Hilarious EMOJI CHARADES with iJustine! Can You Beat Us???

– Oh! – What?! Why didn't you use one of those?! There's no I didn't see the house! No! (laughter) – Whoo-hoo! – No! (laughter) (upbeat music) – Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey, and we have a special guest with us today – Hello! – This is Justine – You guys are, like, on point (Brooklyn and Bailey laugh) It's so great

– That was not on purpose – That was, like, completely accidental – She's been on YouTube from the very, very beginning, like one of the original YouTubers, way back in – 2006! – We were six in 2006, guys – Six years old – Me too (Brooklyn and Bailey laugh) Of course – So we are going to be playing an Emoji Charades Challenge, but before we go and do that, we want you guys to go subscribe to Justine's channel

She makes amazing videos, so you guys should definitely do that So we are going to tell you when – You guys can click the information button over here, or the link in the description box below to do that – Are you ready? Wait for it Wait for it

– I'm waiting – Wait for it Go! Click the information button or click the link in description box – And subscribe – Subscribe, subscribe! We're watching you, we're making sure you're doing it

– I'm so overwhelmed right now (Brooklyn and Bailey laugh) – Okay, now let's go on to this challenge – So here's the rules We're gonna do five rounds, and we have one person typing and two people guessing If you guess correctly, you get two points, and the person who was drawing the emojis gets one point

Is that all the rules? – Yeah – Okay – That's it! – So collectively, every person who's typing, there should be three points handed out at some point The person who's guessing gets two and the person who's typing gets one, if somebody guesses it – And at the very end, whoever wins will receive a wonderful prize, and the two others will receive a not-so-wonderful prize

– Oh – So, let's get started – Okay, I'm gonna pull out the first phrase (Justine hums in anticipation) Does this even exist? I wonder if they have the emoji for this I'll find something else to take the place

– Um, thinking? – A lighthouse – Yes – What?! There's no Wait, I didn't see the house! No! I missed (laughter) I looked back and there was a new emoji (laughter) (Justine pounds pillow) I was like, "How did you get that from just the light?" – You were like, "Whoo-hoo!" – Let me tell ya, this seat's the better angle

(Brooklyn laughs) – Okay – Punch Lights Fight club? – Fist bump Punch

Fist line? – Punchline – Yes! – Oh! – Yes, yes, yes! – How did you even get that? – I don't know! – That doesn't look like a punch – That looks like a punchline, yes it does

– It looks like a punch and a subtraction sign – Okay (claps hands) (snaps fingers) – Okay, okay, okay I got this, I got this, I got this! Oh gosh, okay, okay, okay, okay – This is so stressful with how many emojis there are

– [Justine] Ugh, where's it at?! (Brooklyn and Bailey laugh) Here we go – Dancing Spanish dance – Salsa Ballroom

– Cha cha – Dancing queen – Yes! – Oh my gosh! I'm so bad at this! – This is so much fun! – All right! – No, it's my turn What? How am I supposed to even do this? Ah! You guys are not gonna guess this This isn't gonna go well

– Moon – Face, moon – Man on the moon – [Brooklyn] Oh my gosh, this isn't gonna go well – Uh

What? – Moon drool, moon juice! (Bailey laughs) Moon, uh – Um, sleeping – Oh my gosh, you guys are never gonna guess this – Cookie? – Launch? – Cookie Monster? Drooling launch with a cookie – Moon Pie? Moon salivating cookie? (laughter) – [Brooklyn] Maybe I'll do, instead of that – Cookie – I'll put this

– Food – Spaceship – Starry Night, um Starry, uh, night on the town – Fruit Loops? – This is it – Midnight snack – Yes! – What?! (Bailey shouts and cheers) – I don't know how I got the- – Midnight snack?! – Let's do – Girl Um, girl Friend – Uh, short-haired girl

– Books – Woman, smart woman – Teacher – No – School? – No

– Educator – School mom? – No – School bus – Author – No

– Volume, daughter, notebook – You guys- You guys are gonna feel so dumb when I tell you what this is – Oh, um, um – [Bailey] This is, like, exactly Yikes – Notebook

