Guess the YouTuber Challenge!

– Hello Guys! – Hi! – It's Brooklyn and Bailey And today we are filming a super fun video

– We have to, guess the YouTuber! – Guess the YouTuber! Based on like a tiny little picture, like a zoomed in picture and then whoever loses has some sort of punishment at the end – Punishment – We don't know what it is – But, before we get onto that video We do have some exciting news, our brand new clips just launched

– Just launched – So if you haven't checked them out, I don't know what you've been doing – Bailey is wearing one of them – Oh yes – But we have a plethora of choices and options

You guys definitely need to go check out – I was like for a second, did you guys see, where, where, where (mumbling) – It's right here So you guys should definitely go check out all the clips because– – Go check them out Also there is limited quantity of the clips, and I know you guys are like, yeah sure there's a limited

No, really! Like they will sell out, so go get yourselves some – Yes! – Right now! – All right – Onto the video (Upbeat music) – First body part – I apologize to any YouTubers that are watching this, if we miss you – That we don't know

(bell ringing) – Huh, oh, LaurDIY – Yeah, LaurDIY – Oh yeah! – Yeah – That was fine – You wanna know how I knew that though

'Cus she has like a distinct shape – Eyebrow It's like eye and eyebrow shape, like you can tell – Yeah, like the combination – One point for me – She looks good in this picture, dang

(bell ringing) – [Both] Collins Key – Ah, yes! I got it first! – I, I got that! I said that first That is so obvious like– – Oh please – He's the only person – You really could, you took a picture of his key necklace

I mean, really – No one else where's a key necklace – Ha! Also you said Collin – It's Collins, it was like – Incorrect! James Charles

I, so obviously it's James Charles Oh yes! – I need to redeem myself hardcore – Okay, ready (bell ringing) Oh, Lindsey Sterling – Oh! – Oh! – I knew that! – Duh! I don't know what her puppy's name is though, but I can see because she has pink hair, and she's like one of the only other YouTubers that has pink hair right now

Oh my Gosh, how did you know get that – I know, okay, stop You come on, it's a dog, it's not even a person – But she's been posting of her in like this full pink outfit for like just days and days – Okay, well I, I had to think about it

(bell ringing) – [Both] Oh, that's – Jake Paul – Oh my gosh, I totally didn't remember his name for like half a second there (laughing) – I knew who it was too – Wait, is it Jake or Logan? – Jake

– Ah yes! I was right! Even the right brother! – Mm-hmm (singing) – This isn't even a fair game I don't have one point, she has all the points (bell ringing) Grayson Dolan Or Ethan Dolan – Oh, pick one! – Grayson

– I'm gonna say Ethan – Grayson! – Oh, dang it! – I got a point! – I was just gonna guess the opposite in case she was wrong, so I could get a point But he has that earring – He has that earring Which he wears

– He does (bell ringing) – Oh come on – Oh, Veronica Merrell – Vanessa – [Both] Merrell twins! (laughing) – That's not fair – It took a picture of their dimple, okay

It could have been either one of them – Okay, let's look on Instagram 'Cus I bet we can tell which one is which – I bet Oh, I was one hundred percent right, it's Vanessa

– Ugh – I know the Merrell twins have the adorable – But we both said a Merrell twin And that's the tag @Merrell twins – No! – So we both get a point

– I would have– – We both get a point! – No! – Yes! – Fine (mumbling) wait, what? Oh! (bell ringing) – Oh, oh, oh! Garcia, what's her? – Ah, Karina Garcia! – No! – Yes! – No, no, I gave that to her! – I, both of us, both of us, she said last name and I said first name – She's the slime queen – The slime queen (singing) Yeah, okay, I know these people

I feel proud of myself I'm sorry, what? (laughs) I'm just gonna guess, (bell ringing) and say Emma Chamberlain, just because – No way, no, no That's just not true (exciting screaming) – Oh my God! (laughs) – What the freak! How was I supposed to know by your hair that is was Kamri! (laughing) That is not fair! That is not fair

– The one YouTuber we didn't get was our sister! – That wasn't fair – Kamri, please don't be mad at us That was hard, it was just a french braid I was like I don't know, Emma Chamberlain – It was not Emma Chamberlain, Emma Chamberlain does not do her hair

– Next Oh my gosh Oh my gosh, who is this? Uh-oh Say something! – I don't know who this is – I know who it is, she's like, she's like, almost a comedian type and very opinionated

– Yes – And she's got kinda of a bigger nose and brownish hair, and darker skin But I don't know – Kinda bright brown eyes – What her name is and brown eyes

– [Director] I'm gonna give you the first letter of her name get ready to push the thing G – Nope – Nope – [Both] The Gabby Show! – I knew it! – [Director] That was the one

– Oh (bell ringing) – [Both] Jojo Siwa! – That was a given – Duh, come on, so easy – That was so easy – We both get a point for that one

