(cheerful guitar music) – Hey guys, it's Rylan and today I decided to put up a video for you guys It is a reaction video to a video I saw that almost, like, it blew up

In a week it went from zero to a million views and it is titled, where is it? Why is Rylan on less videos than the other girls? Here's the truth by All About Brooklyn & Bailey But I'm here today to make sure you guys know that I am loved, I am not rejected My family loves me, I am the favorite child Clearly, I mean, come on So, before we get into the video, make sure you click that big red subscribe button down below and let's get on with the video

– Okay, let's do this Okay, it says, "Hey, guys! "Today I will try once and for all to prove to y'all "that Rylan is not rejected from the family, "and that Mindy loves her just as much as the others "Because many of you commented that you felt bad for her "that she was in less videos and many other things" Okay – There's like another thing

– There's another slide, apparently "First of all, I'm gonna show y'all why people think that "she's not liked and then I'm going to show you proofs "that she likes her life and her family loves her much" – Probably when I was little, I got lost in Disney World, I think it was – Okay, you guys, but you see, getting lost is something that happens to, like, every kid – Yeah, this is like, I'm forgotten because I got lost one time but that's just like, I was a little kid

I was four – If you are at the age that I am, if you are a 17-year-old person and you've never been lost or left by your family, then wow, that's impressive I mean especially, I get it If you're a single child then it's, like, maybe a little bit less likely to get lost, but when you have a family of six kids and you're walking around in Disneyland, all it takes is I'm gonna take like two steps away from you and all of a sudden they're gone – Yeah

– Anyway, we found her So, obviously, we like her enough to look for her – I'm here – Daxton! – Oh, Daxton again – Brooklyn

– Brooklyn We're missing one! She didn't remember Rylan! – We're missing Rylan – Uh-huh, Rylan! Okay but, see, she got it! – So, like what is that? I mean, she said my name, I was just last – She's like, literally maybe older than one, maybe two years old in this video If this is your favorite then who's your least favorite? – Um, Rylan

– Rylan? Why? – She spits at me She threatens me She bites me and she punches me – (laughs) Wow, sounds like real siblings – "She bites me, she pinches me

" – Okay, but there's a reason behind why he said that, and why is that, Rylan? You and Daxton do not get along Everybody has that one sibling, you know, I mean, like, these are just generic family things, right? – It's just family – If you have multiple kids in your family, there's always gonna be one that you get along with less than you get along with the other one, and that's just Rylan and Daxton – (laughs) That's how it is – That's just how it, I would never say that Rylan is my least favorite, like I wouldn't say that, and Brooklyn wouldn't say that

– He's like four or five in this video, so – Yeah, and he's little, again, little kids just say things – He's just making up this – The thing is, when Rylan makes the lunches, they're always disgusting – Nothing is good about it

– Every time One time I opened up my lunch box, and there were rotting strawberries, so – That is what we mean by nasty lunch food Okay! – Okay The story behind this is I had to do lunches for the whole year

This was my job – This is true though This is Rylan's only chore is making lunches – Well, not anymore – Not anymore but it was, and Rylan just got lazy about it and started putting the same things in the lunches every day, and eventually they would be like rotten, so this isn't all of us hating on her

It's just, literally, Rylan didn't make good lunches, that's just how it was – For having two kids, like, if it was two kids, you'd just make two lunches, but I had to make six! So, it's just finding something there was six of in this house is just hard enough – It's difficult, it's true, it's true – So just going through and finding six things of ranch or– – We just wanted not a rotten lunch! – Six bags of carrots, or whatever, like I would throw them in there and put them in the fridge – 'Cause, yeah, there is a valid reason for this

We'd always be like, oh, the carrots are rotten but then once you feed six people with the amount of carrots we have in the house, eventually you have to start digging into the bottom of the fridge to find the last serving of carrots, which end up being rotten So, I guess that's why you just ended up with a bad lunch every once in a while but – And it's just hard to make six sandwiches – Yeah – They started from birth sharing rooms so that's just what they're used to, but when we moved to our new house, we had to take two girls that weren't initially together and put them together in the same room, and that was much more difficult

And, in fact, we are still dealing with this same battle because I have one daughter that refuses to acknowledge that she shares a room and she would rather sleep on the couch at night than sleep in the room with her sister – Rylan has been obligated to share her room with Paisley When was the last time you shared a room? – Two years ago literally – That was a long time ago

No and the reason for that was because we only had four bedrooms in the house, and six kids so obviously Brooklyn and I were like, "Okay, we'll share a room because, you know, we're twins" And then Daxton's the only boy Kamri is like the awkward teenager where she's like, "I don't wanna be with anyone "and I'm going through awkward phases" – So, I got stuck with Paisley – So, Rylan and Paisley

