Google Maps DECIDES Our Day

– [Both] Hey, guys – We just wanted to pop in real quick and say that this video was filmed before all these COVID CDC recommendations came out

– Yes – And shelter in place stuff – Back when everything was so open – Yes! Back, back – Before the shelter in place

– It feels like forever ago but that was filmed before all that so we just wanted to remind you guys Please stay safe and follow any guidelines you're given from where you live So now, onto the video Good morning you guys – Whatsup

– Hello, hello, hello This video is sponsored by Google maps so that's so exciting Basically, we're gonna be using Google maps today to help us discover new places to explore – So, Google maps is great navigation but they're like taking it to the next level so you have all these features to help you discover new places So, we're gonna be using that in our video today to help us decide what we're gonna do with our day

– Yes, basically how it's gonna work is if we wanna go to breakfast we're gonna use google maps and just find the best match for us through their new features and then go there So if we've been there before we haven't been there before the whole point is to discover new places so– – And, do some fun stuff (indistinct chattering) – It's gonna be so fun – So, let's go

(upbeat happy music) – We have made it to the car (mimicks car horn) There's a tortilla blanket in the back I don't know why Yes, we are ready to go We're currently parked and we're gonna figure out what our first place is that we're gonna go to today

– All I know is that I'm hungry – [Bailey] Okay she's looking up the first place we're going today Please tell me it's food 'cause I'm hungry – Explore Waco Awh they have dog-friendly restaurants! Awh that's so cute

I wanna go A market We've got, museums? Parks? – [Bailey] Brooklyn, food – Okay, it's fine – [Bailey] What'd you find? – Okay, this place called, "The Olive Branch"

Breakfast, coffee, pastries We're going to this Four star restaurant – [Bailey] Ooh fancy Let's go

Fancy – Comfort food This looks like the place to go We're gonna go to Olive Branch – [Bailey] We made it

Oh,oh,oh Ooo cute Ta-da Let us go eat some food (Country music playing) – Is this is artsy? – [Brooklyn] Yes ma'am

Yes – Chocolate chip pancakes – [Brooklyn] They have cinnamon rolls, which I might get Or this chicken waffle thing I don't know

– So many options and I don't know which one to choose (upbeat country music playing) – Okay Breakfast is over and for me and Bailey it was a delicious It was a cute – The chocolate chip pancakes were huge

– Yeah Bailey ate– Really great place We are going to find a new place to go We're gonna go do some activity, I think so, gotta go discover that right now – All right google maps where are we going next? That is the real question Where are we going next? We've eaten, so we're full and ready for something fun

– We are like trying to find an activity, so Maybe we'll do like a painting, like a painting class Oh okay Hear me out too There's this place called, "Practically Picasso" that you can go and I guess you can pick out pottery? And you can like sit down and paint it and you can pick out your paints and stuff? Yeah, this is like a paint yourself like kinda place

So, I think that's a good– I've never been to somewhere like this – To clarify, we have the artistic abilities of a first grader – Trying to color in the lines – Yeah Like literally I cannot, I no

Let's go – [Brooklyn] We made it – Ta-da! – [Brooklyn] There are so many options – Where to start? – [Brooklyn] Of things to paint – I think we decided that we're going to try to paint self portraits of each other

– Oh my gosh – So you're going to just have me be like this – [Brooklyn] Get you a goblet of your face – I picked it out We're gonna do mugs

– (laughs) I'm pumped I'm ready to go – Let's go get our paint – We get to pick the colors that we want so I'm gonna have to get a pleather of colors to paint your face – Oh

Pink – [Brooklyn] Yeah we'll have to get like hot pink – [Bailey] I got my mug and I got my colors and I'm ready to paint Brooklyn We will see how this goes (upbeat pop music) – [Bailey] Feel like this is gonna go very bad

– I'm such a terrible artist – I have to like stare at her Like I'm just staring at Brooklyn while I paint because I'm painting her face Can you look at me? Thank you – [Bailey] Okay, this is what I have so far and I feel like we're progressing well

Identical (classical music plays) (record scratch) – [Bailey] This is so– I kind of messed up on the eyes Look at those lashes Wow Spitting image

(laughs) – This is really fun I tried to do Bailey's eyes Yikes We're doing our best here people – [Bailey] I am done

I did so good Oh wow Friendly reminder that I never claimed I was an artist Ready? – [Man] Oh, that's great – Oh my go– This yours

Did you see yours? (laughs) Look at your eyelashes – Look at my little animated face – Look at the eyelashes – Awh, I love it – It's in there, it's in there

– It's a nice fade – Creativity at it's finest Thank you, Thank you You guys will have to vote on who you think painted the other one better Me or Brooklyn? (whispers) Definitely me

– Just finished painting and we are ready to do something else I'm not sure what Bailey's going to discover it for us – Yes Okay so I'm on here

I'm seeing a bunch of different options so I'm gonna go to dessert because I'm down for some ice cream – [Brooklyn] Bailey and I have big sweet tooths – Big time Okay, I'm looking here Ooh

Katie's Frozen Custard That sounds so good Okay, it says that we have a 98% match 98, is anyone surprised? Mh no, probably because we love ice cream a lot It's a family owned stand in with frozen custards burgers, other basic treats

Look at these pictures though (groans) Please can we go? Please? – [Brooklyn] Yeah – I cannot tell you how excited I am to eat ice cream ♪ We're going ♪ ♪ To get ice cream ♪ ♪ Ice cream, ice cream, woo, woo, ooh ♪ ♪ Ice cream ooh, oh ♪ ♪ Ice cream, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ (upbeat Latin style music) – (cheers) Let's go – This menu

– [Bailey] I'm not usually a fruity girl but that straw-bana looks mighty fine – [Brooklyn] Brownie sundae I think that's what I'm gonna get – [Bailey] You are so stupid (laughs) Delicious

So I'm gonna get the straw-bana 'cause it's pretty – I'm going to get the brownie sundae 'cause it looks good – And we can share both Let's go Ready? ♪They said they are ready

♪ – Thank you Oh my gosh – [Bailey] Look they are so pretty I don't even want to eat them cause they're so pretty Whoa, oh my go– I have never seen an ice cream look so pretty

This is, this is where it's at Bon appetite Okay, when we decided to film this we realized that Google maps has a new icon – Brand new – It looks like they redesigned it

– Looks real cool – Yeah, and basically looks– Now it looks like it represents all the new places we can discover and how we get there, which is what we've been doing in this video – Kind of the whole vibe of this video so – I thought that was really interesting Just a fun fact

Next place – [Brooklyn] Something fun – Hear me out, we just ate ice cream so what if we went like somewhere athleticy – [Brooklyn] Burn calories – Yeah

Get the exercise for the day I'm gonna look up, fun activities Okay, I'm looking through here Okay, okay, okay, what if– (laughs) We haven't been to one in forever

What if we went to– Can you guess what I'm gonna say? Can you guess though? That's a real question – [Brooklyn] Roller skating? – No We haven't been there in a long time but we used to practice in one – [Brooklyn] A gym? Like a tumbling gym? – Like a trampoline park – [Brooklyn] Oh

– Urban Air came up and it's only like 7 minutes away and it says, large scale, indoor trampoline center, fitness classes, dodge ball parties We could go practice our flips We haven't– We used to do, we used to do tumbling – [Brooklyn] Okay let's go – Let's go

We're going We're going Executive decision Let's go This is a major throwback

(upbeat electronic music plays) – [Brooklyn] This video was sponsored by Google maps (upbeat electronic music continues)

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