Letting The Person In Front of Us Decide What We Eat for 24 Hours | Drive Thru Challenge

(Brookyln laughs) – So we're about to go film the challenge we let the person in front of us decide what we eat for 24 hours for the drive thru stuff Yeah you guys know what this video is

– Bailey and I are actually kind of picky eaters so this will be very interesting because I just don't know what to expect, like what if they get something disgusting and then I just starve for a meal I dunno – I don't think you're gonna starve, I think we're gonna eat everything that they get – What if they order like what if they get catering and we have like 50 trillion like– – [Brooklyn] That would be adventurous – Tacos or something

– Yes (upbeat happy music) – This is what our little set up looks like right now This is the GoPro This is what's going to be filming us the entire time And then I have my phone here, which is attached to the GoPro, recording audio

Anyway, very complicated set up for such a simple video but I just thought you guys might be curious what that looks like 'cause I feel like no one ever shows that side of it But now you know so better for it – So it's breakfast time We're gonna go probably McDonald's right? 'Cause like McDonald's is like notorious for their breakfast foods – Is it? That's Kamri! – That's Kamri! If we go to McDonald's, I think I'm like praying what is it called, the like pancake sandwich? – McGriddle? – McGriddle, is that what it's called? – I believe so

– Please get that They're gonna get like lunch food – Iced coffee or something Bailey and I don't drink coffee, I don't even know what to do with that – We'll be like uh

– Giving my iced coffee to some stranger – I dunno if I'd drink drinks from somebody – Oh, I would never drink a drink from some stranger – Yeah, that's weird I have like this irrational fear that anytime I'm filming a video while I'm driving, like obviously I have both hands or whatever, but the cameras just gonna go, I'm gonna get in a car wreck

I mean like, wouldn't that make for good footage? – No! – All right, we're here at McDonald's and nobody's in the drive through – Wow – So– – That's a problem – Oh, somebody's going! – Oh, there's a car, go! – Go, go, go, go, go! – She's been there for a while – I think she's really contemplating what she wants

– She's straight chillin' Hi, can I just go ahead and order whatever the person in front of me ordered, please – [Employee] All right, that'll be $658 – Okay, thank you

– He didn't tell us what it was – Good, he's not supposed to What is this, excuse me? That, this is not the car – Okay, they had two separate order lanes and we said order whatever the person in front of us ordered We thought it was gonna be the red car but then this truck came in front of us so maybe we ordered what this truck ordered

– [Employee] How are you? – Good, how are you? – [Employee] I'm good – (laughs) Why was he looking at us like that? – He literally wouldn't stop staring at us – He literally was like– – He goes like this, I should've filmed that – This is me, you're me He goes, (funky music) "Hey

" – (gasps) We're about to get our food – Oh, oh, oh, oh! – What is it gonna be? – [Employee] Good morning – Good morning! (upbeat music) – [Brooklyn] A slushy? – Is that it? Is that it? I don't know if that's it at all – [Brooklyn] This slushy's not six dollars, is it? – Thank you There's more

(Brooklyn laughs) I was like, "What do I do?" I don't how it's supposed to work – It's definitely a lunch order 'cause they got a slushy Ooh, hashbrowns! – Okay, breakfast! – And an egg McGriddle! – Is that a McGriddle? – It's the cheese! – My kinda girl! – Sausage, wow This is the perfect breakfast This is exactly what we would've wanted

– This is exactly what we needed – Minus the slushy like, the slushy does not fit with the rest of this – I just really wanna know who gets an egg McGriddle, hashbrowns, and a slushy for breakfast – She was really just feeling like– – She was like, "Today's the day for a slushy" – I deserve to treat myself at like 10 o'clock in the morning

I'm getting myself a slushy – This woman really did that Where are we going for lunch? Can we pick somewhere with like a wide variety of food? – Taco Bell – Whataburger – Sonic

