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(fast electronic music) ♪ Yeah, the time of our lives it was all about fun ♪ ♪ We were the kids and it was all about fun ♪ ♪ Whoa, oh, a shame we grow older ♪ ♪ Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ – Hey guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey and today we are going to be showing you guys 12 different graduation cap designs that you guys can do, they're DIY, do them yourself

We're really excited about it, so let's get onto the video – Okay you guys, so the first graduation cap we are starting with is a basic school themed decoration So you can see here that we have this sparkly awesomeness So to explain kind of the idea behind this cap To start, we had this sparkly paper right here that we just fit to match the size of the cap and then we found some cute little stickers to put on top

So you can see that we got 2018 which is the year we are graduating This year finally And then we have a cute paw to match the theme of our school And of course, the colors all coordinate along with our school as well And then you can see we put cute little sticker rhinestones on the outside edges just to make it feel a little bit girlier if the sparkles weren't enough for you yet

And that is the finished look for this graduation cap (picture whooshes) – Okay for this graduation cap it looks super fancy and complicated but in fact it is not It kind of looks like you did your own little lace doilies on the sides kind of, but it's actually just paper and it comes that way which is super nice As you can see, it just comes with the little design on the side So we put that on the top and then here we just have stick-on gold glitter letters that said dream big

If you have another quote you want to put on there you could do that too And then there's like a big blank space here that if you wanted to add pictures or designs or maybe another word or something at the top, you could Or you could just leave it plain, I mean it looks really great that way as well We also added little pearls on the side It's just like a delicate little touch to the rest of it and then a pearl in the middle to kind of bring it all together and yeah

(light sizzles) (hands tapping) – Bump da da dum Next graduation cap, so you can see this one is personalized to moi, but it can be personalized to you too if you're going to be wearing the graduation cap Of course, you would personalize first your name So I put Bailey but if you're Sarah or John you can go ahead and put that in cute white lettering and then the year that you are graduating And then we outlined the design with a gold, sparkly pen and then the next step was finding just these cute stick-on flowers which of course I'm super girly so I did flowers, but you can find whatever stick-ons that you think you want that matches your personality and put those on the edge of your graduation cap

Just add a little pizazz here or there And then again following the theme, outline it with a gold, sparkly pen just to give it a cute little pop And then to finish it off, you've got the button in the middle, so we just glued it on top right there just to make it look a little more cutesy and fun (picture whooshes) – Okay so this graduation cap is something I would definitely wear It's kinda more simple, but I like it

And these are the colors of my school You could do the ribbon and this little glittery paper that's on top in whatever colors your school are, so if that's black and gold or maybe it's green and yellow, I don't know Mine is red and black and then on the bottom here I just have my graduating year Obviously, you guys might be different so you can change that up a little bit as well It's really pretty, but super easy

You just put on this little glittery paper on the top You put a little jewel on the button on the top of your head as well, and then you just, obviously make a bow out of the ribbon and put your graduating year and you're done So super easy, super quick but really cute at the same time – Okay, you guys time out So, we do have some exciting news

We are going on a Mascara Tour and the cities we are hitting are Nashville, Dallas, Salt Lake City, and Atlanta So if we aren't visiting where you are going, do not worry, first of all We so love you guys even if we're not going, but also you guys can watch our socials and we'll be posting about ways you can get involved and get the mascara early too So we are going to try and include everyone, but those are the cities we are visiting All right, let's go back to the video

For you superhero lovers we've got a cap for you So check this one out, it's Batman So obviously from your perspective it looks upside down, but if you were wearing the cap this way where you could see the cape then the Batman would be right side up So that's the first point I wanted to make, so to begin kind of the idea of how we made this happen We first started with getting black felt here, cutting out the shape of a cape, and super gluing it to the bottom side of the cap

So that's the first step Second step is to get yellow ribbon and black ribbon Tie a bow and hot glue it on top right where you put the cape so you can see right here they align So we glued the cape under here and then glued the bow on top of that And then the next step because I don't know about you guys, but I can't freehand a really good looking Batman, so I printed off an outline from the computer and honestly just Googled Batman and it will pull up the outline

You can just print that off the computer, outline it on a black piece of paper, and cut it out, and you have your bat Then just cut out a yellow oval to go underneath it And there is your Batman graduation cap Congratulations, you're now the superhero graduating – Okay for all you Disney fans out there

I'm a Disney fan You guys should be Disney fans if you're not This is a Minnie Mouse little graduation cap here, and these ears actually go in the back on this hat, but you can do it either way Some girls wear their hats towards the back of their head, so you know you see it more from the back, I don't know So you could do it either way

