Identical Twin Wears a WIG in Public to See if Her Twin Sister Notices!

– Okay, she seriously hasn't noticed me, that I've literally been walking behind her, and/or in front of her for the past 15 minutes Hey

– Hi (laughing) ♪ Let's get this party started ♪ ♪ Yeah, we gon' be adventurous ♪ – Hello, you guys You're probably wondering why I look like this So, I'm gonna explain a concept to you I watched a video on YouTube the other day on a channel, and they basically did a trick on her boyfriend where she walked past him, in public, in a wig, to see if he would recognize her or not, and he didn't notice

And so, we're playing the same prank on Brooklyn I went to Louisiana this weekend, and told her that I had extended the trip until Monday Today is Monday And wouldn't be home until Tuesday morning So, she has no idea that I'm in town

So, they're sending her to different destinations where I will be able to meet her I think one of them is the Floaty Island Target So, I'll set up a GoPro, and then vlog on my phone, while I'm walking past her, and see if she notices That is why I'm in wigs like this all day, you will see me in all sorts of things, wigs and everything And, yeah, let's see if this works! I'm wearing an outfit that I think she won't recognize, cause I usually dress pretty nice every day

(upbeat music) I'm heading to the first destination, which is Target Brooklyn is at the office right now, everyone's distracting her They said to just basically tell them when I get there, and then they'll tell Brooklyn to leave So, I'll have time to set up my GoPro, and get this show on the road! (upbeat music) Okay, I hid my camera

I'm afraid a Target employee's gonna find it I already had someone move it once (upbeat music) – So, we're back at the office trying to get Brooklyn to run all these errands so that Bailey can trick her And we're super struggling because Brooklyn – She's gone rogue So, she was supposed to go to Target first, and she went to Dollar Tree first So then we were like "Okay," I was like "Hey, have you left Target yet?" Cause we made up this whole new plan for her to go back into Target, and she was like "Yeah, I just left" I was like "What?" And, she's like "Yeah!" I was like "Okay, would you hate me if I sent you back?" And she's like "No, of course not!" I was like "Okay, cool, go back there, and go get these two things for this floatie for like Kamri's video

" I mean, she hasn't responded yet, but hopefully she'll just be like "Okay, yeah, no problem" – She's literally going to hate us (upbeat music) – You guys! My camera fell, and an employee found it And now he has it, and I have no idea what to do I had it hidden under these boxes, and the boxes fell, and he walked over

No idea if it was recording the whole time or not I don't think I got any footage of him picking it up, or anything, which I'm so mad about! – I'm assuming it's out of the package, all I know is this is a GoPro camera, and it's currently on right now recording, and sitting on a shelf here – Now he has my GoPro and I have no idea, be like "Hey, can I have my GoPro back?" Excuse me, was there a GoPro right here that fell earlier? Yeah, that belongs to me I'm playing a prank on my sister, she's my twin (employees laughing) I'm so sorry if I scared y'all or anything like that

– We're actually really happy that that's what it was – I got it guys! This is such a hot mess, but I got it (upbeat music) Okay guys, I'm walking into Best Buy 'Cause, this is the new destination, since everything was messed up at Target, so let's go (upbeat music) Guys, I don't know why these videos never work out for Brooklyn and I

First, she doesn't go where we want her to go Then, we send her back to where I was, and my GoPro gets found by the employees And, I have to go ask them to give it back to me Then, on top of all that, we finally send her to a new store, I go into the new store, I set up the GoPro and everything, and I walk away In case you're wondering, there is an app where you can control the GoPro from away from the GoPro, which is perfect for when you're pulling tricks on people

Except for when your GoPro falls on the floor and breaks, and you don't know it And so, she comes in and out of the store, and I literally didn't see her, because my GoPro wasn't recording or working, so I had no idea So, we have tried two stores now, and both times it's just gone to mass chaos of me trying to find her My GoPro won't even turn off at this point, the GoPro just needs to be ditched (GoPro beeping) (sighs) Okay, we're gonna try again

We're gonna try again I saw her in the parking lot, so I know she's here Like, I know that her car is here She doesn't know that I'm here, and we haven't been able to even try the prank yet, because, literally everything that could go wrong is going wrong right now, so ♪ Try to get up, you're draggin' me down ♪ ♪ Better back off, I'll turn it around ♪ – Okay you guys, I'm at Firehouse right now I know for a fact that she's out there, in line I don't know how I'm gonna walk out without her seeing me, but I'm gonna try (upbeat music) Update, I walked right past her at the drink fountain at Firehouse

And, I filmed a clip of me walking, and I thought she was on one side of the building, it turns out she was on the other, and I literally didn't get her in the shot at all So, I have no proof that it actually happened This video is so frustrating (sing-song voice) Ah! None of it is working ♪ Tried to get up, you're draggin' me down ♪ ♪ Better back off, I'll turn it around ♪ – Okay, we're at Hobby Lobby

The GoPro's set up She's on her way Please let this be a success! I'm currently just chillin' in the aisle, two aisles down from where my camera is Fingers crossed! (suspenseful music) (objects clattering) (suspenseful music) (camera clatters) We did it guys, I got footage of me walking right past her I walked right past her on both ends of the aisle, and then I even stood in the same aisle as her, and like grabbed a cupcake

I tried to get video of that, but it's really hard to get footage of someone without them noticing that you're filming them I did get a pretty good clip of me in the same aisle as Brooklyn though So, this one didn't fail Now we're gonna go try a different Target than the first one I tried And, we'll see how it goes

Wigs are not comfortable (upbeat music) I changed my wig to blonde I'm just walking into Target right now, and I'm holding the phone like this cause I saw Brooklyn's car I left the GoPro, just cause it was getting hard to figure that out I also changed my clothes

I'll show you in a second This is my outfit (upbeat music) I hope the hair looks good (suspenseful music) Okay, she seriously hasn't noticed me And, I've literally been walking behind her, and/or in front of her for the past 15 minutes

I need to see if I can say "Hello" And see if she'll look at my face and notice or not So we'll see Hey – Hi

(laughing) – She didn't even see me! I said "Hello" to her! Are you kidding me? That's it, I'm literally just gonna walk up to her and like stare her in the face (suspenseful music) (Bailey laughing) (both laughing) – Don't look at me That's scary, stop

That's scary I don't like that, ew! – [Bailey] I've been following you around all day! – You look so scary! – Did you know I was following you all day? – I had no idea (laughs) – I finally took the wig off cause that thing, those wigs hurt your head – I really just did not know I'm the most socially unaware – I swore up and down that you would know immediately

– Well, if I look at you, I know There have been times where like, I will sneeze in the same building as Bailey, and she'll text me "You're in this Building, aren't you?" "Are you on the third floor?" And I'm like "yeah" (laughs) "That's kinda freaky" But, she always knows where I am, and she always knows what I'm doing – So because of those things, they all told me that I couldn't make noise

They're like "You can't cough, you can't talk, you can't sneeze, you can't breathe too heavy" – This is so unfair because I just didn't see her, so how was I supposed to know? – Also, I told you I was out of town – Yeah, she told me she was staying another day, and I was so confused, cause I was like Cause she said "I'll vlog it" And I'm like "What are you doing that you're vlogging?" And then she's like "Oh, I have my test during this time" And I was like "You're not gonna be home in time for that I was so confused – That's what I'm going home to do right now

– But I didn't question it, so that was my fault – Video was a fail/success It was a funny fail-cess – Oh look how cute! (suspenseful music)

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