– Woman book – Okay, this This could be

This can be – Yellow girl book (laughter) – Book – This can be so many This can be this – Baby book – Person book – Scrapbook – This guy

– Yearbook – Notebook Picture book? – It can be this guy – Photo book? – So hard to read in this – I'm gonna tell you

– Okay – Facebook – Oh! – What?! Why didn't you use one of those? – That's- – It looks like a robot! – That's like a robot picture! – There's the real picture right there! So much easier than what you put! – Ahh! – What the heck? – I'm thinkin', all right, let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go – Oh my God, this is gonna be so fun Love, heart, falling in love

– Hug, love, love Love sick – Love sick (all shouting) – I got the points, I got the points – We got it at the same time! – No, I won

– Like, a fraction of a second quicker – Yeah, see? Yes – I'm ready – I don't even know- – You got this – I don't even, I don't even think that I can type

Oh, wait, I think I got Nevermind – Letters, alphabet – Text, texting – Um, kindergarten – Math, I mean, no

Those are letters (laughs) – Math? – Um, um, um, um – Letters, keyboard – Yeah, keyboard – Soup? Alphabet soup! Alphabet soup! – Yes! – Yes! Yes! Alphabet soup! – Look at that! We got it! – I actually like alphabet soup

That was a good one – Me too! That was an easy one – Um, princess – We can't guess anything if there's no labels – Um, okay, you're just not gonna- – Maybe this can work

– Karate? Karate! – A ninja! – Karate Kid! – Um, ninja, soldier – Robe, spa – Spa? – Um Ninja Turtle! – Yes! – Whoo! – That was really good – Policeman, ambulance, doctor – Fireman! – Fire fighter – Fire truck – Fire, fire, fire

– I got it? – Fire truck (Brooklyn cheers) – Boom! – Yes! – I'm winning – I was like, "You got to be ready for this

" – This is the end of Round Three, and I have nine points Thank you, thank you, I know, I have won- – No – At this point Bailey has eight points, and Justine has how many? – Seven, I think? – Seven points? – Seven points – How did I fall behind? – I don't know

– I have no idea – I know, you were rackin up the points – I feel like you were really- – Are you cheating?! (Brooklyn laughs) Are you cheating over there with that paper and the tallies? – Ooh – Ooh, okay High five

Uh, thirsty? Um, sunglasses, oh, angry? – Mad, angry, furious – Mad cow, mad cow disease? (laughter) – Mad cow, mad, angry bull – Frustrated – Mad bird – Angry chick, mad chick

– Angry Bird, Angry Bird! – Angry Bird, yes Yes! Yes! – Angry Bird It's a bird, and it's angry – Yes – Okay, okay, okay

I should get this – Be ready – Oh, I'm ready – Sunflower, world – Starship, star fly

– Star Wars Starship Starlight Star money Star- – Celebrity

– You guys – Star money – Star cash Okay, yeah, let's- – Let me, let me try this – Facebook? – Clearly it's not that easy

(laughter) – It is, actually – Star – Star

Star cash money – I'm just gonna do this – Star money milk?! – Money water? (laughs) What are the- – Fruit Loops

– Bill water – Oh my gosh – Milk – Money, milk Coffee

– Starbucks! – Yeah! (Justine shouts) (Brooklyn and Bailey laugh) She's like, walking around the place (all laughing) (Justine pounds wall) – What? – Do you guys feel dumb yet? – Yes! – I can't believe I didn't get that! – I mean, what do you- – I was gonna get, like Why would you not

And then I was, like, trying to look for the coffee, I did not see that – Oh my God, I'm crying! – I'm so bad at this! Why am I so bad at this? – Starbucks! You said dollar- – Every time – You said money, you said everything but buck

– All right Let's see what we can do now (Brooklyn laughs) – Oh no – She's got this, let's go – Okay, okay, okay

