IDENTICAL TWINS Get Wisdom Teeth REMOVED | How Will the Twins React?

-Hi, guys This is Bailey

Welcome to the new video where we get out wisdom teeth out I don't know why you're laughing, because this is serious business I said serious I just got my wisdom teeth out, and you can watch the video to see Brooklyn Because she's never had treatment like this

It's like taking me and multiply it by, like, a million, and that's going to be Brooklyn And she's going to be crying the whole time, because she's crazy [MUSIC PLAYING] -And how are we feeling? -Hungry -Nervous? -Yes -How does it feel knowing they're going to take all the wisdom that you have out of the your mouth

-Funny -Got to keep them straight What if they used Bailey's scan and operated on your mouth -They'll have to label us -They'll have to write "Brooklyn" on your forehead

-To make sure Brooklyn -BR -Bailey -Bailey

Actually, it would be this way -We're sitting here waiting -Yeah Bailey just went in to get her surgery Then it's my turn

-She's getting very nervous -I'm cold -Show us your hands They're all white What, Bai? -I can't speak

-She can't speak -You can– oh, you can think You can think just fine, you just can't speak -Don't make her laugh -OK, sorry

Sorry I won't laugh You completely understand what you're saying? That's not supposed to happen? What is supposed to happen? You're supposed to feel loopy -Do you remember when he was taking that teeth out? -No No

-You remember the shot? It didn't hurt? -It didn't hurt? You didn't cry? Yeah, that is good You can't see straight? -How many fingers am I holding up? Good job Hey, hey, stop talking You're losing your gauze -You're losing your gauze, Bailey

You need to push your gauze in a little more -She's like chatty -Oh, my gosh -Everybody wakes up differently -Yeah? -Different emotions

Some of them cry Open a bit -You're not chatty? You just feel normal? I do like your haircut Do you like it? It's cute? -Yeah -You miss your old hair? -That's OK

It'll grow back It'll grow back It's OK Do you need a moment? It's OK It's all right

It's all right It's all right It's OK For what? Kimball? -Are we talking about Kimball again? -Faith and Kimball OK

-You want them to say hi? -They'll come over and say hi -They'll come over later and say hi You do you have good friends -They're really good friends -They are really good friends

You can't swallow? You're just supposed to just kind of chew on the gauze It's a tear -It's a tear -You've been crying Yeah, you were crying

-You were crying about having such good friends like Kimball and Faith -And about your haircut You have good friends -You told us you missed your long hair -It's all right

Do you know where that's from? Chic-Fil-A It's really good I'm mean? -He's mean? -Why? Yeah? -Is that eight, Bailey? Did you get eight? Good job He's mean? Inhumane OK

A pen, she wants a pen -OK, hold on -What is she doing? -She's still mad at you over Chic-Fil-A -Meticulous He's meticulous? Meticulous does not mean mean

Meticulous means, like, particular, detailed Oh, so instead of meticulous he's meticulously evil? OK Chic-Fil-A is good food You're– she wrote meticulously evil for bringing in Chic-Fil-A -Sorry

I'm sorry I'm sorry Sorry doesn't count? -That doesn't count -I'm sorry -I'm losing my gauze

-Hey, it wasn't just me Look who got her own Mom got her own She told me to go buy it It was her fault

-Shame on me? But can you remember the surgery? Then I'm pretty sure you weren't awake Yeah -Why what? -Why is she still talking -I don't know You're pretty chatty

-Let me take these out of your -Thank you Now I can talk -Say hi to everyone -Now you can talk? -Say hi to everyone

-Yeah -Does that feel better? -Yeah How do you think Brooklyn's doing? -Brooklyn's fine -You think she's doing fine? -Yeah She's fine

-Well, you didn't see her, did you? -No It's twin empathy -There you go -She's doing– -If something was going wrong, I'd be crying It's a common fact

-It is a common fact -Why are you laughing? -Hey, I have twin empathy, too, remember? -It's a real thing -It is -When she's tired, I always know -Yeah? -Even though she lies about it, I always know

-Do you? -Uh-huh -Does she lie a lot? -No She's a pretty good girl -A pretty good girl That's good

-Why do I feel like crying? -Well– -Is it because Brooklyn's hurt? -It is just because you're talking– is Brooklyn hurt? -No -Then why would you be crying? -I would know -You would know -I feel like crying I don't know why I feel like crying

Somebody give me a reason to cry -That's all right I feel like crying, too -But you're a man -I am a man, but– -Men don't cry

-But I'm your dad -Men leak -Men leak? -They leak -Men lead That's true

Men leak -Is it going to be gone by the time we get home? -Your tongue? -You're talking about being numb? -Oh, no, just being crazy -You'll be loopy all day pretty much -All day? -Yeah -Kimball's in for some fun

