Identical Twins SWiTCH PLACES | Will Brooklyn & Bailey’s FAMiLY Notice? (Part 2)

– Hey, guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey And today we are filming another twin swap video, which, if you don't know, we filmed one with our roommates and friends in college, and now today, we are filming one with our extended family

So, it was so funny last time, seeing who got it, and who didn't, so we're ready to put everyone to the test Let's check it out – [Bailey] Let's go! – ♪ [Female Singer] The storm within your (fades out) ♪ – Hello, everybody! Before we get onto the video, I'm just gonna let you guys know that we have officially launched my necklace on our shop! So, you can buy this baby right here on our shop officially! So many of you guys have been asking for so many years where you can get it, how you can buy it Well, you can now buy it on Lash Next Door So, go check it out

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Buy all these new necklaces I'm so excited to see you wear them Okay, that's the end of my announcement Back to the video! – Good morning, everyone So, we traveled to Utah

For what? – CVX Took me way too long to remember that – (laughs) It's really early in the morning Since we're here, we have a lot of extended family that lives in Utah, so we decided we were gonna try a twin swap video We're doing that today, but we're doing it with some of our extended family members

Our family doesn't know – Papa will not know – Yeah, my grandpa– – (Mindy) He will not know – will not know I think that my little cousin Kilee might, and my Aunt Tawna might, and my Nana might But I don't know for sure But anyway, we're gonna do this all over again

You guys remember the routine of me doing Brooklyn's makeup, trying to hide the zits that she doesn't have, or other way around Also, it's more complicated, because we're staying in the same house as my grandparents, so, we told them this very extended lie (laughs) that I was going to some meeting, and my dad's literally getting up and opening the door, and shutting the door, and pretending like I went with him so that they believe it If they hear the door close, they'll think that I'm leaving, so that they don't think that I'm in the house when they're filming, when we switch It's getting a little crazy – [Brooklyn] It's just so tempting to do my eyebrows

You have a little– – There we go, well, that looks a little better – [Woman] (mumbles)? – [Another Woman] Yes, (mumbles) – [Brooklyn] Do you want to tell them what happened? – Yeah, we left the extensions So, we had to go to the store last night and find a wig – [Brooklyn] Do you look like me? – (laughs) Give me a minute

Now, okay, we're spraying my bun right now 'cause it's a little too blonde I look stupid (laughs) (Brooklyn laughs) – [Brooklyn] This is my handiwork I'm trying to make it look more brown (laughs) Am I Brooklyn? – Am I Bailey? – That's a secret I'll never tell

(fun music) I realized partway through that I still have my freckle So, I got to cover my freckle up That's a dead giveaway (fun music) Okay, so it's barely there I don't know, guys

Don't I look like Brooklyn? Everyone's saying I don't look like her today Could be the wig Either way, the show must go on Okay, so, I'm staying hidden in the downstairs closet She's gonna tell my grandparents, and even though we don't– I think we looked more alike in the last video, We also see our extended family less often

So, it's okay (hushed laughing) I'm just laughing 'cause I don't think I look like Brooklyn right now It's funny, that people see what they want to see They see what you tell them they're supposed to see, even though they know that it's not– Wow, that just got deep real fast Anyway, I'm hiding in this closet

She's gonna tell them she needs to run downstairs and grab something, and then we switch! – Hello, everybody! And today, I'm gonna be interviewing my nana So, do you want to introduce yourself to everyone? This is my grandma! (both laughing) I'll introduce her! – You want my name, or my name? Her name is Vicky Scott (laughs) She's my mom's mom This is my Papa, or, otherwise known as Jeff Scott Obviously, husband to my nana

Oh, also, he's sick So, when he speaks, he sounds a little bit like a frog, croaking frog – Yeah – (laughs) He's just, yeah – Croak

This is my Aunt Shanley – Hello! – She is my dad's youngest sister Do you want to introduce yourself to everybody? Give them a little rundown on who you are? – Sure I'm Shanley, I'm the favorite sister (Brooklyn laughs) He has a twin

You would think the twin would be the favorite, but it's the baby of the family – I guess that's just how it is (Shanley laughs) – They're upstairs doing interviews right now And I'm so bored of sitting here in this closet (laughs) (fun music) (laughs) Somebody help me

– We, my mom, lived with you, right? When we were tiny little babies – Yes – Okay, what was your favorite memory from when we lived with you as tiny babies? – Well, you were tinies Your mom and dad lived in our basement apartment in our house when you were born, and so, there were two of you – That's true

– And so anytime your mom went anywhere, I got one (both laugh) And so, it was like you guys were my own babies Probably my favorite memory was when I would come downstairs into your apartment, and you guys would come crawling across the floor- – (adoring groan) – to greet me! (laughs) It was so cute – Babies are so cute! – You would always say things together – (chuckles) – The same thing, same words, same inflection, together It was really– – We still do that – Yeah