– Yeah, we both get a point for that one – That wasn't even like, no fair game – Jojo, Jojo, dresses distinctly – And this, is like, her pose Who? (bell ringing) – Hah, Grant Knoche! (laughs) – That's not, Grant Knoche

– It's his hairstyle – But he's blonde now – Well, now! He wasn't like, two months, three months ago (laughs) – It's not gonna be Grant If it's not Grant, can I get a point? – All right

– There's no way this is Grant – Yes! Whoa! Yes! – That is like – He's even in a picture with us! – That's cheating! He is not a brunette anymore! He's a blonde! – Grant, FYI, to you guys, Grant always styles his hair like this tall – It's like so tall – Like, we make fun of him for it

– All the time – That's why I knew it was Grant, because it was so unbelievably tall – But that's such a Instagram boy hairstyle – I'm giving myself points! (singing) (bell ringing) – Niki – Niki

– No, no! Yes it's Niki, sorry – Niki, it's Niki – It's Niki, yep – I got it! – We both said Niki This isn't even funny anymore

– Okay! – This is like stupid – We'll give us both points Who dis? Now apparently we are supposed to know people's dogs – Yeah, this isn't even – This is the second picture of a dog

– This isn't even a person, this is a dog (bell ringing) iJustine? Who else has a dog? – Uh, every person – Okay, don't, next We're just not gonna – I have no idea

– Oh! – [Both] I would not have known that – You guys might have known that, I wouldn't have known that – I don't, yeah I don't know that – I would have probably recognized her face but not her puppy – Not her dog

(bell ringing) – Emma Chamberlain! – Yeah – The glasses! – The glasses are iconic – The little mini glasses that she wears – The circles How many more of these do I have to lose? A ring? Who's engaged right now? – Karina is

Oh yeah – No – I would not known that – No No way would I have known that, no

– There's no way, never – No way – Congrats though! – Yeah no kidding! – I mean that's fantastic! (bell ringing) – [Both] Liza Koshy! – We both got that one – We love Liza! She's an icon – We don't even, we haven't even noticed if that's really her Yep, Liza Koshy, there we go

– Oh, we didn't even have to ask – No – The distinct curly black hair – Yeah, we know it (bell ringing) Oh, I didn't even hit it

(bell ringing) – Ah, Patrick Starrr – Ah, yeah it is Dang it you said his name – He looks good, his makeup, always flawless – I need six points to win, there's no hope for me

– There's just it's not gonna happen for Brooklyn – No, it's not – Oh and yeah She's gonna have to do the punishment at the end Whatever it is

I'm just glad I don't have to suffer I'm sick – Whatever! – I'm tired, don't make me do it – Yeah right! (bell ringing) – [Both] Oh! – It's Ro Pansino – It's Ro Pansino

– Nerdy Nummies! Who got that one? – Me! – I said Ro! I literally said Ro as I pressed it Thank You, I got a point – Brooklyn, I will give you a mercy point Oh, is that the end? – Okay I have eight points and Bailey has thirteen

– Total score, thirteen points for me eight points for Brooklyn – I don't want to do no punishment – Which means – Eat something gross, ugh, I don't know what – Bring over the punishment box

– I don't even know what it is it's just like in a box – Oh wait, that's the punishment? – [Director] We'll see – [Both] Hey Brooklyn and Bailey! – Loser has to wear this costume around campus while wearing bells Have fun! (laughs) It's the corn costume! (laughs) – No! (laughing) – [Director] It's an adult size too, so it won't fit you – I am the single one

I have to look cool This is not gonna get me a boyfriend – Thanks team! This is a classic, let's go guys! Ready, go – No (Upbeat techno music) I texted the team and I just said, R

IP my dating life, thank guys (laughing) – [Friend] Girl, I like your kernel! – Aye, I'm a sweet corn ♪ Bbm, bbm, bbm, bmm ♪ – [Brooklyn] Can't even see out of this thing

It's called high fashion You have to embrace the look Are you coming? – [Friend] Yeah girl! – People probably won't even bat an eye How are you doing? Just kidding I'm getting laughed at

What do you think about my costume? – I like green, I think it really suits her – Really – Like really pretty eyes and everything – Would you like be phased if you saw me walking around campus in this? – I think I was kinda phased right now (laughs) – I'm setting trends

If I tuck my ears, if I pull my ears out – [Friend] Yes! – [Friend] Perfect – [Friend] Oh yes! – I love the fact that I'm getting recognized in this costume – [Friend] More than you normally do? – More than I normally do on campus (laughing) Hello, how are you? Awe, frick

There's a really hot guy – [Friend] Go say hi – No! – [Friend] I love corn – Yeah – [Friend] Yeah, we love corn

Corn get back here – There was a car that stopped and waved to me Don't know who it was But I'm gonna go get some Starbucks in the library And then I'm taking this costume off, because I am sweating

(fun music) Can I get two strawberry acai with lemonade, thank you Overall, Baylor students really supported of the costume Got lots of compliments, lots of questions No judgment, honestly, it was good I might come out in this more often

(gentle music)

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