I Kissed My SISTER’S BOYFRIEND? | Identical Twins Switch Lives For a Day

– I'm wearing an outfit that Bailey would wear I did my makeup with her makeup

And I slept in her bed I'm about to go on a date with her boyfriend So I'm Bailey for the day! (uptempo music) – Hello people! Brooklyn and I are filming a 'Twins Switch Lives For A Day' video That's why I'm in her room right now And because I know you guys are gonna ask, Brooklyn and I did switch rooms this year for the first time

Our lives used to be pretty similar We used to have similar classes, etc But this year, we don't We have separate rooms, I have a boyfriend, she has a dog, we don't take necessarily the same exact classes So, obviously we have different hair, different styles, different closets

We have written each other lists of things that we typically do in a day Now, we are filming this on a st – on a day that is – we Words

We're filming this on a day where we don't have school, so it's gonna be kind of a chill routine That is why I'm in Brooklyn's room I'm gonna have to complete her list that she gave me And the first one was wearing her clothes So it's actually night time because I'm gonna be sleeping in her room

I am gonna have to wear her clothes, that includes pajamas Pa-jam-jams So, I'm about to go put on her PJs Okay, what is it? This? Eh This one? I like this one

Pajama pants – So you guys know that Bailey and I are switching lives for a day Which means I have to like, use her face wash I'm crossing the line at using her toothbrush That's a big fat no for me

That being said, I am using my own toothbrush to brush my teeth tonight No worries guys And I will be wearing my own retainers Other than that, I will be using Bailey's face wash, her lotion, all that kind of stuff And I know tomorrow morning, I need to take a shower, which means probably gonna have to use her conditioner, which is blue so that's gonna be an event

Super fun stuff, I'm gonna go get ready for the rest of the night I'm ready for bed and I figured out that one of the biggest benefits to sleeping in Bailey's room is that Finn is not in here Now, don't get me wrong, I love my dog to death Finn is amazing But he is still a little puppy, and I have him on a sleep schedule to where he sleeps from about 11 to seven, if – look, you can hear him

(dog crying) So, Bailey's gonna have an interesting night But something that's like really strange that Bailey does, she doesn't sleep with a head pillow Don't really know how you do that Do you sleep like flat? I, I don't know (slow motion saying "I don't know") We just separated rooms this year and it already feels weird being in like her space

It's just not, you know, my stuff and like my space I feel like I'm sleeping in a hotel room But I am getting really tired, so I think I'm gonna head to bed for real this time And I will show you guys everything that I do in the morning – [Bailey] I also have to say goodbye to Asa, because I'm Brooklyn for a day

So goodbye, we're no longer dating Goodbye, you don't get to spend time – you have to spend time with Brooklyn tomorrow (ding) Goodbye! (laughs) And it's time to get to bed in Brooklyn's bed, which is gonna be so weird Finn is whining because I guess he can't fall asleep You can see that this is like Finn's play place in the morning

I feel like I've switched lives with someone who just had a baby And then I think this is the side Brooklyn sleeps on since it's unmade so, Brooklyn, I'm sleeping in your bed (uptempo music) Shhh, no one tell her I don't sleep with a pillow Yeah, I sleep completely flat, and I cannot sleep with a pillow

Since I am living the life of Brooklyn, that means I have to sleep with a pillow So (dog whining) Here's an update for you guys

It is 1:08 in the morning, and Finn won't stop crying It's very common of puppies to cry at night when they're learning how to sleep in their crates, but I really don't hear this because normally I'm not in Brooklyn's room I can't believe she deals with this every night I'm literally so tired I think he finally fell asleep

I wanna go to bed Be quiet, is he? (dog whining) Good morning, it's 5:00

Come say hi I just took him out to go potty And now I'm hoping he'll fall asleep – ooh! – Okay y'all, night is over And I have determined that I don't like sleeping in Bailey's bed as much as I like my own bed So, sleeping without a head pillow, big fat no from me

I just feel like flat, and I don't like it Comment down below if you also sleep without a head pillow, because I feel like that's not normal, but maybe it's more normal than I think Anyway, here's the dealio I have to shower in Bailey's shower I have to use this, her blue conditioner

Which is terrifying because I don't know if this is going to color my hair This is like the revamp conditioner, so it like revamps your color But I'm scared I'm afraid that I'm gonna wash my hair and it's gonna turn out blue – I'm gonna get ready with her makeup

This is gonna be interesting because we don't actually use the same products Like, not even close besides of course, Lash Next Door I don't even what she uses Ooh, that's a lot darker than my foundation Isn't that weird? We're identical twins but our skin shades, not the same

Oh no, I am, I can already tell you, it's gonna be way too dark Oh no This is not my shade (blows raspberry) – I have to pick out an outfit for the day that's like Bailey, and this is where things get complicated because yes, our styles are different But they're not like so significantly different that if I put on an outfit, people are gonna be like, oh that's Bailey's clothes

I'm thinking maybe this 'cause she is the only person I know who wears burnt orange Also, I never wear overall dresses This is a big Bailey dress that she wears a lot I'm wearing a dress 'cause I'm going to church Or this one is a pantsuit

That's a Bailey thing to do Ahhh! I don't know! – Look who just came in! – Which one looks the most like you? – [Bailey] I can't tell you that – [Brooklyn] Yes you can – [Bailey] No I can't – [Brooklyn] Yes you can

– [Bailey] I can't – [Brooklyn] Helpful insight – I'm Brooklyn today, I have no idea – [Brooklyn] Hmm – [Bailey] You decide

