LAST WEEK of High School…. EVER!

– [Sister 1] There is currently no power at the high school We're supposed to have a senior signing day

– We're super excited, it's the last day of school, which is awesome because I am ready (students cheering loudly) (groovy pop music) – Oh my gosh you guys so we're We thought we were done with the celebrations and we walk out to our car

– We're all ready to walk the stage (audience cheering loudly) – [Sisters] Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey! – And today, before we get started on the video stuff we have some important news! If you guys didn't know we restocked the lash next door and everybody is loving it! We sold out so fast last time seriously, it was insane So now you can buy yours right now by clicking the link in the description box below, or the information button right over here – I know so many people bought some for themselves and their sisters, and their moms and their neighbors, and their friends all wanted some So you guys need to get it

It's super super awesome and – We're seeing so many befores and afters that you guys are posting on our social medias and the mascara love was incredible! – [Brooklyn] Fantastic! – [Bailey] So reminder you guys can buy that by clicking the link in the description box below right now or the information button right over there to get your Lash Next Door Do it right now Okay you guys, on to the video We decided to vlog our very last week of being seniors in high school! – We graduate and it's so exciting! – They put on like a whole bunch of activities, so it's kinda not school it's mostly just like, hour long activities that we do for seniors – Yeah it was super fun! So we had so much fun this week and we vlogged all of it so let's get on to the video

This year held so many memories for us okay let's reflect back First of all, this year was our last year working on mascara before it finally launched – [Brooklyn] I know – [Bailey] So that was a big deal to us cause we'd been working on it for a very long time – More than our entire senior year

So that's crazy and it's officially launched which is super exciting – And we also went on tour this year which feels like ages ago, – [Brooklyn] Forever ago – [Bailey] But it actually happened this year – [Brooklyn] And it was so much fun performing for you all and getting to meet you guys and traveling around the United States, – It was an incredible – [Bailey] Incredible adventure that we went on with so many amazing people, and it will always go down in the books as one of like the best months of our entire life – We also got to finish up our drill team career in high school, so we performed our last couple of football games, and our dance performances and that was so much fun and it was such a great experience for us

– Yeah it's definitely something we will always remember – Yeah – We are on our way to get our senior yearbooks, this teacher tried to scare us – (laughs) I tried to scare them – It didn't work

– We're trying to get our senior yearbooks It's senior year, – We're excited – It's the last one we'll – We only have what, like – ever have – seven days before we – graduate? – Oh my God I'm so ready – We're so ready so we're about to get our yearbooks, we're really excited

They even did a page inside of the yearbook on our tour so that's pretty cool (film roll turning) – We're off – Hi! – She's stage managing for us! – She's stage manager! – [Shaun] Stage manager, their best friend all these years is their stage manager on tour (crowd cheering loudly) (funky music playing) ♪ Everybody feel that rush, ♪ ♪ Nobody gets to hush ♪ (mellow pop music) – [Sister 2] Kelly what's going on? – I'm struggling and sweating but we're passing out yearbooks here – [Sister 2] (Cheers) Senior year! Senior yearbook! This is the last time – Worked real hard on it but, – we're ever gonna do this

Are you sad? – A little bit but, it means no stress – Oh it's just a normal day chilling you know hammocking, cause this is what we do when it's like senior week and we don't really do anything and look at all of the hammocks – [Student] You guys this is our final (seniors giggling) This is the final – Howdy! – You guys we just got our graduation cords from the school store which means this is what we're gonna be wearing around our neck with our graduation gowns

So this one is state and this one is state, so Brooklyn and I both have state and then Brooklyn gets an AP Scholar Award because in all of her AP tests, she got three or higher I also have another cord that isn't in here that's a white cord that is for being top 15 percent of my class – And I think we have an NHS handkerchief, or pin or something like that that we haven't gotten yet, and NHS stands for National Honors Society So there's a couple things that go with our robes, but it's gonna be really interesting cause it's like all scattered all over, That if we actually get all of them by graduation day it will be a miracle – [Brooklyn] It will be a miracle

– Honestly, it will be a miracle – [Sister 1] There is currently no power at the high school We're supposed to have a senior signing day And that's not happening – So I'm a Baylor bear, so I brought a bear

Also, there's no electricity which means there's no A/C which means it's hot! Yes I'm vlogging! – Hey! – [Student] This is so cool! – So this is a little chaotic, there's a lot of sweaty teenagers in a gym where it's dark trying to alphabetize ourselves by college – You'd think after 13 years of education we'd be able to know how the alphabet works Guess not Can you lift it up? – [Student] Yeah – [Brooklyn] Literally just lift it up