It was really cute – And then crap, I forgot my question

I gotta go grab my phone And then I'll come back – So, not tiny babies, but when your parents were They went to China for a week, and I got to come baby-sit– – (gasps) – all, at the time, five of you It was when Daxon– We had this game that, we were gonna see who could tickle my back the longest– – (laughs) –

and the best (laughs) – I have something in my journal that's like, "Shanley said, whoever gave her the best back massage got ice cream" – Oh, is that what it was? (laughs) – And then, there's an excerpt underneath it that says, "Shanley did not give us ice cream

" (both laughing) – It's 'cause it was a tie, nobody won It was just too close – It was in my journal, and I got really mad about it (both laughing) I just forgot my question I gotta go get my phone, give me a second

– (laughs) – (unintelligible whispering) – Ugh! This is stressful Go – We're ready! I apologize – for me – [Woman Off-Screen] Brooklyn, step a little bit closer to her There you go – [Nana] Hmm? – What about, did Brooklyn and I look similar when we were younger? (rewinding sound) Did Brooklyn and I look similar– – Did you just say Brooklyn? – Yeah, I just– (both laugh) I just talked in the third person

Oh, my gosh! (laughs) Which one am I, Papa? You're Brookie – Mm-hmm – Yeah – Did you think that we looked more similar when we were younger, then? – Oh, I could not tell you apart for years – Yeah

What are our differences now that tell us apart, indicate to you who is who? – Well, it used to be the hair But now it's personality I was starting to pick up little things here and there that identify you – Yeah – Slowly

– I think you looked more similar when you were younger – Yeah – I mean, people can tell the difference now, because of your hair – Yeah, definitely – Your styling and stuff

– Yeah, with Bailey and her blue hair – One of my favorite things was when you guys were little, and Papa could never tell you apart – I couldn't tell you guys apart – Yeah – I would have to– 'cause I lived out of state a lot of the time

And so, when I got together with you guys, I would listen for somebody to say one of your names, and then I'd look at something different about the two of you, like something you were wearing, or earrings And that's how I would tell you apart for the longest time – I totally see you as two different people – [Deep, Slow Voice] I totally see you as two different people – Mm-hmm

– When you were little, it was more interchangeable – Yeah, definitely We've tried to be more individual now, like me with my long hair, and then Bailey with her short hair and blue hair, and all that stuff, you know? – Yeah Bailey's a little more outgoing – Mm-hmm

– And chatty – Mm-hmm – And less organized (both laugh) – True! I had to deal with the messy room! Okay, yeah, so, the last question for you is, you're just absolutely 100% confident that you'd be able to tell Bailey and I apart? – Are you Bailey?? (Bailey laughs) – Oh my gosh! (laughs) Hair – [Bailey] Ahhh! – [Nana] (laughs) You guys are such tricksters! – Oh wait, shoot, okay

I'll be right back I gotta pee! – (laughs) – [Woman Off-Screen] Oh my gosh – [Another Woman Off-Screen] (crosstalk) – Okay, so, what is your confidence percentage of how likely you are to tell if it's me or Brooklyn? – [Papa] Well, now, probably 100 percent – 100 percent? For me and Bailey? – Well, you can't get past the hair – I mean, yeah

– Are you Bailey? – Yes (Both laugh, along with woman off-screen) – [Bailey Or Brooklyn] Who's who? – I don't know (twins laugh) I usually get it wrong Brookie

– No (laughs) – [Woman Off-Screen] You should just go with whatever the opposite– – [Brooklyn] Opposite of what you're thinking – That's right, that's right I get it, I get– – [Woman Off-Screen] Switch around, let's switch around – All right

– Let's try it, if he guesses the opposite of what he thinks – Okay, Brookie – Yes! (all laugh, and Bailey claps) It worked! – We thought this was a lot (laughs) – [Woman Off-Screen] Yeah – Okay, last couple of questions, more about your family

– My family growing up, or my– – Your current family – Okay – How many kids do you have? What are their names and ages? Well, if you want to disclose that information – Okay, so, I have one husband, and– (all laugh) – Oh, that's good Whew, I was worried! And then I have three little girls

Bentley is eight Camzen is five and a half She gets upset if I say five (dinging) And Peyton is four – Okay

– [Automated Voice] Front right door – Hold on, we gotta figure out, are they just staying outside? – [Woman Off-Screen] Yeah, they're staying outside – [Brooklyn] Staying outside – [Woman Off-Screen] Hey! – Hey! – Oh my gosh! (all laugh) – [Brooklyn] We switched on you– – Twice! – [Brooklyn] Three times? – [Twins] Twice! – You did?! – [Brooklyn] Yeah! (all laugh) – But I didn't– – [Brooklyn] Thanks for (crosstalk) – [Shanley] You guys are in trouble – [Brooklyn] Thank you

