Identical Twins PREGNANT with TWINS for 24 Hours! *not real*

– Hola peeps, today we are – Pregnant – Preggers

We are going to try to do The Pregnant for 24 Hours Challenge, but we're putting our own spin on it, because, of course, you know, Brook and I can't do anything like normal people – No, we cannot – We are going to be pregnant with twins (record scratch) So, twins pregnant with twins – So, our bellies are going to be huge

Right now, we are trying to figure out what in the world is going to fit clothing-wise – The problemo is that none of my clothes fit So (upbeat music) – [Bailey] This is the belly Oh, my gosh

Let me see Come here You do look pregnant – I just look like a beach toy Oh my gosh, this itches

I hope this is not how it feels to be pregnant My sides are like, poking out in all directions – [Brooklyn] That's not, I veto that outfit (sighing) Bailey finally found an outfit (sighing) Wow, it took you 20 years, but we got one that works

– My belly bounces when I walk – [Brooklyn] It does, it looks really funny – Wow! (chuckles) I'm having grand babies soon! – This brings back deja vu – [Mindy] I know – Doesn't it? How's it feel? – Dad, we have something– – You guys were in a mom's tummy just like that

– [Bailey] We have something we need to tell you – What? – We're pregnant – I, I figured that – [Bailey] We're having babies – No, you're not

– [Mindy] They're both pregnant with twins – [Bailey] Feel, right here – That's a baby – That's not, you're not – [Bailey] Yeah, it's real

– You're not (laughing) – The straps hurt My back hurts This is 30 pounds of extra weight on my body that I don't need Brooklyn looks like a cute boho mom, and I look like I'm

You know with my blue hair and my overalls, I look kind of young to be having a child You can do hard things Go! (keys rustling) (deep breathing) Does your belly fit okay? – My back hurts

More than anything, my back hurts – [Bailey] Does your belly fit? – Actually, surprisingly, yeah (seat belt buckles) – [Bailey] Buckle in You buckle it around, do you do that? Do you put it underneath? You probably put it underneath – Oh my gosh

– I honestly feel like having this belly on my body is causing my body to feel like I'm having a phantom pregnancy because I actually feel nauseous Like, I'm feeling like I'm going to throw up This sucks! I don't know how people have babies Kudos to you Super freaking women, this sucks

– [Brooklyn] Guys, first public experience – Filling the car up with gas Here I go (upbeat music) We're going to the drive-through because we're hungry Gimme the food

I'm hungry pregnant woman! Oh, I got my kids meal Yes Literally too exhausted to even get out of the car Guys, this is taxing Are you okay? Is your baby okay? Babies

(gasping) I felt it kick (gasping) (squealing) Just kidding – I don't know what they are yet – [Bailey] Yeah, we're doing a gender reveal party after this, but we got to go shop for some maternity clothes – [Brooklyn] Maybe we can get like some of these jeans that can go over your belly

'Cause I can totally understand why women wear this stuff – Or they just leave them unbuttoned (upbeat music) – [Brooklyn] All right, let's go to our gender reveal – Let's go to our gender reveal! – So, we just got out of Target and I'm like walking out of Target and I'm cupping my belly because it looks like jelly when I walk if I don't cup it, it just bounces around and looks very unrealistic So I'm cupping my belly and I probably look like I'm literally about to pop because this lady kind of rushes over and she's like are you okay? I was like yeah, thank you and she kind of gives me this skeptical look

She's like are you sure? I was like yeah, for sure, but then I'm like waddling back to my car and I probably look like I'm about to die and pop out literally a million babies (upbeat music) So naturally because Bailey and I are pregnant, we have to do a gender reveal And we both have two babies inside of us, so we have four balloons that we need to pop – [Camera Girl] What do you want? Tell us your dream scenario – Girls, two girls

– [Camera Girl] Two girls? Okay, what about you? – [Girl] But you have blue hair now – I could do a girl and boy – [Camera Girl] That's what I said! I feel like Brooklyn would like that Ready, set, go! (girls squealing) It's a boy! Ready, set, go! (cheering) One, two, go! (cheering and laughing) – Do we have any girls? This has to be a girl – [Camera Girl] Three, two, one, go! (cheering) Bailey, did you know when you died your hair blue that you were having boys? – Yes