– I think I finally found an outfit, but now I can't find a belt in Bailey's closet (slow motion saying "in Bailey's closet") This is my final outfit everybody Comment down below if you think I look like a Bailey-esque outfit or if I just made this up – I just feel like I just look not finished Like, the shade difference and the lipstick and the – I just feel like I don't look like myself

But I guess I'm not supposed to, so whatever – I look crazy That came off so pink My blush is not that pink Whoo

Okay, looks like it dyed my hair enough for it to be like, slightly blue Not enough for it to be noticeable Like this is not, not cute at all Ahhh! (slow motion saying "Ahhh!") Final look My hair, number one, blue

Wearing an outfit that Bailey would wear I did my makeup with her makeup And I slept in her bed I'm about to go on a date with her boyfriend So I'm Bailey for the day

Ahhh! Do I look like Bailey yet? (ding) – The next thing on Brooklyn's list, these lovely hair extensions because we all know the biggest difference between Brooklyn and I is our hair Apparently, I'm gonna have to wear extensions all day, which I don't even know how I'm gonna make these look good because my hair is blue So it's not even the same color as the extensions But I guess that is just gonna have to happen That's one strand

(laughs) This looks so wrong because my hair is just not the same color (gasps) I don't like it How do I hide these? What? I just know that this looks terrible Well, here's an update for you guys I have done the best that I could to hide my hair

Ta-da! Okay, this is my Brooklyn-esque outfit I feel like I'm an entirely different human being right now (Bailey laughs) Your hair, your hair! Look at us! – One of the best parts I think about being Bailey is that I have a boyfriend for the day, which (laughs) (slow motion laughs) Look it, it's my boyfriend Yay! – Do you have blue hair? – Oh Asa, wait come here Here, look, love on me (laughs) – Going on a date This boy just suggested that we go to the gas station Subway for our date

I should be just as valued as the real Bailey – [Asa] Fine! – Thank you Aww, what a sweet boyfriend – Okay the next thing on her list is to feed Finn I gotta find him first

Finnegan! Hey, come here! Finn, come on Let's go inside Ahhh! Okay, oh yummy! (Bailey laughs) – You know what my first thought was? – [Bailey] What? – Why are you dressing up like Mindy? Like, that's not Brooklyn (laughs) – We did it! – [Bailey] Do I look like Brooklyn? – No but yes! I'm – you look like Mindy! You're like your mom This is so weird

You look like Brooklyn, ah! – [Brooklyn] Where are we? – Chipotle – [Brooklyn] Chipotle I feel so pampered I've had my doors opened I don't know if my meal is gonna be paid for, but that's okay

I ordered food like Bailey I'm sitting next to Bailey's boyfriend on a "date" I feel like, if it were her, this would be a better date (laughs) – Probably This is weird, it's different

– [Brooklyn] Ahh, what a gentleman, opening the door for me – Per Brooklyn's specific instructions, she said, when Asa and I go out on a date, you have to sit on the couch and watch Netflix with the dog And the specific show was New Girl (upbeat music) – So I haven't been feeling like my outfit screams Bailey, but then Asa said? – I said your outfit does look like Bailey – So I guess I do look like Bailey! I feel like I succeeded in that department

Also, my hair is still blue, look at that I don't know, I feel like Bailey today This is weird, I'm not a fan of this Not that there's anything wrong with Bailey's life, it's great but it is just not my life Ahhh! Thanks for taking me on a date

– Of course – Asa, yay! You need to wear my necklace – She's so right – [Brooklyn] Look at that Brooklyn's necklace on fake Brooklyn

Ewww I'm putting on Bailey's promise ring from Asa And her necklace with their date anniversary on it How does it feel to see me wearing this, Asa? – It's really weird, this is – I don't know if I like it (upbeat music) – [Brooklyn] Asa! – [Bailey] He's running! (laughs) I give permission Asa, I give full permission

Kiss on the cheek, on the cheek Okay (laughs) – Stay away from my boyfriend! (Bailey laughs) – [Bailey] Hey stop, okay! That's enough, sir! I am making her drive, because usually I'm the one that drives everywhere But today, since she's me, she has to drive – I feel like she's exaggerating the driving thing since we were like freshmen year in high school

I drive all the time now But she just doesn't think I do Yes it is As one of the last things I'm going to do today as Bailey, it's her dinner night, so I have to make dinner But Dina and Bethany are not even here to eat

So I'm just making dinner for Bailey and I But just so you guys know, I'm not a very good cook and Bailey is a really good cook And I feel like if I were really trying to be Bailey, I would try to cook a gourmet meal But I don't want my efforts to go to waste since it's just Bailey and I eating So I'm gonna make her some gourmet mac and cheese and call it a night

I'm making dinner Look at my gourmet mac and cheese I'm such a chef, don't I seem like Bailey? Bethany decided she's going to eat some of my dinner – I can't wait, it's gonna be the best mac and cheese I've ever eaten – All right everybody

Mac and cheese made I am a cooking pro Am I Bailey yet? Yes I am – So hopefully you guys enjoyed this video I know it was a little different seeing us try to switch lives

The hard part is that we're still getting to the point in our life where our lives are changing to be a little bit more different every year So this is the first time we were ever able to do this video But I think it would be fun to do this video again in the future, when we're like married and then switching lives, with like maybe kids or whatever If we're still making videos by then, I don't know I don't know if we will

I think that we will I think that depends on if you guys are watching Back to the blue hair we go I'm back! Look at my blue hair and my short hair! Freedom! Feels so much better, oh my gosh Goodbye, Brooklyn's room

Goodbye! I'm back! Oh my own bed, oh I missed it so much I didn't realize how much I like my own room

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