And we're just like, "Okay, we'll put them in a room together" And then we figured out that Rylan didn't want to share a room, so we switched her and Daxton and then, that was that – Yeah, that was the end of it, I stopped sharing a room – She hasn't shared a room with Paisley in a long time, too – Or anyone

– Yeah – I know you do, Rylan and I think I know his name! – Oh, what's his name? – I can't remember – Oh, wow, wow! – Boys have cooties – Fifth grade boys (laughs) – Fourth grade boys

(laughs) – [Together] Oh (laughing) – Alright, people, this one is not fair You try having five siblings and remembering what grade, when their birthday is, and how old they are It changes all the time and it's always constantly changing – Yeah

You missed it – I'm not good with numbers I'm not good with numbers I cannot keep it straight for the life of me, and I know that every person that has more than four siblings understands this completely, 'cause I've talked to some people where I'm like, "How old is your sister?" And they're like, "Hmm, let me count, "see I know that she's, 13?" So, I know this is a common thing It's difficult to remember, trust me

But I know what grade you're in now You're in seventh grade – Yeah, 'cause I just switched – See? I know what grade she's in I know this, I'm getting better about it

Okay, here we go Here's the proof Ready – [Together] Snuggily – I'm cute and adorable, lovely, amazing

– And my favorite Except for Rylan, 'cause she's my favorite – See, I said my favorite and that was Rylan – That was fast – See, I just love my sister! Okay, that is enough proof right there

She has a lot of fun with her sisters; yes, that is true We have a lot of fun in this house Did you just recently get two serves over the net? – Yeah – See, I knew what sport she was in and how many serves she got – Wow, what sport I play? – Mindy says that she loves her for different things

(laughs) What? Okay, play that – So, she's saying what Mom says is why you don't like me – She's kind of spunky and a little fiery – Fiery? – A little bit of a pest and likes to create drama – Likes to create drama

– But she's so funny and creative, and she's always good for a laugh – Yeah, Rylan makes us laugh! (laughs) See? – She's just kind of a pest – She's just kind of a pest but she makes us laugh – [Mom] Oh, this is a good question Do you get in a lot of fights with your sisters, and if so, why? – Yes, because they are being mean

– Rylan answered yes, okay, Rylan answered yes – I was being honest – [Mom] Hannah wants to know, what is it like being the middle child in your family and which is better, being a little sister or a big sister? – Being the little sister is better 'cause then you don't have to do all the stuff that the older kids have to do – No, it's true though Responsibilities

(laughs) Responsibilities – Our number four is the only girl in the home with short hair, not true anymore, and doesn't enjoy having her hair filmed as much as the other girls – Which is true, I didn't – Which is true We received so many requests and comments for short hairstyles, especially recently, that we sat her down and told her that it would be her decision

If she said no, we would not ask her again And then, she said yes, and that's why you got some short hairstyles But Rylan's always been one that's like, not, she doesn't like, you don't like love having your hair done – I didn't like having, yeah I wasn't like, I mean, it was my choice, and I didn't exactly like having my hair done, not for any reason

– Yeah, even now though, if we were to like, say, "Who wants to make a video?" I don't think Rylan would be like the first to volunteer – Well, it depends on the video If it's hair, I might be like hesitant but if it was like– – Slime, then Rylan's all for it – Like fun challenges – So that's why you don't see her in so many videos, is because Rylan doesn't always wanna be a part of them, and so you think like, oh my gosh, Rylan's, like, not loved because she's not in the videos

You'll probably mostly mainly see her in the vlogs, and that's probably it, especially because Brooklyn and I have our own channel, and Kamri has her own channel So, you see us a lot more than we see Rylan 'cause she doesn't have her own channel – Yeah, and I can't be in every video on Brooklyn and Bailey's channel – And I don't know, do you want your own channel? – I mean, I have a year to figure it out – We have a year to figure it out so maybe you guys will feel like you get to see her more if she starts her own channel, who knows

– I don't even know what I would do – I don't know, sing? – [Bailey] Okay, this video in the background right now is me and Brooklyn coming back from our Peru trip, and we like ran up and hugged Kamri and Rylan – 'Cause you were gone for like a month – And we were gone for like a month, so If we didn't like Rylan, we wouldn't hug her

– Wow (laughs) – Well we did, so that means we like her Well, there you have it, you guys Rylan is loved – I'm loved

– Rylan, how do you feel about this video? – This video, I think she had the right, she was, yeah She was trying to help She was trying to prove all those people that said I was not loved or whatever, wrong I like it but some of the things were false, like, in the beginning with what other people were saying In any video, if I walked outside, it was like, oh my gosh, she's running away, or something

It was just funny, yeah – Well, that's what happens That's what happens when you edit things that don't normally go together and then you splice them into a video that makes it look like they're all trying to, you know, stack up together That's just clever editing, that's all that is But I think it's funny that her reaction, 'cause we saw this video climb and climb and climb, and it started getting hot on the Internet, and she came home from school one day and I'm like, "Rylan, have you seen this video?" And she's like, "Yes, I've had so many people at school "ask me about this

