Ice Sculptures and ACT Scores | 12 Days of Vlogmas {Day 10} | Brooklyn and Bailey

(Christmas music) – [Both] Hey, guys! – It's Brooklyn and Bailey, and in today's video, you're going to see our family go on a Christmas trip to the Gaylord Texan, which is a super popular hotel here in Texas – [Brooklyn] We get to go through like the art gallery and see all the lights and it's super fun and cool

But before we get on to the video, be sure to click down below the big red button and subscribe to our channel – Now let's go on to the video Woo! Hey, guys We are on our way to the Gaylord hotel It's a huge hotel here in Texas that people love to go to just for fun

So as a family, we decided to go and do some of the activities there and then stay overnight So it's me, Brooklyn – Me! – [Bailey] Daxton and Paisley and Mom and Dad in the car And then our grandparents are here as well, so Kamri's driving with them So, we are on our way to the hotel

[Mindy] So we're just comin' in to the Gaylord Texan Here's the hotel It sits right on the edge of the lake, which is cool Kamri and I stayed here one other time when we came down for a conference This was when we lived in Utah, but the conference was here in Dallas

So we've been here and we know how awesome it is, but the other people haven't been here So I surprised 'em by booking a hotel night just so we could come down and do all the activities and then have the fun of staying in the hotel overnight and then go home tomorrow Alright, we've made it Are you ready? This is the hotel – [Daxton] See the little white tree? – [Mindy] Yeah

Okay, what are we doing? – We're going to see the ice gallery – Sculptures – At the Gaylord hotel – [Mindy] But show 'em what we just got – Parkas! Mine is so long

– Mine has like – It's like a dress You want these hot, cool, fashionable parkas

– [Mindy] Yeah, our family looks really snazzy It is a little chilly walking in here Oh, that is biting cold! (classy Christmas music) – [Paisley] It's freezing! – [Mindy] It's what, Pais? – It's freezing! – Freezing! – It's ice, the whole thing! – [Mindy] Oh my goodness It's all ice! – [Shaun] Hey, stick your tongue to it – No, no

– Come on, stick your tongue to it – [Mindy] That's a good idea – Everyone just check out how amazing this stuff is (classy Christmas music) It's all ice! How incredible is that? – Who's missing in the photo? – My family just took a picture without me It was a family photo without Brooklyn, 'cause I was vlogging

(classy Christmas music) (fun Christmas music) ♫ Somethin' special, somethin' to me (camera clicks) ♫ Everywhere ♫ It's calling out to you and me ♫ To pour this love – You wanna go? ♫ To all the boys and all the girls ♫ Everywhere around the world ♫ You know they all join in – [Mindy] Oh, Kamri won! ♫ Dancing together – [Mindy] Woo! ♫ 'Cause it's Christmas ♫ Because it's Christmas ♫ Because it's Christmas ♫ Because it's Christmas ♫ Because it's Christmas ♫ Because it's Christmas – My nose is now matching the ice sculptures – Momma! I love this ice! – [Shaun] Daxton! ♫ Everybody gather 'round – Okay, we just finished going through that and I must say, I can't even smile – It was cold – Because my face is so frozen – It was freezing

– It was really cold – It was nine degrees in there – Nine degrees – Us Texans are not used to nine degree weather – Wimps, we are wimps! – Yes, we are wimps

But the ice was super cool They had like buildings made out of pure ice – They had this giant castle, all of it was ice And the slide area, way cool Okay, so it's finally dark outside

So I'm gonna show you guys what the Gaylord looks like when it's dark 'Cause it's like crazy It's huge, it's massive They're meeting with Santa right behind this tree (classy Christmas music) – Hey, guys

We are looking at the lights at the Gaylord and there is some beautiful lights – There are some beautiful lights – We have a white Christmas tree – White Christmas tree! – In front of us right now Whoa, you can't even see it all

The video is shining so bright – [Bailey] It's glowing! – [Brooklyn] Oh, there we go Look at how amazing that is And then it's got like all the water around it so it looks like it's just like glowing Beautiful

– [Bailey] We are on an adventure Going down this secret pathway – [Brooklyn] It's like a valley – [Bailey] To find this It's like glowing

(laughs) There we go Wow Wow! What do you think? (laughs) We found fish! Oh look, the train – They're not even scared of me They're not even scared

– [Bailey] Awww, that is so sweet This is the world's most epic gingerbread house, ever – They have Bailey and I beat by a bazillion miles – [Bailey] Yeah, we did not do as well as this person (laughs) Holy cow

– We are on what is called the river walk and it's this little river with a bunch of lights around it It's super pretty, lemme show you – [Bailey] It's really cute – [Brooklyn] Got the river here and a bridge All the trees are lit up, this Christmas tree

I mean, it's so pretty up in here Oh, Bailey's gonna go get on the bridge (classy Christmas music) (laughs) (classy Christmas music) – [Mindy] Okay, tell us what just happened – I got a 30 on my ACT! (laughs) – [Mindy] Woo! (claps) Bailey's went up two points too – I'm done, I'm done

(laughs) – Woo! – I'm not doing anymore – No way – What? – [Shaun] You need to get a 33 – Mom told me I had to get a 30 and I was done! (laughs) – [Shaun] 33 and you're done (laughs) – [Mindy] 36 and you're done

(laughs) (laughs) Awkward family photos, right? Take a picture now – Ow (laughs) – [Mindy] Nice – Good morning, lovely ladies – Good morning

– [Bailey] So, we slept overnight How did you sleep? – Good – [Bailey] Good Good? – Good – [Bailey] What did we just order? – A bunch of breakfast stuff

We ordered like four giant waffles, but – They call them Texas waffles, so I'm assuming they're gonna be really big or they're gonna be shaped like Texas Not sure which one yet

– [Brooklyn] One of the two – One of the two – Or both (gasps) – Or both Wow, look at all this food! Looks like we're hungry

What's in it? Eggs and bacon and waffles! Thank you guys so much for watching that video Comment below what your family does on their Christmas vacation 'cause we definitely wanna know Also, subscribe to our channel by clicking the button right over here And if you wanna watch more of our Vlogmas videos, click the button right over here And to watch more of our videos, click down here

We'll see y'all tomorrow Bye, guys! Love y'all (kisses) (Christmas music)

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