Handcuffed to my Boyfriend for 24 Hours

– Good morning everybody It is bright and early on a Saturday morning

I'm still getting over a little sickness so if you're like, why does she sound like that? It's because I'm sick Kind of But today me and Asa are filming a hand cuffed together for 24 hours challenge Really it's just gonna be from this morning 'till tonight Here's the thing, okay? This is gonna be so much harder than it was with Brooklyn when we did it in high school

Me and Asa are a boy and girl But also one thing I will say is we're not gonna drive this year with the handcuffs on because it was kind of dangerous last year So this year we're going to take them off when we're driving, but that's it I'm kind of not looking forward to this and I am at the same time 'cause it means I get to hang out with my boyfriend all day long Which I'm not complaining about

But it also means I won't be able to move, so, hm (upbeat music) I think Asa's here I heard a car pull up Hey – Hey

– [Bailey] Are you ready? – No I'm dreading it actually – [Bailey] It's not that early why do you look so tired? This is gonna be exhausting Wake up! – Ah! – [Bailey] Which hand are we doing it on? He's a lefty And I'm right handed so technically we could chain up our dominant hands

But are we wanting to make this harder on ourselves? We're gonna do my left hand, his right, so not our dominant hands (grunting) Crap this one locked again And we're locked – [Asa] Ow – Locked and ready to go for the day

First thing's first Makeup! – Yay – Guess who gets to go with me? – [Asa] Yay – Woo! Oh, are you so excited? – Uh-huh I won't have to do much

(laughs) I might have to help a little bit – Yeah, you might end up helping – [Asa] All right, so, makeup time – This is proving to be a lot harder already than I thought it was gonna be – [Asa] I'm just like dangling my arm and just letting her take control

– Yeah you should do that Because otherwise, one jerk and you're gonna mess up my eyebrow or something Don't be mean and do it on purpose – [Asa] I won't This is fun

(Bailey laughs) I can already tell this is gonna be a team building experience (Bailey laughs) Everything we have to do, like moving the trash, we had to like walk together for every thing that we were trying to do This is gonna be good Okay, so we are on to eyebrows One and a half done

(both laugh) And so far it's not too bad I'm just kinda chilling my hand here She's kind of just doing it – We should've done our dominant hands, 'cause this is kinda easy right now – [Asa] Don't get too crazy now

(laughs) – 'Cause I mean we haven't tried to do anything else – [Asa] Just wait 'till we try to do your hair – Yeah that's gonna be difficult – [Asa] That's gonna be tricky (laughs) I'm sure there will be challenges that come with this

Especially if we go out in public We're gonna just get weird looks – Weird looks People are gonna be like – [Asa] Hashtag store – [Bailey] Mhm – [Asa] Wait Ow

– [Bailey] Come on – All right Hair time – This hurts my wrist a lot I need you to hold this and then I need to braid this side

Please do not let that go – I'm holding on for my whole life For some reason she always asks me to hold it when I'm here, but I'm like, how does she do it the other times? It's okay It's good It's fine

Need to blow my nose though (laughs) Oh no – Don't hand it to me yet Oh, this is gonna be hard Okay

(Asa exhales) Ow! Hold your arm up – I'm trying – Oh! – We did it – Pancake it a little – It's the key

– Boom! Wahoo! Yeah! So it's like morning afternoonish We didn't eat breakfast so we're gonna eat like a leckfast? – Brunch – Oh (laughs) I'm not stupid, I swear Oh my gosh

Brunch Okay I think we've decided we're gonna switch it to our dominant hands because we're just feeling like it might be too easy – Might be a little too easy but I don't know I think this is gonna get pretty bad – [Bailey] So we're switching to the dominant hand

No! – Just kidding All right – [Bailey] Okay this is gonna be interesting – This is gonna be interesting – [Asa] All right starting bleckfast

Look how strong that left hand is – [Bailey] It's bad – [Asa] Okay Pretty good, pretty good Now bring it to your mouth

Ta-da! – He's telling me he needs to pee (Asa sighs) Guys listen, okay, I know a bunch of you guys are gonna be like you, you guys have been dating for three years, why don't you just pee together in the same room? I know people ask these things I have to clarify – It's weird – We are

– Yeah – Not that We don't, what are the words I'm trying to say? – I don't know

– We – We – We Are? – We are the kind of people that are waiting until marriage (laughs) – Yes! – And so to avoid temptations we don't do stuff like that

– Correct – Which explains why we can't pee in the bathroom together – Yeah – Also, you've told me before you hate the sound of people peeing – I know, I do

– Why isn't it focused? – I'm probably just gonna have to get over it for today – Yeah, we get that question a lot actually, like why don't we live together, why don't we like share a room, that kind of thing Just because our personal belief is waiting for marriage But that doesn't have to be your belief and if you believe something else, good for you Awesome

That is great But for us – Yeah

– [Bailey] Onward fellow soilder This is hard to film with you yanking my arm around – First I have to blow my nose – [Bailey] For the 100th time! Stop blowing– – I have a cold! – Okay – I missed