It's just chaos Everybody wearing like different school colors, different anyway it's insane End result it's very stormy, the power was not gonna come back on til 4:30 so they rescheduled the whole senior signing day for Tuesday at 2:30 which is kind of annoying because everybody's already got their schedules in place, Everybody's family's already here everybody's Look we even bought Baylor stickers! And now we don't even get to wear them so now we have to wait til Tuesday The power still isn't on, it's not storming anymore which is new so we're just gonna head to lunch with some of our fellow Baylor friends – Sick them Bears! – Sick them BJ's here we come! – Hi, I'm Brooklyn McKnight and I'm gonna be majoring in entrepreneurship

– And I'm Bailey McKnight and I'll be majoring in entrepreneurship (people cheering) – So we're here at the Baccalaureate, and Miss Dolinger is speaking today, so we're really excited to see her like graduation robes are finally getting pulled out, – No, this is not graduation this is something else It's a different ceremony, – It's just like a church ceremony for graduation kind of, so that's what we're doing right now Super fun – [Miss Dolinger] These last few weeks in Anatomy with some of you have been torture

But seriously you have been one of the few groups of students I've had freshman year and senior year I've seen some of you go from immature, naive and small little 14 year olds, to successful, mature, and amazing adults (cheerful music) – Okay you guys so update, this is what they call a special ed awareness day So we're basically playing all the sports that special ed kids play, such as this one's called, is this one called wheelchair basketball? – [Student] Yes, it's called wheelchair basketball – [Bailey] And then there was also one where it's like sitting volleyball and you guys obviously just saw us play the blindfolded cake ball so it's all things trying to make us aware of how it is to play you know as having a special ed case scenario where you might not be able to see well, or you might not have legs or a disability somehow, so it's really interesting to see kind of how they play sports and bringing awareness to the school like that Okay you guys so we are sitting outside right now We are playing what do they call it? – Beep kickball

– Beep kickball so basically the kicker is blindfolded and the ball makes noise and they're trying to kick the ball and then everyone else in the outfield is also blindfolded and they're trying to catch the ball while the kicker after kicking the ball, runs to the sound they hear at one of the bases It's very confusing but it's also hilarious to watch I'll show you guys (ball beeping loudly) – Hut! (coaches yelling) (players yelling) – Hello everybody we are headed to Six Flags, we are pumped, ready to ride the rides It's like a nice windy day too, which helps because it keeps the heat from really killing you inside a little bit, so we're ready, we've kind of got our plan on which rides we want to ride, we're gonna head straight to the Titan

We're gonna hit everything else for the rest of the day I'm excited they're excited, we're ready to go! – [Bailey] Update you guys, We literally just basically walked on the Titan Check it out there's like no line What is this miracle? – Heck yeah! – I don't know but it's a miracle and I am okay with it – We've got the breeze and everything, got a fan and the mist

– [Bailey] It's literally perfect! – It's so nice! – [Bailey] Alright, it's treat time! We got our treats here Everyone over here has water for their treats We all have Dippin Dots – Oh yeah! (riders screaming) (water splashing) – You guys we just got off of Aquaman and we got splashed so hardcore! And then check it out! Literally look at my eye lashes! Literally just got splashed in the face with a bunch of water! – They look amazing No drippage, no moving, they literally stayed the exact same

Guys, Lash Next Door rocks! – Hey guys we are at practice graduation right now, we're super excited, it's the last day of school, which is awesome because I am ready I am ready! Like I thought I would cry – Basically, and be sad but I'm not – I'm not sad – Basically today they just lined us up in a giant gym and like pretend like we're graduating to kinda show us the ropes of what we're gonna do tomorrow, and then after that, we have this thing called Senior walk where at the – [Brooklyn] Where we walk beginning of the year, – through the school, – [Bailey] We walked in the school, and then this year, like symbolically we'll be walking out, showing that we are leaving – [Brooklyn] Done And we're done with – We're officially done high school

– with high school – So that's happening today and then we might possibly go to a waterpark We're celebrating our very last day of high school I don't know I'm not really – So we're really excited not really that sad about it, I'm kinda ready to go to Baylor – So am I

– We just walked through the whole school This is the last time we'll ever walk through our high school as students This is crazy! (sisters talking) – Here we are! All walking out! (cheerful music playing) (crowd cheering) – Oh my gosh you guys! So we're we thought we were done with the celebrations and we walk out to our car and it's completely decked out! – It's so cute and like – Leave it to our family leopard stuff – to go all out all the way – [Brooklyn] And school colors, and little like – Look at how cute this is! Okay I'll turn it around – [Brooklyn] Oh my gosh you guys! ¡Adios! (sisters mumbling) – [Bailey] I'm like 2018 percent done! – [Brooklyn] Oh this is so cute! (bright pop music) Look at how cute this is! – [Bailey] Oh my gosh! We did it! (sisters cheering) – [Bailey] We're done! – Just want to say congratulations on graduating, I know you're ready to be out and we're just gonna have a party about it – I just want to start off by saying that this wasn't my idea so if you get angry about it it wasn't me I'm really proud of you guys and I can't wait to see what you guys do at Baylor and what you do beyond that, so I'm ready to see what you guys do and I support you 100 percent

