Identical Twins Split Up for ONE WEEK for First Time EVER!

– This is the last time you will see me, (laughing) talk to me in a week – [Bailey] In a week

– [ailey] Why do I feel like – Wait, you actually can't talk to me at all – [Bailey] Goodbye

– Bye (upbeat music) – I'm currently driving to Louisiana Normally on a big road trip like this she would split the drive with me So she'd be sitting in that seat, however, she's not with me So, I'm driving the five hour drive by myself

All right, let's try that again I'm getting bored which means I'm talking to you and being safe Don't worry guys I'm being safe, I'm looking at the road I've got both hands on the wheel I'm paying attention, I'm just talking

Currently, right now in my passenger seat which is where Brooklyn should be is a bag of chicken fingers Our goal in this video is to literally, just totally not communicate at all and see if we do okay, emotionally If we end up accidentally doing similar things because we're twins and we think alike even when we're far apart And you guys are going to come along with us in the journey And, okay, I'm bored and I'm rambling now, so I'm gonna go

– Yeah, it's literally only been, like, maybe 30 minutes since Bailey left and I can't talk to her I can't text her I can't do anything She left her computer! I like literally reached to text her and call her, and I can't So, (popping) I was about to get in the shower, obviously, went to get my hair brush to brush my hair, and Bailey took my hairbrush! And, then I was chattin to my mom about my mouthwash and then I realized Bailey took my mouthwash! On the bright side, Kamri let me borrow her brush

(water running) Update, I just went to listen to music on my Spotify, Bailey and I share a Spotify She's using my music Okay, everyone, update, I'm going to Kamri's choir concert at the high school, which means I'm going to probably see all of my old high school friends But, Bailey's not here, which is just gonna be weird, because, like I'm going back and I'm missing, like half of, half of me So, that'll be strange

Anyway, – [Dad] I'll be your other half – Yeah, there you go, Dad – [Paisley] Me, too! – We are going to have some sisterly time – Minus Bailey – But, we're missing a sister! Is is weird, already guys, that she's not here? – Bailey? – [Brooklyn] Yeah

– [Rylan] No, cause we haven't had either of you – This is only, this is only day one – [Kamri] We haven't seen either of you, so – Yeah – Of seven

Ice cream? Here's the chair for Bailey (sad music) We love and miss her We'll always remember her – Hello everyone (clears throat) I finally made it to Louisiana last night, and, normally I would share a room with Brooklyn, but I ended up sharing a room with Asa's little sister Aslynn last night

I think that she spent the night alone, so I wonder how she did She doesn't like to She prob, actually, you know what, she probably went and slept with somebody else – Okay guys, so Day Two of me being separate from Bailey Last night was a little freaky, I'm not gonna lie

There were, I turned my lamp on and slept with the lamp on all night because, you know, that's just a little freaky Anyway, so I'm going on a little adventure today with my mom We are going to speak at UNT There's like a conference there for girls from 11 to 16 I mean, I've traveled without Bailey, but like spoken, I've never done

Still a little weird for not having Bailey around when I normally do all the time I was going to wear heels to this presentation, I was going to wear nude heels to this presentation And, then I went to get them, and Bailey took them! So, I am wearing Paisley's brown sandals (clicking) And, they fit perfectly – I'm going through pictures (laughing) of Brooklyn because, well I had an impulse to post on Instagram and obviously I miss her because I came across the pictures of her, just kinda ended up looking at them for a minute

We're driving to Alabama, so (cheering) we're going to the beach – [Asa] Yes! – Brooklyn's gonna be upset She's gonna be so sad she's not with us But, oh, well! – [Asa] Sorry, Brooklyn – We just gave our first speech and it went really well, but it's, like downpouring outside

Little weird being onstage without Bailey I don't think my mom's used to having somebody else on stage, so it's a little bit of an adjustment, but it went really well, so we're learning I'm outta breath 'cause I ran But, yeah – [Asa] We're just chillin

– [Bailey] Yep – [Asa] We got the whole beach behind us, really nice – I don't think I've ever been to a beach without Brooklyn I'm about to do all these things this week without Brooklyn (laughing) And it feels weird

– I quickly realized that, while I do have a fashion sense of my own, I can't ask Bailey if I should buy something, if it looks good (growling) The struggle is real I actually figured out a trick that I can sort of communicate with Bailey in our family GM Because she can text in there and I can text in there and see it Oh, I also found out that I can see what she's doing on Instagram Story

So, I have a general idea of what's going on, so that's been really nice – [Bailey] We found a crab – [Asa] Look how big it is – [Bailey] Look at how big it is Ooh, he's gone

(laughing) Goodbye Brooklyn would've loved to have seen that – [Asa] Oh my gosh (laughing) – It's hard to explain what it's like not having her around, but it's not really stuff you can film You know, it's just the little baby things

Tonight, I'm going to sleep with Kamri and Bella in this little like trailer that Bella has I've spent the last two nights alone in my room and I've had to turn the lamp on 'cause, not gonna lie, it's freaky being in a room alone – [Mom] You slept with a night light? – I slept with the lamp on – [Mom] Brooklyn! Welcome to the life – Welcome to the life – [Mom] Of a kid that doesn't have a twin

