If Holidays Were REAL PEOPLE?!? (with Grant Knoche and Friends)

(upbeat music) – [Together] Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey – On today's video we are doing kind of like the princess video where everybody was a different character, only this time we are all different holidays and it's themed around New Years Eve and her birthday

– Yeah, so basically we put on a giant holiday comedy sketch for you guys today Hopefully you enjoy watching this video but before we go onto that, make sure you subscribe to our channel by clicking the button right down below or the information button right over here Now, let's move onto the video (upbeat music) (quirky music) (light cheery music) (energized music) (guitar music) (scary music) (dance music) (doorbell ringing) – Hi, guys You can put your gifts on the kitchen table

– I know we promised to bring you gifts this year, but we all forgot – Oh, I mean that's okay There's always next year – All right, all right, all right Despite my presence being enough, I actually did bring you a gift this year, unlike these hooligans

– Well, good to see you Christmas Everyone, come on in Party time (doorbell ringing) Hi, Easter Come on in

– That's for you – Oh, you dropped an egg I got it All right, come on in Are you ready for the party? I'm so excited

(laughing) – You're so funny You can hop into my life anytime All I want for Christmas is you – All right, all right (record scratching) (guitar music) – Sorry I'm late guys

Valentines, do you ever stop flirting? – Why you gotta be so extra (laughing)? – Sparks fly whenever I'm around and I have to use that to my advantage – Well fireworks go off whenever I'm around so beat that I'm gonna go eat – Yeah, me too actually (upbeat music) – Hi, Halloween

How's everything going? How was Halloween? What were you? Let me guess, Halloween? Get it, because you're Halloween? Can I have one? Yeah, can I have one? Can I eat one, no? Okay, whatever As I was saying, oh my gosh, I was the cutest thing for Halloween ever Girl, what's your New Year's resolution? Oh my gosh I think you should put a little more color in your wardrobe Just saying

I dig the whole goth look but I also love gold Maybe you should go for some gold What do you think? I think it's great Thanks for responding (laughing) This is so fun

– So, Easter, I have this question that I've been wondering for awhile Out of all the colors that you could've picked for Easter, why did you go with pastels? – Why green and red? – Okay, everyone knows that the green and the red are the traditional colors of Christmas I just want to know why you picked pastels out of all the colors – Because I find them to be egg-celent colors – Did you just– – Yeah, what you didn't find my yolk funny? – Oh my gosh

This is exhausting This is actually exhausting – Wait, don't you mean eggs-hausting? – Okay, I can't do this – Well I'm cracking up, aren't you? (light cheery music) – Okay, let's open presents guys Thanks to me

– Okay, mine first – What's in here? – An Apple Watch (awing) All right, does this go with it? – Yeah, yeah – Happy Birthday I'm thankful for your spunk, drive, compassion

(quirky music) Wow, thanks I guess Okay, who's next? Is this yours? – That's mine – Okay, I'm gonna open it Oh my gosh, glitter Christmas, how thoughtful

Oh my gosh, I love them so much Oh my gosh, best present I've gotten by far I love it – You're welcome – Easter, where's my birthday present? – I hid it, you gotta go find it around the house

– Seriously? – Yeah! You gotta go find it, it's fun – Here, I can help you find it? – I think Christmas and I were gonna go find it, right Christmas? – Yeah, yeah, let's go Come on, let's go find it – Let's go find my present (horn blowing) – Guys, time for cake! Hello? Oh my God, guys, it smells so good

I don't even know which one I want – All right make way, make way I should be in the first of the line Clearly I'm the best holiday – You know what, Christmas? I am not thankful for you

– You know what, speaking of Thanksgiving, you know what my favorite part of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is? – What? – The fact that it's Christmas themed (gasping) – Clearly everyone loves me the most because I'm all about love – Val, let's me honest All you do is make all those poor single people feel really bad about themselves – You– – Just saying

– I wear red better than you – Guys, let's not fight I want everything to be okay – Holiday fight! – Come on New Year's Eve Plus, you shouldn't even be first

You're the last holiday of the year But it's my birthday – Fight – I say whoever gets Halloween to speak first gets to be first (scary music) – Stop, eat

(upbeat music) ♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪ – I hope you guys enjoyed that video We definitely had a ton of fun filming it and I think y'all should comment below on which character-like holiday you thought was your favorite I vote New Year's Eve, personally – I don't know Fourth of July was pretty awesome

– Now y'all, if you haven't subscribed to our channel, be sure to do that by clicking the little button right over here To watch our princess video, click the box right over here To watch more of our comedy skits, click the button right down below We will see you guys next week We love you all so much

Bye you guys – Bye

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