But again we're just using this glittery paper that we have Honestly you should just get it 'cause it's in all the options (laughs) And then these ears came off of a headband We just cut 'em off a headband and glued 'em on, but you could also cut out little circles from the paper and just fold the bottom and glue 'em on so they stand up Whatever is easier for y'all

And then again we just made a little bow and glued it right in the front with this polka dot ribbon right here You could do red ribbon, you could do glittery ribbon if you want to change it up a little bit, but yeah, overall you just look like Minnie Mouse with your graduation cap on (picture whooshes) – Since you are graduating you're going to probably want to sport the college you're going to so this time we are going to show you guys how to do a college sporting graduation cap So no, to clarify, I'm not announcing where I'm going secretly by showing you a UT cap That is not in any way, shape, or form a secret meaning

I just wanted to come up with a college, you know, and this is the first one that popped into my head I printed off outlines and traced them So I got this cute little sparkly gold like paper It doesn't really feel like paper, it mostly feels like just sparkles really glued together So it's like this metallic sheet and we just cut out the shape of the long-horn and the UT, traced it on this, cut it out, and then put it on the cap

And then we got these silver sparkles There like small versions of these and then we outlined the design of the longhorn and the UT on top of that Very basic, it's really, really easy Not hard at all You could do this for any school

You could print off a bear, a lion, I don't know what other mascots there are, millions of different things, eagles, all can be fit on this wonderful cap in sparkle metallic paper and you can just stick it on and there you go (picture whooshes) – Okay I don't know about y'all but I'm a huge fan of Wonder Woman She's a strong, independent superhero and I love her and the movie was amazing So this is a super fun graduation hat that is about Wonder Woman So you just cut out a red triangle of paper, a blue triangle of paper, white stars from paper, and then there's this little gold Wonder Woman thing, so we just use this cut-out, put it on the gold paper, cut it out, and then drew over it the same way that the W is

Glue it all together and you're Wonder Woman for graduation (picture whooshes) – Okey dokey, so if you are a girly-girl like me or a spring girl who loves flowers, this is a graduation cap for you It is literally the most basic and easy possible graduation cap you could do Go to Hobby Lobby or any craft store They will have a row of just fake flowers

You go in there and you buy the color flowers and the shape flowers you want, cut the stems off, and you glue them onto your cap just like this That is it, ladies and gents, that is it You have a flower crown graduation cap (picture whooshes) – So this hat kinda reminds me of henna, which I love The designs are always super intricate and beautiful

So the top of the hat looks like this You kinda have to either freehand it or get a stencil, you can trace, there's like transfer paper and a bunch of other options you can do as well On this cap we just use Sharpies If you have pens or other colors you want to use, you can do that as well And then to add a little bling to it, we put gems just around it and all over the design to make it stand out a little bit more

On the tassel itself for the graduation hat, we did a little feather dipped in gold glitter paint But it's just a fun, intricate design (picture whooshing) – If you are looking for a simple school spirit like graduation cap, then this is the cap for you Literally, again, so easy Basically just find sparkly paper in the color of your school, and then we found some black lace to go on top because our school does have the color black, but I'm sure if you had white or silver or gold you could probably find that somewhere too

We went ahead and laid the black lace over the red and then just glued it underneath the cap right here So it looks super cute and decorated It looks like you spent a lot of time on it, but truly it only took you like five minutes And then just to add a little pizazz, we added the cute little button This is really, really easy so there you go

– So you all know that I love girl power and we love showing you guys that girls can be powerful and empowered And so this graduation cap, it just embodies that whole thing, is the female gender sign So we have this red sparkly paper cut out and then we put it on top of this foam It's like this thick little foam pad, and it just makes it stand up and pop off the hat a little bit And then we put a black and white striped paper on the bottom

Super, super easy to do, but it's also very cute and it shows what you stand for, so women empowerment all the way Graduation, here we go (picture whooshing) – Thank you guys so much for watching I know it's crazy Graduation is finally here

– So close I'm just ready – Four years of high school and we are just ready to go, – Ready – so the graduation caps are a sign that it is getting close to the time to leave – So make sure to comment them below

Which graduation cap do you think Bailey and I should wear to our graduation? – Yes – I'm feeling like some of these are pretty good – Vote on the good ones – So comment down below And you guys can subscribe to our channel by clicking the link right here and check out more of our videos by going over here and clicking the boxes

– See you guys later – Bye

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