" And I'm like, "Are you okay?" I was a little worried that she was gonna feel bad about it I'm like, "Are you alright, Rylan? "Do we need to talk about this video? "Are there like underlying feelings that I don't know about?" – I was just like, nope I thought it was funny – She just started laughing She was like, "This is so funny, Mom

"I think it's hilarious" So Rylan, if you know Rylan at all, you would know that she's definitely one of our funniest children, if not the funniest child, so she certainly has good self-esteem and certainly has a good sense of humor about her, which is great, 'cause it would be kinda hard to follow Brooklyn, Bailey, and Kamri, I think, around – Yeah, that's okay – Yeah Rylan also is by far my child with the cutest nose

Yes, ever since she was teeny teeny tiny, little tiny baby, day one, I was like, oh, she has the most darling little tiny nose, it's so cute So, Rylan's little nosey still is my favorite of everyone in the family Rylan looks just like my mom She is like channeling my mother completely So, she definitely takes after all of my German genes

Rylan just has always done her thing Rylan is like her personality, she's always doing Rylan She just has her own little personality and she's not afraid to just be herself And she's obsessed with slime – Oh, yeah

– Obsessed – I love slime – I think one day, how many were there in your room? – I think, 17 – 17 slimes – Or more

I don't remember – Seriously, people think you're the least favorite child? Everybody: I'm the least favorite McKnight child in the family (laughs) – You are such a child – I'm the least favorite child in the family Oh, no, when we watched the video, we had a good chuckle, didn't we? – Oh, yeah

– When we were watching it, thinking of the people that think that you're one of the least favorite kids in our family Seriously, for the last two or three years I was volunteering to be your volleyball coach – Oh, yeah – Remember? – Well, not last year, but yeah – Yeah, but the last year was 'cause of school

You're on the school team now, but yeah, so we volunteered, like if I didn't care for her, why would I do that, right? We put you in voice lessons, we had you in dancing lessons, and there's a lot of things that we love about Rylan Rylan has an amazing voice, out of all the kids and even out of us as parents, she's been a natural singer We have lots of recordings that she won't let us share with you, of her singing because we think she's so amazing – You do? – Yeah, yeah, when you're in your bedroom singing and we catch glimpses of you and we showed you, like, "Don't put that on a vlog!" And so we don't You know what else I love about Rylan? She has no problem making friends, even when she was like two and we're on vacation and we go to the swimming pool, and the rest of us are in the swimming pool

She would toddle 'cause she could swim holding the edge, she would toddle over and she would sit her feet in the hot tub and she would talk to the 75-year-old men in the hot tub, and carry on a full-on conversation with them Anywhere we went, she was not afraid to talk, and that's what we love about her She is very confident, she has no problems with who she is, she feels really good about her, and she makes lots of friends She's one of our smartest children – Straight A's! – Straight A's, and I tell her all the time that she's my favorite, but guess what my secret is? I tell every child they're my favorite, right? – Yeah, he'll be like, "Hey, Rylan, you're my favorite

"Hey, Brooklyn, you're my favorite" – Not at the same time – "Paisley, you're my favorite" Yeah, you do it every day – Whoever I'm with, I tell them they're my favorite

Hey, Rylan, you're my favorite – [Dad] She does look cute Aww You look nice today Hi, sweetie

– Hi – [Dad] Just getting some reading done? – Yeah – Alright, well the twinnies and Kamri are gonna be here in about five minutes, so we're gonna catch it all on tape Come in! – [Mom] Hi! – Hi, Mommy! – Hi, Mommy! – [Mom] How it's going? [Kids] – It's baby Rylan! – [Mom] Here she is – She's cute

– [Dad] What does she look like? – She looks like all of us – [Mom] You guys look cute Grandma did a good job on your hair – [Dad] Mm-hmm Brooklyn, what do you think? What? You want us to give her away? – No

(Shaun laughs) – [Mom] Go give that to your baby sister – [Dad] They picked it out – [Mom] A unicorn, that's a good pick (Kamri exclaiming) – [Dad] Who's this? Who's that? – A baby – Our baby, baby Rylan

(baby squeaks) She's talking to you Is she cute? – Yeah – Yeah, can you give her a tiny kiss? Be soft – Can't you see, guys? I am so loved and I love my family So make sure you guys hit that blue flower, subscribe for more family vlogs, and make sure you go check out the link to Brooklyn and Bailey's tour

Kamri's gonna be there I'm gonna be at the Dallas show It's just gonna be lit, fam It's gonna be awesome And make sure you check out right here, this is all our family vlogs

I'm in a lot of them so definitely go check those out And bye, guys!

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