-He's going to laugh, huh? -He told me he's going to film it Faith says you will be there -Faith will be there I think she's at home right now -I think we're filming it

-Well, obviously You have a camera in your hand, and the light is on -Say hi to everyone -Hi, guys This is Bailey

I think I watch too much of– what's the word for it? -YouTube? -No I watch "Bring It On" -You watch too much "Bring it On"? -Yeah, because all these phrases are coming out Like they say, "she crazy," in "Bring it On" Said boo-yah, said boo-yah roll call

My name is Bailey Yeah I watched a movie last night It was called "Bring It On All or Nothing" And they go like this on the lunch table

Said boo-yah, said boo-yah roll call My name is Bailey Yeah -Yeah? And then it's my turn -No

No No, it's still my turn My name is Bailey Yeah -Yeah

-Bailey rocks -Yeah -Bailey's loopy -Yeah -Yeah

And she's got good socks Boo-yah roll call -And then it's dad's turn? -Uh-huh Dad, go -I don't know it

-Yeah You're an outcast -You're an outcast -According to the sha-boo-yah, you're an outcast -He is meticulously evil

-Did I say that? I did I wrote it down, didn't I? -Yes -I'm sorry -I know I'm not evil -You just brought Chic-Fil-A, and I'm really hungry

-I know Who's idea was that? -Hangry I'm angry cause I'm hungry -You're angry For sure

-I can't believe I'm acting like this This is not what happened last time It just got me mad, and that's what made me crazy -Because you wanted Chic-Fil-A? -Yeah Yeah, I want Chic-Fil-A, but now I can't eat it, because my wisdom teeth are out

So this [INAUDIBLE] -I can put it in a smoothie for you -What? -Chic-Fil-A smoothie -The Chic-Fil-A peppermint shakes are out -They are out

-Those are my favorite -Yeah -They're my favorite milkshakes -Mm-hm -Yeah

We should go get one -We should -We should go get a Chic-Fil-A peppermint milkshake -I know in the future I'll be laughing at myself So hi, future Bailey

Stop laughing You've had no control of what you're saying Well, you do, but you don't Because I'm not a tongue in cheek person I'm not that stupid, but I'm not going to say anything dumb

I'm just telling them the truth, and that Chic-Fil-A milkshakes are my favorite And peanut M&Ms -I like– -Those are my favorites I think [INAUDIBLE] is ruined My best friend's birthday is ruined, too

Because we can't go celebrate it -She's speaking with a Southern drawl -I sound like a Southern girl, don't I? It's because I can't feel my lips so it just kind just comes out all Southern I could be like yeehaw I need a horse

-Brooklyn, what's the matter? -I can't feel my mouth -I know, honey It's because you just had surgery -I want to see my friends -Your friends are coming

-My mouth feels so weird -It's because you're numb, Brooklyn -I feel like I can't breath I feel like I can't breath Hold still

-I'm not moving, honey I'm not moving -Yes, you are Everything is moving -Look, look, look, Brooklyn

-They need to stop moving They need to stop moving -I know It hurts -You see how different one wakes up and the other one? -Did anybody take my IV out? -Yeah

It's already gone -It feels like I need to get this thing off me -No It's just tape, Brooklyn It's just a Band-Aid

-I have it too -Get it off me -Brooklyn, it's just a Band-Aid -I don't want it on me -Do you want me to take it off? -Yeah

-OK It's off -She's emotional -It's gone -Yeah

She is emotional -I'm happy and she's emotional -You need to stay right here by me I'm a little worried about you -Hi

-Hi -She's been awake for a while so -I'm fine I don't know what you're talking about -Can I move my hand? -Yes, you can move your hand

-I have hair on my face -Here, I got it I got it -You're wet -No, she's wet because she's touching your tears

-Wait, can I move my tongue? -Yes, you can move your tongue honey -I feel like– I feel like– I feel like– shh I feel like I can't move my tongue -It's just because your tongue is numb -Oh, don't touch it, Bailey

Ew -Is it in my mouth? -Brooklyn, it's OK -She's so funny This is so funny -It's not funny

I want to go home -Brooklyn, they just got to watch it a little bit longer, and then we can go home -I can't swallow, and I want to be able to swallow -It's OK -And nothing is holding still

-OK, Brooklyn, you're just dizzy from the medicine Don't worry -I need to swallow -Just swallow -It won't let me swallow

-Bailey I can't -Let me wipe your mouth for a second, sweetie -Sit back so she can wipe her mouth -I wan to go to sleep

-You can go to sleep -I want to go back to sleep I don't want to be here I want to go in my bed I know

I know I know you're feeling me I know you're feeling me I know you're going to put it on YouTube I can't stand up

