I WANNA LIVE ON A LAKE! | Music Countdown Vlog Day #4

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, it's Brooklyn – And Parker

– And welcome to another vlog for the countdown to our last and third single, What We're Made Of I love this song, it's all about women empowerment, it's about, like, breaking out of the social norms and not being what everybody expects you to be, and we're just super excited for you all to hear this song So you guys definitely be sure to pre-order this song by clicking the link in the description box below or hitting that information button right up there Comment below if you've already pre-ordered the song, 'cause we want to know how many of y'all are super excited to hear it, 'cause I know we're super excited to hear it Now, let's explain what this vlog is about

– So, I took Brooklyn to my family's lake house, it's actually my grandmother's, and we went kayaking, fishing, boating, and much much more – We did jet-skiing, it was my first time doing a lot of things – That's true – It was my first time doing a ton of things His family was like "This is your weekend of firsts!" – Yeah

– So that was a ton of fun, you guys get to watch all of that in the vlog Hey guys, Parker and I are going to his grandma's lake house for the weekend and it's gonna be super fun This is the first time I've gotten invited (laughs) And I am so excited to go, it's gonna be so much fun, and we're here at the fireworks shop – Yeah, it's a tradition of my family to shoot off fireworks on the Fourth, and so we always stop at this one, and so we don't have to stock up fireworks

– So we're super excited Yeah, this is the halfway mark We're halfway to the lake house, I think, or a little bit past halfway? – Halfway – So, it's been nice, we have the two dogs in the car and they've been, like, sleeping in-between us Keeping me warm, and, yeah

– Keeping us warm We are playing– – Cards! And I'm really bad, but it's okay (laughs) – [Parker] We were playing with my family, but they took a break and we wanted to keep going – Yep, so now we're playing in here But Parker's super competitive, so he wins every game he plays

– [Parker] We were playing Hand and Foot with my family earlier, but now we're playing Go Fish (both laughing) 'Cause we're both children at hearts Look like she's about to, she's winnin' here She gonna draw – Ah, take that

– [Parker] Ah, I know what that means It means I lost and she won – This was a very elaborate game of Go Fish We kind of made up our own rules – [Parker] We kind of forgot how to play

– But I won! – Whatever – Loser! – We're kayaking, I think we have a Sea-Doo, a boat, swimming in the lake – Mm hmm, and I'm a captain of my own pirate ship – Oh, are you? – Yes Look at it, it's so cool! – [Parker] Where are we going? – Bora Bora! – Bora Bora? We're taking it to Boa Bora

(both laughing) – Yeah, I'd like that place – [Parker] Here's the lake house, the view from the top of the deck (Brooklyn sneezes) – Bless you – Thanks – [Parker] There's what we call the Blue Island

It's a big floatie The boat is down there – It's down here somewhere – [Both] Scooby-Doo? – This is Parker's old life jacket! Everyone's making fun of me 'cause it fits still – [Parker] Look at that, just like that Scooby-Doo right there? (Brooklyn laughing) (fun upbeat music) Hey guys

– Hi! We just got back from riding the WaveRunner They call it a Sea-Doo – Sea-Doo, WaveRunner, Jet Ski it's all the same thing – Look at my hair! It's so wild! – Look at my hand It kinda sheds, it's kinda old

– It's like a hundred years old, but anyways, so we were out there and this crazy guy like to go– – Okay, there's a way that you can time a wave and you can go up and like you catch some air, but, see, I missed that timing a little bit and, uh– – Just a little – We kinda went in to the wave instead – We went like under the wave and the wave came crashing over us It was pretty exciting – It was fun

– We laughed, we were both so, I'm surprised we didn't fall off to be honest, it really was an intense wave But we were both like clinging on, it was pretty fun – But we both survived, none of us technically went in the water – Yeah, technically, his dad and his sister fell in – Yeah, they fell in but we didn't

– But they like jerked it – 'Cause I mean, I'm an expert driver – Oh, yeah (laughs) And now we're gonna have barbecue and homemade ice cream for dinner It's gonna be exciting, let's talk to you guys later

Bye! We're gonna go kayaking! – Bye! (fun upbeat music) – Hey guys, we are in the middle of kayaking and previously we had a fish flop right into our boat, right there, Parker and I were like (gasping), like trying to get it out as fast as possible, and now we are adventuring and we're going in this like little creek place and Parker's grandma's right behind us and we're going to go kind of explore, so I'll show you guys some of that Look at how pretty everything is! – [Parker] Ready to play limbo? – [Brooklyn] We're gonna go under the tree, we have to duck Ready? (upbeat music) (laughter) Woo, we made it! I feel like in The Little Mermaid, you know? When they go under that hanging tree and then he's like ♫ Kiss the girl (Parker laughs) – [Brooklyn] Is that a bridge blocking that? – [Grandma] Yeah, that's a bridge back there (cheering and applause) – Go! – Go, go, go! (cheering and applause) (laughter) – He hung on! (fun upbeat music) – Whoa! – Wow! (cheering and applause) (fun upbeat music) (all cheering) – [Parker] Whatcha doing, Brooklyn? – Fishing Not that I've legitimately done fishing

I'm gonna catch a fish – Whatcha usin'? To fish? – A worm We dug up worms in the dirt up there Well, we shot off fireworks earlier so I don't know how many fish there are left 'cause we threw some in the water, so we might have scared the fish away – [Parker] Have you ever caught a fish before? – No, sir

– [Parker] So it'll be your first one? – Yep, if I catch one – [Parker] What'd you just get? – [Brooklyn] A fish, I caught a catfish! It's little, but it's still there! – [Parker] Your very first fish! They're just hopping on our hooks 'cause, oh, hold it high, Gabby likes to lick the fish Look, they're just hoppin' on the line – Oh! – They can't get enough of the amazing fisherman – Yes, haha! – [Parker] And there's Brooklyn's first fish back in the water

– Back in the water – [Parker] How does it feel to catch a fish? And you still have your worm! – I do! – [Parker] How does it feel? – Pretty darn good After a very fun and exciting weekend, we are finally going home – We're about to leave the lake – I don't wanna leave

It's been so fun, and now I'm addicted to driving the WaveRunner, Sea-Doo, Jet Ski thing Whatever you want to call it But we are headed home and we have a two-hour drive – That's not too bad – And I'm just probably read my book and then, yeah, so it's been a fun weekend and I enjoyed spending time with his family 'cause it's the first time I've met most of them, but, yep

Thank you guys for watching the video I hope you enjoyed seeing the experience of the lake house and the lake You guys, it was a ton of fun I had so much fun at the lake – It was a lot of fun, yeah

– I want to go back, it was fun If you guys haven't subscribed to our channel, click the box right over there and subscribe If you guys haven't pre-ordered the song, click the box over here and pre-order as well, and comment below if you have because we want to know how many of y'all are super excited to hear the song 'cause I know we are super excited and we want y'all– – I'm super excited – Yeah! We want y'all to be super excited, so be sure to pre-order that and we'll see you guys tomorrow! Bye!

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