Identical Twins Switch Places | Will Bailey’s Boyfriend Notice?

– Hello, guys! – I'm sure you're wondering why we look like carbon copies of each other – Brooklyn and Brooklyn

– Yes – Instead of Brooklyn and Bailey – So essentially, this video is going to be us, identical twins, swapping places in the middle of something that we're doing with our friends, to see if they notice and can tell that we've swapped places – Yeah, so basic gist of it is, we invited a bunch of our friends over to film a fake video – Video

– called How to Make Friends in College, and instead it's going to be Brooklyn initially asking them the questions We told them that I was going to be at a meeting – And then I then have to go to the bathroom – Bathroom – in the middle of filming, run in the bathroom, we switch – I switch

I take her place, and we want to see if any of our friends will recognize that it's Bailey instead of Brooklyn now asking them the questions – We're really testing people's abilities here – This is gonna be a test because, really, we did everything we could to look exactly the same – Down to the jewelry, like, we swapped my rings Like, everything

– So we don't really know what's gonna go on, but we did ask Asa to come do it We asked some of our best friends, Hanna and Bethany, to do it We asked our roommates, Jensen and Emilee, to do it It's gonna be very interesting to see who makes it through – Makes it through the test or not

– So let's go check it out (upbeat jazzy music) – We are currently getting ready for the video I'm doing her exact makeup routine – Same shape as mine – She hasn't done her makeup yet, but she's telling me what she uses

– I'm kind of doing hers so that it's the same – Yes, and a lot of people say our– – And I took my nails off so our nails are the same right now – A lot of people say that our eyebrows are very different, so we're attempting to make them– – Here's my eyebrow shape – Look, like we're gonna fill them in and try to– – Here, show 'em your eyebrow shape, like, up close Bailey's eyebrow shape

– No, this is not This is more like my eyebrow shape And this is hers – Like, hers are more angular, so we're trying, to, like, comb it up, and like, make it angular – Oh, that might be a telltale sign! – Uh-oh

Wait, no, we're gonna have a hat on – Oh, okay, okay – I was like, do we need to add a zit? – I was like, let's make a zit! Let's do it! (laughing) – Wow – I'm, like, trying to put the majority of the extensions in the back of my head, because we're gonna be putting a bun on in our hair, with a hat on, to cover the extensions The hair's not as thick as yours, so the braid will be not as thick

So I'm doing it all in the back – It is just not the same as my hair, whatsoever – Wait 'til you see this on – It's a little too– – Actually, it's pretty close Put it in my hair and see if we can tell

Pretend that's– It's a little bit blonder – I kind of like it, though I should do that to my hair (arrow popping) – Imagine if I, should do my hair like this, guys? – I think you should I think it looks good

I look so stupid What do we think? Imagine that this is not there – Not a move for you – It actually doesn't look that bad, actually Even I think I look like (laughs) Brooklyn

I'm freaking out – You look just like me, stop! Take the hair off, I don't like it! (laughs) – I look so much like (laughs) (hyperventilating) – So here's me – Head to toe – And then socks We even have the same rubber bank on our wrist

All the way down to the socks – This is the only part I think that's– – Oh, my earrings, I need to take my earrings out – I think this is the only part that's unrealistic – Or I could give 'em to you My earrings

– We could do that Let's do that – This is the only part that's unrealistic – She just needs to curl them – I just need to curl it

– And pull them, straighten them more towards your face – I will – Like that – Okay – Okay

Here we go You can't make any noise in the bathroom None (squeals) Or it's a dead giveaway – Let's go

– Okay, so I have Hanna here Cameron Grissom here Bethany is, like, who we're rooming with next year in our house, which is exciting We have Asa here, obviously this is Bailey's boyfriend Okay, we have Jensen here

You guys know, she's our roommate This is Emilee, our other roommate We are kind of doing a video about making friends in college, and we were getting, like, a broad range of people 'Cause it's, like, the end of freshman year, we're kind of getting everybody's opinion, that's, like, close to us – Really just put yourself out there

Don't, like, stay in, like, your own shell, you know? Walk around, introduce yourself to random people – Even if you wanna stay in at night and just have a relaxing night, you've had so many tests that week, say yes, because the people you'll meet, they'll be your best friends forever – Keep people around you who are smarter than you, and who challenge you, and people who don't think the same as you – We haven't heard that yet – You have to make an effort

