Instagram Followers Pick Brooklyn’s HAIR COLOR!

– So, impulsive decision time, apparently (laughs) – It's quarantine

Now's the time to dye my hair – Brooklyn told me that she wants to dye her hair literally, like, today I thought we'd film it so you guys could see 'cause you guys, you know, I know how you guys like the dye your hair videos – I'm feeling impulsive, I might regret this tomorrow – She's stealing my thunder

– Oh my gosh – So as per usual, we're gonna let the fans decide what color she's gonna dye her hair Obviously you guys know, I have pretty much every color under the sun here of oVertone, so we're gonna use that and you guys get to decide, so – Yeah! – We're gonna go put up a poll (upbeat music) ♪ It is time for the poll ♪ She's had the same hair for like seven years, I feel like

You're about to change it – [Brooklyn] My hair – At least she's not chopping her hair off – I'm not That's a more permanent solution to this impulse

– [Bailey] You realize you're just being the typical quarantine girl, right? Dying your hair color? – It'll go away! I see the logic in it If I don't like it, I'm not seeing anyone for a while (trendy music) – [Brooklyn] Oh, it's not – [Bailey] She has now put up the boomerang We're about to look Everyone's gonna be like, wait, what? – Oh my God – [Bailey] What? (jazzy music) – So, this is the result Apparently you all really want me to dye my hair purple, so I'm gonna do it

I think we have like a purply, pastel, lavender-ish color in the closet, so Catch me going purple (upbeat music) – [Bailey] There you go – Pastel purple I hope it shows up in my hair

We'll see – It's time to roll up the sleeves and get to work 'Kay, first of all, I'm going to show you what the color looks like before we put it in her hair – And for everyone wondering, this dye is not ultra-permanent It's just like a sort of temporary conditioner that– – [Bailey] Oh my God! – So my hair can go back to being this blonde color in like a month if I want it to

– 'Cause everyone was freaking out in the polls – They were losing their minds They were like, you're gonna dye it? – They were like, ma'am You are not dying your hair – It's 'cause I saw a filter the other day and it let me change the hair colors

– No, to clarify, she saw a TikTok filter – Yeah, and I used it and I was changing the hair colors and I was like, oh, I should do this (latex snaps) – [Bailey] Usually it's me, this is so weird (coughs) (claps) All right, let's get, why does it make that weird sound? (claps) – Weird So the majority of my blonde is like in the top half of my hair

– [Bailey] 'Kay, hold, put this on your shoulders – So I dunno know if it'll show up as well on, like, the bottom half of my hair – Okay, hold this – We're just gonna go for it (pants) I'm kind of scared

– It's done, there's no goin' back now – Oh em gee – Unless you want half-purple hair Ah! – This is scary (relaxing music) One strand

– First piece, done (relaxing music) (record scratches) – I don't think I've ever seen someone with colored hair go on, like, "The Bachelor" We're halfway through and I'm convinced– – No, more than that – I'm convinced Bailey's trying to secretly rip the hair out of my head (laughs) – I am doing the best that I can

– She's like combing through it and I'm like, ah, ah, ah (laughs) Look at that piece, it's like in a knot Yikes Anyway, I feel kind of like Ursula right now 'cause all of these, like, hair pieces are, you see how they're, like, in (mumbles)? You know, they look like, you know, like, Ursula with all her eight, wait, octopuses have eight legs? – What are they called, the te– – [Brooklyn] Tentacles – Tentacles

– I look like I have, ah, tentacles Ow! – I'm sorry, I'm trying my best – Finn, where are you? Hi! Where are you? – [Twins] Hi! – [Paisley] He's like what the heck is going on? – [Brooklyn] Hi baby, hi! Oh, he's like, let me up, let me up Hi, did you see mommy? – [Paisley] Brooklyn – [Bailey] Hi, baby

– [Paisley] Sophia gave me these treats for (mumbles) – [Brooklyn] Hi baby, hi sweetheart Hi! – [Paisley] She's dying your hair – [Bailey] Oh – Who loves my new look? – [Bailey] That's a look, wow! – [Paisley] Yeah

– [Bailey] Lovely There's the purple It looks like a disaster right now, but – [Brooklyn] Hopefully it turns out better – Now we wait I would just like to point out Kamri's comment here says shave your head – Boo! I would look so weird – [Bailey] This is what having sisters is like, if any of you guys have ever wondered

How 'bout we go out there and shave her head? We're gonna go try and find Kamri and, like, fake buzz her hair since she said to shave Brooklyn's head (woman exclaims) (mischievous music) (woman exclaims) (mischievous music) (handle clicks) – I can't, what's she doing? (razor buzzes) Don't (laughs) It's fake – She didn't– – [Bailey] (laughs) You didn't even do anything – Yeah, I was just more mad you were grabbing my hair like that

(laughs) – [Bailey] We just wanted to do it 'cause of your comment – [Brooklyn] We just wanted to do it 'cause you commented – [Twins] Shave your head – You saw that? I was like, why is she grabbing my hair so aggressively? (laughs) – [Bailey] Also, look at this – We're matching