-So you're not in the way -I'm not in the way -Take a step for me There you go -You're doing good

-I can walk -Yes, you can Oh, yes, you can You can walk -Even I know that she's emotional

It's OK It's OK -Bailey, you got your seat belt? -That is so cute -OK Put on your seat belt, sweetie

-Brooklyn, make sure you put your seat belt on -OK, you guys Have a good rest of the day -What? You're filming If you can hold still and not laugh, OK? Use this

It has a lot more life on it -I want my blanket -Soft, Bailey Bite down, Brooklyn You got a bite on it so your bleeding stops

-She wants to be a doctor She knows how to do this -She wants to be a doctor now -I do? I want to be a doctor? -No, Bailey does Not you

-I do -I don't want to be a doctor -You don't have to be a doctor You want a baby? You can hold a baby, too And rock the baby

-Hey, you're 14 -Brooklyn, you don't want to a baby right now Not for a long time -She's 14 She's 14

No baby when you're 14 Oh, you want to hold one -Because– Brooklyn, it's just the medicine wearing off I can't see -I do

It looks awesome -No, mom -Brooklyn, don't push on your face, honey -I can't feel anything -Brooklyn, your face is numb

-You look pretty -Here, Bailey, help her wipe her eyes off with that, OK? -OK I will Stop crying -I can't stop crying

I think I'm choking on gauze -No, you're not choking on the gauze Bailey, soft Bailey, soft -It hurts my eyes

-Isn't that nice that you've got a sister that'll help take care of you? -I want to go home -We're on our way home, Brooklyn -They're there They're there -We'll go home and see your friends

-That's fine Bailey, you can probably take the gauze out of your mouth now Not you, Brooklyn -Yeah -I want to go home

-We are going home -I want to see my friends -We are going to go see your friends -You want to hold your Teddy bear? -And sleep -And sleep

-We don't have my teddy bear -I want one -You want one? -Well, maybe Bryan will bring you a teddy bear Bryan likes Brooklyn, he'll bring her a teddy bear What? Why? -He can't bring me a teddy bear

-You will? -Yeah, I will -OK -OK -That's nice of her to do that, Brooklyn -Do you have money, Bailey? Bailey, do you have money for the teddy bear? -Yeah, I have money for a teddy bear

-No -No, not yet I've been awake a little bit longer than you have so I can take them out -What? -It's gross -That's gross

-I'm breathing in cotton -Take Brooklyn's out -Hey, Bailey, take those out, please, of Brooklyn's mouth Gently -Gently

-Why are you doing that? Why are you– -Here give her this Giver her a new one Giver he a new one on one side -I'm awake enough to know that she's crazy -You're not fat

You're beautiful -This is so funny -No, you're beautiful -My lip is fat, too But I'm not crying

People like fat lips Fat lips are like Nicki Minaj fat lips -Yeah, but the top lip's not fat Only the bottom one -No, it– -Yeah, the bottom one

Like, it's why Ray Ray has really big lips, and they're really pretty And that what my loops look like right now -I can't swallow, because I can't feel anything in my mouth -It's OK -Brooklyn, it'll go away

You're just numb Your lips feel fat because you're numb -Oh, yeah Oh, yeah -[INAUDIBLE]

I feel blood -Bite No -A little bit, maybe -Without the swelling

-How am I supposed to eat if I can't feel my tongue? -You need to be a little more awake before we give you food, or you might chew your lip -I thought they were supposed to give us ice so we didn't swell -Yeah I'll put ice on your cheeks as soon as we get home -Am I swelling? -Are you filming? Hi, guys

-Am I swelling? -It's Brooklyn and Bailey -No, you're not swelling -Am I swollen? -No, you're not swollen yet -You're not swollen, Brooklyn -My wisdom teeth are out

I'm not even bleeding I can tell you how the machine worked He put the IV in, and the doctor said I have really good IV -You mean veins -Oh, veins

That's what I meant is veins I have really good veins, which means it's good that I drink lots of water, because he said in the future it'll be easy for me to go down because I got good veins I don't know why Brooklyn's crying so much My mom told me that there are like three ways people react to the medication They cry, they just go back to sleep, or they turn into chatty Cathy

And I'm a chatty Cathy, and Brooklyn's a crier, so they got the worst of the two reactions -Your nose isn't running It's your tears -And then poor mom and dad have had to deal with us all day long And then we're going home to say hi to my friends

And they're all going to laugh at us, because we are cuckoo pants right now But that's OK -Dad, you have three eyes -I have three eyes? -No, he doesn't -No, he has four eyes

-I have four eyes? -No, you have two beautiful– -No He has four eyes -No, he has Even I'm awake enough to know that he does not have four eyes -Bailey needs to lick her teeth