– Shame on you – Here, hold that, I'm gonna pee really quick – Oh my gosh, I lost my train of thought – It's fine, I'm gonna pee real quick – Okay

(laughs) – Find the right people, and you'll be happier in the end – Yeah, that's good advice I'm gonna pee (pop music) – Ew, ew, you just looked like Bailey there – Oh my gosh

– Ew, that was so weird, that face – I don't wanna look like Bailey – Ew, ew, that was so weird, oh my god, oh my god No, stop Stop

I know it's you! I know it's you, I was like, absolutely not you – Dude, you figured it out fast – Ew, I'm gonna cry, that was so weird Ew, they're so different, it's so obvious Absolutely not

Uh-uh Mm-mmm (Laughing) – Ew, I have literally goose– This is so weird! (laughs) Am I white? Am I white? You walked in like Brooklyn But your face is completely different – I was trying really hard to channel my inner Brooklyn

– That was rude (cries) So weird – We broke Hanna – Ew, you broke me, ugh – [Videographer] Brooklyn, ask more questions

– So one other question we wanted to ask was have you had a hard time making friends, and if so, give us an example – You're not Brooklyn (Laughs) – He got it! He got it, he got it, he got it! Yes! – He goes, "Mm-mmm" – [Videographer] I think it's really easy since he was at a lower level – I'm impressed

– I know – He saw my face – No, as soon as I saw her face, I was like, that's not– – Know their names, know their faces – Oh yeah, for sure – Yeah, and like, know the differences between people, like the differences between, you know, Bailey and I

– Yeah, 'case you're Bailey – Yeah (laughs) – He got it, he got it! (cheers) – How did you notice? – Right as you walked in – [Videographer] They look good on you Oh, thank you

– [Videographer] For real – Do I look slim thick? – [Videographer] You always look slim thick, oh my gosh – Okay – Tell us about an experience where trying the tactics you were talking about didn't work in college? – Stop I said, why is Bailey here now? (laughs) That was just the easiest thing ever

You can't be my best friend and not expect me to notice You can see in the video, I was looking, I was like, Brooklyn looks so much like Bailey right now That's Bailey – I've been trying to work on my Brooklyn voice (laughs) – Oh my gosh

– Speak, speak – Hello – Hello – No, you're too high – Hello

– Go into your CT-dominant sound – Hello – Hello – Hello – Better, yeah

– How are you? – How are you? – Yes, yes, yes, yes, it's getting better now That was shocking – The real, actual freaky friends in college video – Has anyone noticed faster than me? – No – People that would know it, you, Hanna, Asa

– And maybe Tina – Maybe Jensen? – No, Jensen will Jensen, actually, I don't know about Tina – I want one person to not notice – Yeah, vote which person coming up next you think will not be able to tell the difference between Brooklyn and I

– Because I know there's gonna be one person that's gonna be like– – There's gonna be someone, I just cannot predict who it's going to be – [Videographer] Ready, go ahead – Another question that we have is how do you make friends in high school versus college, because I know you're about to go into college – Okay, I haven't experienced college yet But in high school, I guess and before, it was just a matter of pushing the comfort zone and especially for me, it wasn't always easy

– So you would say that knowing who a person is and recognizing them, like, immediately, is really important – Yeah, make an initiative to learn people's name and remember their name – [Videographer] Is there, like a difference between Brooklyn and Bailey? – Yeah, how did you tell us apart? – By your hair – Our hair? – Your hair was the biggest thing for me in the beginning, it was definitely the long blonde, versus Bailey with the shorter And just the friend group I hung around mostly for the semester was a lot more around you than Bailey, and then I got to know Bailey by coming over here more

I can tell now by the way you dress You're a little bit more like hipster casual and stuff, and she's more of like, cuter, like sweeter Not cuter, it's just like, tied things and different things where, like, you have more stuff going on with you hair and space buns, like yesterday, and things like that That's the only thing And then also, your personalities are very different

So you can definitely tell by when you guys talk – 'Cause like Brooklyn and I have– – I feel like I can tell the difference – [Videographer] Oh, I can definitely tell the difference – Okay, well first of all, Bailey short hair, Brooklyn long hair – Obvious, yeah

