Instagram Followers Picked Bailey’s HAIR COLOR! *she had NO idea*

– Last day of brown hair Like what! – She has no idea and she won't until her hair is whatever color

Are you sad, are you scared? – Scared – Okay I just found out what we're doing so this whole time I've known nothing I've been on edge too – I trust them I trust you – Oh my god! I like it! – [Girl With Glasses] It looks good! ♪ I just want to be with you ♪ ♪ Baby this is crazy ♪ – What's up guys, so I'm here to tell you all that I am changing my hair color So I went ahead and picked out six overtone colors from their website that's like a coloring conditioner

Pink, rose gold, blue, purple, pastel orange and silver So Brooklyn's gonna go ahead and put up some polls to vote on on our Instagram and then the top three picks from each polls you guys will get to vote on But I will not know what the final color is It's not gonna be until the very end of the video, when my hair is already been colored and cut that I finally get to see what color you guys picked for my hair! Just please pick a good color, please guys, c'mon (kisses) You're my little sisters

You got my back, right? – I got it narrowed down to three colors, silver, rose gold and blue So I put up an Instagram today that I will show you in a second, that basically asks for everyone to comment what color they wanted her hair to be There are two colors that are competing intensely for number one I will show you the Instagram post right now and kind of swipe through the comments so you get a little bit of an idea of what that looks like – Last day of brown hair

Like what! (breathing heavily) I'm freaking out Hey, they said that they were like low on pastel orange colors and so they like couldn't send it to me unless like I really needed it and then I just opened all the boxes and pastel orange was in it, which means it probably means pastel orange – [Brooklyn] And she's sad about that – I'm not upset about that, I just like– – [Brooklyn] Yes you are look at your face – I'm doing whatever they want – [Brooklyn] She thinks, she thinks she knows

– [Bailey] You're just, not on your face – [Brooklyn] I'm trying to– Hi She thinks she knows what colors her hairs gonna be because she thinks she's sleuthy – [Bailey] Sleuthing? – No sleuthy, it's an adjective not a noun – [Mindy] I don't think so

I don't know – [Bailey] Sleuthy is not an adjective Sleuthing – No I just made it up, sleuthy

– [Mindy] What was pastel orange against? – Silver and blue, purple and pastel orange and pink and rose gold She has no idea and she won't until her hair is whatever color – [Mindy] She won't know until her hairs orange I mean, not orange – [Bailey] I swear if you rig it and like dye my hair green which wasn't even an option, I will be upset

– [Girl with Glasses] I say we just shave her head – Morning everybody It is the day that I am changing my hair color I still got a little while though, it's the worst because the hair appointment is at like 3:30 I have to wait all day

All day long I still have no idea what colors you guys picked I'm trusting ya'll, please do not do me wrong – Are you sad, are you scared? – Scared – When you get to the salon what we're gonna do is Baileys gonna get blonde put in her hair so the color takes, then we're gonna get her hair cut

Then we are going to cover the mirror with cardboard so that she can not see herself so that it's a surprise And we're gonna give the color to Kaci and she is going to wash in the color and then we're gonna do a big huge reveal of what color Baileys hair is So it's a reveal for ya'll as well as Bailey – Oh my gosh, I swear I'm not nervous, I'm not nervous, I promise you 'Cause I don't get nervous about stuff like this, I get excited! But there's something about not knowing something I'm kind of having like a mild like meltdown But we're fine, it's okay, we're all good

It's all right We're going and it's happening anyway, so Let's go Also on top of all that, we are going to probably hit 6 million sometime tonight I think? And I don't know if it's gonna be while we're in the salon or not but all of you guys are asking us to go live! I can't go live if my hair is colored, so Are you ready to have 6 million subscribers? – I feel like we've been at five million for so long, I don't even know how to say six million

– [Brooklyn] We've got step one, which was straightening the hair and then what are we doing first? – Cutting – [Kaci] We are going to cut – [Brooklyn] The beginnings of Baileys cut Personally, I thought her hair was very long, It was super long – You know it's too long when it starts sticking to your neck

Like anyone who has short hair– – And it's summer which means it's hot which means, I mean my hair is like a blanket Bailey can at least chop hers off, which is nice, I wish Just kidding, I would look too much like you Do the final spin – [Kaci] Yeah – [Brooklyn] I'm just kidding

– Look how gross my hair is – [Brooklyn] I'm making fun of mom – [Mindy] Nice, appreciate that, thank you – [Bailey] Don't show my greasy hair Give us thumbs up if really have greasy hair too

– [Brooklyn] Yeah, 'cause it's like flat to your face right now – Hello (upbeat music) – There were, how many colors, six colors And I kept making fun of Bailey and telling her that I put in an extra poll that said that I put green in there 'cause I, she doesn't want green at all, which is funny because green is her favorite color

I think it would have made her eyes pop, so vote in the poll up here if you think we shoulda just put green in If I shoulda just brought green and then not told you Things are happening here Things are happening – [Bailey] It's not the color yet, that's just, watch, this is putting the blonde that will catch the color conditioner in my hair, right now

They keep joking and saying it's gonna be green and it's not green, you guys wouldn't do that I trust them I trust you – [Mindy] Wouldn't we do that? – This is a really, this is the best angle you could get on my face We're almost done