-They're right there in the mirror -Lick your teeth, Bai, you got some blood in your mouth -Oh, OK -1, 2, 3, 4 I see four eyes

I'm not crazy OK? -Is it gone now? -Yeah Good job -OK, good -I feel like I'm choking

-You're not -You're not choking -You need to calm down -You're perfectly healthy -She's not used to this

She's never had surgery like this before, and I have -Bailey, lean back a little, K? -OK -You need a little more gauze in your mouth, Bai You're still bleeding a little -OK

I can kind of taste it -Why can't I see things? -Give Brooklyn some more on her other side -I feel like I'm cross-eyed -It's OK, Brooklyn It's just the medication

-We love your hair It's really soft? Brooklyn needs to wipe her nose -My nose is running -OK, stop I'll wipe it

-It's not your nose running, Brooklyn, it's your tears -Yeah, you are -What else do you want to talk about? What's the matter? -She wants you to kiss it better -She wants you to kiss it better -Is there lots of gauze? -Yes

-But my lip feels like it's the size of Texas It feels so big -It's not big, Brooklyn It just feels that way It's just numb

-Hey what? -Where's my friends? -What, Bai? -How long will I be like this? -Yeah, in a little while -OK -Ice cream? Why do you want ice cream? -Bailey wants Chic-Fil-A peppermint ice cream -Bailey, take your gauze out Take your gauze out, Bailey

-Bailey, take your gauze out for a second -I don't want peppermint ice cream -Yes, you do It tastes really good -No

-It's the best kind of milkshake they have -No I want– I want– I want– no peppermint -What do you want? -You can get chocolate or vanilla -I want chocolate

-OK That's OK -I want chocolate -They can get you chocolate, too -You're going to have to– -Daddy, you look very handsome today

-Thank you, Bailey -Your shirt is very handsome -Thank you -Mommy, what? -And mom, I like your sweater too -A lot of people

-They have to kill people in the hospital -They don't kill people in hospitals -They don't kill people -They save lots of babies -I love babies

-I know -I love babies -I know you do -I love Paisley I want to say hi to Paisley

And I want to say hi to Kimball and Faith and Paisley -What about Daxton? -I want to see Daxton, too -He said a little prayer that you guys would have a good surgery -Oh, I love Daxton -That's so cute

-I know You should– you have heard him He was like, bless Brooklyn and Bailey in their surgery that they'll be OK I know It was very nice of Daxton

He loves you She did -She's so cute -She said I was a princess -Did he? -Yeah

-Oh, that's nice -So I should be a princess -You are a princess You're daddy's princess -But I can't feel

I can't be a princess with my tongue and lip and teeth are like the size of Texas now -Oh, look at the pretty sunset -It's so swollen I can't breath out of my nose -It's called the cold

-I can't swallow -Neither can I, but I'm not crying about it -I can't control when I'm crying -You gotta suck it up Just say, Brooklyn, I'm not going to cry anymore

-Brooklyn, wipe your teeth You've got a little bit of blood on your teeth Front teeth -Is my makeup OK? -Your makeup looks fine -You look beautiful

Both of you do -OK Do you like my hair? -No, I don't I look like I've been crying -We love your hair

-Do you like my hair? -I love your hair -Is it cute? -It looks great -I love my hair -Why are you so happy? -I don't know I just really feel like being happy

Happy's not a bad thing -It's a good thing -Why does she feel so happy? I feel like I want to go die -You don't want to die If you died, I wouldn't have a twin sister, and that would suck

Yes, they are -No, they're not -Yes, they are -No, they're not -I know Faith is

And Kimball is, and Paisley and Daxton and Brady Oh, Brady -Oh, what about Brady? -Who took care of Brady while we were gone? -Camry -OK, good I didn't want him to die

-He won't die -Mom, so many people are going to see me when my is so fat -Your mouth isn't fat, Brooklyn -Yes, it is -No, it's not

It looks just fine -Yes, it is -All the pretty trees Can I go see the pretty trees -No

Stay in the car -Why? I want to go see pretty trees -Stop talking -Why? -I don't like it -I was being nice to you

We all have our different ways of coping with the medication Mine is just talking, yours is crying, Camry's is laughing at us But that's OK -All my teeth hurt -Lay back

Lay back, Bailey, relax -My face still hurts -I can't My twin sister's taking up the whole couch -Does that sound familiar? -Yeah, it's just like she took up the whole womb

-She did -It's the truth That's why my face is smashed, and her's is beautiful -It's the truth -Am I supposed to be able to understand her? -Yeah

-Or is the drugs supposed to make me not understand her? -Yeah, the drugs make you– -No, the drugs are supposed to make us loopy -And last but not least, take your brush and smooth out your design so it's nice and perfect

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