– Obviously – I don't know, like eyebrow shapes are different to me Nose shapes And the way you talk, your mouth, the way it moves is different – It's true, it's true

– Your eyes and your face shape is different I don't know Ever since the day I met y'all, I can tell – That's smart – Yeah, and since then I haven't messed up, so

– Okay I'm trying to think of what other question – [Videographer] You have questions on your phone – Yeah Oh, this isn't, that's not my phone

Give me one second – Whose phone is that? – What? – Their voices, that sounded like Bailey Why did that– Am I tripping? – Okay – Why did you sound exactly like– – [Videographer] She said you sounded like Bailey – You sounded exactly like Bailey

– No, I didn't – [Videographer] She was like, was that Bailey? – I don't sound like Bailey, do I? Maybe it's 'cause I'm sick – I'm sitting here explaining their differences and how I'm so good at telling them apart but I was like? (cheering) (laughing) – I thought I was tripping (laughing) – [Videographer] It was so funny! – I saw her necklace and I was like, wait, she didn't – We forgot the necklace

– We forgot the necklace the second part – [Videographer] Literally, that was the– I got that all on camera Literally, you left, and she goes, – [Videographer] No And I literally started panicking I started going, acting, and I suddenly go, no, why? (laughing) I was like, what? – One of the most important things, is that if you have friends that are twins, being able to tell them apart

– Mm-hmm Definitely – [Videographer] Like that? – Well, you did a bad job (laughing) – [Videographer] They switched twice, Tina – Um, let's see, when I first met you, y'all had the same length of hair

– Way back when – But your eyebrows are different, actually – Oh, really? – Yeah, you have different face shapes – I've heard people say that before Like, "They're eyebrows are different

" – Y'all talk a lot differently, too – Really? – Yeah, whether it's like, intonation with different words, telling stories – There you go, you didn't know that, now you know Think you can tell us apart? – Yeah, oh, absolutely – No, you can't

– What? Who am I? Oh my gosh Fake friend, apparently – No – Whoa – [Videographer] She didn't even get messed up with the phone

I was like, oh my god, you have the phone – And my phone is literally right there – Yeah, that was her phone – [Videographer] It was in her pocket, and I was like, oh – I was about to say, you look a lot like Bailey right now, but then I was like, no, that's so weird, and I was like, that's so funny, they took a picture yesterday, of like, looking like each other

– What's so funny is we literally predicted, we were like, Tina's gonna know, but she's not gonna say anything – She's too nice – [Videographer] Oh yeah, we can just cut that out – Okay, let's like, round it out Basically, recognizing people, and their faces, and their names, and even between Bailey and I, being able to tell us apart, is like, super important

– Yeah – You think you can do that? – Yeah, for sure – That's funny – No, you can't (laughing) – No

Hold on Was it you the first time? – No, second time – [Videographer] When I said, go get your phone, it was Bailey – I'm upset – Wait, what? Hold on

– Actually tears running down my face – I was confident you would know (grunts) – They got me, so – Quality content right there – Wow I'd like to apologize to all the people who were rooting for me I'm sorry – Don't film me right now

– We didn't get this on video, and I was upset they didn't get it on video, but Asa and Cam look mildly alike, and so they switched when I looked away when we were taking pictures and I had no idea Like, I literally, I didn't look over 'Cause I was just like, I went from looking at somebody back to taking pictures, and I didn't even realize that they had switched places So I'm gonna show you the picture progression of me recognizing that it wasn't Asa and, like, freaking out, so this is what it is (cheery music) Okay, so ultimately five people got it, three people didn't, – The most important one didn't get it

– Asa, and I feel like Tina, because she's gonna live with us, or maybe it's because she hasn't lived with us yet, and Asa's also long distance and doesn't hang out with Brooklyn very often – Yeah, I don't know – There are lots of factors that go into it – Yes – Comment down below who you were most surprised about not getting it

– Honestly, everyone knows it's gonna be Asa It's gonna be Asa, just answer Asa It's all you have to do – But don't forget to subscribe to our channel if you enjoyed this video by clicking down below that says subscribe – The big red button

– Yes, go click it – And that's all we have for you guys Bye! (kisses) (upbeat jazzy music)

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