– [Bailey] Can you sit on the toilet? Oh, it's the wrong hand! (Bailey laughs) – I just gotta pee, so – [Bailey] Okay! I forgot you're a boy Okay, so he's peeing, he's standing up I forgot that you pee like that – [Asa] Girl

How am I supposed to pee like this? (Bailey laughs) Okay – [Bailey] I'm falling over Ow! – Ow! – [Bailey] Okay we're gonna keep the door like this I'll stand on this side Okay he's standing

Oh my gosh Please don't get pee on my floors, that'd be nasty Like long arm it and then like, yeah, does that work? – [Asa] It's a little better – Okay I'm just gonna hear you pee I'm gonna have to stop recording now because I'm not gonna record the sound of you peeing

Wait turn the sink on That's a good idea He just finished (toilet flushes) He flushed, I heard a flush You done? – [Asa] Yeah

– Ew wash your hands! (water running) Just dr– Oh – Gotta dry Ow – Ow Look who just got home

– Good luck We tried this, it did not go well So good luck, Asa I heard rumor that Bailey was gonna go on a bike ride and you were gonna have to run next to her – [Bailey] That's our next activity

– Yeah, I don't know She said we're gonna try to ride a bike and I'm like, how are we gonna both sit on the bike? I guess that makes a little more sense, but, that's gonna hurt – [Bailey] All right we're heading to the car I thought it would be fun to try and ride a bike because we don't really have much else to do today 'cause it's just a chill Saturday We are going to dinner and a movie tonight with some friends

– Yeah – [Bailey] And we will be filming that But, as an activity we're gonna try riding a bike – I'm so scared I am so scared

– [Bailey] But unlock me so you can drive – Okay – To your bike – Since I'm driving, I will be unlocked – Ugh, no relief for me

Oh my gosh we're separate! This is not something we just normally would do Asa does have a bike, though – I do – But I'm just fully entertained by the idea of whether or not we can actually make it happen – [Asa] I'm so scared I'm not even enjoying– – I think we can make it happen

– I don't even wanna think about it – Let's go! – [Bailey] Okay, we found this large empty space in the parking garage and we're just gonna try this out (upbeat carnival music) – Okay so we're gonna try this again and instead she's just gonna ride – [Bailey] Ow! – And I'm gonna run (grunting) Okay

– [Bailey] Why do you lean so far forward when you run? – [Asa] Okay, faster you ready? (heavy breathing) Ow! Ow, ow, ow! Okay bad idea – Why did you pull away like that? – I didn't know you were turning! (groaning) That was a bad idea – Update: the bike kind of worked – No it did not – A little bit

– No – Yes it did! – [Asa] Ow! Ow, ow, ow – Better than we thought – I am out of breath – I'm getting sick of this

I'm not sick of you – Thanks – Love you – I love you – I'm just sick of this

Isn't it good bonding though? – I guess (upbeat music) We just showed up to BJs and we're about to be on a double date – Handcuffed– – Together – Together – This will be a true bonding experience since he is a lefty, you know, and I'm right handed

Trying to eat at a table – Hm Tricky – Yeah We told our friends beforehand so they're not like totally weirded out

But we're probably gonna get some weird looks The waiter just came up to us and was like – We were like

– We were like bring it down, bring it down, don't show him, don't show him This is already complicated Ah, he eats so close to the plate! Can you move your elbow? – Ow! Ow

Ow Ow! – Ow – Ow! – Ow! – Ow! – Ow! Ow – Ow ow ow ow! Ow! – [Bailey] We've made it to the movie You look so enthusiastic

We are currently still handcuffed together We managed through dinner somehow No, fight me bro Give me some popcorn Give me some popcorn

But yeah, we're kind of stuck together today As you can see we're getting some weird looks Ow, ow, ow (laughs) (upbeat music) All right We've officially come home from the movie

– I hate this – I am tired Yeah, it's like one o'clock It's time to take these babies off – [Asa] Please

– Unlock us Take them off! Take them off! Take them off! They're coming off – All right, ladies first – Oh, bless (cheers) Freedom! Feels so good

– [Asa] You know what, I kinda like it – No! Goodbye! – Yes! – Never again! – Never again – Now we can actually (laughs), by choice be near each other – Yay – [Bailey] Goodbye

Oh my gosh, this is gonna be so weird – Being dragged around all day has worn me out – [Bailey] Oh brother, you dragged me around, too – Uh-uh – No, you totally did

– Hey, I love you – [Bailey] Oh my gosh this is gonna be weird – Goodnight – 'Cause we've been chained together the whole day Goodbye

Look We can be apart Goodbye – Bye – Oh my gosh, never will I ever handcuff myself to anyone ever again

Goodnight, I love you – I love you Ow Ow! – Ow! Ow! – Ow! – Ow! – Ow! Ow! – Ow, ow, ow! Ow! – Ow, ow, ow – Ow

– Sorry

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