Holiday SURPRISE for You! | Brooklyn and Bailey

(upbeat music) – Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey and today's bonus video is going to be a giveaway – Woo! – And we're giving away these awesome treats So mine is 11" MacBook Air

– And mine is a wireless projector And in case you guys are wondering, we literally adore these items I mean, I use my computer all the time – Oh my goodness, yes – And we always put our projector up

We always watch it either on the wall, or we set up our tray with napside – Netflix in Bed – Or, you know, whatever you wanna do So these are some pretty great items – This giveaway is for our loyal subscribers only, so if you want one, be sure to hit the big red button down there that says Subscribe, 'cause we'd love to have you – Subscribe, subscribe! – join the family – Do it, do it, do it

Also, you have to be 18 or have your parent enter for you and it's open internationally, so any of you loves out there that are out there in the world can win this too – There's only one required entry for the giveaway and it is that you do something kind You go out, it's a holiday season, – Be kind! – be nice to people, do– – The holiday spirit's in the air – Yeah Do the dishes, – We feel like helping people

– Or help your sister out with her homework or something That's just the one requirement Once you do that requirement, it will open up a bunch of bonus entries – Bonus! – And you can enter You can do something and get some, like three bonus entires, or four bonus entries, and then you can just get a better chance of winning one of these, which is awesome

But this giveaway is starting now Right after you finish watching this video And it ends December 8th at midnight central time – Yes, so click the information button right over here to start entering the giveaway The link– – Or the link in the description box below

– 'Cause it is starting right now – So enter – Go! – Now we love you guys and we'll see you guys later But be sure to go enter – Mwah

Love you guys! (upbeat music)

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