– Lash next door – 'Kay, I'm in the middle of an exam, so (laugh) – Oh, oops (laughs) Whoops, goodbye – [Kamri] What if I was on Zoom when you guys did that? – [Twins] L-O-L, L-O-L

(jazzy music) – To be honest, I forgot to keep track of the time – (laughs) It's been a while – It's been a while, it's been at least 30 minutes, maybe 40 – I'm nervous it's not gonna show up – Ah, I hope it does

Anyway, I'm gonna wash it out We're gonna see what it looks like I'm gonna have to blow dry it and stuff but it might not show up, it might show up, it might make it look silver, I don't know – We will see – We'll see

I'll let you know after I take a shower (drum beats) (gasps) – [Bailey] It turned out so good! – It's like a silvery purple which is really fun – [Twins] We're gonna go get peoples' reactions – That is so pretty – [Brooklyn] Do you like it? – You finally decided to dye your hair

– [Brooklyn] I did – And it's like so pretty I like the lavender color – [Brooklyn] Thank you – It looks good

– [Brooklyn] Thank you – It's like really light, it's a lot lighter than I thought it would be – It's lavender – It looks almost like gray – I know, I kinda like that it's, like, almost gray

– Yeah, it looks cool – [Bailey] Kamri, you're next – Nah – [Bailey] Let's go dye your hair – My hair's too dark

– [Bailey] Green? Orange? What do you want? Let's do it – Brown? – [Bailey] Brown (laughs) – Hey That looks really good! Very subtle – Just like a light purple

– [Shaun] Light purple – They didn't think it was gonna show up – [Shaun] The styling looks good too – Thank you – [Bailey] Finn's like, what? – Hi! – [Shaun] You guys always look good with color, no color, in your hair

– Hi! – [Bailey] Finnie's like, what did you do, mommy? What did you do? – It's cute! – [Bailey] I like it too – It's like barely purple – [Bailey] Yeah, which we kinda wanted – It almost looks like silver – [Bailey] Yeah

– [Brooklyn] I know, I love it – It's cute – [Brooklyn] Isn't it? – Yeah, it's very cute – And as it fades, it'll be like gray, which I'll love gray – Yeah, it's cute, I like it

– Oh, cool It looks really good, actually (laughs) Do you like it? – [Brooklyn] Did you not think it would? – [Bailey] Yeah, like, what? – [Brooklyn] Actually? – No, but it looks good – [Bailey] He, like, is like, whoa, it actually looks good – [Brooklyn] Whoa

– [Bailey] Like you thought it wasn't gonna turn out well or something – No, it looks good (laughs) – Look, now we're like colored-hair twins! – [Asa] Do you like that, or do you wanna be the only one? (groans) (laughs) – [Brooklyn] Bailey (moans) – [Bailey] I support – [Asa] It looks good

– I'm intruding on you – [Bailey] I support Maybe I'll grow my hair out – No – [Bailey] Yeah, uh-huh

– You would look weird with long hair – [Bailey] Uh-huh – [Asa] You would look weird – [Bailey] Okay, since you guys obviously voted for this color, we're about to post a picture and see what y'all think! We're about to take the Instagram photo (electronic music) – [Brooklyn] Bailey's posting the photo

We're gonna get everyone's reactions (sniffs) I'm interested to see what people have to say She just posted it There it is! My photo! Let's see what people have to say – So we posted that Instagram

Now I'm gonna read off some of the comments about my hair because, oh my gosh, it looks so good right now, I can't get over it Anyway, I'm gonna read off some of the comments about what y'all think about my hair So, where I'm on my Instagram, scroll down Oh, there's 1,200 comments Oh, Grant Knoche says he loves it

Rebecca Zamolo says "so pretty" PianoGirl says "wow, that's gorgeous" "You look pretty!" "It's so pretty" "You dyed your hair, looks so good" "O-M-G, so good

" L-O-L "How does Bailey feel about you dying your hair?" She did it! "Dying Brooklyn's hair purple" "Wow, O-M-G gorgeous" "Okay but like" "Beautiful hair" "She looks beautiful before and after" "It looks so good" "Love it

" "You look so pretty" "Love it" "Wow, absolutely stunning" Wow, everyone loves it This is so great

I feel so hyped up (laughs) Hopefully you enjoyed the video I am obsessed with my hair, I just keep looking at it in this camera I like it a lot Anyway, hope you enjoyed the video

Comment down below if you wanna see maybe Kamri dye her hair color or maybe Asa dye his hair color Maybe I dye my hair another color at some point Let us know Anyway, we love you guys, we'll see you next week, bye Muah

– [Kamri] I can't, what are you doing? (razor buzzes) Don't It's fake – She didn't– – [Bailey] You didn't even do anything – Yeah, I was just more mad you were grabbing my hair like that (laughs) (guitar music)

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