(pop music) – So we've discovered that I need to use the bathroom (laughing) – You're here just like, kind of with us

– Is it really a date if I'm here? – Hey guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey! – Okay, so obviously you can see today's video's gonna be very entertaining We have been handcuffed together all day long – For 24 hours – And we vlogged every – All, all of it man bit of it for you guys All the adventures that this comes with – Stop! – It is very interesting

– Exciting! – You know, it's definitely a bonding experience so you guys should definitely check that out, so let's move on to the video – Good morning you guys, so it is 5:30 in the morning and yes, this is our first, first like hour for second of being attached (tape scratching) (dramatic music) – This is going to be the most entertaining – I'm already hate it – Thing I've ever experienced in my life

– I feel like I'm gonna get – I feel like I'm gonna get very annoyed – I feel like I'm gonna get what's it called – Very quickly

– Like, I'm gonna start like getting – Rubbed? – Rubbed funny Because we're just yanking it – We need to put gloves on or something – Like different directions all day – She's gonna have to drive and I'm gonna have to hold my hand up

– Yeah, I have to drive like this – I'll be like this – I'm gonna have to turn, she's gonna have to be like – Like if she has to go to the bathroom, I have to follow her – We'll film it all – RIP – So we realized, she's driving and I'm not driving – How do I get my backpack off? – Oh, you're stuck with it on

Ow, you made me drop my phone! – (laughs) sorry – Where did it go? – It's over here – Ow, ow, ow We're gonna have to unhook, I can't get my backpack on – Okay, we realized very quickly that we can't split apart to get into opposite sides of the car

– Why did I have to crawl? I'm the driver – There you go! – Shut the door – This is the most annoying thing in the world – I need something to hold it like this – Ah, I can't turn when you, ow my wrist hurts so bad! It's only been five minutes

– I guess we're supposed to drive one handed, question mark? – I have to drive one handed I can't even reach the steering wheel If I try to turn it just doesn't happen – This is, I'm gonna gain some serious arm muscle – This is the worst thing in the world, I already hate it

– Okay, into our bible study class we go! (laughs) This is going to be very interesting – Oh! – Something's wrong about this – Why are you, what? – Did you guys have to go to jail or something? (classic, swing music) (laughs) – Wait a minute – We're attached for the day, look at this – Oh, gosh

– What the heck? – What do you guys think? – What the – How are you guys gonna go to your classes? – I don't know – We have the same classes, we'll just have to sit next to each other

– Oh, I thought you guys had different– – At the same seat? – Yeah, the same seat – But pull another chair up? – Mhm – But I thought you guys had different classes? – No, we have the same classes – Oh – So, we typically go back to bed after seminary because majestics is over, but

So, I guess we're getting in her bed We're sharing – Come and join me

– We're gonna go– – Come join me (laughs) We're gonna sleep like this, oh my gosh – Yay! – We're putting mascara on right now – Ah! You almost made me smudge my eye – I'm sorry

– Don't pull away – This is extremely difficult you guys We're trying to do mascara and makeup – She's literally gonna make me smudge my eye – One-handed

(screams) – You guys look crazy – It's a look, I like the scrunchie – You're really stylin', everyday – This is a new style, guys – Convict? – Convict? – Renegade

– Stuck together in prison (laughing) – Feed each other! – Yeah, here! – Yeah here, I'm just kidding – Perfect – [Friends] Aww – You want a fry? – No

(laughs) – She wants Chinese food Well I'm trying to eat this, it's not really gonna work out Let me try When you feel like you can't move one of your hands it gets extremely extremely difficult – Watch they're gonna think we're crazy

– Oh, we're gonna see how this goes – I can't even reach – Whoa Whoa girlfriend, whoa whoa whoa See when she's driving I get yanked around everywhere 'cause her hands are just turnin' and yankin' and pullin'