– What's up guys? So today was our last day of high school ever So we decided to come to Hurricane Harbor! – The waterpark and celebrate a little bit because you know what? First day of summer starting right now, So we gotta do summer activities – So there are a few slides that we're gonna show y'all So the first one is the one that Kamri and Brooklyn are waiting in line for currently, it goes like this like basically, you're at the top of it and you have a tube You go straight down into this like wide open area and you like boomerang

– It swings all the way up, – All the way up and then, – Towards vertically and then – And then you slide down – Come back down – [Students] Here they come! (student cheering) – [Student] They're about to slide down all four We're gonna see who comes out first Go, go, go! Who's coming out first? (cheering) Bella! Bella, Kamri, Bailey then Brooklyn! (students talking) Good morning you guys! So we are dressed and ready to go for graduation

This morning we had to go an hour early because we are singing in the choir, but look we're all decked out in our robes, hats, we're ready to go Graduation starts at ten I think, and it's currently what? eight o'clock in the morning so we only have two-ish hours until we graduate This is crazy We are currently lining up in the back – To walk out for graduation

– This is crazy it's like, what time is it? – So we were just showing like Trevor – it's like 30 minutes – Trevor is back there – Trev! – And we went to pre-K with him and now, here we are graduating – we're like, from the same school together – Oh the iconic moment – I know it's like crazy

– But look at all these graduates Like there's just so many of us wandering around everywhere We're all ready to walk the stage – Ready to go! (exciting guitar music) – [Male Announcer] Bailey Marne McKnight! (crowd cheering loudly) Brooklyn Victoria McKnight! (crowd cheering loudly) (exciting guitar music) – [Female Announcer] (mumbles) And turn your class ring around to signify your graduation! Graduates please turn, face the audience, and receive your applause (audience cheers loudly) – [Mindy] So what's going on Rylan? – They can't find Bailey's diploma! – [Mindy] The school had lost the diploma

Brooklyn got hers – I got my diploma it's somewhere over here in this pile of things – [Mindy] You graduated – I graduated Bailey's diploma is lost and her and Asa are trying to find it with all of the people handing out the diplomas

– [Mindy] So, maybe she's not actually graduating – Maybe she has to repeat a year That would be fun! – [Mindy] Bailey, what are you getting delivered? – My diploma that they lost! – She graduates! – But thanks to calling D, – Thank you so much! – We found it! – Forgot my cape but, – She's a superhero all around – [Mindy] She forgot the cape, but she's a superhero all the same Cause Bailey can graduate now

– [Brooklyn] We got you a graduation gift – You did? – Yes – You ready? – I'm ready I think Are you kidding? – [Everyone] No! – [Kamri] Cause you always say you don't have a laptop – [Bailey] Yeah you're always complaining about the laptop sharing! – Oh my gosh no I won't cry! – [Bailey] No! Don't cry! (giggles) – Oh thank you! – We wanted cause you're so awesome to us all the time – [Mindy] (mumbles) – I'm not graduating yet but, – I know but I love you too! And thank you! – I didn't pay for it, don't thank me! – I know but you have wonderful children, and you send them to me every day! I love that thank y'all so much, this is so sweet! – [Mindy] Hey! – Hi! – [Mindy] What just happened? – [Sisters] We just graduated from seminary – Which means we attended four years of early morning bible study

– 5:30 morning wake ups – Here you go! – That's my accomplishment! – The proof! Proof right here – [Shaun] Which was harder this or high school? – This! This by far! (giggles) – Hardest thing ever – And it's over Finished

(exciting pop music) – Thank you guys so much for watching the video! I hope you enjoyed seeing our senior week and all the fun activities! And watching us graduate – I can't believe we are officially now alumni and we are – Actual college students! – Actual college students – It's insane – What is this? – Our life is just flying by! – I feel too young for this! – This is crazy – Okay y'all be sure to subscribe to our channel by clicking the little button right over there, and you guys, don't forget to buy your Lash Next Door mascara by clicking the merch button right there in the middle, get it get it get it! We've had so many – Go go go! People love it, go get it right now! Now don't forget you can see more of our videos by clicking the boxes over here and we will see you guys next week! – [Sisters] Bye! (upbeat pop music)

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