Instagram Followers Picked BROOKLYN’S DATE??

– My mom came up with a supper funny video concept basically where I post a bunch of polls on Instagram and you guys get to choose certain characteristics about a guy, once you guys choose those attributes Brooklyn and I will have to go on campus and she will actually have to go ask a guy that fits those preferences out to go on a date with her and then she will blog the date (Intro Music) It's gonna be very interesting, I know Brooklyn's like "Please don't make me do this"

Of course I'm gonna make her do this because it'd be quality entertainment So I just posted all of the polls I'll name then, tall or short, eye color: Blue or Brown, short hair or long hair', DC or Marvel, should he be into books for movies, facial hair or no facial hair, where should we look for him: inside or outside It's gonna be interesting walking around campus and literally being like, "Hello! Person who has blue eyes, clean shaven face, brown hair, and tall Do you happen to like Marvel and read books?" You wanna go on a date with me? It's like so weird but, I don't have to do it, I only have to video it So, it'll be interesting, but I bet that she'll end up liking the guy that we find

Okay you guys, today's the day, all the results are in and we are about to go find Brooklyn her dream man She says "These aren't just people I'm never gonna see again Bailey" I screen recorded all of the results that we got from ideas of what kind of guy we are looking for So I'm gonna go ahead and show y'all those right now so you can see what kind of attributes we're gonna have to look for on campus Watch us like be a documentation, like their gonna get married and we're gonna have literal documentation of the first time they met How cool would that be? Off to go find the guy! – This is gonna be fun, I like being single I don't have to talk to random strangers

– [Bailey] No, we're gonna go talk to random strangers, lets go Look there's a group of guys approaching right there, lets go see if any of them have brown hair and blue eyes Just kidding, none of then are tall They don't count, abort mission, run go! – You all chose a lot of difficult things cause I'm gonna have to go up to them and be like Hey, this is really weird, but do you like Marvel, do you like books? No okay, nevermind buy! or like yeah, alright go on a date with me! You guys chose to be outside but we have to find a business major We are kind of just like wondering the courtyard and or buy the business building and hoping for the best We might just resort to knocking on the boy's dormitory doors if we really have to

I my gosh, they're gonna think I'm crazy I'll just like act like I'm interviewing them for something Like, hi, can I video you for a few, for a class? This is for a class! – Yeah (Laughter) – And then I'm like, oh wait, go on a date with me I'm gonna try not to interrupt them if they like don't want to be interrupted – I keep saying just go go go, and she's like no no – I don't think you realize how terrifying this is

I'm filming a video, would you mind answering some questions for me really quick? – Can I like, do it another time? I'm on my way somewhere really quick I'm kinda late – Rejection number one – [Bailey] We're having such a good time trying to find your man – Statistics is 70% women 30% men

– [Bailey] You can tell – What is your major? – I'm music education – Music education? Okay, that's awesome That's all the questions that I need to ask you today – Okay

– Thank you so much He's a music major and he doesn't have blue eyes So, I could ask him on a date, but we got an interview That was better than the last guy who rejected me So we're making slow progress, we're getting there

But then I made eye contact with him and he goes like this And I said nope So what are y'all's majors? – I'm an accounting major – Accounting? – I'm Ethics 3 – Oh, okay Do you guys like Marvel? – Yep

– Yeah? Are you book people or movie people? – Movie – For sure – You're movie people? Oh, okay, that's awesome This is going to be really awkward Will either of you want to go on a date with me? – Sure – Yes! – We go a yes! – But he didn't have blue eyes

– He didn't have blue eyes or brown eyes – So we're like – I was like "no" – Okay, nevermind – He was an ethics major – Business major, so he was like sure – His friend just stood there and stared at me, and he was like sure It was all perfect and then he – – He didn't have blue eyes

– What is your major? – Finance – Finance? – Yes _Okay, do you like Marvel, like the movies and stuff? – Yeah, yeah – Yeah, sweet okay Do you like books or movies? – More a movie guy – Okay, you're a movie guy? Sweet! That's perfect Okay this is going to me really awkward

– Alright – Do you want to go on a date with me? – No – That's okay Thank you That time he was like, no, and I was like, oh okay But he also had brown eyes so it was okay

I mean granted like I also just don't know if they have like a girlfriend or like, I don't know them, so I have no idea what's going on – [Bailey] But he was really nice – He was really nice Maybe someday I'll go an actual date with him – [Bailey] Hey yo, if that's you