– [Camera Girl] It was instinctual – Yeah, it was the universe – [Camera Girl] What? She felt it in her uterus? (all laughing) – I'm gonna FaceTime Asa, I haven't shown him my belly yet (phone ringing) Please answer – Hey

– Hey – What? – [Bailey] Look at this (laughing) – What the heck? – [Bailey] Guess what genders they are I got two of them – Girls

– [Bailey] I wish – They're boys? – [Bailey] Yes! Two boys! – Yes! – Does it actually look real? – Yeah – I feel like it looks so fake – No, I looks real – We're gonna go try and take some maternity photos for Brooklyn

She can expose her belly, like one of those bare belly ones, you know what I mean? You look like you have a water balloon on your stomach Yes No, don't smile You gotta like lay all the way down and do one of those like Uh-huh Yes Work it girl (groaning) I put PJs on

Look, now you can see my belly Look at the pants, they're like sitting right here It's all strapped on But look at the belly Look at the bellies

We just have to sleep in these and then tomorrow morning we can take them off (groaning) – [Brooklyn] So, this guy has literally been stuck to our sides this whole day Huh, puppy? Look at him, like he's curled against the belly I truly am curious if anyone knows if dogs can like tell if you're pregnant or like get more protective when they see that you have a pregnant belly because look at him He is like curled against the belly

– [Bailey] It's not like he senses another human because we're not actually pregnant – But literally look at him He is curled around the belly Like what is this? Tell us in the comments down below if you know if dogs can like tell that you're pregnant because of your belly Like if they see your belly and just get instantly more protective or maybe it's like they actually sense the other human in you and so like he's just being weird? I don't know

– So naturally a pregnant, having a pregnant belly, (laughing) I decided what's more realistic than a pregnant women than a late night craving So it is currently like ten something, – Daddy! – sounds like the kids are still up, it's like ten something and I want to see if my dad will go pick up what Brooklyn and I are craving Let's see Hey dad? – Yeah – [Bailey] As you know, I'm carrying your grandchildren

Will you go get me my late night craving of ice cream? – Are you serious? – [Bailey] Yeah – I was about ready to go to bed What? What do you want? – [Bailey] Ben and Jerry's ice cream – Ben and Jerry's? Just one or are you guys sharing? – [Bailey] Me and Brooklyn – Since you're eating for six? – [Bailey] No, we'll need two of those

– I'll do it because I love you – [Bailey] Yay! – I love you girls (upbeat music) All right, pregnant beauties (both cheering) Your mom did this for nine months You guys still have the two more months of the hardest months

– I have literally have such an appreciation for women and mothers that do this for so long because I think everyone should do this I mean, men and women should have to go through this, so everyone has an understanding of what their getting their selves into – Dude, this is hard – This is hard This is very hard

– Kudos to – Kudos to all you women out there – Everyone who's been through this

– Okay, put it on my belly (laughing) – [Shaun] And then you guys will get the hiccups and it would fall off (mimicking hiccups) I remember that would happen (laughing) All right, well enjoy Better that it be eleven o'clock at night and not three a

m – Thanks dad! – [Bailey] Brooklyn is gonna attempt to sleep – This is not as comfy as– – [Bailey] Let me see your belly – I can see why people do those like pregnancy pillows that like kind of cup your baby bump because like this is, your weight is like sinking into the mattress And if you sleep like this, no, no, all the weight just crushes your organs

– Good morning everyone! Guess what? I'm not pregnant anymore! I took that thing off my body Okay, we're gonna attempt to weigh this thing And see how much it weighs What's it say Brooklyn? – 14 pounds We carried around 14 extra pounds

All 24 hours – [Bailey] All in silicone – [Mom] Which is light, guys – [Bailey] Yeah, mom says, how much is normal? – [Mom] Normal, like 35? I mean ish – So that's half of what you would normally carry

– Hello, I am here to clarify just in case there was any confusion, we are not pregnant Nor do we plan on being pregnant anytime soon – No thank you – This is a fake video We are not pregnant in any way, shape, or form

So there's no reason to be concerned But that is just a clarification for this video – Yes, we mostly filmed this video just to be able to experience what it's like to be pregnant and to better appreciate all the women out there that do this, that have children, that are moms, and we just have so much respect for you now (upbeat music)

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