Identical Twins DRIVE THRU Swap Challenge

– [Camera Person] Three, two, one (grunting) Yeah that was pretty good

That was good You should try going back too Ready, three, two, one One 1000, two 1000, three 1000 (groans in pain) Are you okay? – Bailey's butt smashed my foot against that middle thing

I'm going to the back – [Camera Person] Three, two, one One 1000, two 1000, three 1000, four Y'all are really good at that – I told you we'd be fast

You sure this whole setup's not gonna be obvious? – [Camera Person] I guess we'll find out – Won't we We watched this happen from Niki and Gabi's video and so– – Cred's to them – We thought it would be really funny to try it ourselves, and we just switched in a couple weeks ago, and it went over really well, so – Vote in this poll if you guys have seen Niki and Gabi's video, and if you're excited to watch this one of us attempting to do the same thing

– Oh yes (mild music) I am highkey nervous for this Also, this is a huge car and driving it, yikes Also, I dyed my hair purple for this video Bailey and I– – Temporarily

– Yeah temporarily, it's not permanent But Bailey and I wanted to look different because we were afraid if we looked too similar they just wouldn't notice that we'd switched at all I don't know if we'll be able to back out – Maybe I should like, sit like a normal human being until we get close – My fear is that we go to a restaurant and it's like, the person doesn't leave the window and I just sat through the entire line for no reason

The thing is that though switching the way we did like at school, we had full control of the switch – We also didn't think that was gonna work though, and then it did These things are so fun because people always feel like they're the crazy ones 'Cause we can just mess with them, you know what I mean? Like they feel like they've just gone insane Like I swear she had purple hair, I swear

– Comment down below if you like my purple hair, and if you think I should dye another color because– – Colored hair is my thing though – Oh brother – Okay I'm going to get down now Do you think they can see me? (engine revs) – [Brooklyn] Can I get just a side of fries please? – [Drive Through Worker] You sure can, (mumbles) – Yes please

Guys I'm like shaking, I'm scared Oh wait, wait We have to remember to put the car in park, so that my foot doesn't come off the break and we just go rolling forward – [Drive-Thru Worker] Hi how are you? – [Brooklyn] Good how are you? – [Drive-Thru Worker] Good thanks, fry and a sauce? – Yes please – [Drive-Thru Worker] $2

34 – [Brooklyn] Actually is there any way I can get a second side of fries? I know I just paid I'm so sorry – Yeah, an extra sauce and an extra fries – Crap Thanks

– Thank you, have a good night – Crap! Y'all they never left the window, what was I supposed to do? – I'm just chilling back here I'm like, when is she gonna say go, when is she gonna say go? – If I'd made any sudden movements, they would've seen (engine revs) (tires squeal) Can I just get one chicken egg roll? – [Drive-Thru Worker] One chicken egg roll – Oh my gosh, they're gonna do it This guy's been chilling here for like, 10 minutes

This is the one Thank you Should we just switch now? She literally walked away – [Bailey] Go, go! – No hold on, I wanna sure that it's longer I'll ask her to charge my card again

– [Bailey] I'm so sorry, can I actually get another order of the orange chicken? (mild music) Yay! – Hi, thank you (worker mumbles) Egg rolls, yeah – Egg rolls, yeah – Thank you – Have a good day

– You too Nothing – [Brooklyn] Nothing? – Nothing – [Brooklyn] How did they not notice? – She kinda smiled, but that was it – Well frick

They didn't even react – Okay, McDonald's You couldn't have asked for something a little bit less? Than orange chicken? – I wanted to make sure they took a long time – Then ask for a water! Just ask for a water Yeah in the last 30 seconds I changed my mind, instead of an egg roll I want orange chicken

– I'm unbuckled but this is only when I'm going through the drive-thru, when I was driving here and all that I had my seatbelt on – So don't think that it's okay not to be buckled – No, be buckled – [Drive-Thru Worker] Welcome to McDonald's, how may I help you? – Can I just get some fries? As I sit here and eat fries (Bailey giggles) McDonald's, here we come

