GiANT PAiNT SLiDE! | We Tried 10 FUN Summer Activities in 24 HOURS!

(lively electronic music) (screaming) (lively electronic music) – Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey, and in today's video you are going to see us show you lots of fun activities you can do with your friends during the summer when you are bored 'cause we all know that happens when you just kind of sit around and have nothing to do with your time – Always

This video is sponsored by C&C by Clean and Clear – Yeah, so last summer they approached us about consulting them on the development of their new skin care line, C&C, by Clean and Clear – And although we actually didn't create the line itself, we did consult them on colors, and settings, and packaging, and icons, like through emails, and phone calls, and meetings – It was so much fun We just kind of got to like dive into that world

So you guys can actually find these at Ulta, or you can click at the link the description box below, down there, or the information button right over here to go buy these products We did help consult for them so they're really awesome So you guys should go do that – Now, let's get on to the video – Okay, so the first item on the list is having a picnic with friends

So we kind of went, like, the modern version of picnic, which is basically, pick up your favorite fast food in bulk, and then bring it on a picnic, instead of making homemade food So we have lots of yummy food here, deliciousness, lots of yummy people (girls laugh) All right, we're going to try this again where I don't have food on my face, and I don't say weird things So we have lots of yummy food and awesome people here on the picnic with us So we have our little picnic here

We got a blanket and everything guys, look at us go Definitely some fun stuff We're eating some chicken and some bread So, like I said, this is number one, just because it spurs you to go outside and do something, and then you're also having, you know, social time with your friends, and you're getting to eat good food, and all the fun things so this is an awesome thing to do during the summer when you are absolutely bored – So another thing you can do during the summer is go get snow cones

So we are at the traditional snow cone shack in our area, – Yeah And we are going to try, we're going to try like our own individual flavors, but then we're going to try to get a snow cone that has every– – Every, as many flavors as we can get – As they can fit – I wonder if we get like the biggest size? – Interesting – Yeah, like the biggest size and so we're just going to put all the flavors in it

There's a lot That'll be interesting – I'm not sure it's going to taste good or not We're gonna see – [Bailey] Okay, this is every flavor that they could possibly fit in the snow cone

– It's literally rainbow – [Bailey] And we're all about to take a bite of it Go – [Bailey] Why did I take such a big chunk? (girls laugh and shriek) – Mmm, no – No

– It's so sour – [Catherine] It's actually not that bad – [Bailey] It's not that bad – I got like, Coke and citrus and like strawberry – It's not that bad

– The sour part I got – [Girl] There's something sour in there – Nope – [Girl] Oh there's the coke – [Catherine] It's not that bad

– Can I put it back? – [Brooklyn] Catherine you can have it all – [Girl] You have to finish it! – No – [Girls] Whoo! (girls laugh) – Well you can tell we just got snow cones because my tongue is literally purple right now – Not me – So that's part of just summer fun

Getting stained teeth and stained tongues from eating so many snow cone flavors So yeah, we're on to the next activity – Okay so another fun activity you can do in the summer is have a spa day – Is a spa day! – So we are in our newly Newly, what? Got? – College robes These are for college We're super excited about them – we got them as a gift They're very soft

– I feel very honored that I have a time and place – Turn around show them the back – To wear them – Bailey is embroidered on it in bailor colors Sic em bears – Yes, so an important thing about a spa day is having the right products for it

So like we told you guys before we did help C&C by Clean & Clear consult on some of these products and our favorite part about all of that was designing the packaging, or coming up with the scent or the names and that was so much fun It's interesting to see how much goes into it like how much detail – Yeah like how much thought – In everything – Yeah exactly – And we tried the products first and then gave them feedback on kind of how we would integrate that into our skincare routines as teenagers

And I feel like this whole process has helped C&C by Clean and Clear understand the struggle of being a teenager – They works with teenagers – Yes hello We're teenagers We have acne

– Which helps because that makes these products like, perfect for teenagers – Okay so this one is a blackhead clearing coffee scrub and my favorite thing about this is it smells like coffee so I use it in the morning cause obviously we don't drink coffee but I love the smell of it So it's just that nice, refreshing, you know, morning scrub Plus it exfoliates, and it's really hard to find products that actually exfoliate and clean your pores out, which this one does So I'm lovin' this

– And mine is the mask one – She looks like bubble gum exploded on her face – Yeah I look like bubble gum is exploding on my face which is super fun I love the color cause it's like– – Yes, color is one of the things that we insisted when we were consulting them that we wanted in the rubber peel mask We were like "it has to be colorful" and so it finally worked and it looks so cute

– And I like it cause you can like literally just feel it drying on your face and pulling the dirt and oils out of your pores and just cleaning it all out which is so nice And I love the color – [Bailey] Okay spa day means hot tub time – Very hot tub – [Bailey] Very hot tub

Oh your feather looks so cute Look at how cute her feather looks Yes, oh, and can't forget about the masks, of course Her bubble gum mask – It's barely staying, but hey it's still there it's so cute – [Bailey] Oh yeah the tattoo