I never thought my hair was this thick – [Brooklyn] Quite a lot – It's thick with three c's – [Brooklyn] All right, what milestone did we just hit while you look like Medusa? – Six million, here! – [Brooklyn] That's such a pretty picture – And I look like this? Let's keep it up ya'll, let's keep it up

– [Brooklyn] Oh my gosh, look at that thing go! – Six million Brailiers, what's it like? ♪ How can I tell you what I wonder ♪ – [Brooklyn] Are you just dying knowing they're right behind your head and you have no idea what they are? This one, this one, and this one And we're using overtone which is the same like deep conditioning color like treatment that Bailey used for her pink hair – And my purple hair when you did it – [Brooklyn] Oh yeah! Baileys got a little helper, doing her hair in here, hi baby! – Hi (Bailey and Brooklyn giggle) – [Brooklyn] She's got the blond in there now, which means, it's time for us to block the mirrors – And I just found out what we're doing so this whole time I've known nothing (Bailey and Brooklyn laugh) I've been on edge too

– [Brooklyn] The official color here, overtone It's like the deep conditioner – [Mindy] Look at that green – [Brooklyn] So vibrant! She is falling asleep, 'cause you are? – No, you guys told me to keep my eyes closed Okay, I'm not opening my eyes because I don't want to see what color it is, but it's finished! It's there, I don't know what is it, but it's in my hair! – [Brooklyn] Because it's wet, everything just looks dark right now

Hopefully, when it dries, they can get a nice good look at that color! And we can finally reveal it, because that's what Bailey's been waiting for Meanwhile, I got my hair cut, so, it's just been a productive day! – Okay, so I am walking away because we started drying Baileys hair after we put the silver in and surprisingly, it didn't really show up very much I guess her hair is not quite blonde enough to really show the silver and so it showed a little bit, but not a ton and I definitely didn't feel like it was a big enough color change to make it exciting So what we've opted to do is go back to the drawing board we looked at the polls again and because you guys voted blue, silver and rose gold as the top three, she still hasn't seen it and we're going to put blue on top of it and layer the blue to help, kind of, accent and make the silver more exciting Let's see what happens and how it goes, we're crossing our fingers and Baileys definitely gonna be really surprised

– [Brooklyn] Bailey's a little confused on what's happening here 'cause – [Mindy] She has no idea – I just know they're putting two colors in my hair? So apparently we're mixing

– [Brooklyn] Which is fun – They were cracking a joke saying– – [Brooklyn] and totally doable fortunately with overtone But, look at that guys – [Bailey] I'm like aching to open that – [Brooklyn] We made the correct decision, look at that it looks so cool Can you see it, in your hair? – I cannot

(Brooklyn hums mysteriously) – [Brooklyn] This looks so cool – I'm feeling good – [Brooklyn] I am so glad we did this You're gonna love the fans for voting for this – [Kaci] What kind of voting? – [Brooklyn] They voted for both of these and now it's what it is

– [Mindy] They thought they were getting one and they got two! – [Brooklyn] They got two instead! Reveal – I'm so nervous! (Bailey gasps) It's blue! I've been wanting it blue! Oh my gosh, it's like a darker blue – [Brooklyn] Blue and silver! – Did you try and put silver in? – [Brooklyn] Yes – You tried to put silver in? – [Brooklyn] Yes We should have gone whether they liked pink or blue better

– [Mindy] I mean, the nice thing about overtone I guess is that you can layer it, cause it's pretty much just a conditioning wash – [Brooklyn] Okay, this is what we used, it's overtone vibrant blue and it's the deep conditioner for it And you just literally put this in the hair on dry hair, let it sit and then you wash it out – I can't believe its blue – [Mindy] But it's obviously layered over the silver – Hello

♪ Tell me, why'd you have to go ♪ ♪ and drive me so crazy ♪ ♪ Now I feel lost without you ♪ ♪ And I just can't be ♪ ♪ Without you baby ♪ ♪ Want you all night long ♪ ♪ Want you all night long ♪ – [Brooklyn] It looks so good Look at, can you see all the color changes in? There's like little bits of teal and then there's like bit's of blue and then at the ends where the gray came through a little bit It looks really cool Everyone that see's it is like, "Oh my gosh, your hair" – I'm gonna FaceTime Asa, show him my hair 'cause he's been waiting all day long

– [Brooklyn] I gotta get his reaction – Hello! – Look! – Dude, I love it! – I keep looking at my hair and being like, wow! My hair is blue! Oh my gosh, my hair is blue! – Hey, BYU blue! – [Bailey] Oh gosh – BYU blue – I can't see it, wait, oh turn Oh it looks good

– I like the blue – [Bailey] You like it? – I do I was asleep – [Bailey] It's so dark in here – It's not as blue as I expected (laughing) But I like it

– [Bailey] It's kind of like a Billie Eilish blue – Yeah it is – [Bailey] That's what I, I feel so moody – I feel like it like, is gonna go, like its' not like a blue blue – [Bailey] It's gonna go softer – Yeah it is, it's soft

– Oh my gosh, I like this! – It looks good! – [Bailey] I'm gonna turn this way, it's better lighting – That is so cool! – It's like a frosted blue – Yeah it looks like icing, like on a cake I'm into it – [Bailey] I said Billie Eilish, it's like Billie Eilish – It looks really good on you

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