i GOT A DOG | Identical twins get a puppy!

– Okay ya'll, I don't know if you know, you probably don't which is why I'm making this video I have been thinking for a very long time the past couple of months about maybe potentially getting a dog as a companion because I'm like, just feeling like I'm ready for the responsibility

We foster them at home, like with my parents they foster them They had a dog come in recently named Finnigan who is this tiny little puppy My parents have been kind of like helping foster them, and I went down there and I got to play with him and hang out with him for a couple of weekends, and I just decided that if I was gonna get a dog, I wanted it to be Finnigan I haven't even told my roommates yet, so that will be interesting (upbeat music) The application is in

Why am I so nervous? What if I don't get picked? What if they don't give me Finn? (groans) (squeals) Am I ready to be a mother? I don't know what I'm doing And they don't tell me for like three or four days if I get him or not Okay, wish me luck guys Hey, so Bethany wasn't here when Bailey and Tina found out that we were getting Finn So we decided to do like kind of like one of those baby gender reveal things except for Finn

We're going to surprise her and we're going to play a game on TV where you like enter text for your submission and everybody in the room is going to enter Finn as the answer so that she realizes that, like, I got approved for the adoption and I'm going to film the whole reaction so here it is – We got Finn? – Yes! – What? – Oh my God! (squeals) – That's so exciting! When do we get him? When do we get him, when do we get him, when do we get him? – (girl) We don't know yet – I want him today – I'm really sad because I don't know if I'm going to be able to get Finn There's like a lot of things that go into adopting a dog and one of the things was that, like, we had to have a closed off fence in our yard and we have like three sides that are closed but we have a driveway that's open and so in order to get Finn we'd have to get this really expensive gate, and I was supposed to get Finn this weekend, and I don't know if we're going to get the gate in on time, and I'm just really nervous that I'm not going to get Finn

All my roommates just came in and gave me like a pep talk "We'll get the gate" Like, "We'll get it done "We'll get it done by next weekend so you can get Finn" And we've just, you know, we fostered him and so I've known Finn for a while and I've gotten my hopes up and I'm really excited and hopefully everything works out

I'm going to go I think I'm going to go get some bids from some fence people and hopefully get that fence moving so that we can get Finn as soon as possible After a very dramatic couple of hours of freaking out thinking I'm not going to get the dog, we figured it out This is the temporary fence right here So it just like comes across

You just lift this, and you drag it across every time you want to come in or out, and then you just drive through it So, eventually we'll get the full gate in as soon as that is done, like, being made They have to like make it special for every fence cause the distance is different So that's supposed to be in officially by November 1st I've got a lot of work to do until then, but this is what the temporary fence looks like

So excited for him Got to do a little bit more work Last night I finally got it confirmed that I'm going to get Finn tomorrow morning – Whoo! Whoo! – Which means I need to go shopping for dog stuff cause I did not know if we were getting Finn so I didn't get anything in case we didn't get him But now like I need so many things

Food, I need toys, I need treats, I need so many things – We're going to go spoil this dog – So we got him some conditioner This is like fancy oatmeal and aloe conditioner and it smells so good And then we got him shampoo, obviously he needs some shampoo

And then we got him literally the cutest little look at how cute this little– Look at, he's going to be, it's got little tangerines on it and I got him a matching leash so we can go on walks And then I also got him this like toothbrush toothpaste And then I also got him a hairbrush, because he needs his hair to be brushed And then I'm getting like a little, like his identification and stuff all sent in the mail So, yeah, those are just some of the things

I got him a bunch of toys too, and a doggy bed Literally, look at this thing It's so cute! And we got him doggy bowls that are like marble doggy bowls that just like sit, that just like sit like this So I'm really excited about it We've got a lot of like really cute stuff and all

I'm just so excited for him to come home and me be able to give it to him, all of it It's 9:00 in the morning Paisley and I are at the house to pick up Finn We are so excited I finished signing all the papers and paying for him last night

So here I am, 9:00 am ready to pick him up I've got his collar and his leash and we're so excited (squeals) Finnigan! – He won't show his face

– Hi Say hello All right, we got the dog He's just chilling it right now We're about to drive home

I think he's a little sad because he just left his brother so it's going to be kind of a hard couple of days We're definitely going to have to work on some potty training, but for now we're just going to try to be sweet and sensitive cause he just left his brother that he's been with for the last nine weeks and I can imagine that's probably really hard – [Paisley] Ten weeks – So I'm really excited cause we just got Finnigan We gotta go home and show Bailey cause she's so excited

(dog barks) (everyone screams) – You're back, my baby's back – He's so excited He's so excited – That woke him up, huh? – Good morning – We're heading home with Finn

He is such a good dog in the car He's literally, I mean, we've been in the car for over an hour and a half I think, and he's still just so chill And our car is piled with his stuff Oh, hey there It's definitely going to take a few loads to get it all inside when we're done

But we'll see what the roommates say They know that we were getting him, but I think this is the first time they're meeting him (squeals) – Hello sweet boy – Puppy, hello, hi – He just got a bath

