Little Sister Follows James Charles Tutorial | James Charles X Morphe Pallete

– Hey sisters! Today, I'm gonna be doing Brooklyn's makeup – And Paisley is going to be following a James Charles makeup tutorial using his new Morphe palette, right? – Yeah, these are the colors of the palette

– She's really excited about some of these colors Tell them which one's your favorite – I think I like the, that one That one is Daddy – She– – Daddy is funny

– Yeah, when we first read that, she was like, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, oh my gosh" She would not stop saying it – (laughs) ("Boomerang" by Tape Machines) – This is a tutorial that she chose James Charles's video of him recreating his follower's makeup looks and it's the second look that he recreates So we're gonna slow it down a little bit and hopefully she can follow along

– Yeah – Okay But yeah, she just really loves the colors in this one We'll see That's kind of the end of the story, so

– Three, two, one, go Right now, he's talking about one of the, the look He's showing, it looks actually really pretty – Yeah – [James] And I also have a few other ideas up my– – That's a cool look actually

– Can you do that? – Yeah – Yeah, in your sleep, huh? – [James] So I first want to start in the inner corner – I don't know what he's using right there, so, Cola – Oh wow, that's a lot Oh, good

Do this one – Apply to the inner crease area, and then you're gonna bring– – (laughing) This is funny (laughing) – Are you following him? – Yeah – Oh goodness (laughing) There goes that makeup brush

– [James] On the crease, in the crease What did I just say? Next to Daddy I'm gonna take Bee on an M433 brush, and place it– – Oh my gosh – [James] Right there (laughing) – Now he's using this – Do I look beautiful yet? Oh, Does it look like what he did? – Kind of

I'm bad (Brooklyn laughs) – So is this your first makeup tutorial? – Yeah this is my first James Charles makeup tutorial (loud laughing) This is so funny – Why? What are you doing to me? – Making you look funny – (laughing) You're supposed to be making me look like James Charles

– I'm trying! You already look like a baby, kind of – I look like a baby? Do babies typically have rainbow eyelids? – (whispers) Oh man Do I look like James Charles yet? – No – Hey sisters (laughing) – Back into all the transitional colors to blend all this – So, I guess he's gonna use yellow? – You're gonna blend my eyeshadow with that brush? – Yeah

– The tiny brush? – Yeah! – Okay – Okay, which color did he choose? – What's it called? – You a daddy (laughing) That's so funny I'm just adding Daddy, you are Daddy (laughing) (singing) Daddy, Daddy, Daddy

It's like you're gonna yell "Daddy, come here!" So, now time to blend in your, now time to blend in Daddy And I think I'm gonna– – (laughing) I'm gonna cry off all my makeup – Add a touch of this color (background music) (mumbling) Look over at me So, you have to make little bumps

Look over at me – I am trying to (electronic background music) So, this is actually, it doesn't even look like a cloud – Well look at what he does – Kind of down, kind of good, kind of fresh, kind of funky, kind of clouded

– It does not look like a cloud Trust me it does not look like a cloud It does not look like a cloud, it does not Okay, I guess I'm on to the next step now – Did you finish your cloud? – Yeah, this is funny

– This is your cloud, James Charles She's coming for ya – Now I'm gonna grab the M124 This is my all-time favorite brush for packing on shades, – Which one? – And I'm first gonna grab a little bit of Love That – Love That? – Do you like that color? – They like match

So, he's putting on purple I think I can't believe he said "Playground," because we have a playground at school, and then clouds, you mostly see them every day – Yeah – I actually love clouds – Really? – They make you not that hot, because if it's a summer day, and clouds get in the way, it's perfect

– [James] Now I'm gonna grab You're Kidding on a tiny little pencil brush – Kidding, kidding, kidding, kidding, kidding, kidding – More red – Okay, more red (Paisley mumbling) Today at school was the best day

We got to make a Christmas tree We got to decorate our class Christmas tree, and help put on lights, and yeah it was so fun – [James] Next to the red I want to place a little bit of orange, so I'm gonna grab– – Oh wait he didn't tell– – [James] A little bit of Rusted – Rusted – Like right there, and there, and there, and there

This yellow is bright You look like, You look like a person that did their makeup like a three-year-old (laughing) – Here I'm gonna have a huge pop of white in the inner corner, so I wanna grab a little bit of that Morphe white concealer on a just liner brush And I'm gonna tap it off so it kind of dries down a little bit, but I'm gonna tuck this right in my eyeball – He's putting it on his waterline

– Ah! She just touched the brush into my eyeball (laughing) I have like a white mark on my contact right now – Let me see (yelling) – No, we're gonna stop with the water line because I like my vision the way it is Oh gosh

– [James] Just to blend out that harsh edge – This determines if you're flexible – Yeah, this is so easy actually I love it! I can even do it both ways – Hi

– Hi Time to make the star – White liquid liner, and I'm gonna sketch in a few little stars – Okay, I'm gonna put polka dots first, like little, – She's like on top of me right now – I have to

– She's like not even in her chair – I have, okay this star is gonna be looking beautiful (humming) – And I'm gonna pop on the glitter in the inner corner, but I'm just gonna take a little bit more of that liquid liner and add in some dots right on that white shade This is something that I like to do a lot when it comes to putting a bright highlight, and then I'm going to I guess just like, drip this down, – How do you even do that? Are you gonna do that? – Yeah, I'm gonna do that – How are you gonna do that? – I'm gonna do it

– [James] That I ever use because you guys know I hate, – Oh he put like little glitters first, so use this one first, and then he puts it on the bottom – I love it – Oh good gosh, I can feel the glitter (yelling in fear) Love that – I got some pieces on my shirt, know what? Oh yeah – Are you just using your fingers now? – Put a little bit on, now let's use the big glitter

– Oh gosh, oh gosh (background music) – Okay I'll put on black mascara okay? I'm gonna do the second coat, yeah! – Are we done? – Yeah – Do you deem me complete? ♪ Around your finger ♪ ♪ tell me what you wanna do, ♪ ♪ I think I'm part of something bigger ♪ – I'm gonna get a couple pictures, good? – Okay ♪ Oh you know, oh you know, oh you know ♪ ♪ Oh you know, oh you know, oh you know ♪ – Okay, I guess I can show you This one, this one, this one, this one

– Everyone, look at this glamorous picture Paisley took of my eye It's beautiful, you did such a good job Paisley (laughing) Wow, oh my – What, I'm putting on makeup ♪ Baby without ♪ ♪ you know what to do ♪ (laughing) ♪ Oh you know, oh you know, oh you know ♪ ♪ Baby without ♪ – Oh my goodness

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