paired it with these rose ripped up patch mom jeans, which I bought from ASOS and absolutely adore Then I've got this green button down tied around my waist which is also from Nordstrom, and I've paired it with this cute little popcorn handbag because of course who doesn't bring snacks and have popcorn at the movie theaters, this bag is from Amazon, I've got a black necklace from Forever 21 tied around my wrist to look like a bracelet to add a little pop of style in there, and then I've got this white T-shirt my aunt made me, it says "I want adventure in the great wide somewhere," which is lyrics from the Beauty and the Beast movie I've also got gold rings from Forever 21, and I'd actually gotten an hourglass necklass from Hobby Lobby, and if you flip it upside down it does work like an hourglass, it is a great passtime during school, just going to say My short necklace is from Forever 21, and my beanie is from Amazon (chill electro music) – My favorite part about the original Beauty and the Beast is that Beauty is like, I mean I guess the Beauty would be Belle, is like, she's not like every other girl

– She's relatable – She swoons over Gaston– – Yeah, I like her – Who is this handsome hunk of a man– – No, she ignores him – And she's like, "Honey I don't need you, I just need my books and my knowledge, and my dad" – And I just need to take care of my dad, yeah, I feel like she's like the most, like it was the first princess that was like, no

(overlapping talking) I don't need to be saved, I'm fine, like she saves her father, and that's what gets her into the mess in the first place, but she falls in love with her captor, which is an interesting plot twist, and it's just like a really new and fresh way to show the plot of the princess – Show the love, yeah – You know? (upbeat pop rock instrumental) (camera snapshot sounds) – [Bailey] This is my first Beauty and the Beast outfit so to start I have these cute leopard print sneakers which I found from Target, and they totally pull in like the beast side of Beauty and the Beast, and then on top of those I have my white capris, which I found at American Eagle and I don't know about you guys but American Eagle has the best jeans, so if you've never checked them out before or you need new jeans, definitely go there I also have this Belle yellow sleeve sweater which I found from ASOS, super cute especially the bell sleeves which are totally in style right now, I also have these super cute gold pops of jewelry, so I've got these rings which I found from Forever 21, and I also have this necklace, which we found from Hobby Lobby, it's in the shape of a clock and I don't know if you guys know Beauty and the Beast really well, but there's a talking clock in the movie so that pulls in the whole theme of the movie as well And then up top I have curled my hair and I pulled back a piece of my hair with these three gold pin roses, which are from Forever 21, and roses are a big part of the movie, and then I also have this brown pleather bag which we found at Nordstrom and I just stuck my candy in there and that just pulls together the entire outfit and makes it look super super cute, so that is my first Beauty and the Beast outfit, tada! I am most excited to see how they incorporate like the animation because in the original film, like there's a bunch of characters that are objects, like a teacup, or a teapot or a wardrobe or a candlestick and the clock, and so mainly it's just to see in the real life version how they incorporate that

– I'm just excited to see Emma Watson, like straight up, like she's the most inspirational human being ever, I mean like did y'all even, y'all must have heard the story, she, heard about Cinderella, the actress for Cinderella and how in order to get like her to fit in her dress she had to literally be like on a liquid diet, and they like had her in this teeny tiny corset and she was like "Absolutely not, I'm not going to be Belle if you're going to, like you're not putting me in a corset because that's unrealistic for girls to look like that and so I don't want to look like that," and so they didn't put her in a corset, so she's like a realistic princess, which is like, thank you, you know I feel like that's so inspirational, and needs to be told, like – About time – I don't know, I'm just so impressed with her and I'm so excited to see her acting, along with the guy from Downton Abbey who's playing the Beast – The guy that played Matthew in Downton Abbey

– Yes, they're just together, it's just perfect combination (upbeat pop rock music) (camera snapshot sounds) My second outfit is definitely a lot more girly, it's channeling the princess side of Belle in this style, so I have black sandals which are old so I'm not quite sure where they're from, and then I have these cute red socks from Forever 21; I've paired it with the red handbag to give some pop of color which is from Amazon, and then I have a little book charm to channel Belle's inner bookworm and the charm is from Hobby Lobby and it's a backpack so it's easy to carry, then I have a cute little baggy dress from Target, which I've seen at H & M as well so you can find it both places if you want it, then I have this cute necklace, it's got a rose inside of the glass which made me so excited, it's just like Beauty and the Beast and it's from Hobby Lobby, I also have a teacup ring which is from Amazon, and then a cute flowery choker which is from Forever 21, then I have a charm bracelet which is full of charms from different princesses, but more specifically Belle, and it's from Amazon as well (upbeat pop rock music) Well her and the beast are outside and they're doing something, and she's like looking around, and she's in this really pretty like pinkish reddish fluffy coat and she's just so innocent, she's got her little hood up and she's like, it's like one of those moments where you like, when you wish that could happen to you where the guy's just admiring you from afar and you're just like, ignorantly blissfully ignorant, looking around, and she, and then the snow, this whole snowball fight and like the birds like all come and land on her when she's like, or the beast when he's trying to feed them and it's just, oh, it's so, it's like the cutest part of the movie in my opinion – One of my favorites is when she's teaching the beast all the manners, like all the kind– – At the table – Things to do at the table, he's like shoving his face and she's like, "Um, what are you doing

" – And he's like, uh, tries to pick up the spoon – Yeah, that's like one of my favorites, so I'm really hoping they'll incorporate those in the new movie too, because like, they're important, important scenes (upbeat pop music) (camera snapshot sounds) And now it's time for outfit numero dos, so to start off I have my favorite pair of shoes ever, they're called crushed velvet and they are from Nordstrom, I literally begged my mom to get them because they were super cute Next I am wearing these jeans from Aeropostale and they fit me really well, I actually adore them and then on top I have my T-shirt that says "Beauty lies within," that my Aunt Jenny custom made, along with that I have some gold pops like this watch and these rings from H & M, these rings are super cute, they go with everything, so if you don't have like gold rings or anything, I would definitely check those out, and on top of the rings, I also have some gold necklaces, I have this one has a tree on it, I don't think there's a specific scene with a tree in Beauty and the Beast but it still has that overall feeling and then this short necklace to go with that as well Up top I have curled my hair and added this rose gold headband that we found from Forever 21, it's got roses on it so it pulls in the rose theme from Beauty and the Beast, and then my favorite part of the whole outfit is this backpack which we found from H & M; on the backpack there's a super cute pin which we found from Amazon, and this backpack just literally wraps the entire outfit together

Thank you guys so much for watching this video, I hope you guys go enjoy watching the Beauty and the Beast when it comes out because we are already so excited to go see it, so that's definitely something I'm looking forward to now that I have my cute outfits to go watch it in – Again you guys, if you haven't checked out our music all the information will be in the description box below, click the link and go see our music and listen to it, and enjoy it and hopefully you guys love it because we worked so hard– – We worked really hard – I just want you guys to listen to it, so if you haven't make sure to go click and check that out in the description box below and don't forget that we are still running our laptop giveaway, so click the information button up there, it's a little circle that has an I in it and you guys can go enter the giveaway and hopefully win a laptop, so that's all we have for you guys today and we'll see you next week – Bye y'all – Bye

(upbeat pop music)

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