(all laugh) – So far, nobody has noticed It's oh-three right now We have three more people to go We have my cousin Ani, my Aunt Tawna, my cousin Kilee I don't know if anyone else is coming

I think those are the three left So, we have three more opportunities for someone to notice If nobody notices, then we must really look alike (laughs) I'm just gonna sit here, bored in the closet, until someone comes to get me (laughs) Also, (breathing) I keep running up and down those stairs, and I am so, so out of breath (laughs)

I should not be out of breath I should not be this out of breath for just running up and down a set of stairs – Hello, everyone! This is my cousin Ani – Hey – If you want to introduce yourself to everybody on camera (laughs)

– Hi, everyone I'm Ani (both laugh) – I'm Tawna I am two years younger than Mindy I'm married

I have four kids, and I am their favorite aunt – Don't tell Shanley that This is my little cousin, Kilee Do you want to say hello to everyone? – Hi – She is– how old are you? – Eleven

– Eleven years old And she is awesome We don't look a lot alike So, we have, half of our cousins are brunette, and then half of them are this super crazy light blonde – There was one time that you guys came over to our house, when we were– I don't remember what happened, but– and we all went to different areas of our house, and just were depressed (both laugh) in our own little corners

And then after that, we all came together, and we were just like, "Oh, we're friends again We can't do this again" (both laughing) That's just sort of what happened – [Girl Off-Screen] Exactly – I– hold on, give me five seconds

I need to grab my phone and then figure out the rest of my questions – [Girl Off-Screen] (laughs) Just runs off – I think one of my favorite memories, when you guys lived in Arizona, and I came down to visit you, you guys were, I don't know, maybe two? – Tiny – Or three And we were reading books

I was reading you nighttime stories And one of you could recite the whole Green Eggs and Ham book Like, word for word And I was like, can she read? – Oh my God – And no, you just had the book memorized (laughs)

– I don't remember that at all, but that's so funny Okay, so, tell us what grade you're in – Sixth – Sixth grade And what's your favorite color? – Yellow

– Do you have a little crush, a boyfriend, or anything exciting? – No – She's like, no Please stop asking me about boys I'm forgetting my questions Give me five seconds

I will be right back Gotta grab my notes (mumbles) – Brooklyn's here – Peace out, guys – [Female Off-Screen] You gotta go

– Were you standing in for me? – [Girl Off-Screen] Yes (laughs) – Thank you – [Girl Off-Screen] No problem – You can replace me (laughs) Okay, time for more questions

– Oh, boy – Grill it – Okay, I'm out of breath from running up and down the stairs Okay, so, another question that was have is What? Do I have something on my face? – It's Bailey – Aha, yay! Whoohoo! – [Ani] (crosstalk) – [Brooklyn] She was like– – Finally! – [Twins] You're the first one! – Really? – [Twins] (crosstalk) – [Ani] No, of course it's you – My cousin Ani got it, whoo! I was unsure, but then she knocked it out of the park – I'm back

I know you missed me Bailey and I looked more similar when we were younger, or now that we're older? – Probably, I would say, when you were younger – What are the distinct differences between the two of us now? – I think there's a little bit of a difference of face shape– – Uh-huh – Between the two of you, but that's– – I definitely agree – And the hair, obviously – Yeah Bailey's blue hair obviously gives it away sometimes

Do you mind if I go pee? I'm really sorry – No, you're fine – Don't leave – Differences – [Woman Off-Screen] Can you tell them apart? Do you know? – Generally, no

– [Woman Off-Screen] No (laughs) – [Tawna] Like, the hair – [Woman Off-Screen] So, you probably wouldn't know if one was the other? – No In their twin videos, I don't think I would have been able– I don't think I would have known – (laughs) Those are hard videos

Our friends freaked out when we switched on them It was actually really funny Anyway, moving on, back to questions So, you have a family, but you just got a dog Is that something– – Yes, we have– – [Bailey] A new and exciting! – Oh my gosh! (all laugh) Did you guys switch on me? – [Bailey] Yes, we did

– {Brooklyn] Twice! – [Woman Off-Screen] Let's scoot this way just a little bit, Kilee – Okay, so, some more questions How do you tell Bailey and I apart? – Well, ever since she cut her hair short, that's how I– – So, Bailey's blue hair is what gives it away to you? – Yeah, mostly – For sure I think a lot of people look at our hair and think– So, if Brooklyn and I were to switch on you, do you think that you would know who was who? – Probably not

– Probably not? (Woman off-screen laughs) Well, Brooklyn, you want to come back out here? (Kilee gasps and laughs) (all laugh) – Look at her face! – So, we just wanted to see if you would know So, the only person that got it was Ani – Have you seen our other twin swap video? – Yeah – [Brooklyn] Yeah – [Bailey] Yup

– That's what we were trying to do again, but on family – Well, that's a wrap, everyone (reverberating music)

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