– When he doesn't have to have blue eyes – [Bailey] If that was you – You were nice Thank you – Bailey] Her name is Brooklyn McKnight, and she'd love to go on a date with you, after the specifications are not blue eyed boys

– It was so sad, it was so bad, yeah cause he had brown eyes and I was like oh, he has to say no to this now, so yeah – [Bailey] But he was nice – He was great – Tell me what is your major? – I'm a double major – Double major? – Film and religion

– Religion and film? Okay Well do you like Marvel movies? – I enjoy Marvel movies – Okay, that's great Okay, are you a book or a movie person? – Okay, I'm a film major, so I really love books – Sarcasm

– Would you like to go on a date with me? – I mean, are you paying or driving? No, I'm sorry – Okay, so what's your major? – I'm aviation science – Awesome [Bailey] Cool – Do you like Marvel – Marvel, yeah of course

– Who doesn't, right? Are you a book are a movie person? (Background Music) – Definitely movie, yeah – Definitely movie person? Okay this last question's a little weird – Okay – Will you go on a date with me? – I have a girlfriend – [Bailey] That's perfect

We got a little desperate and we're literally standing outside the boy's dorm right now – Yeah, and there are like no boys, they don't exist on campus, I don't know why – [Bailey] Okay, well at least not today apparently – So we're just standing at the boy's room grabbing people as they come in and out – [Bailey] We're like piranhas – We are, – [Bailey] Like prancing when they come out

– its really bad – [Bailey] But it's okay – It's good, its fine – [Bailey] Its great, it's been fun – What is your major? – Pre-Business

– Pre-Business? Awesome Do you like Marvel? Like in general? – Yeah, I love marvel – Marvel, do you're not a DC person? – Not really – Do you like books or movies? – Movies for sure – Okay, could you possibly shave your facial hair for me? – I could possibly shave it for you

– Okay, last question Will you go on a date with me? – I have a girlfriend – [Bailey] Bummer! – That's okay, we got this close Thank you What is your major? – Phsych

– Phsych? Okay Tell me are you a Marvel person – Yeah I guess – You're not like a DC? – In between – In Between? Okay, I can work with that

Books or movies better? – Books – Okay, how do you feel about putting in some fake blue contacts for me? – I don't know how – Okay, that's fine Will you go on a date with me? – Your a little too short for me – [Bailey] He likes the books anyway – So, what is your major? – Business

– Business? Awesome Do you like Marvel? – Yeah – Okay, books or movies? – Movies – Movies? – [Bailey] He's like what – Okay, a really weird question Will you go and get dinner with me tomorrow, kind of like a date? Yeah? – Yes

– [Bailey] Yes! – It wasn't outside, we really had to just come inside because there were no boys outside It's like worst timing – [Bailey] Guys, please make an exception it was hard to find a blue eyed, business, Marvel loving, movie loving boy okay? – Its official, I'm going to meet, his name is Ethan, at a lunch date, this is going to be so interesting, because A: I don't know him, and B: how do you casually film a date? That's all I'm saying It'll either go really well, or it will just be a complete bust A little bit crazy, but we're good to go

Made it to the restaurant, we are eating at Fredy's I'm like weirdly not nervous I feel like it's almost better that I don't know him, so that I'm not like over thinking it for some reason And this is also just like not a bit deal Here we go So you guys never clarified whether or not it had to be a date by ourselves or double date, so we're on a double date

With Kam and Tina Tina, my future roommate So we got these cute little like milkshake things So cheers to that – Cheers

– And we're just chilling, it's been pretty good so far, so thank y'all – What's up guys – We're at Cane's We'll see how it goes – Change of plans We decided to get real food from Cane's, because you can't have dessert before you eat your meal but we did it anyway so, we're kind of doing it in reverse

So it's lots of fun, good conversation, it's been a blast We're leaving Cane's and I would say it was successful, wouldn't you? (Soft Music) We had fun, it was good Okay guys, I went on the date It was great because we went to Fredy's originally and ended up getting ice cream first and I paid for that And then we went to get food and he actually paid for my food and it was really sweet, considering I asked him on the date

It was like oh, that cool Honestly I think I have a new friend out of that, that was awesome Thank you all for that, for letting me, helping me find a new friend honestly Yeah, overall it wasn't as weird as I thought it was going to be, this whole video, I was like, I my gosh this might be weird But it was actually a lot of fun

So you find friends in really strange ways

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