– Another fun, easy, summer activity is to hammock with your friends We do this all the time, especially at the end of the school year during senior year you literally do nothing and so we would just go outside and hammock How many people can we fit in a hammock? We have three so far (screams) Kay we got four! Are we going for five? (Screams) – I'm feeling myself sinking, oh no – I am terrified

– Three is tough as is – You ready? – No no no no no no no no no no – Yes! (screams) – [Bailey] You can barely see Katie now there – We did it Six! – Six people

– [Bailey] No we're done We're done – In a hammock – So another item on our list is sun tattoos and we'll kinda show you guys what that is But basically you can use stickers or flash tattoos and you go out and you put it on your body and then you tan and it will tan in the outline of the sticker slash tattoo, so it will hopefully stay on your body for a little while, just the outline of it

So I just have a heart, other people have different decorations It's really a lot of fun and it's kind of like I don't know, it's just kind of fun and artsy and creative and girly and fun

– [Bailey] Okay so here we are just sitting out in the sun, tattooing Sun tattooing, right here Trying to get our sun tattoos Look at that, that is so cute – [Brooklyn] Okay show us your sun tattoo

– It's right there, it's a little heart – [Brooklyn] If you guys can see it So I don't know about y'all but I like to wash my car It's a lot of fun It's kinda therapeutic

Bailey is literally what is she Just squirting the soap– I don't think that's how you're supposed to do it You're supposed to fill the bucket with soap Well we like to wash our car in lots of new and strange ways, according to Bailey, so we are going to wash our car right now We just have our buckets with our little sponges and our towels

And I'm kinda hyped about this, this is a lot of fun We're gonna turn on some music, it's gonna be a par-tay It looks so clean I am thoroughly impressed with our car cleaning skills I dunno guys, I think I have a profession in it

Like look at how pretty it is – Okay so another item that you can do if you're bored during the summer is what we like to call a paint fight And you can fill up squirt guns, buckets full of watered down paint, sponges, slip and slide, you know, just use your hands, paintbrushes, anything You get plain white t-shirts and you just go at it I mean we've got a whole set up here, we're pretty exited

I am ready to go and get messy – [Off Screen] Three, two, one, go! (screams, laughs) Whoo! – This is awesome (upbeat pop music) (girls laughing and screaming) ♪ Freakin' out ♪ ♪ To the beat do the freak out, singin' like ♪ ♪ Sing it like ♪ ♪ Party like ♪ ♪ Freakin' out ♪ ♪ To the beat do the freak out, singin' like ♪ – Look at us – This is such a good look – I love it

– [Off Screen] I think Bailey needs some on her face – Oh no! – Do I have some on my face I can't, I don't – There ya go

– I'd just like to say that my eyelashes are holding the paint from my eyeballs right now There's like a huge chunk I can see it in my peripheral vision in this eyeball – Look at that promo though – Yeah, promo The Lash Next Door

Keeps your eyes safe and beautiful – [Bailey] Who's just gonna jump in the pool with me? – Another fun summer activity that you can easily do with your friends is roast marshmallows So we've got our little collection going here We have graham crackers, Hershey bars, some Starbursts, if you've never roasted Starbursts it's delicious , try it And some of these square marshmallows so they fit perfectly on the s'more, which is great

Bailey is roasting her perfectly golden marshmallow up in the air Catherine likes hers a little – It's so good

It's charred And then you've got that creamy inside – And then my ooey-gooey, warm, yummy Well, this is what you should not do when you go making s'mores – Ow, oh my god – Don't get marshmallow in your hair – [Girl] I'm so sorry – Oh my god

– You're kidding me – So another one of the things that we have on our list that we find fun, and we used to do this when we were little, but just cause you're a teenager doesn't mean that you have to stop doing this Building a fort That's like, one of my favorite things to do just in the past time You know there's something so nostalgic about building a fort, especially with your friends, especially when it's cool

And when you're older you're a little bit, you know, more creative with what you can do with the blankets and it's just so much fun So if you're bored with your friends and you just wanna do something fun and nostalgic definitely build a fort, you know, YOLO, it's fun Okay so, here we are in our tent – [Girls] Hey (giggling) All comfy cozy

Were about to start a movie in our tent The last thing on our list is sleeping outside So if you have a tent or if you have a trampoline or anything like that, that is definitely a fun thing to do with your friends during the summer, especially if you're bored It just creates this whole adventure around sleeping outside Make sure you're safe, but it's a lot of fun if you are

So we are gonna go sleep on our trampoline We have all of our stuff ready to go, set up, so lets go – Here's the bush – [Bailey] Brooklyn's over here getting settled down already – I'm a tired girl

– Here we go – Gonna make a nice little yeah – Here we go This looks nice and comfy You guys ready to camp out? – [Girls] Yeah! – Hopefully we were able to help cure your boredom during the summer a little bit and give you some adventure ideas to do with your friends

Thank you guys so much for watching Don't forget you can find the C&C products in the link in the description box below Also do not forget to subscribe to our channel You can do that, subscribe, by clicking the button right here – And you get some more of our videos by clicking the boxes over there

– We'll see you guys later, we love you guys so much Bye (lively electronic music)

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