iNCREDiBLES 2: Everyday Super FAiLS in Real Life!

(energetic music) – Ugh Doing makeup in a mask sucks! – [Both] Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey

– And, also known as Void and Violet And today we thought it'd be hilarious to film the in-real-life struggles of superheroes – There's so many guys So many – And we are doing this in honour of the release of Incredibles 2

– My childhood – Literally – Incredibles – Childhood – I'm so excited to see the movie – So we are so excited

So let's move onto the video (instrumental music) – Ugh! These slippery gloves Oh, I swear if I drop my phone one more time Okay (groans) They need to make superhero gloves like those touchy gloves

Come on! Sent! Got it (sighs) (instrumental music) – Alright Time to do the makeup (record scratch) (groans) Dang it I got my mascara on my mask again

(groans) Doing makeup in a mask sucks I can't touch half my face (groans) And I can't even make the mascara face Uh The struggle is real

On the bright side, I have the Lash Next Door (dance music) The best mascara ever So Violet, you're lashes looking good, girl

(ding) (instrumental music) (light music) – I can't turn the- (groans) (light music) (instrumental music) (sighs) – I totally just- – Guys, be honest okay Do I look fat in this? – No No, not at all – No – [Violet] Are you sure? – Should I change? Cause, I think this one make me look thinner

– Um It's, uh- – I'm changing – It's definitely the same thing It's the exact same thing – Yeah

(instrumental music) – So then I said no Mr President, you're super (girls laugh) – [Both] Ow! – Your mask is so restricting too? – Yeah, I can't even smile – Look, this is me trying to smile Does it look real? – [Dash] Yeah

Uh – Who can smile bigger? – Uh, you know I don't really think it matters Um No

– They just need to make more comfortable masks – Ah jeez Being a superhero's hard (instrumental music) – I'm sorry I think I need to use the restroom

– Okay – So (mumbles) – It's pathetic Yeah, no – I was so mad (cheerful music) (energetic music) (sighs) – Hey

Are you okay? – Why did that take you 20 minutes? – Yes! Guys, you can't judge me okay Your costume only has one layer This has four Okay? It takes 10 minutes just to take it all off I'm lucky if I haven't peed my pants by the time it comes off

– That's fair – Alright You win Forget it – Aye aye

(instrumental music) (dramatic music) (record scratch) (blowing) – More (dramatic music) (gasping) – You're terrible at this (gasping) (instrumental music) (cheerful music) – Hey! – Hey (instrumental music) – I just have been craving Chipotle Dash

You wanna go get us some? – What Why do I have to do it? – Go door dash us some Chipotle – But it'd be faster if you were just to void it – Yeah, but I mean, you run so fast – Yeah, but it would take me time to get there still but your portals are instantaneous

So it'd just be immediate – But it just takes so much energy – It takes so much energy for you? Aw jeez I have to do portals I don't have to do any running

Aw, man – Well how about we just go get some Chipotle – Yeah, okay that's fine – But you're driving – Oh you have to make Dash drive

He's eleven years old, he can do it (whining) – Okay, let's go (instrumental music) – Okay – No No no no – One of us has gotta change

– It's not me – No As the woman, I'm staying in what I have on – No! I don't care – I'm staying in what I put on

– Ooh Equality – No I'm staying in this I'm staying in it

– No! – What just happened? (instrumental music) (sad music) – Don't judge okay Superheroes get food baby's too Alright Okay? I'm self conscious (instrumental music) (gentle music) (yawns) (sighs) – Okay

(instrumental music) – Oh Its kinda hot out here Okay, jeez, wow (coughs) This super suit gets so hot I can't breathe

Can I- (coughs) Can I get some water please? (coughs) Ugh (instrumental music) – Are those my shoes? – Is that my shirt? – Ugh I could just – Ugh How dare you! – You! (pulsing music) – Time out

(whistle blows) I can't see Okay Bring it on (bell chimes) (pulsing music) (instrumental music) (dog barks) – Violet A boy is here

Stay there – Okay Okay, sure No problem (romantic music) Wow! You uh- You look amazing

I mean, you're wearing the mask and everything I'm speechless really I mean that's a look right there (rock music) Hey, um, you know prom is next week, right? We were just going to get ice cream today

You can still wear that if you want to – I think I will – Okay, alright (instrumental music) (light music) – Ugh! These shoes! (instrumental music) (quirky music) – So how can I help you today? – I lost my dog playing rugby football last night with the boys and I just- Wait a minute Bailey? You're a superhero? – My name's

My name's not Bailey My name's Void – You're just wearing a mask and you dyed your hair

I can tell that it's you – I have my mask on You are not supposed to know who I am My identity is a secret Because of this

– You know that a mask doesn't actually do that much, right? I can definitely tell that it's you – Yes it does Nobody knows who I am Because I have this mask on – Okay

Alright Whatever you say – Let's go find your dog – Okay (instrumental music) (classical music) – Oh

No No no no Not in public No way Ronald McDonald much? Jeez, these things are terrible

No way I'd never be able to run in these (sighs) Everybody else gets to wear something trendy and I don't (instrumental music) (water running) (pop music) – Wow I feel so clean

(instrumental music) – Where's your swimsuit, Void? – You know what? I have a permanent swimsuit Yes, it may leave really bad tan lines (dramatic music) But it's handy, you know? Alright guys Let's swim! (cheers) – Thank you guys so much for watching our video Comment down below on what your favorite part of it was

Your favorite struggle There's a lot to pick from so comment down below You guys, don't forget you can subscribe to our channel by clicking the link right down there The little button on the screen And don't forget you guys can also still buy our mascara so click the button right here to buy that

Don't forget to watch more of our videos by clicking the boxes over there and we will see you guys next week Bye guys!

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