How Twins Fight | Brooklyn and Bailey

– Oh, I was so cute! – That's me – That's not you

– Yes, it is – Brooklyn, look – No, you change – [Brooklyn] No – [Bailey] You change

– [Brooklyn] No – Hey, who's your favorite, me or Bailey? (rock music) – [Both] Hey, guys! – It's Brooklyn and Bailey, and today's video is gonna be on How Twins Fight because we get a lot of questions on whether or not we fight, which we really don't fight that much – No, but it happens – So this video is going to explain how it happens, but before we go on to the video – Be sure to give this video a huge thumbs up and follow us on Twitter – [Both] @BrookAndBailey

– Now let's go on to the video (rock music) – So then the teacher was like, "You should help Jonas with his algebra because you got an A on your test" So I was like, "Okay, I'll tutor him a little bit" So later we went over to his house and I helped tutor him, and he had the cutest dog ever, OMG Brooklyn

Brooklyn, are you even listening to me – Yeah – I'm trying to tell you a story – I heard you – Uh huh, so what did I say? – You said that you went to Jonas's house and tutored him, and his dog was really cute

Told you I heard you You're so annoying – Oh my gosh! We should match today It's twin day – No! – [Voiceover] Please! – Absolutely not

– Please, please, please! – No! – Cute! – We're already twins We already look the same We do not need to make it worse – Okay (knock at the door) – Ay, you got my text! You look good! – So do you! – But you just said no matching

– I said no matching for you because we're twins, and we already do that and it's weird, but this is cute This looks good – Yeah – We're gonna go Let's go

– See ya – But – Oh, God – Uh uh – I'm not taking it off

– I wore it first – No, I, whatever, I had this picked out four days ago – Brooklyn, I'm not changing – No, no – You change – [Brooklyn] No

– [Bailey] You change – [Brooklyn] No – [Bailey] You change – [Brooklyn] No – Fine! Then we can match

– Hey, who's your favorite, me or Bailey? – You – What? – Uh huh That's right – What is it with this family? At least I was the baby Mom and Dad was expecting – Well, you were the surprise – [Bailey] Really? – I was the plan

– I'm pretty sure that I was the planned one, and you weren't – That is so like you to just like appear out of nowhere – Wow Savage – Told you

– Do you wanna know what sounds so good right now? – What? – Chocolate ice cream We should go get some – No, I'm really craving like a Ghirardelli brownie – No way Chocolate ice cream

– Ghirardelli brownie – [Both] Ghirardelli brownie with chocolate ice cream and hot fudge on top No way Yes way Jinx

Jinx again! – You get to go make it – What? I have homework – Oh well – Oh, I was so cute – That's me

– That's not you – Yes, it is – Brooklyn, look, my freckle That is not you – [Voiceover] Look at the triple chin

– [Voiceover] You always had more fat rolls – [Voiceover] That is such a lie You stole my food when I was a baby – You are wrong – La, la, la, la

– Mom! – la, la, la, la (plays ukulele) – Okay, please stop with the ruckus I am trying to read – I'm just trying to practice my song – Brooklyn, you play the same song every day

– I have to play the same song to get it perfect – It's getting really annoying – You play that song 20 times a day – Excuse me? – I have to play it 20 times a day – She's a great ukulele player

– I am a great ukulele player – She has like 50 different songs that she can play – I have like 50 different songs – But, no, hey – You are in my house

– [Bailey] You can't do that – [Brooklyn] You respect me – [Bailey] You leave – [Brooklyn] Okay? – [Bailey] 'kay, cool – [Brooklyn] 'kay

– [Bailey] Bye – Okay – Hello, how are you? – Hi, baby! – No, no, no, no, no, no – Put him down – No

– Let's see who his favorite is Come 'ere Come, oh! That's right, you know who's the best – Braidy, come here – [Brooklyn] You know

– [Bailey] Come here, my baby – [Brooklyn] No, let him, no – Come here, hi! – Come 'ere – No – Come back – [Bailey] No – [Brooklyn] to me

No – Why would you take my favorite lipstick and lose it? – I didn't lose it – You so did I use that every day That is so rude

– No, no – I'm not talking to you – [Brooklyn] She borrowed it – [Bailey] I'm not talking to you Do you wanna go swim? – Yeah, but you have to look at this Tweet first – Fine

Okay, oh my gosh – Oh, boy – I can't believe, no, oh my gosh Is that for real? – Yeah – Will you please turn the light off? – No

You've got legs Use them Go turn it off yourself – I'm trying to take a nap – And I'm texting

– You know what? I'm two minutes older than you I have the natural birth right to boss you around – No, last is best You go turn it off – No

No – I'm not moving – No, I'm going back to sleep – Okay – Just turn it off

– You can sleep with the light on – Please! (sighs) Thank you – Thank you guys so much for watching As you can see we do fight, but it's in the weirdest ways – Very strange – I mean we can't even stay mad at each other for longer than like two minutes

– Yeah, maybe five minutes If you guys liked this video, don't forget to give it a huge thumbs up, and subscribe to our channel by clicking this red button right here Also, click this button over here if you wanna see more videos that we've posted on our channel – And comment below if you relate to any of the ways that we fight – Thank you guys so much for watching

We'll see you all next week Bye, guys (blows a kiss)

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