– Oh my goodness, hi He's giving me kisses, oh my gosh, hello I give you kisses back He's such a little prince, he's such a gentleman Thank you so much for the kisses, sir

– Hello everybody It is 7:00 in the morning, and Finnigan has whined and screamed in his crate from 10:30 to 12:00, 1:30 to 2:30, and then 5:30 to 7:00 And I finally sat outside his crate until he stopped whining, picked him up, took him potty, and put him on my bed And now he's stopped crying I'm exhausted

I slept about four hours in between all of that screaming and howling and crying I think Finnigan has the hiccups Do you have the hiccups? (laughs) This is what Finn and I's morning look like He doesn't know the definition of personal space yet So, (laughs) when we wake up, I literally have a pillow right here that is designated for him

And he chooses to sleep on my pillow My head pillow And my body Sometimes he'll lay right on my face so that I'm like suffocating I can't be mad about it cause it's cute, but sometimes I need to breathe, huh baby? And I need personal space

I told myself from the very beginning that I was just not going to be that annoying dog mom that literally talks nonstop about their dog And then I found myself in the mall showing a picture of Finnigan to a random person that I just met I am the freaking dog mom I have an alarm set on my phone so that I wake up before Finn wakes up so I can take him potty as soon as he wakes up I don't talk about anything but Finn cause my whole life revolves around him right now

I'm a dog mom, ya'll It's so unfortunate, but it's so great Okay, so today I went to church My church is two hours long but it takes about three hours for us to like get there, go to church, come back And so I left Finn in his kennel, and, cause I'm trying to crate train him

I've only had him for a week today, and I, sitting in church, and literally all I could think about was the fact that Finn was in his crate And I was like, "Oh man, I feel so bad "Like, I want to go home and take him out" I just, like, I thought the dog might have separation anxiety, but I think it's me that has separation anxiety I'm literally sitting here like parents' guilt

I'm like, "I left my child at home" Comment down below if you relate if you have a puppy or if you have a kid If this is normal or if I'm just crazy Feel like everyone's going to be laughing at me like, "Brooklyn, seriously?" But, for real So, I came home and Finn and I have just been playing but I literally felt so bad, like I didn't even know what to do

Finn and I are going to attempt to give him a bath Which, I've had him for a week, so it's about time that I like bathe him, and he gets fluffy and clean again That being said, I haven't bathed him yet so I don't know how he's going to act in the bath He's definitely curious about the shampoo and conditioner I got I have, let's see, oatmeal and aloe dog conditioner and this one is vanilla milk and honey shampoo

It smells so good I did not know or have the slightest idea like what a good brand of dog shampoo and conditioner was But if you have good recommendations on dog shampoo and conditioner let me know But I am going to try and attempt to film some of his bath That may be harder than I think because I don't know how he's going to behave in the bath

We'll see, so I'll try and film it He will not move from this position He is traumatized I, on the other hand, am covered in water, and so are the walls Cause he just is not having it

He does not like the bath Baby, are we getting you clean? His tail's not even wagging He's like, "Leave me alone" My outfit and my face, but I'm covered in water He looks kinda like a little rat when he's all wet

Say hi Went through the ice cream drive through and they gave Finnigan a little taste of ice cream You want some ice cream? Look at that, yummy! Yummy ice cream, Finnigan He's so distracted now He's like, ice cream only

Hello everyone It is bright and early in the morning, and it is a super rainy, cloudy day, and so Finn and I are going to get shots today I'm interested to see how he does, cause his foster mom told me that he was kind of a drama queen when it came to his original shots and that he cried a lot So, I'm interested to see what that looks like Cause he's, so he's 11 weeks old, which means he has to get his second round of vaccinations

And it's like fun stuff like de-worming him in his intestines Lots of fun stuff like that So we're going to go in and get that done today at just like, a local vet clinic Um, yeah, so I'm interested to see how that goes I will show you all of the fun stuff

(upbeat music) (dog yips) Yummy Um, update, Finn did so good Didn't even cry when he got his shots, huh baby? He like barely even noticed that they were there He was just chilling, he was having so much fun I don't think he's seen, like, another dog in a while because he's been kept at the house cause he's not fully vaccinated

So that was super fun that he got to see all these dogs And he was so well behaved, I was so proud of him I was like, "Okay, you're a good dog" So yeah, shots are finished for this week, huh baby? He's like, "Yeah, I'm over it" I forgot to mention the fact that he didn't cry because they were feeding him spray cheese while they were giving him his shots

I'll give him some credit to being brave but I'll also give him some credit to just eating the cheese and being distracted But yes, he did good with his shots I'm proud of him, huh baby? We have another round coming up here in November And he's going to get his rabies shot with that, and then he gets neutered in February and then he's kind of done with the veterinarian stuff except for his like, his yearly checkup and like a couple of other things I mean, it's just for the first little while that it's a little high maintenance

But, yeah (upbeat music)

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