– Yeah, I've had a twin my whole life, I've had someone in my room my whole life So, imagine having someone with you your whole life and then, all of a sudden you are just alone It's kinda freaky But, we're gettin' gas, no worries – It's Day Four

– Day Four – Without talking to Brooklyn, and it's been – Has it been hard? – It's been not like, not like oh my gosh, this is hard, but like, oh, she's not here, you know, noticeable But, I'm sure that she wishes she was here (sad music) – So, one of the activities, I guess I'm doing this week without Bailey being here, is I'm going to my first OB-GYN appointment So, my mom – For just a regular check-up, guys, – [Brooklyn] Yes

– to be clear, just a Gyno – So, when it's just me and I ask my mom to come because she probably knows a lot more about his stuff than I do – I do – So, we're going parasailing – Yeah, parasailing! – And Brooklyn and I have literally been begging my mom every time we go to the beach, like for the past five years to go parasailing

So, she's gonna be so – Yeah – mad that I'm doing it without her 'cause we're excited, 'cause we're going parasailing (cheering) ♪ Take down your walls and let me ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ Yeah, brick by brick, now let me ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ I'm gonna be ♪ – I made a pit stop after dinner and we are at Bucky's You can see this is like gas station that has anything you'd ever want in it Wow, I'm peeling, lovely

We had a very successful Bucky's trip We got popsicles, and I got some new clothing items that I'm excited to show y'all, so stay tuned I'll have a fashion show by myself in my room 'cause Bailey's gone and it's a party Is is Day Four or Day Five? I think it's Day Four of Bailey being gone Anyway, not as bad as I thought it would be

I told y'all I got some Bucky's clothing Oh, yes Vote if you think that these are awesome I also got a Bucky's bikini top Tell me I'm not the coolest person ever

Hopefully Bailey likes them because she is not here to give me fashion advice, and I'm all of y'all are probably like, she's obviously not there to give you fashion advice But, I'm having fun, so (laughing) there you go – Brooklyn, it's Day Five and I'm doing okay We're doing okay Like I said, there are just things that I would normally do with her that I'm not doing with her

But, it's like, I miss her It's as easy as that – Day Five of Bailey not being here I'm currently laying in her bed because my bed is over there is made and her bed is never made This is what my life now consists of because I have no one to hang out with

– We're drinking virgin pina coladas – Virgin pina colada – And strawberry daiquiris – No alcohol – Bet Brooklyn wishes she was here – I am sporting my new Bucky's swimsuit, because, you know, of course if I'm gonna buy it, I'm gonna sport it But, you guys can hang out with me and we can be best buds, 'cause I'm not doing anything and Bailey is gone

So, I just get to talk to my camera a whole bunch (laughing) Yeah, I just realized, I mean I knew our video was going up today, but I just realized that the picture I was gonna post on Instagram for this video, Bailey has And, she can't text me Guys! Not talking to your twin sucks! – [Asa] What are we about to do? – Okay, so now we're going on what's called a Sky Swing They hook you up, drag you all the way up, then they drop you and you swing like this

And, Brooklyn and I literally have been begging my parents to let us do this forever Now we're here and we're doing it, and she's not here (laughing) – [Asa] Whoo, we're excited All right – All right, what's up guys? It's me, Will

We've got the whole crew here (cheering) We're watching Bailey and Asa go up there – [Woman From Crew] Is she crying? – [Woman From Crew] She's crying – [Will] Oh no, Bailey's crying All right, here they go

(cheering) All right, well, there you have it, that was the slingshot I'm Will, this is the crew (cheering) All right, all right, we're out – Kept your eyes closed pretty much the whole time we went up – 'cause, 'cause, you pull the string, you pull your own string – Yeah, you have to pull it yourself – And that releases you and makes you swing down, and he had to pull it, and I was like, Asa, please don't pull it, please, please, please don't pull it

And he did On the count of six, not even on the count of three! – Yeah, I just counted, counted to six, so her anticipation would be distorted – I think I can wait until I'm with Brooklyn to do that again – Aw, I would do it, I would do it again right now – Bailey's out of town, which means my BJ's dinner date is Kamri, naturally

We had to come get pizookies, 'cause this is like a tradition and needed someone to come with me (sad music) – All right, that's a wrap of a week (cheering) I now have a 12 hour drive ahead of me, 'cause we have to drive from the beach back to Louisiana, where my car is, and then I have to drive from Louisiana to Dallas Normally, Brooklyn and I would split a drive like that, like I said But, because she's not here, it's me and Asa

We're driving together on the way back from the beach, and then I'm driving by myself on the way back to Texas That's a wrap! (barking) Look who it is (laughing) Look at us – How does it feel – At last – To be back to your twin? – Good – Are you happy, are you sad? – Happy, why would I be sad? – You're so dark

– I know, look at me – I was so lonely (laughing) Bailey had a boyfriend, so naturally she didn't miss me at all (upbeat music)

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