– Grandma, uh, Grandpa – Flower – Laughing, uh, crying – Tears of joy Laughing so hard you're crying

– You're, um – You're hilarious – Happy boots? – Happy shoes

– Happy tapping – In love with shoes, happy shoes Shoe – Happy- Happy foot Happy foot? – Happy Feet! – Yes! (shouting and cheering) – The movie

– No, oh man – Whoa, that was a good one – [Bailey] I'm scared – Ooh But I'm looking- – Pizza

Hut – Uh, party time Um, party Pepperoni? – Celebration Um, crust

– Picnic? Um, pizza box? – Pizza box – Yes – Pizza box? – Justine got it – Ooh, that was so close – That was so close

– It was like, "Pizza pizza box," yeah She got it by, like, half a second before you, Bailey – Okay – Replay the tape – Replay the tape

– Hmm – [Brooklyn] We always struggle with Bailey's – Okay – We don't like hers – Cloudy day, weather

– Starry day, or sorry, yeah – Sunny day, weather, cloudy – Vacation Cloudy day – Um

– Hot coffee, green tea, hot soup? – Tea on a cloudy day Tea on a rainy day – [Justine] Um, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? No

– [Brooklyn] This is really hard – Sunburn, sunburn, sunburn! No, okay, okay, all right, it's not – Sun This is, why do we always struggle with yours? – I don't know, okay? I don't know Ooh, maybe if I do this – Hot tea? – Okay – Dress – Dress? – Sundress

Dress, spring – Spring fashion? – Spring teas Spring – Spring chicken Tea time – Clock tea Time tea – Noon tea

– Springtime tea – High tea High noon – Morning tea? – Afternoon tea? – Yes! (Justine shouts triumphantly) – Oh my goodness – That was so complicated

– That was a hard one – That was so hard – That was so hard – So hard (Justine gasps theatrically) – Oh no

– Is it easy? – Yes – Oh, good – Oh – Super easy – I need an easy one

– So, like, prepare yourselves for this – Hourglass, thermostat Sickness, person, fruit, bunny rabbit – Uh, moon, stars – Are you ready? This is gonna happen super quick

– Fire! Fire fight, fireball, firelight – Flame – Fire start – Fire clock – Fire time

– Fire alarm, fire alarm! – Yes! (Brooklyn cheers) – I'm like, "You guys are gonna get this super quick" – I am losing so bad (Brooklyn laughs) – Bank – Bank, bank robbery Bank, bank burglar

– Bank in America? United States dollar – American bank? – American Eagle? – Wait, isn't there like, some kind of bank name that's, like- – Bank of America? – Yes! (Brooklyn shouts) – Good job! – Okay, wait In first place, Justine with 17 points! – I started from the bottom, now I'm here (cheering and clapping) – That was really fun – That was super intense, though

I don't know why I got so stressed over emojis, but- – I thought- – It was stressful – I guess I'm a really bad typer of these things – This is kinda fun I would play this at parties and stuff – Me too

– I totally would – Now for the grand prizes for the winners and the losers Justine gets the winning emoji, the happy crown pink poop emoji – Look how cute this is! – It's so cute! – This needs to be an actually emoji – I know, right? – And then, Bailey and I get the brown poop emoji, because we lost

– They're still pretty cool, though – They're still pretty cool – It's still prizes, though They're so soft! – It is! – But congrats to Justine for winning – Thank you! Thanks for coming over and doing this, this was so much fun! – This was so much fun

Thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed seeing Bailey and I lose to Justine, the amazing emoji abilities – I'm sorry! – She's just too good at it – She's just so good! You guys, be sure to subscribe to her channel by clicking the box right up here Everything she does is amazing, so I expect every single one of you to be subscribing to her channel

– Thank you! And we also did a super fun video on my channel where we did a sister vs sister challenge of playing Pictionary How're you guys at Pictionary? – Uh, we'll see – We will see – You guys can see too, by clicking the box over there and watching that video

Thank you guys so much, and we'll see you next week Bye! (blows kiss)

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