When we're writing, when we're eating, when we're moving, when we're walking we're bumping into each other constantly It's like a nightmare 'cause I can't eat without tugging her arm towards me – I have to pay – And I'm really hungry and I wanna eat – Good thank you

– We didn't use that hand – I couldn't – Look at us go we're learnin' the system guys (dance music) – Ow! – I literally can't reach over – Ow, I can't reach my food either

Like she keeps being like "Stop" – People are gonna think we're insane They already think we're insane Everyone at school, thank you Tries to get everything into one hand

(laughs) I have nowhere to put my water – Hold it hold it, we got this Guys we just successfully went through a drive thru chained together (old-timey music) – Hi What in the world? Handcuffed? Isn't that how you came out of the womb? – What? (laughs) (laughs) – I will eat my food

– Just sittin' here chillin' We can really manipulate this What if I don't want you to eat? You don't get to eat, I'm gonna make you work for your food We haven't discovered that yet – You haven't discovered it yet? – No

So we have discovered that I need to use the bathroom – So we're in the same stall I'm gonna see if I can go under – This is not gonna work I'm just gonna sit on the toilet until this is figured out

(upbeat music) (giggling) Okay, okay I'm gonna pee (laughing) That is hilarious You guys, I'm gonna pee, she's gonna pee and this is how we're gonna do it – Hey guys, so – We wanted to go on a date

– Yeah we are currently on a date – 'Cause he's not here often but it just happened to land on the worst day (laughs) – My pasta just fell – We brought a friend with us – This is really great guys, I love it

I love when people take me on dates – We're having a lot of fun clearly – Oh yeah, we've been having a lot of fun – We just didn't want to miss an opportunity to go on a date ya know? And then she's over here just kinda with us – Is it really a date if I'm here? – It's still a date

– Yes – Still a date – It's a date with a third wheel – We're just pretending like that side of the table is– (giggles) – We're holding hands– – Having a great time – And she's chained and not very happy about it

– How does on get in the backseat when she's getting in the front seat? – Who knows? – Good question – We'll figure it out – So Bailey's currently taking a shower and I'm just chillin' here handcuffed to her arm which is hanging out of the shower door – [Bailey] It's not comfortable for me either – She's like, I have to like lean forward so that she can wash her hair

It's really complicated, but it's the end of the day so we're almost done with the handcuffs – Okay so I'm freshly showered which this was the most difficult thing ever to work around and really uncomfortable while showering – After a long day of yanking each other around and– – Bickering – Going to school – Which we never bicker but honestly this causes havoc – Ugh, and my wrist is– – Rubbed

– [Both] Rubbed raw – We learned how to work life one-handed – Literally chained together – Which was really hard If you ever want to learn how to, yanno, get along with something– – Chain yourself to her

– Chain yourself together That is the way to do it – It's a good like therapy – It is a good therapy on training people to get along with each other Unless they don't get along at all and then it would just be disastrous

– It's like midnight right now so we've had this on since 5:30 this morning and I'm about to take It off! – Wait can you help me? – I have like the phantom– – I got the phone in one hand and the (sings) Hallelujah – Phantom feeling of a handcuff on my wrist

– (sings) Hallelujah, Hallelujah – I fell like this, you know when people lose limbs I feel like that's what's happening right now – (sings) Hallelujah – (breathes deeply) Time for bed

I get to sleep in my own bed – Go away! We can be separate! – Thank you guys so much for watching I mean this is probably very entertaining to see It's not the most ideal situation – No

– But what can ya do about it? So comment down below if you had to be handcuffed to somebody who it would be Obviously it's not ideal to be handcuffed to somebody – No, no But if you had to be, comment that down below – Now don't forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking the button right there

And you guys, buy the Lash Next Door The mascara is restocked so click the button right here or the link in the description box below to buy it Go get it guys it's awesome Now you guys can see more of our videos by clicking the boxes over there and that is all we have for you so we'll see you guys next week, Bye!

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