Please have a reaction (laughs) – [Bailey] Please have a reaction – Oh crap, they pay at a different window I'll just ask for ice water here – A medium fries? – Yes, is there any way I can also get an ice water with that? And go

– Thank you – Can I (mumbles) – Yeah, sure (chuckles) (laughs) – [Brooklyn] Did they notice? – No, she was kinda looked at me I was like half way in the seat

This isn't working (laughs) All we asked for was a glass of water Why'd we have to pull off? – [Brooklyn] You're just gonna drive away? My hip! – I'm literally dying All right come hop in here, we're going to Taco Bell – Park, woman

(car starts) – Can I go ahead and get a Cheese quesadilla please? – [Drive-Thru Worker] Okay, (mumbles) – [Bailey] Yes

(worker mumbles) – [Brooklyn] That's all, thank you – Okay, that's gonna be $367 $367, you are so cute! – [Brooklyn] Aw, thank you

We have matching hair – Oh yeah! – [Brooklyn] Is there any way I can actually get a Mountain Dew slush? I can just see (mumbles) that looks really good Oh thank you And, oh, the window's open, frick (Bailey mumbles) – There you go

– Thank you – Bye, have a great evening – [Bailey] Brooklyn! – The window was wide open the whole time You can't just go– – [Bailey] She would've been good 'cause she noticed your purple hair! – You can't just go when the windows open! – Brooklyn, you can't just chicken out! – And she stood right there and filled it up And it's really nice, she gave it to me for free

– [Bailey] You suck at this! (laughing) (car driving) – I was wondering if I could just get some chips and guac? Aw, they had frickin' churros! – [Twins] Should've gotten the churros – [Brooklyn] Thank you Do you like my purple hair? I just did it – Oh yeah – Thank you

Oh, I'm so sorry, is there any way that I can get some more churros on there as well? – [Drive-Thru Worker] Oh yeah sure – Thank you And go (comical music) (worker mumbles) – [Bailey] Here you go Thank you

– [Drive-Thru Worker] Are you a twin? – Yes – I'm a twin too – No way! – Yeah! – Oh my gosh! Thank you so much – Bye, thank you – [Brooklyn] Sort of got a reaction

– Sorta – [Brooklyn] I got rug burn (engine revs) – Oh my god, I'm a huge fan of yours – Oh really? – Yeah – [Brooklyn] Well hello! – Hi nice to meet you

– Nice to meet you Okay she's looking at me now 'cause she's a fan She's gonna know then, that it's you – [Bailey] This is perfect, we need to switch – [Brooklyn] So sorry, is there any way that I can actually make that the meal? And go

– Oof, that hurt (laughs) That hurt my butt a lot – We won't charge you for it if you take a picture with me – [Bailey] Oh of course, yeah Let's do that

– [Drive-Thru Worker] You switched – [Bailey] We what? – You switched Your hair is different Yeah they switched, it's a YouTube prank There's two of them, they're twins, one has long hair, one has short hair

(laughing) They switched – You got us! She's in the back But I will take a picture with you, Brooklyn pop up here Take a picture with her We'll take a picture with you

– Hi! – Hi (laughing) – Perfect It's embarrassing going through the (mumbles), turning around And going to the next drive-thru – And going to every restaurant

(car starting) – [Brooklyn] Can you add another taco please? – Like one taco? – [Brooklyn] Yeah – Okay, (mumbles) – Oh, thanks And now – There you go

– Thank you Thank you Nothing – Nothing – A whopping nothing

– [Brooklyn] I just ordered three tacos (laughing) – I think it's because we look so similar, so tomorrow when we do it again we're gonna just drastically make ourselves look different – [Brooklyn] And then we're gonna try Asa – And then we're gonna try Asa We should probably, can you grab some of the food from the front? – Good to know, fun fact, that they will give you lots of free food

