Holiday Gingerbread Challenge REMATCH | 12 Days of Vlogmas Day #4

– Hey guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey and for today's Vlogmas we are going to have a gingerbread decorating competition between me and Camry on one team and Bailey and Ryan on one team and Daxton and Paisley on one team I don't know if they're really in the competition but they think they are

So we're just gonna let them think they are – I don't know if you guys remember what we did in a video similar to this last year so it was Brooklyn and I against Cameron and Ryan so we're gonna change up the teams this year and see who wins – Yes, now y'all be sure to subscribe to our channel by clicking the big red button below Click, click, click it And comment below on whose team you think is gonna win the competition

I think it's gonna be me and Camry – Definitely me and Riley – I don't know, we'll see Let's get on with the video Okay, so, Camry and I are on a team and we're ready to kill it

Look at that height difference right now This is so sad – She's hurt – Older sister and she's taller than me Anyway, we are ready to win this competition We just opened out gingerbread house Me and Camry and Bailey and Rylan all have the same gingerbread house and then Daxton and Paisley have like a special one that they're gonna decorate

So this is what it looks like it's go the packaging still on it But, it is super cute And then we have some of these extra like candies Peppermints, gummy drops, ah I don't know what that is Candy canes, it comes with this little like built on thing that you can put on the front like this

Somehow And then we decided to kind of add out own little spruce to it and we have brought out some pretzels, chocolate chips, M&Ms We have our green fondant and then we have some frosting in these that we still need to get out Oh I guess we're doing coconut and star bursts too And I'm lucky 'cause Camry is super artistic

So are we gonna win? – I've got some ideas already – [Brooklyn] We're gonna win, I think we're gonna win – [Bailey] Alright, so Our house We're setting out some decor Rylan's working on– – Frosting

– Frosting right now Candy canes and stuff, fondant This is gonna be interesting – It is now six pm

They have exactly 30 minutes On your marks, get set, go (upbeat music) – [Woman] Everyone's busy working – [Man] I think these guys are gonna win – You think that's their inspo pic

That looks complicated to me This one's looking pretty How are we feeling team Bailey and Rylan? – I feel pretty good – Good – Anything stressing you out? – No

– [Woman] Their candy canes were all broken So they had to revamp their plans midway How are you feeling Camry and Brooklyn? – Pretty good – Yeah, pressure's on – Whose gonna win? – [Woman] They were all complaining about the time so we allotted an extra 15 minutes

Paisley is technically the master at fondant Why are you the master at fondant? – 'Cause I watch my favorite shows called nerdy nummies – [Woman] Nerdy Nummies has taught her everything she knows about fondant Which is why she has made these spectacular ornamentations for her house – [Bailey] Okay so I think we're doing pretty good so far

– [Rylan] We're adding some little final touches – [Bailey] So these kind of were inspired by this – [Woman] Yes – [Rylan] And then we ended up not having candy canes so we had to use this – [Bailey] Yeah, just throwing things on there

– [Rylan] So we have those and that is not, I'll show you what it's supposed to be You can't really see it This is probably my favorite part So cute And then that

It's kind of hard to tell what it is, but we can tell And then I'm most proud of this – [Rylan] I'm not sure what she's doing right now but – Oh, I have a great idea – [Rylan] Hey

You're watching us, you're cheating – I'm rolling out this I have the best idea Okay, now I'll go get the gel kit

– I'm thinking ours is looking pretty dang good I mean look at this Tell me that isn't fantastic I think we are going to win the competition Even look at the back

It is so cute Thumbs up for ours We are almost done We got like five more minutes and then we're ready to go – Okay so Rylan and I are the first ones done

I think we should get bonus points for being the first ones done – Yeah, obviously I'm not gonna show you the end result because we're gonna do that when everyone else is done but I think we should get bonus points 'cause we were done first Okay you guys it's time We have all the gingerbread houses lined up but this time you guys are gonna get to vote on whose gingerbread house wins so comment down below whose gingerbread house you think is the best

I'm about to show you so So, first things first Da da da dah This is mine and Rylan's – [Rylan] Yeah

– [Bailey] You can see they've got the cute little mailbox And all the cute decorations Snow Let you see the rooftop Alright

So number one gingerbread house, Bailey and Rylan's Gingerbread house number two Camry and Brooklyn's – [Brooklyn] We have an upside down snowman over here We have a wreath with a holly on it

We have more wreaths hanging from the roof We also have antlers hung up on top We have a fire down here, a fire pit And if you come, here's our Christmas tree as well And if you come to the back, we will show you

We also have a chimney right here and stars – [Paisley] And number three – [Bailey] And number three Daxton's and Paisley's – [Daxton] We got a snowman and we got a sign, – [Paisley] And we made some hearts

– [Daxton] That's the leaf These are just a door and this is the windmill and then we, this is the snow and these are all the lights – These are gummies, and I made these lights – And I put these all around – [Rylan] They have hearts on these

– [Daxton] And then I made a little sign – [Paisley] This one antler – To recap, Daxton and Paisley's, Brooklyn and Camry's, and Rylan and Bailey's So you guys get to vote on which ones you think is the best so comment down below Which team's gingerbread house you like the best and you guys are gonna decide who won! – Thank you guys so much for watching

I definitely had so much fun decorating gingerbread houses every year – I feel like it's the time of year when I can express my terrible art abilities – Oh yes – On something that doesn't matter that much – I'm not an artist in any way, shape or form– – No

– And Daxton and Paisley I mean, – That was a nice house – They made it Now y'all thank you so much for watching Be sure to subscribe to our channel by clicking the little button right over here

You can watch more of our Vlogmas videos by clicking the clicking the box right up here and more of our videos in general by clicking the box right below that Thank you guys and I'll see you next time – [Unison] Bye! – Maw!

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