– Braum's Sonic is a good one for lunch 'cause they have, like, just everything – Do you ever think about the fact that like what if someone's done this to us? I mean, if you order after our family, you're getting eight people's food – We never really order when we have family anymore – And it's like per person

– Time to go home and wait– – And we will be back– – We will be back in– – In like two hours – All right, and break! (Bailey claps) We're gonna go to both Sonic and Taco Bell for lunch because we can't decide which one would be funnier – Because she wants Sonic – I kinda want Sonic, she kinda wants Taco Bell So we're just gonna do both

– Oh it's a bunch of burly dudes – Oh, I gotta turn around faster than this – Oh, this is gonna be gross Number one, it's a truck Number two, it's a bunch of men in those yellow vests which means they're hungry

(Bailey laughs) – [Employee] Hello, how are you doing today? – Hi, how are you? Can I just go ahead and order what the person in front of me ordered? – [Employee] I'm sorry? – I just wanna copy the order that the person in front of me ordered – [Employee] Anything else? – [Brooklyn] No – Nope, that's it – [Employee] All right, $464 at the window

Just move forward, thank you – Thank you – [Brooklyn] $464? What did they order? – Nothing – [Brooklyn] That's like nothing! Quesadilla! – Thank you

– Have a good day – You too – For $464, we got– – What did we just get? What is this? Bean, five layer shredded chicken burrito – [Both] Dorito taco! – I've only seen those in commercials

– Oh my God I've never had a Dorito taco There's more? There's more – Sick! – What is it, what is it? – I don't know but it looks disgusting (Brooklyn retches) Oh it smells

– What is this? – I don't know but it smells horrendous – You ordered Taco Bell – Nah-uh – Have fun with the– (laughs) Comment down below if you would eat this Ooh, it's falling out

Maybe not the best idea – Oh my gosh, please don't be spicy I like this thing – The Dorito thing? – Yeah I wanna try the Dorito

Have you guys ever tried the Dorito thing? I wanna try the Dorito thing – I like it I don't wanna know what's in it, but I like it – I don't– (laughs) – I'm scared by that – What? – I'm very scared

Ugh, this smells horrific (Bailey coughs) – Is it good? – No (Brooklyn retches) (Bailey laughs) Don't eat that red stuff That was only the tiniest bit of that red stuff and my tongue – [Bailey] How you feelin'? – I gotta have water

Water just doesn't make it any better I need milk – So this bag is going to my father Okay (Brooklyn burps) – I'm sorry guys, I just ate a burrito

It was coming – Excuse you! Hi, can I just go ahead and order what the person in front of me ordered – No, this person did not order food – This person straight-up ordered straight drinks – We might have to go through the drive through again

– We might just go back around again – Because I am hungry I'm hungry car – Excuse me? – Please feed me! – How dare you How dare you order what you want

I think they just told her we ordered the same thing as her Why would they do that? And now he's looking at us! What is going on? – [Employee] She said, "Kat says hi" – [Both] Oh, cool! – Oh, it's Kat, sweet 'Sup, Kat Apparently that's the name of the girl that ordered in front of us

I'm sorry for getting mad about your drinks – Yeah, I'm sorry we yelled at you for not ordering what we want (Both laugh) Okay, so mom's gonna want the Coke, dad's gonna want the Powerade, Kamri's gonna want the Powerade – Senna might have the sweet tea – And Senna's gonna have the sweet tea

– Honestly it's kinda perfect – Okay but we need to eat some of these – No we don't – Yes we do – No we don't

– Here, here gimme the Powerade slush – No, no, no – Gimme a Powerade slush – No, no, no – Why? – We don't need to eat this

– This is the point of the video, gimme a Powerade slush Remember when you used to do this as a kid? – [Brooklyn] Bailey, you're driving – Cheers! – [Both] Who's at our house? Jinx! – You owe me a soda! – I said jinx at the same time! – You owe me a soda, look we have a soda, you can gimme a soda – You do not keep going, you have to say jink, jinx again Now, you owe me a soda