– Free food! – Order when you've already paid We are trying the switch again today, but we tried to make ourselves look very different – Different – So I have red lipstick, eyeshadow, dark hair, dark shirt – Long hair, I have short hair, bright shirt, no eyeshadow, no lipstick

Different drive-thrus – We're at different restaurants, and different drive-thrus At a different time of day – So here we go Dressed differently

(upbeat music) (engine revs) – [Drive-Thru Worker] Just a (mumbles), anything else? – No, that's all (worker mumbles) Thank you – Thank you – Crap, she wants me to pull into the right lane So we're not at the window

How does this work? – And I love your hair! – [Brooklyn] Thank you, I just did it – Really? – Yeah! – [Drive-Thru Worker] It looks really good on you! – [Brooklyn] Thanks! – I wish I could have hair like that (laughing) – You totally can (laughing) All right And

She is inside, go – Okay – Thank you so much

She gave me a funny look, but that's it – [Brooklyn] I think I give up I think this is it Let's just try it the other way around Just once

– Okay (engine revs) (worker mumbles) – Thank you – Thank you – One small french fries? – Yes – All right, just (mumbles)

– Go (upbeat music) – [Drive-Thru Worker] Here you go – Thank you ma'am (sighs) She didn't even notice What are we doing wrong? (engine chugging) (worker mumbles) So sorry I know that this is so last minute, is there any way that I can add like a taco to that? (worker mumbles) Yeah

(worker mumbles) – $140 – Okay, thank you – [Drive-Thru Worker] Can I get a taco please? – And Go – [Drive-Thru Worker] (laughs) Here's your things, what are you doing? – (laughs) Thank you (squeals) They caught us in the middle of switching – So what do we do? It's not working

– [Bailey] Your shoes are off, right? – [Asa] Yeah – [Bailey] You're unbuckled, right? – Yeah – [Bailey] If they're not walking away, tell 'em you want tater tots or something Yo, gimme some tots – No, go find your own

– [Bailey] C'mon man, gimme your tots – [Asa] Gosh (engine revs) (upbeat music) – [Drive-Thru Worker] (mumbles) 48, thank you – 'Kay thank you Also, actually, could I get just a small thing of fries? (worker mumbles) Okay, that's okay

Okay, thanks Go – He left without his food, okay – Who left without their food? Are you talking about the small fries and then the meal? Yeah, with the strips that's me – Thank you

– Have a nice day (laughing) – Yes! Woo! – Yes! – She's still looking out the window (laughing) Strip me That's not what I meant (laughs) I want you to give me a chicken strip

(laughing) – [Bailey] Oh my gosh Strip me Here's your strip of chicken (car starts) – Oh, there we go (worker mumbles) Also, could I get one of those yellow cake batter shakes? Okay, thank you

– All right, I'll be right back – All right, thanks Go – [Bailey] Did she hear me? – No, no, go go go – Did she hear me? – No, she was on the other stall

Here – Well, it was a different person – [Asa] Dang it! – But the shake is really good – Hand it over – Okay, here

(engine revs) – [Asa] All I need is just one order of the Casa Delights – [Drive-Thru Worker] Sounds good, anything else? – [Asa] That's it – [Drive-Thru Worker] All right you know what, (mumbles) – Thanks man – You're welcome

– Aw, he's giving it to you for free? – Okay, we're not gonna swap on him – Wait, no we gotta – But he's giving it for free You can't be like well let me get another, y'know? (laughing) – Just ask for a water – This has gotta be fast

– Here you go man, thank you so much – Thank you so much Actually, do you mind if I get a water cup? – [Drive-Thru Worker] Yeah of course! – All right, thanks man Go, go go go (screams) – [Bailey] Got it

– Okay – Thank you – Not funny Thank you – Thank you

It definitely worked a lot better with you and I – Yeah – Update, I think the problem was that Brooklyn and I looked too similar – Probably so – The problem has been resolved

– Woo! Hopefully that turned out pretty good on camera for ya (mid-beat music)

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