– All right, parking the car and we're gonna see y'all at dinner time Dinner time! – And I am hungry because we barely ate lunch – I think we decided we're gonna go to Panda Express – You can't really buy anything that's not like a meal – You guys are gonna have to tell us, vote in this poll if you are a picky eater or you're not a picky eater, 'cause I feel like filming this video, it just exposes how picky we are

We need to order water Like, how come nobody's ordered like a water? It's another truck It's another truck – Crap – Is it a man or a woman? It's a woman! – I knew it

Please order something good, please – Why is it that we trust women's taste in food for ourselves better than men? – She's still going, she's still going This has been a– – Crap, is she reading a list? – Can I go ahead and just order what the person in front of me ordered? – [Employee] The same thing that the person in front of you ordered? – Yes – [Employee] So, fried rice topped with orange chicken, medium lemonade? – Yes – Sounded like a good order

– Well, she just told us what was on the order but it sounded pretty decent We might've gotten lucky – We might have – After the lunch fiasco – We actually have a meal

– We actually have something we can eat Thank you Ooh, big cup Thank you, thank you – Food, oh beautiful food

– Here, hold this Oh, my girl – Orange chicken and fried rice – Oh, my girl! – This is what Bailey ordered here – Yes, lady! I'm gonna open my fortune cookie

(plastic rustling) (Bailey gasps) (plastic rustling) (Bailey gasps) My fortune cookie flew out of my hand and landed (Brooklyn laughs) Your kindness will lead you to success – [Both] Aw – They didn't give us two forks – It's okay, we're twins

Fun fact, we have the same DNA, in case anyone didn't know that – That doesn't mean we need to share spit – Wait, this girl got Teriyaki chicken too – Nuh-uh – Yeah! – I'm ready for ice cream

– We're just kinda chillin' here, waiting for somebody to go through the drive through – I'm gonna be sad if they only order like one tiny ice cream, and we have to share – Oh, someone's going through Van, van, van, van, van Possibly

– If it's a van, does that mean we're gonna 15 million ice creams? – There's only one person that I see – Oh, that's so sad Three people! We're getting three ice creams, people – What if they order like the grossest thing ever? You can't mess up ice cream! – [Employee] Hi, what can I get for you? – Hi, can I actually get the same order that they got? – [Employee] The exact same thing? – Yes – [Employee] Okay, it's three of those things? – Yeah, that's fine

– [Brooklyn] That guy just came up and said, "Three of those things" What does three of those things mean? There are three people in this car – Three of those things – [Brooklyn] We're getting three ice creams? – Like, can we decode that? What does that mean? – [Brooklyn] If it's good, than maybe we'll eat three, but if it's not? – He kinda was questioning He's like, "You want three of those things?" And I was like, "Yes

" Don't look, don't look, don't cheat, don't cheat Don't look they're handing them their food right now – What if it's like blueberry something and it's gross – What if it's blueberry ice cream? I'm sorry if that's you but, why? – [Employee] Marshmallow and chocolate – Thank you

– [Employee] M&M – Thank you – [Employee] And the Turtle sundae – Thank you – [Employee] Thank you

Have a good day – You too! I think this is Turtle, this looks pretty good I think the marshmallow thing is like straight-up chocolate ice cream with melted marshmallow on top – Yeah, this is just straight-up vanilla ice cream, fudge, and nuts – Comment down below what your favorite ice cream is 'cause like I'm not a big– Like, I don't like having nuts in my ice cream

– This marshmallow stuff is weird That is a wrap We officially ate what the person in front of us ordered – [Both] For 24 hours – I am full, I have tried things I never thought I'd try

– Taco Bell really threw us for a loop – We did our best, and now we are done And I can order whatever I want tomorrow – Don't forget to subscribe if you liked this video – Subscribe! – So go subscribe right now and we will see you guys next week! – Bye! – Mwah!

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